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Good afternoon, everyone! It’s veto day inside the Big Brother house, and the importance of it is much greater than weeks past. Well, this is assuming Vanessa realizes she is screwing herself the longer she keeps the trio together. If she doesn’t, well then this veto competition means nothing.

If James, Meg or John go to jury this week, or even Steve, Vanessa is making this game much harder on herself. Forgive my little poker knowledge, but it’s like she’s going all in on the turn card with a mediocre hand just hoping for a lucky river. Did that make sense? As I pointed out earlier today, if one of them go home, and with Vanessa sitting out of the next HoH, 50% of the competition will be Austin and the whiners. If James walks out the door, that means it’s basically Austwins vs John and Steve (let’s be real, Meg won’t win). This likely means the power once again goes to the trio, they knock out Steve, John or Meg and pluck away until it’s the 4 of them.

Guess who is not taking Vanessa to the final 3?  Austin, Liz or Julia.  So, she needs to realize this soon (as in before Monday), or I may have to drop her in the rankings.


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  • 11:54am – John called to the DR. He is hosting the veto. Expect feeds to go down soon
  • 3:00pm – Feeds still down for veto comp. I’d expect them back up soon unless this is another 5 hour run
  • 4:40pm – Feeds still down. I really wish they’d give us an estimate.
  • 5:00pm – Feeds back….
    • James won the Power of Veto
    • I don’t know what to think about this. It’s good, but then again he also briefly mentioned saving Meg if he won. James, don’t be stupid. Save yourself. Meg will be fine.
    • Apparently the veto competition had something to do with tearing the house apart because they’re all cleaning things up now. They were wondering what was taking the crew so long to shut down the backyard, I guess that answers it.
    • Vanessa isn’t happy about the results, but she should be. She needs to split up the trio. Needs to. Not even a question at this point. There isn’t enough game left not to. Make a move, win the game. Evict John or Steve, and swim upstream.  Vanessa’s move.
    • Sounds like they had to hide an object around the house and the last person to have theirs found won. James, being a former prison guard, probably knew a few things or two about hiding items.
    • Twins – “Literally most of my time was spent complaining” – shocker
  • 5:45pm – Vanessa is talking to a twin. She is saying it would basically be stupid to vote out Meg just because Van wants her to.
  • 6:15pm – Twins are whining non stop about various crap.
    • meanwhile, Austin is promising Vanessa they’ll do what she wants
    • Vanessa – I want Meg to go. James with those two votes makes him way too powerful.  Vanessa, YOU’RE TALKING TO SOMEONE IN A 3-PERSON ALLIANCE!
  • 7:20pm – Vanessa keeps whining how screwed she is.  No, maybe this is BB giving you a hint
  • 8:10pm – Ok, I am done listening to the HoH room.  James is talking to John and Meg by the pool.
    • James is saying this part of the game, you gotta play aggressive. They are saying Vanessa is still trying to be secretive.
    • He said she made a mistake because she put up two people and wanted me to go home
    • John is talking about how he and Steve had a falling out and he is still their lapdog
    • John is going upstairs to break up their conversation.
    • I switch upstairs, and Austin is STILL talking about the freakin PoV competition.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I completely agree! People keep comparing her to derrick, but there is no way derrick would’ve allowed a trio to stay together this long like this. If she doesn’t get rid of one of them this week, she doesn’t deserve to win. And at this point, in all honesty, she is the only one who deserves to win. I really and truly hope this season makes bb realize that botb is pointless (the only reason they do it is to make it easier to edit the episodes by having a competition during each episode to fill time) and that they shouldn’t do so much recruiting. I don’t mind one or two, but over half this cast was recruited and didn’t even know how to play the damn game!

  2. Avatar

    It won’t be a popular view but I believe Liz has played a better game. She played a fairly decent social game until her sister came in and she no longer needed to. She played Austin completely. She wins competitions and keeps her sister and Austin in line; using them to control more game play than anyone else.

    No I don’t like her and at this point I really don’t think any of them “deserve” to win, but if it’s simply down to least crappy game play, I’d have to go with Liz over the poker player. She was had more going on than the poker player and with a little less drama.

    • Avatar

      I guess if sleeping with the enemy is considered game play then Liz wins, LOL

    • Avatar

      If vanessa doesn’t get rid of one of the austwins soon, I would be forced to agree with you. But really the only reason her sister made it in the game is because vanessa and shelli wanted her as a number. And they have been protected by Austin and vanessa ever since. Even when she has won a comp, vanessa has told her what to do. As far as who I like/want to win, I am still rooting for Johnny mac. But talking strictly game play, vanessa has had her hand in nearly every elimination this season.

    • Avatar

      Vanessa couldn’t even backdoor Da’Vonne. She had to come up with some elaborate scheme to get Da’Vonne to say something that she could then apply some twisted logic to claim that Da’Vonne had lied so any promises were no longer valid and she put Da’Vonne up.

      Just backdoor Da’Vonne and be done with it: good game play.

      A whole lot of tortured drama to justify backdooring Da’Vonne: lame game.

    • Avatar

      100% agree. I don’t like the way vanessa has played the game or the idea that you need “a reason” to put someone up. But she has played the game. Most of the other hgs spent the summer playing potball, not big brother. It just shows how weak this season has been as a whole.

    • Avatar

      I can’t stand to watch anymore. It’s so annoying. Especially after dark. You should see the creepier Vanessa just trying to talk game play to everyone and it’s a bunch of gabble gabble. Oh it’s so annoying. She’s not a bright girl at all. Insecure and will be your friend by buying you. And if she does one favor you, expect to owe her your life. Ok bye. I’m sorry for rambling. But I’m such a big fan that I’m just so discussed.

  3. Avatar

    Vanessa is very smart at least when it comes to Poker as her 4.5M suggest. I would think she has gone through all the scenarios and knows the risks. I would not be surprised if she puts together Jmac, james, meg, steve and backdoor one of the Austwins this week. This asking folks if its ok if they go up is insane and at some point someone has to make a big move here in the final weeks. If Vanessa does not start a big move this week I am with you Stevebeans and will say Vanessa is smart when it comes to Poker but can not translate that into big brother….Look at Steve a genius and a super fan but when it comes to gaming completely falls over himself.

  4. Avatar

    I agree that Vanessa started the game out playing really well with her hand in just about ever eviction but you are right now that it’s coming close to the end. She has put herself in a position where she completely alienated the other side of the house so it might be too tough for her to switch now and going with the Austrians definitely confirms her number 4 unless she is able to pull out a HOH win at that point if that’s possible. Watching bbad it was clear that James has figured out Vanessa and her game play. Sorry to say that figuring Vanessa out came a bit late for everyone she has had a hand in evicting.

    • Avatar

      Well when becky used a cereal diagram to explain all the crap vanessa has done and been involved in, and they STILL didn’t vote her out, I knew no one would.

    • Avatar

      what we cannot forget is how intimidated the house guest are of Vanessa. She went after Steve and he lost control of himself, she went after James and he just blabbed out a secrete, meg will not tangle with her and jmac knows he does not have a chance, no power. So Vanessa can certainly control one side of the house and I think she will use this to go after the austwins. She will not telegraph her move and probably do it close to eviction depending on who wins POV.

    • Avatar

      “Well when becky used a cereal diagram to explain all the crap vanessa has done and been involved in, and they STILL didn’t vote her out, I knew no one would.”

      Bingo! It’s not how Vanessa IS playing, it’s how the others AREN’T playing.

  5. danmtruth

    A few of the things many good players were able to 1 stay off the block 2 not be in a position to have to win comps to stay in the game till the end. 3 benefit from other players bad , dumb game play . If it was not for Meg , James ,and Jackie being foolish and going against Becky voting Sheli out Insted of Vanessa.
    I want to scream when I read the twins whine about Meg and James being bully’s . What !!?!??! Talk about the proverbial pot calling the kettle .these two have no perspective of how they are being viewed

    • Avatar

      You couldn’t of said it better. I about barfed when I saw what Julia said about bullying. Vanessa and austintwins are the big bullies. I read some people think Vaessa is a great player. No, she’s not a great player. If she was, she would of made big moves. All she likes to do is control everyone and bully them if they don’t listen to her. Really Vanessa? I’m disgusted with her game play and gabbling. Evict Vanessa please, somebody. Lol. You can tell I despise her. Yuck of a person. Feel sorry for her girlfriend.

    • Avatar

      Yuo took those exact words right out out my my.What is wrong with these people? This is the most lame game of all seasons.
      Vanessa just hasn’t played BB against the right people because I promise if I was on there, she would not have gotten away with all the bull-shit she has so sar. Everyboby would’ve needed life vest by the time I got through with her ass. “Remember, she just dont understands & she’s been the most loyal player. NOT NOT NOT!!! Vanessa is the biggest lyar, backstabber, cheater & will smile in your face while twistig a knife in yuor back.

  6. danmtruth

    The crying just goes over the top with Vanessa Interesting how Vanessa does not take the lead with the fold comp. She is trying to give Austin and the twins a game plan She is just saying from seeing this in the past what is the best strategies to use. Yet she does not explain her poker playing as how she understands the odds. This is like a team coming in to play blackjack. They are targeting Meg and James to be sure only one of there crews gets knocked out. Now let’s see if they can be discipline enough to follow thru

  7. Avatar

    Glad to see James won POV. I wonder if Vanessa will try to get John or Steve to be a pawn so they can get Meg out. So glad one of the trio didn’t win.

  8. Jannie

    So happy James won the POV – now let’s see if Vanessa has the guts to put up one of the Austwits. Let’s say she put up Austin – voting would be Liz, Julia, James, Steve, and JMac. You would hope that the guys would be smart enough to get rid of Austin.

    But didn’t Johnny Mac say something really stupid like he wanted to go after Meg(to Julie Chen)??

    We can always hope, but my guess is that Steve or JMac will go up as a replacement. Then the Austwits will vote as a block to do Vanessa’s bidding…again.

    • Avatar

      She will. It’s actually her plan A. But she couldn’t nominationate him. Now Austin goes up as a “pawn…wink”
      Steve and Jonny are too valuable to her now. That’s whe she didn’t put up the same 2 as last week when Liz won tellin ya. Earlier when Van was the main target for 7 weeks she had to play defense. Not it’s time to go on offense. Another 1 gone on her list. Sometimes you gotta be patient. Said this on the post 2 days ago. Feel free and look it up (: Tellin ya I would be very suprized if it’s not Austin up. Not the twins. Because she can easily control them. And y piss 2 people off.

    • Avatar

      To clarify. By meaning she will. I mean Austin will go up as a pawn (;

    • Avatar

      Vanessa would be stupid to get rid of Meg who can’t win shit. She is the golden pawn whoever she sits next to goes home or wins if she makes it to final 2 with the maybe the exception of the twins only because they really are not playing their own games and its hard to tell who did what; basically the twins in jury are a throwaway vote it could go a myriad of ways and if they are both in the jury depending whose in the end it can go either one of two ways if Austin or Vanessa is in the end or even both of them they’ll split the vote or go in together and vote in the alliance if neither of them is in then it’s a crapshoot and they’ll just vote however. So if anyone is smart they’ll take Meg to the end because that means they win because she can’t win anything important to make moves to show she’s playing the game and making power moves. She can’t win veto to pull herself off the block to be safe and really anyone sitting next to her on the block goes home so Vanessa needs to target Austin or Liz moreso Austin because Liz if she gets evicted in double eviction you have angry Julia to contend with who could win HoH and evict Vanessa in revenge.

  9. Elaine

    Glad James won. I have felt for some time that the James that had come out strong with some comp wins and good HOH decisions had left the house. Seems like lately he has rested on being the house social boy who makes folks laugh and relied on the fact that he and Austin had some talks, thus him not being put on the block recently. The house will be interesting again if Vanessa puts up one of the trio and he/she actually gets voted out. I still say Liz, but Austin would be workable. If it goes predictable with Steve or John (yawn) and a floater like Meg gets evicted (yawn) then I will hang up my BB 17 shoes and move along.

  10. Jannie

    I think it would be smart to put up Liz and get rid of her.
    Breaks up both the showmance and the twins.
    Vanessa would (probably) still have JMac and Steve to work with going forward.

    And I would be doing the biggest happy dance to see Liz walking out the door.

  11. danmtruth

    James declaring war on Vanessa is the wrong move. He needs to call out Austin to give Vanessa a reason to go after the twins . As I go back look at the numbers Does Vanessa want to stay safe and put Jonny Mack up or Steve Hide behind Austin and the twins 3 votes She is sitting next HOH so who offers her the best protection . James , john / Steve target the Austwins keeps her safe . Austwins go after James Jon/ Steve also keeps her safe . Sadly there is no reason to go after the Austwins yet.

    • Avatar

      You are rite darn. Van already knows she wants to put up Austin.tell in ya. Everyone thinks it automatically Jonny or Steve. Y didn’t she put them up then. A back door was her best hope to rid of Austin. And if James and Meg were still on the block oh well James went home. And noone knows her plan.She has thought of this 1000000 percent. If James keeps the war thing going. Van will have to reconsider putting Austin up. James may have unintentionally saved Austin now

    • Elaine

      dan, I appreciate your comments and high level math skills (i. e. addition), so maybe I will keep my BB17 shoes on, even if one of the trio doesn’t go up….for now. The thought I have had about the trio for a long time is that they won’t turn on each other. Other sets of three are made of “singletons” who band together for a particular week or momentary decision. I do agree though that Vanessa as HOH will highly likely take the, “someone else can….” route regarding the trio.

  12. Avatar

    If Liz goes up, she will automatically have two votes to stay, Austin and Julia It only takes 3 again. Steve wants Meg out too.
    Putting up Austin might give Meg a chance, but I doubt it.

    • Avatar

      Mouse-Meg is golden pawn anyone she sits next to in the end will win the game against her because she can’t win shit. So Vanessa would be stupid to get rid of Meg if she wants to win the money. There is only 2 people(Steve and Austin and maybe Johnny Mac but again she should still honor her word to him) she can put up as replacement without worrying about an angry person coming after her in the double eviction.

  13. Avatar

    Vanassa asking Austin about putting up Julia as a pawn and Austin says no that the twins wouldn’t understand. I wonder if she is starting to realize she needs to send one of them out. At least it gives us fans something to look forward to what happens. Might not be as boring as last two weeks.

    • Elaine

      If that is the case, she needs to quit asking for permission and put up one of them! Julia against Meg….talk about a throwaway HOH/eviction week.

    • Avatar

      See here we go.(: I know titanium doesn’t think Van is a good player. (We are all in titled to our opinion) but this is the way to break up the trio. It’s basic. Yet brialliant at the same time. That’s y Van didn’t put steve or Jonny up.Would have easy to just put them up agian. This move to put up Meg and James was no accident. So lets say that James or meg dosent win the pov. Oh well 1 goes home. She knew James stood a great chance at winning. She was likely hoping for it.She wants to split the 3. This is her shot. James just has to stop the war on Van talk. Or James could unintentionally save the trio.

  14. Avatar

    Vanassa thinks that BB is favoring James. She says they last few comps have favored toward James winninng. Hopefully he can win the next HOH and POV.

  15. Alda

    Just came home from a wedding to the news of James winning POV.Who could ask for a better day.Beautiful wedding and My favorite BB houseguest winning POV.Life is good!

  16. Avatar

    I’m just hoping that Vanessa is keeping a backdoor Austin/Liz plan to herself to prevent leaks. That’s my theory about why she was so rude to James and Meg – she knows Meg can’t keep a secret after she tried to keep JMac last week and it convinced Austwins that James and Meg are her real targets. Although I started to dislike Vanessa a couple of weeks ago, I’m starting to come around on her again IF she will actually take out the Austwins. If she doesn’t, then she’ll be evicted at F4 and it’ll be her fault.

  17. danmtruth

    Vanessa is HOH and surprise surprise there is confusion. First she is upset that John has not come up to talk to her. What more is there for him to say to her ? She will only try to bully him into saying something to give her a reason to tell Austwins to evict him .
    Hate to keep harping on this but,,,,,, The TWINS ! This comp was running around in the house looking for a veto. Julia bragged how she purposely went and threw Meg’s things all over the floor. The harpies got a good laugh about that . Then when they stop laughing they complained because some of there things got touch . Do these two even listen to the words that come out of there mouths Just negative people who are only happy when they are tearing someone down . Game play is almost Victoria like Outside of Luz sleeping with Sasquatch Liz just let Austin & Vanessa run her HOH
    No math this time Elaine !

    • Avatar

      Those girls are jerks. Spoiled, entitled brats. They aren’t as pretty as they think they are. They get attention because there are 2 of them. They remind me of 2 beautiful women, Lisa Kudrow and Scarlett Johannsen… but the twins are not beautiful. Ugly personalities!

    • Elaine

      1 + 1 = 2 (Too) much twins!= 2 much whining= 2 much cursing= 2 much….you get the idea! lol

  18. Avatar

    James!!!! I get your mad man about being put up for evection. I get your happy you won POV. But James, going after Vanessa isint going to help your game man. The Austintwins are your real threat!!! HELLO!! She is the 4th wheel and everyone knows it. Including Vanessa. You will be doing the Austintwins work for them.They won’t even need to evect her 4th because you are putting the target on her agian. Calm down and think. Meg is just a number for you.She can not help you You are only 1 person. She can not win any comp.The more you keep threatining Vanessa the less likely she is to put up 1 of the Austintwins at a “pawn”. Which is what she WANTS to do. That’s why she is floating the idea already of using them as a “pawn” That is why she didn’t put up Steve and Jonny agian. In the original HOH cerimony. Can anyone here see this?! You are essentially handing the game to 1 of the trio. Calm down and let her put up 1 of the trio as a pawn. Which is best for your (James) game and Vanessas game.And 1 of them will go to jury on Thursday. Then you (James) and Vanessa can battle it out however you want.
    Now to the commenters here:This is partly why James won’t win the game. He is not thinking this thru.

  19. Avatar

    This is her chance to breakup the Austwins and send Liz packing. She is the stronger of the twins and she will have the numbers, as everyone loves Meg as she isn’t a threat. If she doesn’t do this now, she might as well give Liz the money. The twins’ are extremely annoying to me! Vanessa is annoying as well, and I want James or John to win, but that isn’t going to happen if a big move isn’t made this week.

  20. danmtruth

    Jenny beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No sex is worth having too listen to those two Elaine new math old math it adds up the same . Zero talent. Zero personality

  21. pkcable

    I just put on After Dark and I am mystified. Is Vanessa really not considering putting up Austin or a twin? Does she want to win this thing or not?

  22. Avatar

    If Vanessa does not put up a twin this week they will win first and second place. The only part of this game I’m looking forward to seeing now is when team Austin put her on the block against Meg straight away with no back door.
    1.) She deserves it.
    2.) she is going to cry cry cry

    • Avatar

      James is the power player right now.

      If Vanessa tries to backdoor Austin or Liz it will only work IF James is stupid enough to vote to keep Meg; which really doesn’t further his game. From what I’m reading he’s fairly tight with Austin and is ticked at Vanessa.

      Without having James in her back pocket, Vanessa doesn’t have the numbers to backdoor one of them. Would Steve and JMac even vote against the rest of the house in that case?

      That leaves who to put up next to Meg.

      Does anyone believe Austin, Lis or Julia would agree to be the (wink, wink) pawn? Would the poker players paranoia threshold allow her to put one of them up without them agreeing?

      Who does that leave? Steve and JMac, and knowing her need to find some kind of justification for anything she does, I believe she’ll put JMac up as the (wink, wink) pawn with the excuse that he’d already been voted out so it’s the will of the house that he be voted out again…or some other such nonsense. In either case, Vanessa’s down one and the threesome are still safe and with the numbers.

      Now let’s see how well James plays poker.

    • Avatar

      Titanium. James is stupid enough to keep Meg. Of course he will keep her. Lol. James is a good and strong guy. But James does not understand strategy. If James keeps the threatining Vanessa thing Vanessa will not put up a twin. James will be doing the work for the twins himself and not even know it. Sad but true. The best move for James and Vanessa is to get a twin out. Then battle it out later. But James may unintentionally force Vanessa to put up Jonny. Bad bad move James.

    • Avatar

      From reading about overnight events at various boards, it’s already moved beyond this point, and Julia may have agreed to be the pawn.

      On the flip side, while everyone else was downstairs partying after the POV, the poker player was upstairs pondering yet another failed plan and has been trying to figure out how to fix her own mess or blame it on someone else.

    • Avatar

      Vanessa has painted herself into a corner. She should have thrown the HOH comp. to Johnny Mack with her safety assured, then convinced him to nominate two of the three Austwins. She basically screwed herself by winning that HOH. If she puts up Johnny Mack as a pawn and he goes home you can rest assured she won’t have any of the 4 jury votes so far because the other three jury members were present when the deal was made! With the way Van is playing right now, anyone who takes her to the final two will be pretty much assured of the win. You can’t keep screwing people over and expect them to vote for you to win….. see Dan from BB 14 if you want to see the results of that kind of game play. He pulled off all kinds of great game moves, but in the end, met up with a bitter jury.

      I still think the one to watch is Steve. After seeing his oratory skills at the last eviction, I’m sure he would be able to gain the vote of the majority for the win if he makes it to the final two.

  23. Avatar

    Titanium you seem preety fixed on Vanessa. Do you secretly have a crush on her? Like the 5 yr old the throws rocks at the girl he has a crush on. Lmfao

    • Avatar

      No, I simply find her more loathsome that the twins and talk of her great game play entertaining. Sadly, more entertaining then the game play, or lack thereof, that is BB this season.

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