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Big Brother 17 – PoV Comp Day Update Thread



Good afternoon, everyone! It’s a pretty big day in the Big Brother house as the power of veto is to be played! Meh, who am I kidding? It’s pretty irrelevant because I think either John, Steve or Becky are screwed this week. It’s not like someone would win, and Liz would actually make a big move like putting the ‘person most likely to win big brother 17’ up on the block.

Programming note – I will not be live updating tomorrow or Monday. I will be able to post recaps of the day, but I just won’t be able to update throughout the day. Things should return back to normal on Tuesday afternoon.

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Ok, updates:

  • 11:15am – Feeds are down. They are likely picking players for veto competition.
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down. Perhaps they went right into veto comp?
  • 12:50pm – They must have went straight into veto competition. Running to store, hopefully they’re back by the time I return
  • 2:30pm – So, feeds returned only to find out just the players were picked. Steve, Austin and Meg are the additional players.  Weird. Wonder why they were down so long.
    • There is nothing going on. People are waiting for veto. Becky and Julia are hanging out in the kitchen talking about how they’re going to get back at James for his pranks
  • 3:30pm – Feeds still up and slow. People are eating.  Seeing as it’s getting late, I wonder if it’s going to be OTEV today. They typically run that one at night.
  • 6:45pm – Yup, feeds down. Have been for about 90 minutes.  This may be a longer one
  • 7:30pm – Feeds still down. Theme of the day
  • 7:50pm – Feeds up.
    • Liz won the power of veto
    • The competition was indeed OTEV
    • Liz and Vanessa are talking about how fit Becky is and how she needs to go
    • Vanessa is talking about what good of shape they’re in now with Becky leaving
    • The group (Austin as well) think John is related to Clay
    • Vanessa leaves and now Liz and Austin are gushing over what good shape they’re in
  • 8:45pm – Becky, Meg, John and James are sitting around the table talking about the current date. Yup, house is that slow.
  • 9:15pm – Booze delivery
    • Becky starts recalling the time she got hit with a train, and how her lip was on the side of her face
    • Meg’s reaction to Becky’s story
    • with that story, I’m off to bed

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Go John!!! He is the only one I want to win!

  2. Avatar

    These people are so stupid to have kept the twins in the house this long. They should have evicted Liz when they had the chance.

    • Jannie

      I am absolutely dumbfounded that Austin has never been put up on the block. I can’t help but think he could win this whole thing. That would really suck.

    • Avatar

      I have never seen a bunch of block head people play so stupid of all the time I’ve been watching BB! Those twins would not have made that long in that house! After Thursday night double eviction I was done of the dump moves!?

  3. AIO_7

    I think Steve, the Rat, is safe this week; Lipstick Meg would probably go up if Becky or JM come down.
    Even James would go up before Steve.

    • Avatar

      Van is not playing POV …everyone else has to convince the austwits than Van needs to go tell all the dirt they can keep reminding them of the backdoor austin plan.. and promise a jury vote to whoever takes van out…..maybe Van will overplay to the point of no return …they are pissed at her …but afraid… I liked the Becky move saying it was all her …she wanted the blood of Van on her hands

    • AIO_7

      Maybe I read wrong, but I read Van IS playing in the PoV. Even if she fails PoV, don’t get your hopes up, the Austwerps aren’t going to put her up.

    • Avatar

      stevebeans update…– So, feeds returned only to find out just the players were picked. Steve, Austin and Meg are the additional players.

  4. danmtruth

    As I stomp and scream like a 3 year old I must admit for Austwins it is smart to keep Vanessa . The old keep a bigger target syndrome . Next week if anyone other than Vanessa or Steve win HOH . They are more than likely going to target Vanessa . Leaving them one step closer . With 3 votes as a block a nice position
    Ann stop screaming sorry that I am bearer of bad news again
    The one bright spot as Ao17 (sorry I butchered your nomdeplumb ) pointed out Vanessa will stay to long to be able to renter

  5. Avatar

    Nooooohua!!!I don’t wanna see the v word win. I would rather any one of the others beat her.

    • AIO_7

      I’d rather Audrey to have won than the Mad Hatter or one of the Austwerps.

    • danmtruth

      Ann from this day on Day 57 shall be a black day in BB17 history . It is the day James put his game play ahead of the house. He saw Shelli as a threat to HIS game and took Meg and Jakie with him Leaving Vanessa the biggest threat to everyone to slip by . Than Steve made what will be in the top 5 of dumb moves in BB history. Putting up Meg and Jakie the only other people beside himself who were less of a threat to ANYBODY !! A sad dark night . Hey Steve you have a 3 person power alliance . You think maybe you go after them ?!?!

  6. Alda

    I don’t want the twins to win either.NOOOOA WAAAAAYAA.I hope they get to dye their hair soon.Other seasons girls used to dye their hair.

  7. g8trgirl

    So, are we close to Zingbot yet? And what’s the name of that comp where they are atop a small hill that gives them a hint about a hg. Then they have to run into bubbles or something, find the hg’s name and bring it back up the hill. Last one to make it back up is out. Or did I dream this?

  8. danmtruth

    Damama you are the super fan of the day for pulling OTEV out . Alex BB games games for a 1000

  9. Avatar

    Do I get a tinfoil necklace?…the aluminum power of otev?
    …I really enjoy your insight into the BB house.
    Do you think there is any chance Van will leave….Austin is trying to push it

  10. Avatar

    It is 102F in LA …they are waiting for it to cool down for Veto comp ……

  11. danmtruth

    Seeing that you answered in the forum of a question yes. Seeing that aluminum is shiny and can be easily bent . It’s perfect for this house . Target choices are easily bent to someone else.
    This HOH has given Austin a big boost to his ego if that is posiable . Comparing himself to Derrick from last year. His love affair with Thing 1 Liz
    They will take the safe way and take out Johny, Becky, or James . The girls might want to get Meg out as she might be a threat to Austin love

  12. Avatar

    My nerves are shattered & my head is about to explode. Never have I ever let something that has absolutely nothing to do with me take me to such dark places in my head. Not one single dime of that $500,000 is going to be lining my pockets nor do I get the title of being BB 17 winner but yet & still my nerves are dangling by a thread.
    Somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do somethiinngaauh. Don’t let the V word play us all like this. Lol

  13. Avatar

    James hosting POV just called to Dr and feeds down. Wonder if its POV time.

  14. danmtruth

    Ann be happy knowing that Austin and Thing 1 Liz are now so openly in love. Swapping body fluids in front of Thing 2 Julia. Think of the Petri dish that is Austins beard . What new STD strain is being hatched
    If all else fails be happy that you are NOT RELATED to any of these people Ann

  15. Avatar

    I think V might overplay it …..hopefully she questions the twits loyalty…and they get mad….maybe the rest of the house can say V is making deals for next week ….swearing she will put up the austtwits… make up a lie and see how she defends it…that might be entertaining.

  16. Avatar

    Liz is just bored, they are isolated, Neanderthal Man is giving her attention, she likes it. Outside the house Thing 1 and Neanderthal would never hook up. Seriously, if the twins weren’t twins, they would just be average-looking below-average-intelligence bimbos. Two of them means people find them interesting. Austin needs a haircut and a shave and a time machine to undo those god-awful tattoos.

    • danmtruth

      Don’t hold back Jenny! It is true about the twins. I call them inside the gate good looking. Working construction now seeing more we on on site. In the factories we work . Some of the younger guys act like they have never seen a women before. Back to my point Nothing against these women but on the job site guys fall over the selfs to impress them Out side the job site they would never talk to them The other thing is who are we to judge these women on the job site . Not many of the guys are Rayn Gosling look alike
      So Jenny you are correct none of these people would talk to the other . Well Austin would try to talk to any women

  17. Alda

    Liz won the POV! Oh Good Grief!!

  18. Clangley

    Looks like she’s keeping the noms the same. Or that’s what she says now.

  19. Avatar

    Van is creepin …..in the shadows

  20. Avatar

    Ok, now that Lizbo has the veto also. Plesae explain to me why she wont put the v word up on the block? Jonnhy mac or Becky could down.come & everybody would have the votes to get rid of her. If they just put Vword up. Stop being scared, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT,

    • danmtruth

      The Austwins walking STD must know they would be the mad bennie hatters next target. Once more why do we try to interject logic in with this group.
      Reading the reaction by those 3 to winning the POV was sticking . Austin was a 9 year old saying they were co- winner . Either saying he let Liz win or he tells Liz what to do with the win. Thing 1 & Thing 2 go into super mean girl mood trashing Becky. Till they remember she is going to the jury house so they need to act nice to her. You two are not that good looking !
      Is the getting hit by the train story the only thing Becky can talk about . Ok it was traumatizing . To me she is just reminding people how strong she is and a comp beast. Also that she has already won 10000.00$

  21. Alda

    These morons won’t vote Vanessa out because they are afraid of what would happen if she comes back into the house.They are scared shitless of her,all of them except Becky.They wouild rather take their chances sitting next to her in the final two and hope the jury won’t vote for her to win.That’s my take on it.

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