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Big Brother 17 – Will It Be A Slow Feed Sunday?



Yesterday in the Big Brother house, it was a slow one. The veto competition took awhile to build, so the house mostly sat around all day waiting for it to begin. Then it happened, feed returned, they cleaned up from the messy comp, and went back into hibernation.

Well, that’s a very brief summary of the house. I mean, there was some game talk going on, but the situation in the house is this. Vanessa on the PoV. Audrey thinks she is safe and it will be an easy week. Most of the rest of the house are starting to think Audrey will be backdoored. Assuming things remain this way today, I expect it to be a very quiet, relaxing Sunday afternoon inside the house. If Audrey gets wind that she may be the replacement nominee, it’s anyone’s guess what happens.

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  • 9:00am – Wake-up call. Jason is talking about the movie ‘Spun’, but mentions a cover of a song ‘Number of the Beast’ which he thinks was Black Sabbath. Nooo. Iron Maiden buddy. Iron Maiden!
  • Oh, another thing, if you have noticed a few people wearing white, this is because the losers of the botb competition are forced to dress like a boy band and were given beepers to perform whenever it goes off. John is even rocking the tiny thin beard thing that one of them wore.
  • Fun fact – Big Brother typically takes away white clothes like this. It is probably has to do with sun reflecting off the clothes, cameras, etc.  Photography stuff. I just remember Jason mentioning how they took away a bunch of his white shirts.
  • 9:45am – Everyone is back to bed. That was a brief wake-up call.
  • 11:00am – Austin, Clay and John are outside. Austin is talking about working out.
  • 11:20am – Clay is chatting with John about how Audrey may be going home this week
  • 12:20pm – Audrey and Austin are in the kitchen.  Most still sleeping.  Yup, slow Sunday ahead
  • 1:45pm – So, I was in bed listening Van and Shelli for awhile. Sounds like Van is going to push for another Jeff situation. She is going to ‘catch’ Audrey in a lie, because voting out the person everyone wants out is dangerous lol
  • 3:00pm – Damn, I went out for ice cream and notice my twitter blowing up about a fight in the house with Clay and Audrey. I’m going to have to flashback and watch
    • 2:00pm – Audrey is up in the HoH room with Shelli, Clay and Vanessa. It sounds like they’re trying to pull a Jeff on her and make her an enemy of the house.
    • 2:15pm – Vanessa and Audrey mostly going over bullshit so far. Clay has been pretty quiet, but I guess he does get worked up soon.
    • 2:20pm – Clay chimes in asking about a final 2 deal. I almost feel bad for her. They’re clearly pulling a Jeff on her, and it is almost frustrating to watch.  Audrey may be a shitty player, but I hate this tactic
    • 2:30pm – Clay and Vanessa tell Audrey to stop swearing on her life, especially when she’s lying
    • 2:36pm – Audrey pulls the ‘wait until you’re out of the house, you’re going to feel stupid’. Please, future houseguests, don’t use this line except for the rare, rare situation. Clay summed it up ‘When I watch the show, if I am wrong, I’ll take that risk’.
    • 2:46pm – The argument is breaking up a bit, dying down.  They successfully made Audrey the ‘bad guy’ this week, even though she had no friends in the house anyway.  So, good job kicking her while she’s down I guess?  Skipping back to live….
  • 3:41pm – Audrey is alone in the HoH room, while Jason, Liz, Becky are outside talking.  I want more fights
  • Vanessa is now doing her rounds making deals with people who are not even in danger this week. Right now it’s Jackie.
  • 4:00pm – I really hope this isn’t going to be a weekly thing with Vanessa. I may lose my mind if I have to listen to her talk for hours on end for the next month and a half or so
  • 4:30pm – Clay is upstairs ranting to Shelli about Audrey some more. Meanwhile, Audrey is chatting with James (who I haven’t seen in awhile) in the HN room
  • The conversation between James and Audrey is Audrey telling him all about the power alliance.  Oops. Did they play their cards too soon?
  • This week is going to get interesting. Even if Audrey goes, the cat is out of the bag
  • 5:00pm – James pulls Jackie into the HN room
  • Audrey is spilling it to Jackie now
  • James is pointing out how many times that group has won the HoH, and it’s only a matter of time until they get chopped.  It is good to see the floaters band together. Let’s see if they can get the rest
  • Jackie is pretty cavalier about it. ‘We just gotta win’. Umm, yea, that’s obvious. But you also have to secure the remaining numbers in the house
  • 5:38pm – Jason enters and tells them everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off because Audrey is in the room with a few people alone.
  • They remain hush for now, especially since Vanessa came in to get her laundry
  • Jackie and Jason leave.  I switch feeds to see James telling everything to Clay and Meg.  Meg is laughing about a 6 person alliance.  Yup, they’re screwed
  • 5:50pm – Jason is outside talking to Jackie. Vanessa comes out and is about to go into a 2 hour rant on how Audrey is lying.
  • 6:00pm – Wow, not 2 hours. Vanessa leaves. Audrey comes.
    note – It’s been raining off and on the past few days there.  Look, I know Cali needs the rain, but if it rains next week, I’m going to cry.
  • 6:15pm – Vanessa is at the hot tub with Steve, James, Becky and Clay doing damage control, and it is extremely easy. I’m calling it now, Vanessa, Clay, Shelli or Austin are winning BB17 because the rest of the house is just bad.

I’m closing this thread. I need to write a recap/opinion on this situation, then watch BB, then I’ll start an evening thread


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  1. g8trgirl

    Did you hear anything about Audrey stating she talked to Day on the phone while in the DR room? Apparently she says this on 7/19/15 at 2:34:21 BBT. And then came FISH. I’ve read it on 2 groups on Facebook, 1 of which reports Jokers has it too.

    • AIO_7

      Audrey has been known to lie.

    • Avatar

      Sun 2:39 AM BBT Meg and Jason are still awake and whispering in bed. They are talking about Audrey, Jason says she is psycho and thinks she – kalicush
      must be the villain of the season.

      Jason brings up that Audrey was calling Day Mama Demon in the DR and they both can’t believe her and wonder what Day is thinking.

      Jason “I can only imagine what she’s calling us” Meg says “She probably thinks I’m a bimbo.”
      They weren’t talking about Audrey actually calling Da’Vonne on a phone!
      They weren’t talking about Audrey actually calling Da’Vonne on a phone!

  2. danmtruth

    Once more the producers bending rules .

  3. Avatar

    AI0 7 Sorry that last sentence posted twice! Supposedly Audrey made a statement ABOUT Da’Vonne while in the DR. I don’t know how the other HG would know what she talked about in her session, but this is BB so nothing can be taken as true.

  4. Rita

    I don’t think they are pulling a Jeff on Audrey. The discussion started around 1:00 at the pool. Talking to Audrey will wear you out. I think they have just had enough already.

  5. Avatar

    I’d like to see a twist where some lucky fan gets to tell the house or just one player something that happened in the game that they don’t know about. Whether it be how a particular player voted or a secret alliance. They could even do an Americas vote with something similar.

  6. Avatar

    I think they need to get rid oc Vanessa she and Audrey are out to lunch maybe even Austin the rest are cool

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