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Big Brother 17 – Recapping Jace’s Missed Opportunity



It is Wednesday in the Big Brother house, and that typically means those on the block realize they potentially have only one more night in the house, and start to scramble.  If that indeed happens, it will be the cherry on top of what has been a very busy first week inside the Big Brother house.


Yesterday afternoon at around 1:30pm, Audrey and Da’Vonne had a pretty heated confrontation.  If you’re counting (and I’m not), this would be Audrey’s 87th confrontation this week (seriously, I’m not counting). Like most of the issues this week,  it had to do with one person hearing rumors and not being able to rest comfortably until they get to the bottom of it. — It’s Big Brother, I’d start worrying if you don’t hear rumors. — This one was about either Audrey or Day (Da’Vonne) spreading a rumor that there was an all-girls alliance called the Black Alliance. It was named because members wore black (I’m not making this stuff up). If there ever was a Black Alliance, it was a non-starter, but the jokes about it will go on.  For example, if you listen to the feeds and they joke about wearing all black to Audrey’s eviction, that’s why.

Well, the fallout from the blowout made Austin’s brain turn a bit. If and when Jace goes home this week, numbers to keep him will diminish one by one until he’s eventually evicted.  In order to prevent it, he came up with a pretty solid plan. Seeing as Jackie/Jeff + Shelli/Clay are tight with James, Jason, Day and Meg, that is a solid 8. This means the stragglers are lambs to the slaughter, and he realized he is a lamb. So, he sat down with Jace and came up with an idea to try and merge together with the stragglers to vote out Jackie.  His plan was to merge him/Jace/Liz with Steve, John, Becky, Vanessa and the now alone Audrey.


Seeing as James is HoH this week, and Jackie is on the block, that means only 6 people from their alliance can vote, as opposed to 7 from the ‘nerd herd’ (as he called it). By keeping Jace and Audrey in the game, that allows for two massive targets to hang around, and even if the other side does get power again, they will be the target once again.

Honestly, it was quite a brilliant plan for early in the game, and had the extra bonus of including Liz’s twin into the mix when she’s revealed to the house (which Austin doesn’t know about, yet). However, it required a few things to fall into place, and that was mostly convincing Steve, Becky and John to go along with it. Easier said than done when you have Jace working on your side.


Keep me in the house, so I can keep treating you like shit

Because sometime around 8:30pm, Jace pulled Steve aside to basically bully him for a bit before letting him know there was a ‘plan in the works’. While I’m sure Jace didn’t see it as bullying, it was. He told him the large group of people in the house don’t like him, think he’s a pussy, etc.  It seriously was probably one of the worst ways to win someone over, and Jace literally would have been better off just hiding under the bed until Thursday night while letting Austin do all the work.

The reason this plan won’t work is the same reason Jace is leaving first – because Jace is a pretty big douche.


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    I give Jace a little credit for trying so hard, but let’s be real, he doesn’t know anything about this game and he only wants to stay because of his ego. I’ll be glad to see him finally go tomorrow. His bad acting and annoying campaigning is ruining the feeds for me.

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      I agree with you 100%! His bulling last night with Steve totally turned me off! I am so ready to see him walk out the door! I love how Steve handled himself!

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    The last sentence says it all.

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    As much as I want to see the plan work I don’t think I could watch Jace more than I already have, and I don’t have feeds. I also think it would be hard to keep Jace under control the rest of the game. I think he would be a target as well as Audrey, which could be good or bad for the rest in the alliance.

  4. Rita

    100% Douchebag!

    I hope he IS a bad actor and he’s not really like this in real life. His conversation with Steve was very difficult to watch. I hope Steve mentions it in his DR session and it gets aired. I’d love to know what was going through his mind.

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    Jace lost me when he started bully Steve, I was hoping for Steve to get up and say B.S. to Jace and walkout. This is the classic jock picks on the nerd high school style

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