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Big Brother 17 – Revive A Houseguest Live Updates

If Liz wins HoH, another week of this!

If the Big Brother season was like rounding the bases, I’d say tonight would be hitting third base. While there will still be 8 people in the house after the eviction, there will be no more thoughts on returning players. No more speculation on whether or not BBTakeover will mysteriously come back. And, with about 3 weeks to evict 5 people, the rest of the season is going to go by pretty quick… unless of course Liz and Austin keep swapping HoH and we spend the rest of the season watching them in bed together.  Kill me if that happens.


Anyway, tonight is the night when Shelli, Becky, Jackie and John (or Steve) compete to see who will be the next person evicted from the house. Once John leaves the house, this pretty much eliminates any shot at a wild final month of the season.  Had John remained and someone like Jackie re-joined, that could have essentially been Jackie, John, James, and Meg versus Liz, Julia and Vanessa tonight. That would have made for a pretty exciting finish, but unfortunately that ship will sail because the returning player won’t give anyone the numbers needed to prevent some type of combo of Austin/Liz/Julia/Vanessa making up most of the final 3.

Enough rambling, here are the updates:

  • 6:00pm – And, we’re on!
    • First, there are some highlights of the week until Thursday.
    • James only cares that he and Meg are safe (he does realize surviving this week isn’t winning the game)
    • Now clips of Vanessa awkwardly shunning Steve
    • Liz asks John why he told Vanessa about the 5-person deal. Liz says he had a chance to stay, but John said he really didn’t think he did.
    • Quick clips of the twins getting John’s hopes up
    • Commercial break. Up next, visit with James’ family
  • 6:20pm – Interview with James friends
    • They are saying James has a huge crush on Meg, but nothing’s going to come out of it
    • James has a cat that goes fishing with him on the boat.
    • He needs to align with someone stronger than Meg.
  • Julie is back and says up until the live show, they were undecided on who was going home. Eviction time.
    • Steve gives a super long speech, but pretty good one. John has a typical John speech.
    • 3 votes evicts….
    • Meg – John
    • James – John
    • Vanessa – John (he is evicted)
    • Julia – John
    • Liz – John
  • 6:30pm – Julie talks with John
    • They notice the crowd went insane for John
    • John is saying what Austin and the twins did was amazing.
    • Julie is trying to contain herself with this interview. She keeps tripping over her words.
    • John said he would have worked with Vanessa had he remained. That makes both him and Becky who don’t hold grudges against her. Van is locking down those jury votes.
    • He said if he goes back in the house, he’s going after Meg to break up her and James
  • 6:40pm – Jury house time
    • They show the three girls excited about coming back in
    • The jury members enter the house and reunite.
    • Julie sends them all out into the backyard and says there are 2 competitions in one. I wonder if it’s the endurance wall. We weren’t told about any endurance comp, so it may just be a typical fluke ball pit one.
  • 6:50pm – Scratch that. Seems like endurance competition. They didn’t send me an e-mail this week.
    • They are holding on to a rope and will be slapped by a big hand that spins them.  This could be a long one.
    • I will start a new thread to cover it, so check back on the main page for it.
    • James is going low to avoid much spinning. He has a good strategy already.
    • Steve, Julia and (shocker) Meg already out.  Steve probably threw this one
    • Episode over, going to my computer to watch the feeds. I will start a new thread now

Check back for more!


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  1. Avatar

    LOL! My wife just finished up an English mystery on Netflix and decided to turn the show on to see if anything was going on worth watching…just in time to see Vanessa crying.

    She went back to Netflix to look for something else to watch, and told me to stop snickering.

  2. Avatar

    I can’t take Vanessa and her crying. She is playing the game when almost nobody else is… but COME ON!!!! The tears make me lose a lot of respect for her.
    Meanwhile, Is that Johnny’s real speaking voice? And laugh? If my dentist sounded like that I’d be looking for a new dentist.
    I thought he sounded like Bobcat Goldthwaite, someone else said Cookie Monster… I am actually thinking more Grover or Fozzie Bear…

  3. danmtruth

    How can JohnyMack have any patient left after this . Yes Bobcat is his voice double . John your target would be Meg !! Thinking like this is why this season suck. And why you are a terrible player

  4. Avatar

    Please let Jackie or James win this!

  5. Avatar

    According to jokers, Vanessa and John were the last two left and Vanessa promised John safety if he let her win. So Vanessa is the new HOH and John is the returning juror. There goes Meg and James. 🙁

  6. Avatar

    I cracked UP at Julie cracking up at JohnnyMac during his interview!

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