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Big Brother 17 – Post Veto Feeds



Wow, did I pick a day to go to a BBQ.  I honestly expected to come home and have not only the veto over, but plenty of lame zingbot jokes to repeat. Yet, I turn on the feeds to see Steve and James playing chess.  The biggest thing that has happened so far is that the players were picked, and yes, Vanessa is one of them.

I guess there isn’t much to talk about that wasn’t covered in my earlier posts, so I’ll jump into whatever the heck is going on in the feeds….

  • 6:14pm – James and Steve playing chess. Austin and the twins are in a different room pretending they’re going to actually make game moves.
  • 6:30pm – Feeds down for Jeff loops.  Zingbot time?
  • 3:00am – Sorry for the super delay between updates. I crashed shortly after the feeds went down assuming I had time for a ‘quick nap’. Throughout my nap, I heard the Jeff/Jordan loops over and over which turned into a nightmare. Anyway, midnight rolls around, still no update, so I closed the browser window and finished my ‘nap’. Long story short, I think I had too much to drink yesterday, which is rare for me considering I never drink (so, 3 beers = too much)
    • Enough of that. The power of veto winner is:
    • Zingbot entered the house, and I don’t have any zings yet, but I’ll get some before my next post.
    • It was the face morph competition, which proves that Vanessa may be as smart, or smarter than Steve in certain areas of the brain.
    • This is also a bit of redemption for Becky seeing that every week the house fails to get her (Van) out, is another week Becky can say “Hey, dummies, you had your chance”.
    • Steve or John are guaranteed to go to jury this week and play for a chance to re-enter the house. Right now, and probably still by Thursday, that person will be John. So, we’re looking at a re-entry competition of 4 good people (maybe not the best players, but good people). We’re guaranteed to get at least one cool person back, but they’re also guaranteed to be evicted a week or two later.
  • I will start a thread in a few hours about the post-PoV fallout. I just wanted to update this for people waking up early to check who won.

Check back for updates


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  1. danmtruth

    Reading now that Austin is getting paranoid. Production dropping hints in the DR about does he feel people lying to him. It does not take much to set theses people off.

    • Avatar

      The only one who made a decision and stuck with it for a whole week is gone. Do these people even know why they are in the big brother house?

    • Jannie

      So what’s up with production ” dropping hints” to the HG ‘s in the DR??
      This show is fixed and it’s getting worse every season.
      BBAD is so boring, I agree with everyone that no one is really actually playing the game. The only game they are interested in is pot ball…and I don’t even watch it anymore because it is so lame.

      I know this won’t be popular, but I would rather see JMac go than Steve. Steve is at least thinking about his position in the house – JMac thinks he’s at summer camp. If he wants to play now, it’s kinda too late.

    • AIO_7

      Jannie; have you ever seen the Austins Angels skit? As soon as they did it the first time, I thought it had Diary Room written all over it.

  2. Avatar

    This happens just about every season. The person they know is the biggest threat they keep in the game. I don’t think the masterminds are that smart but rather the rest of the house is that dumb. They all claim to be super fans yet they play like they’ve never seen the show. How about reinstating the BB takeover to make things interesting? Alas, we’re left watching another predictable, annoying season play out.

  3. danmtruth

    This is why my head hurts. Austin in one continuous conversation. No one came to talk to me after veto players were pick. Don’t the understand I can back door them . Maybe it’s a good thing showing they trust I won’t nominate them. Yet they should be stroking my ego. What stroke your ego??!!? Than he wants Meg and James to tell him who they would target . Hay genius there are 3 posiable people they would say JMack, Steve, or Vanessa. One of them will be out after this week Because they are NOT going to say that you or the twins are there target. So now what have you learned?

  4. Avatar

    I remember when house guests voted with their own heart and we had split votes or at least close votes. Why do they now vote as a house? It has changed the game and not for the best. Play with heart or go….

  5. Avatar

    Austin needs to wear clothes and shoes he make me ill. I hate looking at his chest, it’s gross. Vanessa thinks she is so smart, the house dislikes her and her game play but are afraid for some reason to get rid of her.
    I personally wish James would win, he is funny, witty, and people like him. Meg and him are really fun to watch. Ok the twins, where did they learn to talk like that? It gets on my nerves.

  6. Avatar

    Vanessa wins veto and says she is not using it on anyone. Guess this should make Austin happy. Now he won’t have to make a decision on who to put up. I wonder if between now and POV meeting if Vanessa will change her mind and talk Austin in to backdoor James.

  7. Avatar

    I don’t see anyone going after Vanessa if Johnny Mac is evicted. Just another predictable season of BB. Next season will be a lawyer surrounded by idiots. At least season had some drama. I just don’t understand how some of these people still have a job with BB.

  8. Avatar

    Let me just be blunt. I hope Meg and James don’t win. Meg is a floater who can’t win an HoH or a PoV even if she tries really hard. On top of that, she’s completely oblivious to the power shift of the house. Then there’s James. He made a huge game play by nominating Shelli and Clay, but I can’t respect him for the fact that he chose to every Shelli over Vanessa.

    Why weren’t the twins or Austin targeted? I still don’t know why. I also don’t know why they let Julia enter the game when it will be just as hard to evict her as it is to get her vote from jury knowing that Liz and Austin will most likely vote the same way if they all or 2/3 were to be in jury.

    As much as I dislike Vanessa, she deserves to win even through all her complaining and whining. The others are either stupid (Meg, James, Steve), disgusting (Austin) or just rude (Liz and Julia)

    I love Johnny Mac it’s a shame he’s being evicted. Steve has false hopes and thinks the others are looking out after him, but his floating days will soon be over.

    • danmtruth

      Jas to answer the Austwins it was the bigger target syndrome. People always were too worried about other perceived threats. The worst was Steve on double eviction night. It was the perfect time for the “super ” fan to make a bold move. Yet he chose to hide low and target Jackie for reasons no one knows. Steve claims he heard Jackie was targeting him . Steve no one has every targeted you. .
      Meg has played her cute ditzy cute girl the whole season. How much this is her and how much it’s what Frankie coach her on I’m not sure. Liz has saved her from having to be the whore of the house and attach herself to a man (( mannish boy ) . Yet according to Clays exist talk she has thrown herself at all the guys.

    • ChiKelz

      Jas.. I agree with everything you stated. At one point I wanted Steve to win, but I’m not following his game and not too sure he has a game plan. I was hoping Johnny Mack stuck around a bit longer, but it looks as if he will be gone on Thursday. Unless he comes back in. Unless Shelli returns, I think any of them returning will be a useless battle. Jackie, Becky, (assuming Johnny Mack) will have to team up with James and Meg to get out the Austwins and or Vanessa. I don’t see that happening. Meg is useless, and James thinks the Austwins have his back. I think if Shelli comes back she will team up again with Vanessa and they will definitely be in the final four.

  9. Avatar

    I’m done. Big Brother is wasting my time. I use to enjoy this game and I’m what you call a big brother super fan. This year is the worst year of all time. I think the only Big brother Player here is gone, Becky. Becky had what it took. Made strong decisions and stuck to it. I’m so tired of watch Vanessa, aka The gabber. She’s annoying. Evict. Evict

    • Avatar

      Someone has to win.

      At the moment, Vanessa is doing her best to confuse everyone into keeping her.

      She may not be your favorite, but she is playing the game really well.

  10. danmtruth

    If Vanessa wants she can put Austin in a tough spot Game play it would be fun to see her blindside Austin at the ceremony. See if Austin was smart enough to think it out before hand.. By taking Steve or John off the block she forces Austins hand. Would Austin put the more powerful James up . A player who is strong in comps . Or Meg just a floater. Even tho he gave both of them his word. Than Steve / John and Vanessa are the swing vote as to who goes to jury house. Now bare with me if its Steve Vanessa and Meg voting with James on the block it puts Steve in the position of does he want to vote his friend out . Vanessa takes out John . Her mission of making Austin go against his word done. Same decision if she takes john off helps her solidify Johns trust but good bye Steve . As I don’t see the twins voting to evict Meg or James as they see Steve or John as bigger threats.
    All this with the jury house re entry looming . Funny not much talk of it yet.

  11. Avatar

    Don’t count on Steve or JMac going yet. Vanessa isn’t finished spinning her web of lies and deceit so James could very well be on the block by tomorrow.

    • Jannie

      Right. Seems that a plan may be in the works to take down JMac and put up James.

      With Vanessa holding the Veto, that wouldn’t be too smart. Seems It is JMac’s mission to get Vanessa out.

      That would be awesome if she saved him and then he turns around and takes her out!!

    • ChiKelz

      Mouse…Vanessa would never spin any lies or deceive anyone!!!! She is a person of integrity and “HATES” LIARS! LMAO!!!! (This is complete sarcasm)!! I can’t stand her and I wish she were gone 67 days ago! I was disgusted with her on the first day with all that crying and whimpering! UGHHH!

  12. danmtruth

    Mouse James on the block than the twins and Vanessa vote him out . You know have Vanessa ,Steave , john , no where to run to Meg. Than lets see who comes back . Than a 5 out of 7 chance that that the Austwins get put on the block . With just Liz and Julia compleating . It seems Liz is getting frustrated with Julia inability to win comp. driving her closer to Sasquatch. Sorry Ann

  13. Avatar

    I guess my problem with this season is that most of these players think the ‘backdoor’ is the best way to go. James at least had the confidence to call out two players and let one go. At this point I am hoping Vanessa wins. Austin needs to put clothes on, his tattoo’s are annoying. The numbers are trimming down and if you keep the twins and Austin, you have a problem. Hopefully they are smart enough to realize that.

  14. Avatar

    Well, there’s always next year.

    I remember many years ago talking to an airman who had just come back from a year at some radar site in the Arctic wastes. He described boredom so great that they had toenail races; to see which of the contestants big toenail would grow the quickest. It got so involved for them that participants were quite literally developing diets and exercises they thought would enhance toenail growth and there was even a fight once when one racer was found throwing the race by secretly filing his toe nail down.

    Point is, I found myself torn between grooming my left big toe nail for a race (I named it Vanessa by the way) or watching the televised equivalent called this season of BB. I decided to read instead.

  15. Avatar

    If Austin or one of the twins win I will be really upset….They really haven’t done anything….the rest need to break that 3 votes up..now. Meg is delightful to watch but no gamer…..James….they better get him gone……he lies to your face. Look what he did to Shelley…they all overlook that because they wanted her gone. Johnny…..when you throw competitions to make friends it doesn’t say much for your integrity. The twins were complaining about Vanessa only wants to talk about “game” duh, what are you there to do? If they play that pot game one more time I am going to scream….how boring is that to watch? Vanessa is the only skilled enough to win it. They should have gotten rid of her when they had a chance….but she is my choice anyway because she is smart and can read them, which makes them mad.

  16. g8trgirl

    As long as we’re sharing opinions. ..I think the most pivotal moment of the season thus far has been when Steve nominated Meg and Jackie. The whole house had the momentum to get rid of Vanessa. The fans had that momentum too. And now that 1 decision, has made the game entirety predictable again. We’re going to watch as Vanessa ‘ s minions pick off those who threaten her game.
    Since season 15 I’ve been saying, “well, maybe better next year”. Honestly, I’m tired of waiting. The game has become about 1 strong person, backdoors, and same comps. I know, if I don’t like it, I should move on. Maybe I will.

    • Avatar

      Good point, g8trgirl, about momentum with that DE. Well stated. That was a good time to get out Vanessa; there was literally NO TIME for her to wear people down with her incessant talk. But, the SuperFan sucked, big time.

    • AIO_7

      I think that would have been asking too much of that rat, Steve; up to that point he was up Vanessa’s back side (probably still is).
      For me, the real travesty was James, Lipstick Meg and Jackie blowing up Becky’s game.

  17. Elaine

    In the most recent seasons it seems houseguests are incredibly focused on what America will think of them and life outside the BB house. Oh and they seem way too concerned about the well-being of the others in the house and not “hurting their feelings.” This has led to seasons of house votes, asking for volunteers to go on the block (really??!!), and letting people know ahead of time they are going home. This has led to little or no campaigning, strategizing, and game playing…..no wonder the house is dull.

  18. Avatar

    Austwins came clean to Vamessa about all the getting rid of Vanessa talk.. They seemed to have buried the hatchet and reestablished their 4 person alliance. Julia seems like the one who spearheaded the talk with Van. One of them four will win this game.

  19. Elaine

    The three votes of Austin, Liz, and Julia will become a big problem for the other houseguests. Wished the other players had broke up the trio up. They have been so busy on drawing short straws for who will get out Vanessa that the trio has sailed right by.

  20. g8trgirl

    You make a good point, Elaine. So, let’s play a game. Assume for a moment John gets voted out but wins his way back in. If he, James or Steve win HOH next, who do they nominate and why? Go!

    • AIO_7

      I’ll try; I think John or James would try and put a dent in the other side of the house. But Steve is a weakling and would probably put up Lipstick Meg and John, with James as a backdoor.

  21. Avatar

    What I would do at this point in the game is put Austin and Julia up. The pressure on Liz to chose would be quite enjoyable to watch, and would definitely put a strain on the three of them even if one won the veto.
    Where are the so called #BBTakeovers? This is my first season watching, and I’m bored to death watching Austin and Liz go to town on each other, yuck!

  22. Elaine

    Lots of “ifs” but I think Liz and Vanessa both need to go. Vanessa, for the obvious reasons as stated repeatedly by houseguests and spectators alike. Liz to break up the trio…..she is the common denominator. Austin and Julia are not as tight. As someone mentioned before, maybe Austin will be so distraught he will self-evict to join Liz in the jury house….highly unlikely but an interesting point.

  23. Avatar

    1. Potentially talented, witty, strong willed players like Davonne and Jace were bounced super early because they didn’t do the basic things floaters do (lay low, and align with the majority).
    2. Becky to her credit did put up Vanessa with direct intent to send to jury but was vetoed by ren/stimpy (James) and his minions (Meg, Jackie).
    3. Is it really poor Meg, or hey you don’t deserve to win the $500,000 because you cant even win a comp to literally save yourself if need be.
    4. Jackie is delusional with the mis-information route on backdooring James stuff.
    – Vanessa was the poison that filled his ear, you vetoed the chance to get her out, she burned you.
    – You didn’t actually establish a strong game relationship with the non goblins such as “Did I just get blindsided by being put on the block” Steve.
    5. James is all about his 15 minutes huh? Initial strong moves was just a mask to hide his real intent for BB17, to be the most memorable BB court jester of all time, with the hijinks and shenanigans he’s got going on.
    6. Every member in the jury, as well as James and Meg have stated that if given the power, or a second chance to re-enter they would either align with Vanessa (Becky) to what take down the minions, or focus on round 2 of trying to get out Vanessa once again. Crazy notions when you stop to think, who is going after the real untouched power couple (trio) for weeks now which is Austilizia????

    Coup d’Etat – season 11 [SUCCESS]
    – Jeff used it to veto noms, and evict his re-nom

    Diamond power of veto – season 12 [SUCCESS]
    – Matt (founder of the Brigade) saved himself after playing possum and evicted a player he wanted to target.

    Big Brother Rewind – season 16 [SUCCESS]
    – Caleb with masterful direction from Derrick, de-throned the smug and cocky HOH Frankie, who ultimately got nominated and ousted that week with the rewind.

    Be real with yourself viewers, outside of Austilizia, and Vanessa who currently run the house, would the aforementioned powers if introduced in the game (as well as BB takeovers) at this point make any difference with the current cast of players?

  24. Elaine

    Was playing out the possible scenarios of the returning houseguest. If Shelli, will she realign with Vanessa, and the trio? She mentioned John and Steve, but one of them will be jury-bound for the duration. If Jackie comes back, she is likely to realign herself with Meg and James (thus a trio). If Becky comes back….hmmm, not sure. If either John or Steve, not much change since the elimination and re-entry would be so close in time.

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