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Big Brother 17 Power Rankings – Shake-up Near The Top



We all knew that the power group wouldn’t stay completely in tact through the season. Even the best teams lose the occasional player, and that’s what is likely happening to Clay this week. James was able to win HoH and is one of the few remaining players who are willing to take a shot at that group. Unfortunately, he won’t be competing for the next HoH, so it’s essentially Jackie and Meg versus the house.

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Note – I removed the eliminated players simply to clean up room on the list. They’re eliminated, so they no longer even have a chance to move up in the ranks. Perhaps I’ll keep the jury members just in case they allow one to come back (not guaranteed).


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  1. Sad that clay might be evicted when shelli is winning more competitions and is more influential than he is.

  2. Shelli called James a nasty little man. She’s just pissed because James had big enough balls to put her & poopyhead on the bock. Her true colors are starting to show. I knew from day one she was a spoiled rotten brat who was used to getting things her way. Her true self is showing through the large chicklet teeth, bad hair extensions, orange spray tan & 40 pounds of makeup. PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE let her be the one to go home tomorrow.
    WARNIG!!! If Shelli goes home tomorrow everybody in her town better keep their little boys inside because Shelli likes em young. Lol

    • I would like to reply to Ann…Are you James? Do you even know him? Let’s keep our NEGATIVE comments to the GAME.. not about someone’s looks. If you would like to discuss looks…please post a picture of yourself so we can all have as much fun with your nasty looks as you are having with Shelli’s.

      What a pitiful, pathetic, loser post…..

  3. jimbo

    Wow…I cant agree less with these rankings. Vanessa is being exposed as the head of the snake and bleeding alliance members, while John is on Vanessa’s hitlist next week (for some stupid reason) instead of James side (though Vanessa will change her mind 15 times, another reason she shouldn’t be #1), and John is ranked second here. I believe the unholy alliance of Austin and the Twins is being overlooked, after it was ushered into house with blessings by the so-called genius, Vanessa.

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