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Big Brother 17 – Reminder, Goodell Screws With Big Brother Tonight



Happy double eviction day, everyone!  Reminder, the NFL will be taking over CBS in many areas around the country tonight, so Big Brother will either be bumped to a different channel or shown later. Thanks, Roger!   I’m not the biggest fan of Goodell, so even if scheduling isn’t his fault, I’m blaming him.

Feeds will be up and down today, so I’ll do my best to update you on anything in the house, but I can’t promise much.  That said, I am going to keep a thread going simply because I don’t want a ‘last week’ to happen with sudden drama and I am not even prepared. Who knows, maybe the house will flip again and Vanessa will absolutely  lose her mind.  We can hope, right?

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  • 9:50pm – Becky is in the HN room…
    • Meg is promising Becky she’s protected this week. By protected, she means ‘will probably go home second tonight’.
    • Meg is explaining how she bought into Austin’s bull simply because he was partially honest about the situation in the house.
    • Becky feels alright, she is accepting she is completely screwed the second Vanessa wins HoH.
    • She is happy she made a big move, but it’s too bad her big move went bust.
    • Becky said if she wins HoH again (assuming she survives the second one), she is going to try to finish what she started. Good luck with that
  • 10:00pm – Feeds cut to Jeff Loops. Clay is the guest this week, and he said he considers himself in a relationship.  lol
  • 11:45pm – Still on loops. They’re probably rehearsing for tonight
  • 2:00pm – Had a nap. I am up, and so are the feeds. Vanessa is talking to Austin and cohorts.
    • Vanessa is helping them study, and they had info wrong (or right, I don’t know). Vanessa corrected them and said they’re probably intentionally feeding them false information.
    • Austin – “Vanessa, not now!”  .. woah
    • He said nobody wants to risk this being in Steve’s hands, so they’re not intentionally tricking anyone.
    • Vanessa doesn’t believe him, she asks who he’s putting up (if he wins)
    • Steve, Johnny Mack with Becky as 3rd option.
    • Vanessa doesn’t think they (J/J/M) would be ok with that because Becky was just in the room talking to them. They would. James is worried about his two girls. Austin is worried about his two. Nobody else matters for them.
    • Vanessa says “here is the reality of the situation. I have been loyal to you since the beginning as these two girls. James sent home Jace. James sent home Clay” (it is a good thing James is keeping Vanessa for his own game lol)
    • Austin leaves. Vanessa is saying “I don’t understand why he’s upset. I’m doing what’s best for him”.  It’s true, she is. Far more than Shelli ever would. It’s hilarious that they’re keeping Vanessa because it’s going to turn around and bit them right in the butt
    • The girls keep trying to get back to studying, and Vanessa is ranting about Austin’s attitude.
  • 2:20pm – Steve walks in. They question him about the video they saw (which is what they’re memorizing). Steve tells Julia she’s in the wrong bed, but he likes the girl in the bed.
  • 2:45pm – The house has died down for now.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Packer/Pats game will be on ABC here …you scared me Stevebeans

  2. Avatar

    where’s the weekly power ranking?

  3. Sweet Bee

    Omgoodness SteveBeans you saved my day! I highly rely on my DVR and my 4 yr old would have been mad at mommy if he missed the DE.

  4. Avatar

    Anyone who can get Global out of Toronto or Montreal will be okay to watch.

  5. danmtruth

    All good in Chicago game on fox.
    How can Meg with a straight face claim to be able to keep Becky safe. Name any alliance now that won’t put her up Austin and the twins Becky John , and Steve that order Granted long shot any of those Three can win Vanessa please it’s a given and the house votes Becky out in fear of becoming Vanessa next target . Even her own alliance not sure if anyone has the nuts Remember it will be an odd number vote . No tiebreaker you must have the votes in the house.
    Funny I talk that many house guest weren’t thinking long game . Now I must caution them about final 3 thinking coming up with ideal situation of who they want to be paired with to try to win it all Nice thought but you still need to survive that long Here is where Vanessa is smart She has taken advantage of people not thinking who do you stay alive to make final 3

    • Avatar

      I would say she has thought of that in her mind. Darntruth. Although she is more than likely thinking in increments. What good is a final 3 plan in action if your out in let’s say 6th ya know. A good plan for her would actually to have one of the twins booted (assuming she makes it past the next 2 evections) Without doing it herself. That maybe a natural move for someone else anyway. And that’s a move Vanessa just CAN NOT make. Reason it would be good to have 1 twin out is because she now becomes very important to the power of 3. Aus, a twin and her. Austin can go away any time. He’s simply an asset to her now. The dude can’t win anything. Now as for James. He could be a target”if” Vanessa makes it past 3 evections. Simple reason actually. James is the glue of Meg, and Jackie. And can actually win comps.
      Just somethoughts

  6. g8trgirl

    Sorry folks, I travel for my job and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up. Does Becky know Shelli is leaving tonight? Does she have a clue that she may be leaving tonight too?

    • Jannie

      Yes, Becky knows. But she has been assured by James and Co that they will not put her up.

    • Avatar

      Jannie some great assurance, her own alliance going against her plans. James, Meg, Jackie deserve what they get. Here is Becky trying to take out the Master Mind as she can see behind the curtain at all of Vanessas tricks but these goofballs dont get it, they will be eaten alive soon enough, good riddance.

    • AIO_7

      Yes, Monica, if James, Jackie and Lipstick Meg blow up Becky’s plan, then they deserve what they get. (that could change if they are lucky enough to get Vanessa on the double eviction, if not, I see The Mad Hatter cruising)

  7. Jannie

    I have been thinking about who I would most like to see leave in the second eviction and who I would least like to see leave in the second eviction. And who would I like to see win the first HOH.

    Stay – James, Jackie, Steve

    Leave – Liz, Austin, Vanessa

    HOH – James, Jackie, Steve

    I am a fan of JMac, but lately have been thinking that, while he is entertaining, he has done nothing but sit on the block at other people’s will. If he can step it up tonight and win something, I will be impressed.

    Does anyone else want to play who stays/who leaves??
    We will all see tonight!

    PS – no football here in MN!!

    • Avatar

      I like JMac as well because he is entertainment. As to game play he has done NOTHING, at least Becky tried. The entire house is almost like a bunch of floaters now…

    • Avatar

      I’m predicting Johnny Mack will win the second HOH. If he holds true to his sentiments, he will nominate Vanessa. If he’s really smart he will also nominate Liz, thereby securing the vote of Austin and Julia, and hopefully the three stooges to oust Vanessa. I mean hell, she’s packed anyway so may as well!

    • Avatar

      Great scenerio, Rob. Hope JM can pull it off !

    • Avatar

      love your scenario! here is my ‘perfect DE’

      HOH – jmac first, then steve (I have no idea who they would put up, would be crazy)
      Leave – vanessa first, then austin (want to see what twins would do without austin)

      But I doubt jmac would put up austin if he got the first DE hoh – because likely he’d want to get out whichever of van/shell isn’t evicted first.

      I can’t ready steve at all – I think he’d go for becky and then…? meg? No clue!

      Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode, football can go die. >:(

  8. Avatar

    I don’t understand why Vanessa is so disliked by viewers. She might be getting emotional, but I definitely respect her gameplay more than most other people in the house. Anyone else in her position at this point would have been going home 100% tonight. It might be tiring to listen to her strategize for hours on end when she does, but you have to admit it works. She knows how to work people even when her game is exposed. She’s good.

    • Avatar

      Derrick is very fourtante that Van wasn’t in the house last year. Would have been exposed. God bless Derrick and congrats. But last year was the weakest cast of game players in bb history imo. The characters were awesome.(Zack) But this isint a audition for SNL. This is cut throught BB.

    • Sweet Bee

      I think Derrick still might have done well with Vanessa in the house because he never let his emotions get the best of him unlike Vanessa. I can’t even hear a word she says because her body language is so loud.

  9. Avatar

    I think if Shelli had said…I will not watch the video hints for the upcoming HOH …keep me because i cannot win, she might have had a better chance to stay….tonight is gonna to be EPIC

    • AIO_7

      Even better would have been Shelli going to James and making a truce, at least for this week. I don’t know if she has even tried.

    • Jannie

      No kidding. No one this season has really put up a good fight to stay in the house. They all just walk out the door.
      Even Vanessa took to her bed instead of fighting to stay. She didn’t come back to life until she was TOLD that the house was flipping.
      I miss the gameplay of a Dan Ghesling or Evil Dick.
      These people just roll over…

  10. Avatar

    I would LOVE to see Liz leave tonight in the DE!!! Once she’s out of the picture, Julia isn’t going to be attached to Austin. I also hope they flip back and send Vanessa out first tonight. I’m so over her holyer-than-thou attitude! She is seriously disturbed and needs professional help. Her & Steve could possibly get a two-fer! ha ha…….I do hope James goes far, but I doubt it. He is so easy to read. In this house you pretty much HAVE to lie your way through it. At least the show has my attention, once again! 🙂

  11. Sweet Bee

    I think it would be extremely awkard if Steve won HOH and I’m truly hoping that is exactly what happens.

  12. Avatar

    Meg is promising Becky she’s protected this week. By protected, she means ‘will probably go home second tonight’.—-AHHHH Funny. I would like to see Becky win again that would be great, James, Meg would be interesting to see how they flip. I think the people in the house have a very very short term memory if they can not remember how Vanessa treated them, but they will get her whirlwind soon enough and it will be far to late. Did you see how intimated James was when Vanessa questioned him, he looked like a small child in trouble. He is scared of Vanessa imo as is most of the house. She stays and will run the house as most will be scared to go against her because she can flip the others against them as she is proving with Becky….Vanessa on her way to winning BB imo.

    • AIO_7

      Yep, if the Mad Hatter stays, I see nothing stopping her.

    • Jannie

      Everyone talks about “how Vanessa treated them”.
      What about how Shelli treated them. What was the difference?
      Seems to me that everyone has forgotten that Clelli was the one who got the ball rolling to send out Jeff. Clelli also convinced Vanessa that backdooring Austin was NOT a good idea which led to Jason’s eviction. Shelli also sent Day packing. And Shelli actually befriended the hg’s before she stabbed them in the back. Vanessa kept to her alliance and wasn’t trying to be their friends. That’s exactly why James put them up…he felt more betrayed by them then by Vanessa.
      So is it just because Vanessa’s personality is not as nice and sugary sweet as Shelli’s? Or maybe Vanessa is not as pretty? Could someone please explain to me why Vanessa is getting all the crap here, and Shelli is coming off as Miss innocent????
      Seriously, not a big fan of Vanessa, but I just don’t get it.

    • AIO_7

      It’s simple, Jannie; both Vanessa and Shelli are equally disliked. Vanessa is a much better player and nearly impossible to evict in the future. Shelli will be a sitting duck at any time, barring HoH.

  13. g8trgirl

    Thanks Jannie. These people are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Letting Vanessa stay and then turning around and voting out Becky. Sheesh.

    • Avatar

      There is a reason Van is rated as the #2 female poker player in the world.( feel free to google or utube her) Strategy, pressure and some luck and table presents are everything. She is simply using that experience to her advantage. Like her or not. It’s just a fact.

    • Avatar

      The thing that turned me off Van was the way she spoke to Jmac when he said he was the one that said to Clay Van was in Shellis head…and she said NO you couldn’t have come up with that on your own….Why Clay told Van, James said it was a dumb move.

  14. Avatar

    General comment on BB.
    Is it just me or is BB so predictable in their comps and timeline that “expect the unexpected” is a big joke? It should be expect exactly what we did last year and the year before that and the year before that and in the same order…. It’s time to shake up BB and have a random draw of the evicted houseguest on who goes to jury and who goes home. It’s way too predictable and therefore has lost a bit of the magic.

    • AIO_7

      A lot of effort and imagination go into transforming the back yard the way the do, and I marvel at the creativity involved.
      A certain “timeline” might be needed.

    • Avatar

      That’s what it seems like, Mac.

      The comps seem similar every year, and pretty much the same order.

      It is true what AIO7 says, a lot of work is put into the show, but it would be great if things were changed up. Also, no practicing for the comps, and no hints when a double eviction happens.

      The more they keep the hg’s on their toes, the more stressed they will be, and the more fireworks in the house.

  15. Avatar

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Steve thinks that there is such a huge rivalry with Becky? My son and I only watch the shows, and he forbids me from too much reading about feeds, LOL. I’ve tried to find anything about this great hatred he has, but I can’t!

    • Colby

      I am curious about that myself. I don’t get the feeds, but I have tried to keep up pretty well here and on Jokers and don’t understand that either.

    • Avatar

      I’m not sure why he dislikes her.

      However, being a superfan, I think he reallises that she has been able to get in with both sides of the house. And this kind of play worked well for Andy, so he wants her out.

      I think he has what it takes to go far, and that it it’s a matter of time for him to make a move.

    • Jannie

      He did mention something on After Dark a few nights ago that the first time he was put on the block way back it was by Becky. He hasn’t forgotten about that.

  16. danmtruth

    JJM think they can take out Shelli purely for personal reason. Than get Vanessa on the second eviction. This has so many holes in it First who wins the second HOH? Let’s say Jackie just for shits & giggles . Ok put Vanessa up but with who Liz? This is a big dream filled with a lot of if’s and but’s
    I saw where Shelli did reach out to James and Jackie to call a truce for this week and start with a clean slate They would not go for it

    • Avatar

      That’s because Shelli is not genuine in any way shape or form. I could see straight through that fake smile & wannabe little girl innocent look on her face from day 1. The only reason she tried to reach out to James was to try to get the havenots votes. She took that shirt out of the havenot room when she could’ve just asked for it & that was out og pure hatred & anger. She is still holding a grudge against James & will continue to hold it til she gets even if given the chance. I have zero sympathy for someone like that. Vanessa needs to be gone first but Shelli needs to go next.

  17. Avatar

    Ok, Vanessa is officially certifiable. This fool is arguing with Austin because he’s not answering study questions right or to her liking & is back to her old self acting like she knows it all. She thinks nobody is smarter than her. She is trying control everything & everybody again. This is not the time for her bull-shit antics, she’s on the block & should be kissing up to everybody right now. Im not mad at her for acting a fool again because maybe the house will flip again & send her ass packing after all. That girl needs to be checked. I am hoping like hell she goes home first tonight.

    • Avatar

      I agree Ann. She could also be trying to drive a wedge between, Liz/Julia/Austin to isolate Austin so she can work with the twins. They’re dumb enough to buy it.

  18. Avatar

    Hey Rob, You very well could be right. Vanessa turned on the waterworks again & Liz told her if Austin bothered her again, let her know & she (Liz) will be done with him. Those twits are dumb as a box of rocks. Vanessa is going to pick them all off one by one.

  19. Avatar

    Less than an hour and a half to go, and the house almost flipped again !

    Austin and Vanessa are pissed at each other.

    Look out if he wins hoh ( sorry, that wasn’t meant to be a joke) he might put Vanessa up.

    Strap yourselves in, this might be a wild ride !

  20. danmtruth

    Vanessa feel comfortable now . She has the JJM votes and knows the twins hate Shelli . That gives her a solid 5 votes enough to stay .time to move on for her and set up for the next eviction. She knows the twins are looking for a reason to drop Austin She reminds them that despite his pledge to protect them. Austin has not won anything. Rewrite history and say it was her Vanessa who work to keep them safe Steve for some reason known only to himself. Wants to go after JJM or Becky All fine by Vanessa numbers down her control of voting block up. That is how she thinks min number of votes to evict someone . How many votes she controls
    First eviction Shelli
    James Jackie Meg (JJM) 3
    Steve (RainMan) John (johnymack) 2
    Becky john 1
    Austin Liz Julia (Austins) 3
    Vanessa ( Crazy Eyes) 1
    So for second eviction all but Steve will nominate JMack next to him most likely is Becky despite what Meg said
    Big question is dies james or Jackie have the stones to nominate Vanessa ? Nom Vanessa and Liz pray POV not won by Vanesa or Steve After that you need 4 votes to evict where do they come from . Take one off the JJM team left with 2 votes now you hope Becky and JMack go along or Austin to save his Liz Is the only way I see Vanessa being the second eviction tonight After that all other scenarios have Vanessa staying sorry Ann
    Does anyone see any other way for Vanessa to be out ? Book it Mikey !

  21. Avatar

    Hahahahahaha. Darntruth
    You like how I was messin with Brett on his “book it” line apparently. Funny
    BTW. I agree with ya that I don’t see any other scenario than what you stated to have Van DE tonight. And do we really want her gone? Who will most people love to hate then. And then. Yawn fest. I’ll confess. And I don’t think this is any secret. I’m pulling for Van. She is playing the best game. In a game of mostly floaters.Atleast last year we had fun characters.

  22. Avatar

    Where’s that drink? You just had to take that tiny tiny bit of hope I had left & squish it like a bug didn’t you? Lol
    I saw the argument between Austin & Vanessa on the live feeds & my whole body tingled all over with the hopes of Austin maybe flipping the house against Vanessa again. Well you just took that from me. Make sure you have those drinks for me because I could really use them now. Lol

  23. Avatar

    BB 18 should have politicans! A bunch of liars doing whatever it takes to get a vote. Then take all the money.
    opps. I’m the one earlier that said no politics pls. (:

    • Avatar

      YES, lets put all the wanna be presidents in a house and watch them 24/7…and have an Americas vote on it…after they get down to 6 on the GOP side… Fell the Bern…LOL

    • Avatar

      Ann your drinks are covered…I hit happy hour ….and now I cant speel…………..FEEL the Bern…
      Steve if you have a problem with me let me know …..otherwise …. I will try to spread the the joy of having hope for a underdog ,with average people ideas.

    • Avatar

      I’m in Vegas. It’s gonna be hard not to cheat and peak at the results b4 showtime here in 4.5 hours. 1st world problems. Huh

    • Avatar

      P.s. Bern is not going to be President. Sorry bud.
      Let’s keep the politics off this blog. I knew I messed up when I jokingly mentioned bb18 politicans. GRRR
      Let’s keep this a BB blog. Or it can be taken over by all our political beliefs. SUPERANTISPYWARE YUK!!!

    • Avatar

      Ok. We can all spread the joy of what we think is averaging people ideas. This site would go from we are mad at this person to this person. To Donald Trump and Bernie. Extreme both of em . WE DON’T WANT THAT.

  24. Avatar

    SUPERANTISPYWARE? I didn’t write that.ay have been a spell ck auto correct. I meant to say SUPER SUPER YUK!!!
    None of us want that

  25. Avatar

    I am for the average American. I stand for the constitution. We need to take our country back.

  26. Avatar

    From corrupt politicans. And government over reach. Do your home work. STAND WITH ME

  27. Avatar

    sorry that is Bernise platform also…..do my homework ….I have

    • Avatar

      Smaller government from an admidded solicast. C-mon man. Too many happy hour drinks?
      Been my stance since my father was in congress. I am the only one that the Dems and the Rebs hate. Hmmmm. Wonder y

  28. Avatar

    I thought this was a comment board for BB fans to interact and catch up on BB happenings we might have missed…. Sorry, I’m sure there are plenty sites you can voice your opinion about the government on. Some of us use this as our down time, entertainment time, if we want to political views, we would be on a site for that…bye, bye if you’re not here for BB reasons!

  29. Avatar

    100 percent agree Katie.

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