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Big Brother 17 After Show – Talk Of Clay, Meg, and More…



Look, I am approached by a lot of different people with a lot of different offers. Can you plug this, can you plug that, can you put a super annoying pop-up banner on  your page to promote my site?  However, when thestream.tv contacted me about their after show, I decided to give it a shot. Would it be a cheesy, half-assed attempt at talking about the show?  The answer is – no. It’s actually a pretty decent show featuring two dudes (sorry guys, you weren’t on the show), Jen from BB8 (if you didn’t see that season, watch it. It’s epic, and Jen is a huge reason why. Her blow-ups with Dick are Big Brother classic material). The show also features the very lovely Ashley from BB14.

In addition, they also feature real guests from time to time. Rachel, Zach, etc.

Long story short, they offered me a small plug on their show in exchange for more exposure, and I was more than happy to make the trade. I don’t know if it’s an even trade, nor do I care. It’s a quality show, plus I get to hear Jen freakin Johnson say my site’s name… that’s worth it to me.  Don’t worry, each week won’t be as long winded as this. I just wanted to introduce it to my audience and let you know it’s quality material worth a watch.



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    Finally something to vote on ….http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/poll/
    I checked every week for an Americas player… this is the first CBS poll/vote thingie

  2. danmtruth

    Did I miss something? What is going on with Johny Mack? Have not heard much about him .it seems he is staying away from Becky this week. Is this so people don’t peg them as the next it couple to target.
    If you watch the BB after show , thanks for the tip Stevebeans, they explain that Meg is good friends with Franki from last season. Not a thing to brag about . So I take it she is a scouted talent like Clay was.

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    It was pretty good. I am not as high on Jen Johnson as you…her Jen shirts in BB8 were a little to much for me, but I enjoyed it. Thanks for agreeing to do this…idk if I would have heard about this otherwise.

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    Stevebeans, youre the best. I usually agree with your opinion on anything bb. Im curious what everyone thinks of steve….not you stevebeans, but the guy on big brother. Am I the only one who wants him to go? I would rather watch brenchel making out than steve from bb17 following the camera following him. Is anyone rooting for bb17 steve? Anyone?

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      For me, Steve is such a non-target it would be a wasted week if he were to go.

      As others have mentioned, Becky should have put up one of the twins beside Shelli. Then, if the pov is used, put up Vanessa. If it’s not used, one of the alluance is guaranteed to go.

  5. danmtruth

    Not sure if J- Mack knows about Steves alliance withe Vanessa . This is what is fun about BB. The dilemma it puts Steve in. Of all the guess I’m not sure Steve has the mental makeup to survive this. In his mind his two closes allies are asking him to do opposed ideas. Being a supper fan did not prepare him for the emotional choice . Well played Becky and John.
    No matter who is sent to the jury house it does not sound like that bad of a place to be. No worry about slop or comps. You are waited on hand and foot. There is the chance in three to four weeks of getting back in.
    I wonder if Meg is ever up for eviction if the producers would bring Frankie the media whore in to greet her . Or use him in a little video of how the folks back home think a contestant is doing .
    Seems like after last week not as much drama going on. Not as many crazy eye paranoia plans yet. Every one is talking about house guest choice for the veto comp. watch it never get pulled. Yet I know they need to plan for it. So will it be some kind of trivia challenge . What has happend so far . My bet is a physical game where they get dirty again . Have they done a mix up the photo comp. Match photo of contestants with comps they have won
    Who will fake cry next Shelli when she stays on the block. Vanessa when she is put on the block . Oh how could people go back on there word and lie to me. Poor all alone me I have done nothing to anybody . I just went along with what the house wanted . Save it Sally you tried to be Derrick and over played Your hand

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    Hitting the big time there, SB!

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    Does anyone know if James is for sure Americas player?

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