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Big Brother 17 Power Rankings – Vanessa Dethroned



Note – this picture may very well be Julia. 

One quick note about my power rankings. They are done my specific way, and are more modeled after the countless NFL power rankings put out every week. These ranks are not just about who I believe to be playing the best game. They are about who is playing the best game, and who is in the best position to win it all (or finish in the top 3) regardless of their game. Has Julia played a better game than James this season?  No. But, James is screwed. He is not making the final 3, while Julia very well could and probably will.  So, I’m not going to put James near the top when he is going to jury within the next 3 evictions max (probably tomorrow night).

That brings us to these rankings and why I felt the need to explain it.  I believe Vanessa has been playing a really solid game overall, but she is completely setting up a combo of Liz, Austin and Julia to fill out the top 2, and probably top 3. This is likely the week that Vanessa loses Big Brother 17, unless of course she has a Rachel-like competition run in her. Liz, on the other hand, has survived being a twin even when the house found out about it. She has the upper hand on the relationship with Austin (I believe he’d pull a Clay for her), and she has her twin sister who appears to be no threat whatsoever floating along.  Julia is taking Liz to the final 2 because they’re sisters. Austin is taking Liz to the final 2 because he is in ‘love’. Neither will win against her, but they’ll do it anyway.


If the trio survive the double eviction and then end up in power by the end of tomorrow night, it’s game over.  Liz wins, and Austin and Julia fight over second.

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    Pretty fair assment of the power rankings. Steven Beans. 2 or 3 could go either way. Imo. Liz is in a great spot.She is shielded and has numbers. Alote depends on the DE tomorrow. Steve or Jonny will move up if either one of them win HOH. And they both have a great chance at it. Reguardless of who wins meaning Steve or Jonny. Austin and Liz on the block.And if Austin or Liz win HoH Jonny and Steve on the block. So as long as James doesn’t win HOH. Odds are agianst him. But it isint impossible.Vanessa in top 3 ranking is fair. Although I just saw Steve on the live feeds talking to himself concidering voting out Julia. So Meg to jury is not 100 percent yet. This last 3 weeks is game on. Last year we already knew Derrick had it in the bag. This year we do not.

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    After watching Van flip out on James , I want him to win the next HOH SO much.

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      It’s likely to be a mental challenge tomorrow. HoH DE Sources say. If that’s true. Steve and Jonny have the advantage. It actually makes sense. CBS wants to see a final battle. Austin,Liz,James and either Meg or Julia aren’t the brightest bulbs. I still am not 100 percent convinced that Meg is gone tomorrow. Jokers just had Steve contenplating voting out Julia. If thay does infact happen, the formula is completly different.Jonny will be on board if Steve does this. But yes Steven Beens. If the trio survive DE it’s just about game over.Liz wins. Van would have to win out. HoH. And then POV. Highly unlikely.

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      I thought that James would have learned by now that you can’t go near that psycho when she’s HOH. She just looks for any little thing to try to use it against people.

    • Avatar

      OMG you aren’t kidding! Unless she is one HELL of an actress, Vanessa just showed herself to be textbook borderline personality! Instead of taking some constructive criticism from James, she immediately went to “if your way is right then you’re saying my way is wrong!”
      I had a friend like this. Took me a couple of years to understand that no matter WHAT I did or said, I was NEVER going to be a good enough friend to her. First time in my life I had to actually break up with a friend!

    • AIO_7

      Rob, exactly; Vanessa proved James’ point by her over reaction.

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    Earlier the house guest got to practice what i think must be comp for HOH before second eviction. Its the ball-rolling crap shot game. The best at the practice was Julia and Liz. That should tell them that there is a really good chance the three will be safe.

    • Jannie

      I hope Steve and JMac see that Liz and Julia are good at the ball rolling game.
      It may convince them to take Juila out.
      JMac knows that the Austwits are after him, he needs to convince Steve to make a big move.

      And the fact that Austin has never been on the block?? That’s a huge selling point to win the game.
      Part of the reason Derrick won last year.
      C’Mon superfan Steve – get rid of one of his “sidekicks.”

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    I liked James and Johnny, more as ppl than players.
    Hope the power group gets broken up sooner than later.

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone is good.

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    I HOPE that Steve, Johnnie and James vote Julia out. This week is pivotal, detrimental, crucial!

    That would only leave Austin and Liz voting for Meg to leave, which wouldn’t be enough to keep Julia.

    Then, for DE, boot Austin or Liz out. I am sooo done with them. Those twins are just unlikeable through the screen.

    As for Vanessa, I don’t particularly care for her but her ability to control, persuade and survive is impressive.

    I’d like to see Van and James as the final two… that would be some drama for yer mama….

    I adore sweet Meg as a person though.

  6. Avatar

    The way I can tell which twin is it, look for the mole above the mouth of Liz, on the right side of her face.

  7. Avatar

    Vanessa had played the best game, and was running around the house getting everything to go exactly how she wants it. But she completely failed to recognize the obvious, she tied herself to a trio that will be way more loyal to each other than they will be to her. And now even if she were to flip things by taking JMac and Steve to side with James and Meg to get rid of the trio, they will be wary of her and she’ll be down the totem pole on that.

    She played the best game, until this week, now she has to win her way to the final. Either win HOH or win the veto, but if she doesn’t win one, she’s gone. At this point people are going to be anxious to be the one to get rid of her, so when they address the jury they can say that they got rid of the big player in the house.

    • Avatar

      If Steve and Jonny do infact vote to boot Julia. They are talking about it.That trio is now a duo. A blessing in des guise for Van. The way things change from day to day in this house IDK if she would have to win out. I mean who thought Jonny and Van would ever be allinged. Sometimes you have to work with people you don’t wanna to stay alive. Van does have to win a hoh or pov at the rite time no doubt. If she is not evicted tomorrow. And I just don’t see how she is evice tomorrow. Un less James wins. Thats a 1 n 6 chace in a crapsoot HOH.. She isint in the words position. Depending who’s left between the Austintwins and Jonny Steve. I can easily see or Austinout after Julia tomorrow. Then Liz needs Van badly. And Liz can win comps. This game isint over unless meg goes 1st and Any of the Austintwins the 2nd HoH. THEN YES LIZ WINS THE GAME.I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. And remember it is DE tomorrow so if Julia does infact go home emotions will be high. Anything can happen. Remember the Steve debacle during DE. No time to think. Of course this is just theory. But for the 1st time since Van was supposedly out 100percent then it got flipped. Because James had fears of wrath from Shelli. The game may actually be a fun last 3 weeks.

  8. Alda

    If Steve and Johnny Mac vote out Julia it would be great.What a shocker for Austin.Liz and Vanessa.We can only hope.That could rattle them so bad they would mess up in the HOH.Meg and James would be so high ,James would give 200% to win the HOH.

    • Colby

      I would love it, but wouldn’t bet on it.

    • Colby

      Meg is by far not my favorite. I don’t care about her lipstick, but think the jokes about it are very funny. She is a major floater and does not deserve to be there. And knowing she is a good friend of Frankie’s tells me she is not nearly as nice of a person as she is being portrayed as. (BB prod slant)
      She can easily be taken out at any point. But right now the trio is the are biggest threat to everyone else’s game (including Van). Everyone needs to take this opportunity to break up that trio.

    • Colby

      Remove the word are. I hate it when that happens. LOOL

  9. Colby

    From Joker’s : Austin to Liz that the feed watchers are nothing but fat nerds.
    He has become a ‘mean girl’ too LOL

    • Avatar

      Austin should shut the hell up. He was crying & begging like a little BITCH a few weeks ago when he found out raccoon eyed vanessa was planning on putting his stinky, gross hairy ass up on the block. There is nothing macho about him, more like funko. He walks around like he thinks he’s God’s gift to this earth. I have got some good news for your conceited tattooed girly walking ass. Obviously us so called fat nerds at home can’t smell you just like you can’t see us but your houseguests & girlfriend have said on national tv that you STINK. Now how about that????

  10. Avatar

    Seems like there have been Vanessa haters on here from the beginning. Putting that all aside though, I don’t think her move was all that terrible.

    Most of you are making the assumption that the Austwins will be in power next week. Vanessa is covering all her bases with this move. If the Austwins don’t win the next HOO Vanessa will ork her magic and make sure that the HOO gets rid of one of them. James might be the toughest one for her to convince, but I’m confident that she can get him and anyone to see that one of them needs to go if anyone else wants to win.

    But doing that, Vanessa avoids betraying her alliance with them, but more importantly she keeps the target off herself for the next HOO. If Vanessa went for one of them this week, the chances of her being a target are exponentially higher.

    If the AUstwins win next week they are far more likely to target Johnny Mac than go after Vanessa.

    Vanessa may be rolling the dice a little, but she can gamble with the best of them. Her gamble is mathematically the best one I can think of.

    Vanessa is one of the most intelligent people to ever play the game. And I believe a lot of the
    ’emotions’ she is showing are very calculated. She’s a master manipulator.

    I think it is way too early to move Vanessa down to 3rd in the rankings when everyone else is playing T-ball versus a major leaguer.

    Don’t count Vanessa out just yet. I think she can dig her way out of anything with the weak competition she has in front of her.

    • Avatar

      Dan.An intelligent thought out assisment. If Vanessa went after the Austintwins she has pretty much noone. And in this case she just may get out 1 of em anyway by default. With DE only way she goes to jury tonight is if James wins 2nd HoH and eVenus then there is POV. And thay is 1-6 chance James wins HoH anyway.The others in the house are now gunning for each other and Van is allinged with all of em. Jonny Mac as a secret wepon. Any of the Austintwins left will not go after her in DE and Steve or Jonny won’t either. Austwins will go after Jonny or Steve. Steve/Jonny will go after Austwins. So this was the perfect week as a DE is in effect to make the move she did. I also like how you addressed that the assumption is that 1 of the trio will win HOH tonight. (MAY just be a duo by then anyway. I’m still not sold that Meg goes. But if she does. James has noone. Ya that may happen.(Austwins winning the 2nd HoH.Even if it does, she is safe. I can also see Van winning the 3rd HOH. She has won the most comps rite! And back in power once agian. Although did she ever relinquish power. I don’t think so.
      Btw. Someone mentioned how Van is border line personality when she scolded James on last night’s show. If you remember the scene b4 that, James was going up to talk to Van to BS her. She knew that. Y should she be nice. She knows James was gunning for her. She is not stupid.

    • Avatar

      Dan !

      It is so good to see you here. I am looking forward to talk game with you.

      Your above post is exactly right – as usual.

  11. Jannie

    Has anyone noTicked that Austin has been wearing a shirt lately??


    And Vanessa, and Julia are in the HOH trashing Steve…while Vanessa spoon feeds and critiques Julia’s speech for tomorrow night. Ugh.

  12. Avatar

    I can always tell which one is Julia because she wears the eyeliner on her top lids. I believe the picture is definitely her.

  13. Avatar

    why is that preseason football always has to occur on a double eviction night. Thursday here in VA we get preempted til 11:35pm because of Redskins football. Pass it along to check DVR make sure you’re recording right.

  14. Avatar

    Think about how the game would be aligned right now if Austin and Liz had gone up on the block to begin with, with Julia as the replacement nominee if needed?

    Either Austin or Liz would have gone home tonight.

    Instead, the alignment for the rest of the game depends on who wins control of the second eviction…and that’s pretty much up for grabs.

  15. danmtruth

    It does give me hope that Steve is actually talking about what everyone here knows. That for any chance he needs to break up the Austwins . The big hurdle is does he have the nuts to do something. Or are they firmly in Vanessa pocket
    Frustrating to think the DD will come down to a roll of the dice. Pure luck no skill the game will turn on a roll of the dice. How fitting that a pro gamblers life’s will hang on a game of chance
    The only thing I fear is Steve wins and again does something stupid like put James and Meg up . After getting Juila out All that is certain is it should be a fun night

  16. Avatar

    today should be a very interested day. STEVE FINALLY realized that he needs to flip the vote on julia if he wants to win the game. with that being said, the stupid NFL is messing up my BIG BROTHER tonight. I have to wait until 1:07am to DVR it 🙁 I’m sure i will be able to find a link online tonight to watch it 🙂

    • Avatar

      You too. Join the boat. I’m in Virginia and have to wait til 11:35pm for my big brother because of stupid redskins football. Never fails Double eviction night always gets preempted by something either president or now football. going to be a long night.

  17. Avatar

    So I’m starting to think that Vanessa has planned a deal with the twits!
    She will get them to the end then pretty much just self evict. I mean yes
    more money is always nice, but she really doesn’t need it. Who knows what
    these crazy people are thinking.

  18. Avatar

    I also want to add that last night during BBAD, Vanessa planted the seed into the twins head that if the vote flips that it’s only because Austin gave Steve the green light to do it. she told them that steve will not flip the vote unless austin was ok with it. SOOOOO basiclly she is forming a wedge between the twins and austin. actually smart game move.

  19. danmtruth

    The one thing I keep going back to . How many times has Steve talk a big game late at night . Than when it’s go time Steve folds. Deciding the time is not right. He will make THE BIG MOVE next week. Well Steve there are not too many weeks left to spring the BIG MOVE. The good thing is he has been talking to JohnyMack. Now if Steve can just now NOT talk to Vanessa and the rest of the house about it.
    Yes that is a good cover you butt by Vanessa. In her conversation with Liz & Juila putting any blame on Austin Vanessa should work to evict Juila Than she has Steve, John, James and Meg rolling into DD

    • Avatar

      I would like to see julia voted out tonight and then James win HOH and boot Liz out. leaving AUS/VAN/MEG/JAM/STE/JMAC. Then Jmac win the HOH. that would be great…. I guess it is time for me to wake up…….LOL

  20. Avatar

    That raccoon eyed vanessa is f***ing nuts. They should have gotten her ass out when they had the chance.
    James really should have told her her ass some real shit when she told him to go downstairs because he was making her mad.
    Austin is a serious wuss. I can’t believe he was a wrestler.
    Maybe with a little luck they can get rid of her ass tonight.

  21. Avatar

    Steve, “I have to flip the votes!” Then immediately runs up and asks permission from Vanessa. What a wimp. He talks big on feeds, but he will never do it.
    Austin on feeders—feeders are nothing but fat nerds. Way to work for AFP, Austin. He also thinks feeders love his showmance. LOL The only time he hasn’t been on the bottom of jokers voting poll is today. He and Liz switched places. Liz is now the most hated and Austin is next to last.
    Steve and John won’t flip the votes. Meg will go home. If James doesn’t win HOH, he will follow right behind Meg.

  22. Avatar

    Steve is nothing but a lot of talk. He flip flops more than a fish out of water, he’s scared & unsure of himself.

  23. Avatar

    Do the hg know about DE tonight?

  24. Renee

    Steve has now promised not to vote out or put up either twin in exchange for the same. He is now physically sick and can’t quit throwing up. When they discovered he had been throwing up one of the twins (I think Liz is the germophobe) told him she is not going to hug him anymore now.

  25. Avatar

    If the words “Julia, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House,” were to come out of Julie Chen’s mouth tonight, I might pee my pants. The look on those twins faces would be priceless.
    If they would get rid of coon eyes with her shaky eyeballs, everybody else could duke it out.

  26. Avatar

    I have not read all the comments yet so please forgive me if I repeat anything someone else has said. today is the day that defines who wins big brother and how the rest of the season will play out. if Julia is not voted out, the season is over for Vanessa pretty much unless something drastic happens which with this crew won’t. I don’t care for Vanessa very much, I don’t hate her, I just don’t care for her but I would certainly rather see her win then any of the Austwins.

  27. Avatar

    If the Austwits are the final three, I will definitely not be watching the rest of the season. What a waste.

  28. danmtruth

    Ann nice to see you have rejoined the posting! I no longer can consider Steve a super fan. A super dunce yes. He allows himself to be bullied by Vanessa. Talks a big game to the cameras but does nothing. Does he not see how frustrating that is as a fan .Than he talks to the twins to ask if he is a target? What do you think that are going to say! Yes Steve after we get Meg out you and James will be the next two we nominate.
    At tonight’s vote I know it won’t happen but Meg should say. If your not going to vote what you think is best for your game. If your just going to vote with the house because you don’t want to be the next target . When they call your name to vote just say no thank you Vanessa can go in and do what’s best for her game with my vote . Because she will protect me and bring me to final 2
    I have lost all respect for Steve and John is not far behind. I can see john not wanting to say anything . As every word gets back to Vanessa.

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