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Big Brother 17 – Post Eviction Live Feeds



I have to say, that was one of the better evictions I’ve seen on Big Brother in awhile. That is pretty sad to say considering it wasn’t exactly riveting, but I think it was the first time I was really shocked at a few of the votes. I guess I should take Thursday afternoons off more often. That said, I don’t think even Liz realize who she voted for seeing as her goodbye message contradicted her vote.

But, then Liz goes and wins HoH. So, that’s Big Brother for you

Let’s jump right into the feeds:

  • 7:20pm – James is in the pantry talking with Meg on the four votes. They are trying to figure out the fourth (and apparently third, because they’re wrong about it. They think it was Audrey).
  • 8:00pm – Just spent the last 40 minutes looking at the itinerary we received. My wife and I are not sitting together for 6 hour flights(!!!).. what do I do??
  • Meanwhile, in the BB house, Austin is chatting with Jackie about how he wants to be friends with him after the show. James and John are sitting quietly in the bedroom laying on different beds
  • Vanessa is talking to Shelli and thinks that Steve is the 4th vote
  • 8:54pm – Steve is in the bathroom talking to the group trying to figure out who voted for James. haha
  • Vanessa is pretty sure it wasn’t Steve who voted against them. Good thing she’s not a professional poker player or anything
  • Audrey is chatting with Clay a little bit about what Vanessa said.  Van is certain Steve didn’t vote for James (he did), but Audrey has a gut feeling it was him
  • Now Clay is talking to Vanessa about Audrey being America’s Player.  Oh boy
  • HoH room time. Am I the only one who never cares about this? I’m sure if I was in the house, I’d like to see family pics and hear letters, but from feeds… Boring!

Check back for updates!


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  1. Avatar

    Not looking good for ‘my’ team. I think they will put up James, Jason, Meg, and Jackie. If Liz ends up being HOH, Austin will move in with her. This would be a great chance for her to get him out if she had any sense. He is a scary guy! Clay is safe for sure.

    • danmtruth

      One thing this group does is out think them selfs . Your nomination seem like the logical ones but who knows Claysheli might see Vanesa as a threat or untrustworthy . Liz/ Juli might want to target Austin as to creepy
      Will Austin and Vanesa promise to Jonny Mack mean anything to the new HOH ? I’m sure Jasson is thinking if he is not nominated he is the backdoor victim . The two girls might gang up to try to remove Mag Seeing her as the biggest threat Great social skills And once more Audrey slips by

    • pkcable

      I was really hoping for a split win one HoH from each side to see an interesting week, BUT with the last minute possible fracture between Clay/Shelli and Van, and with Austin’s creepiness you NEVER know this could be an interesting week. My vote is they go for a strong player like Austin, James, or Jason, and avoid the easy targets like Jackie, Steve and Audrey!

  2. Rita

    Steve, what days will you be offline for your BB trip?

    • stevebeans

      I will be offline most of the day Wednesday the 29th simply because we want to explore LA. The 30th, I will probably be preparing for the show and then set up a fan run live thread. On the 31st, I will probably be recapping my experience on the flight home. At least the plane has wifi!

  3. Avatar

    Hey Steve, go on the airlines website and see if you can switch your seats. If there are no free seats together maybe you can pay a little extra for the premium seats. You can also wait until 24 hours before as most airlines will open up more seats when you checkin online. It depends who your flying but hopefully you can figure something out. If all else fails maybe you’ll get a nice understanding person at the airport.

  4. jimbo

    Austin should be called Jerkus, not Judas. He’s just a weird guy that thinks he’s cool and desirable. I know a lot of people ripped Caleb last year for his crush, but with Caleb, it was just that — a schoolboy crush. Simple minded, he was just harmless. And funny. Jerkus, he is just annoying. On another note, with this weeks HOHs, it looks like the dumb-house has paved the way for the twins to enter the house, not worried about them coming in and being an inseparable sister alliance. Dumb.

    • danmtruth

      Jumbo you are so right . This group thinks long term is two days from now. They are blinded by thinking this is another vote they control. Don’t think it will be that easy . This wI’ll make the 4 th eviction the sisters will need to make it past one more

  5. CLangley

    I’m seriously wondering if Liz knew what she was doing or if she’s just dingy and didn’t realize you vote for the person you want gone??? Lol

  6. CLangley

    Have a great time in LA Steve!!!!! You deserve it!!

  7. Avatar

    Yeah, I seriously believe Liz thinks she voted Jeff and doesn’t realize she voted James! Maybe she meant to say Jeff and James just came out, IDK!

  8. ChiKelz

    Hi Steve, I hope you and your wife have a fantastic time in LA. To add to Tiffany’s suggestion, When you get to the gate … not the ticket counter…the gate; ask the person standing at the desk if you can switch seats. I’ve never flown Jet Blue, so not sure of their procedure. Try to dress comfy yet business casual. I have had this happen a few times. When you get to the gate be polite, build that relationship, and discuss your seat situation. They may put you in fist class. Does Jet Blue have a first class? I’m not sure, but I have spoken to the person at the gate and I was asking for a seat at the window with no one in the middle. I have broad shoulders and I hate the feeling of hanging over the person in the middle and I have been moved several times to first class just by asking nicely, being professional, dressing business casual, and building rapport. Oh and did not have to use miles or pay for an upgrade! Simply a smile and a nice conversation. It may not work, but it’s worth a try! Good luck and have lots of fun for all of us!!

  9. Avatar

    I am so excited for you to go to the eviction show Steve. I want all the juicy details you are allowed to share! Do you know if it will be a double eviction? Isn’t usually around week 5 or 6? The last two years it has been the first two jury spots (Candice and Judd in 15 & Jocasta and Hayden in 16). Either way, I hope you both have a blast!!

  10. Avatar

    Hey Steve,

    If you aren’t able to change your seats online, or at the gate, a last case scenerio could be just for you or your wife ask the person sitting beside you if it would be okay to switch. If you are lucky, one of those people will be travelling solo.

  11. Avatar

    Austin seems to think HE is HOH this week! If Liz truly doesn’t want a relationship with him, she is giving off the wrong vibe. He also thinks all the women are in love with him. GAG Can’t wait for this alliance to turn on each other.

  12. Avatar

    Is it possible Liz knew exactly who she was voting for and changed her mind after the goodbye message was taped?

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