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Big Brother 17 – Post Eviction Feed Updates



Well, that was quite the double eviction. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. Trying to wrap my head around Steve’s move. Apparently he did not want to win (shocker), and isn’t quite the genius made out to be as he incorrectly got the correct answer (if that makes sense). Don’t get me wrong, he is incredibly smart, but I don’t think he’s an Ian with a photographic memory. Just very intelligent.

I have not had a chance to listen to the feeds since they returned as I took an hour break, but I want to find out what Steve’s intention was. Why Meg and Jackie? Yes, JMJ are a tight alliance, but he does remember that there is a set of biological twins in the house who will never go against each other, right? JMJ may have been tight, but Lizulia are much tighter than the three of them combined. Plus with their own ‘Mountain’ (GoT reference) protecting them, there is almost no way at least one of those three does not make it to the final 3 at this point.  I still think Vanessa is going to win, but the twins and the mountain will be right there as well.

Anyway here are some feed updates:

  • 7:45pm – I turned on the feeds and Steve had a brief conversation with James.
    • He actually asked James if he thinks it’s a good idea to go in the HN room and just sit there. Not talk. Just sit there.
    • Yes, Becky and Meg are in the HN room packing up Jackie’s things.
    • James told him he would be better off waiting until he actually had something to say.
  • Note – It’s pretty funny how they had a big debate today over which hand Clay had a bowl in, and that was one of the questions.
  • 8:15pm – Becky and John are talking
    • Steve asked John not to use the veto
  • Becky goes to join the HN room to chat with them.
    • Meg said Steve needs to go in there and talk, but raises her voice. They say he’ll run with that tone
    • Meg thinks she’s going to be up there every week now
    • She tells John that she’s not upset at him
    • Becky is telling the house what they already know, Vanessa is a master manipulator.
    • Meg is upset because Steve said he was going to put up the people who were mean to him, but they weren’t
  • 8:45pm – Steve enters to talk
    • Steve says that he heard Jackie was going to go after him.
    • Meg said that’s false
    • Becky is saying don’t trust that person who said Jackie was after him
    • Meg said he should have at least come to them prior to noms
    • Becky and Meg keep drilling Steve to not trust ‘that person’ (ie Vanessa)
    • Steve said his main goal of going into the room was to tell them his feelings wouldn’t be hurt if they didn’t look at his pictures for HoH. They said that’s ridiculous, of course they will
  • 9:15pm – Feeds went down to Jeff loops, we’ll see how long that lasts
  • 9:45pm – Feeds still down. HoH comp likely going on
  • 10:15pm – Feeds back. New HoH revealed….
    • Liz won the HoH
    • Liz is talking to Vanessa. Van is going to think through and ‘give her recommendations’. Early sign, Becky is screwed
    • Ok, it’s late. Time for bed.

Check back for updates


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  1. Jannie

    So disappointed in Steve tonight.
    But some good may come out of this – it seems Van and the Austwits are hanging together and the rest of the hg’s perceive them as “celebrating” Jackie’s eviction. Looks like the end of the James and Co/Austwit alliance.
    I have to get on team Becky again. Now that Shelli is gone, it looks like she is taking Jackie’s place and with the goblins. Hopefully she can get JMac on board and it will be a fair fight against Van and the other three evil entities.
    Who knows what Steve will do? While he is a basket case and telling the cameras that he didn’t want that HOH, he is getting hugs from James and Becky(Meg is still mad, why didn’t she go?).
    Surprisingly, JMac told James that Steve told him not to use the veto. Huh???
    Van just asked Steve to help her study “Days” to prep for the upcoming HOH. Steve turned her down…kinda rudely, actually.

    I also think that if Van had gone and Shelli stayed, she would have had Steve put James on the block and he would have gone to jury.
    In the end, Steve was closer to Shelli than to Vanessa. Shelli said as much in her interview with Julie.

  2. danmtruth

    Mikey hope you were able to “book it” what great insight you have !
    So this HOH will also have tiebreaker vote Seeing there are 6 voting this week. Hate to say it only smart move is nominate twins . Have Austin as Backdoor sorry to say Vanessa safe another week Need to split up the twins
    HOW DID Steve NOT SEE THAT!! He has NO game . Super DUMB player Still can’t get over it wow
    James should be happy because no one is talking about how dumb he is for buying into Vanessa BS . She throws out Becky tried to have him nominated a few weeks ago Hey dipshit when Becky was HOH thus week she did NOT put you up . The person your listening too was put up . DUH!!
    Not sure if anyone is looking at Austwins . I’m afraid Becky or JMack will still try to get Vanessa out . Not a bad idea but as the numbers go down the twins power goes up
    Loved reading all the post things have pick up in the house hopefully the HOH will start soon

  3. danmtruth

    Sad part is I can understand James being afraid more if Shelli than Vanessa. With him splitting her and Clay James saw no way that Shelli would trust or work together with him. So blame Shelli because she was so phony with everyone James just could not take a chance
    Jannie I just can’t take that smug smile on Liz face when she voted for Jakie What a B-I-T-C-H
    Ann I’m still pumped

    • Avatar

      That smug, catty vibe Liz/Julia gave off in there was so small of them.

      Liz and Julia are in the house because they shared a womb and that entitles them to feel superior to others who are playing the game? I would have wasted my summer if one of them wins (Austin included).

      Next week should be a surprise triple eviction and do away with that useless threesome.

    • Avatar

      Im still trying to regroup. I am so pissed at these people that I can’t think straight. I turned the live feeds off because I couldn’t take listening to Vanessa’s voice. Those whining ass twits or Steve’s half wit stupid reasoning. Steve is not all there. Don’t they screen these people before putting them on the show?
      I have no will power left either, I give up. What the hell kind of comp did they have that was easy enough for Liz to win HOH, a whining contest or who has the deepest voice? I am defeated.
      I hate to say it but Meg, Jackie & James got what was coming to them for letting Vanessa get into their heads. They just showed how weak minded they are.

    • Sweet Bee

      I know, Liz frustrates me. The only reason she even wanted Jackie out of the house is because Jackie is another beautiful woman and she wants Jiz, oops I mean Julia and Liz, to be the only attractive women in the house.

      This week is gonna suck.

  4. Jannie

    I just can ‘t look at those evil bitches anymore.
    Today they both were upset because Demento wasn’t paying enough attention to Liz.
    God, they are just awful.
    When other hg’s are upset after an eviction, they just sit there with moronic glazed over eyes and bitchy grins.
    And the thing is…they got NO game!!!! They can’t even follow their own alliances strategy, all they do is sit on their a$$es and whine about how much they haaaaaateahhhh everyone.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but whoever takes out the first “Austwit” is getting my vote for America’s Favorite Player.
    C’mon James, you’re a hunter…take down an Austwit, please!!!

  5. Avatar

    Meg Jackie James got what they deserved. Should have voted Vanessa out when they had the chance. Dummies!

  6. Painter1

    Brett,I sooooo agree what was James thinking,he was left with two people who can’t win squat. He Really thinks Vanessa was a.better choice? Shelli would have no one since the twins don’t like her. Steve is smart but the Dumbest Big Brother player EVER!!!! All that talk about getting Becky out and he tells John not to use the Veto, BRAIN DEAD!!! Vanessa will win now ,she has the right moves.

  7. Avatar

    When will the hog competition be?

  8. Jannie

    Have you been reading Joker’s tonight?
    The team of James/Meg/Jackie has now become the team of James/Meg/BeckyJMac Steve.

    Steve told them all that Austin and Van told him that Jackie was coming after him and he freaked out(and abandoned his plan to get Becky out)
    He is now realizing while talking to J/M/B/JM. that he was played into doing their dirty work and He (Steve) is not happy.
    Looks like they may band together to battle the forces of evil and the two dummys.

    Sorry Jackie had to go, but it looks like James and Meg just picked up three alliance members.
    It’s going to get good!!!

    • Avatar

      Just like the “final 6 deal alliance” This new alliance won’t last. This new alliance is just emotion rite now. And I’m not sorry to say I LOVE the fact that Becky got played. Not gonna appoligise. Her, moving her hands last week with the evil buahahaha. Came back to bite her.
      This game flips like that.
      Atleast we have a game now.

    • Avatar

      They ALL gotta turn on eachother eventually. This includes…..oh ya ALL of em. Deja vu….wow that was wierd. Ha (;That’s the game. HOH just got HUGE this week.

    • Colby

      I have been reading Jokers. And Steve has ‘explained’ his actions, they have forgiven him, and welcomed him into the group.
      But there is a little voice in the back of my mind that questions whether he is just getting info for Vanessa or not.

    • Avatar

      The new 6 person alliance didn’t last 2 hours. Suprizing¿

    • Avatar

      Not 6 person. My bad. The new Meg,Backy,James,Jonny,Steve. Alliance didn’t last 2 hrs.

    • Avatar

      I don’t trust the little weirdo for one second. Steve has to talk to the people in his head tonight so they can convince him no one is after him.

  9. Avatar

    Will this be a skilled or endurance for HOH?

  10. danmtruth

    Jannie it might be old unresolved issues from 8th grade and being rejected by a cool girl . But you hit it on the head they just feel so entitled. This was rightfully said about Shelli also . Funny all in the same sorority . In there heads they are playing this great game . Whitch makes it doublely worse. It would not surprise me that these two are also scouted production choices .not real big fans of the game . So glad to read both women and men tear down how shallow they are

  11. Avatar

    steve looks like one of those guys with a huge pecker….austin? just the opposite. go james!

  12. danmtruth

    This also goes to show how important social skills are Luckly James ,Becky,and JMack calm Meg down to talk to Steve. Steve now understands he was used by Vanessa . He is surprised to understand the twins were only being nice to him to make sure he did what that group wanted . Get Jakie out So now a solid group of James , Meg , JMack, Becky, Steve for a voting block of 5 . They need one to win HOH to keep a majority voting block with the HOH tiebreaker vote
    Line has been drawn
    James,Meg,Becky,JMack,Steve (5) the grinders
    Vanessa,Austin , Liz, Julia (4) the privileged
    Now HOH is huge for the grinders as 6 people will vote . If a Privledge wins puts up 2 Grinders 3 remaing votes on both side of the house HOH tiebreaker Goodbye Grinder
    But if a grinder wins They must put the Twins up with Austin as Backdoor . Even if he wins POV Than Vanessa up with remaining twin We all know it will be Julia . But I saw you still take Julia out as you need to break up that twin vote More solid than a showmance

  13. Avatar

    Liz and Austin up in HOH room all week not going to be easy to watch.

  14. Jannie

    Liz is the new HOH
    Think she and Demento will do it in the HOH room??

    She was the last one I wanted to win…like she wasn’t rude enough, now she’ll be 100x worse.
    Bet she goes after Becky and JMac. She haaaaaateahhhhs them.

  15. Avatar

    I’m getting over this season very quickly. First, the flip of the Shelli vote and James thinking Becky was against the Goblins (which she isn’t). Then, Steve getting out Jackie and now he’s crying about it saying it was a big mistake (it was). And now we have Liz winning HOH (which is the same as if Vanessa had won HOH). Predictable week with either James/JMac/Becky leaving. Also, I hate the way Liz votes for people – ugh.

  16. Avatar

    I know lots of ya are mad at Steve. I just read on Jokers that he is literally calling for his mommy.Actually words are, “I need my mommy.” I feel bad for the kid.Anyone who laughs at that is a horrible person. Like for real
    Not a horriable big brother, you lied perdon.This is a tough backstabbing cut throught by nature game. And this nice kid simply not cut out for it
    As a human I feel bad for him. Now I’m sure some will say it’s Vans fault or so and so’s fault
    But this BB. Not happy days.

  17. danmtruth

    Cue the Doors song “This is the end beautiful friend the end my only friend the end ”
    Our only hope is for Vanessa to get physicotic and dream up some thing crazy . But we all know Becky as Backdoor Jmack James up . A rude ass Liz and Julia all week Austin trimming his beard to get some trim from Liz Burn the HOH room after this week not enough disinfect to kill those STD’s

  18. pkcable

    They had their chance to get out Vanessa and they blew it! 😉 lol Prediction she wins it all!

  19. Avatar

    Vanessa’s only weakness maybe her strength. Ironic.
    They all admit she is good. Kinda early to make predictions who’s gonna win it all. After this week, and next week’s HOH (if Vanessa is still there. Likely yes. But not 100 percent) we will have a much more clearer picture who the final 4 or 5 is. That being said, who comes back is huge either way. This game is only half way through. Not gonna make any predictions here.

  20. danmtruth

    Mikey sounding like a true odds player With the bold one twin in final 4 . Next year seed the house guest after the first day. I know very limited knowledge but fun anyway . My daughter and I did a draft after the second commercial . Funny thing is we both have the same number of players left . Blind luck
    We will now get a week of Liz & Austin playing grab ass . Mikey book it Austin trims his bread and manscape for his lov. Just repeating an old post thought but mark my words . A possible Old Spice promo for Austin ?
    My only hope this week is Austin try’s a power move to Backdoor Vanessa. Not knowing the twins are listening to her more. This sets Vanessa into crazy mode . She gets Liz to put Austin on chopping block after POV . To prove liz’s loyalty to Vanessa
    A boy can dream can’t he
    Austin has started to campaign for work outside of BB already. Gave a shout out to WWE for some guest work with the hopes of spinning it bigger. Talk about being on the Bold and Beautiful ( wait wasn’t that done last season?) as I always said he is just looking to raise his “Q” rating
    Funny how so many evicted HG are ranked higher than those remaining Steve you will sink like a rock in popularity polls

  21. Avatar

    I’m still in Audrey mode right now & could be for a while. I was hoping this all could’ve been a bad dream but it’s really real.
    I don’t want to watch the live feeds anymore. I’m glad it was only $5.99 because I would be kicking myself in the ass if I had paid just to watch Vanessa, Austin & those 2 twits.

  22. Avatar

    I wonder what kind of comp it was. Vanessa wanted it thrown to Julia because she knows Julia hates Austin & Vanessa could easily get her to put Austin up without Vanessa getting anymore blood on her hands. That way she could easily control the twits. But since Liz got HOH all Vanessa has to do is stay in her ear & get her to put Austin up. Vanessa is the behind the scenes HOH.

  23. g8trgirl

    Not planning on watching the feeds much this week either. I like to keep my food in my stomach after I eat and watching Austin and Liz playing slap and tickle for the next 6 days will make me want to puke.

  24. danmtruth

    Ann you sum up how many are feeling Pull the blanket over your head put on dark Sunglass shut out this cruel worl of BB ( long sigh)
    I have yet to read any person . Man women come to defend Liz aka Thing 1
    It sounds like the comp came down to between her and JMack What a shame
    Ann , g8trgirl, Jennie, Tell me Thing 1 & Thing 2 can be stop . Beside class what is there kryptonite

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