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Big Brother 17 – Slow Weekend Blogging



For all that action and excitement that was week 1, it seems to have taken it’s toll on the Big Brother house, because week 2 has started with a thud. After Thursday night, production rushed the house through the events so they could have the weekend off, and the nominations haven’t really created any action. John won the PoV, so he knows he’s safe, and Da’Vonne has seemed to accept her defeat – for now.

The biggest question coming out of the weekend was who Shelli would nominate in place of John, and that is mostly because they’re trying to decide who will cause the least amount of shit while still guaranteeing Da’Vonne’s exit. They have been tossing around Liz and Meg, and while clearly Meg is the right choice (as nobody would vote for her), they’re worried she may get pissed and try to get revenge.

Moving forward this week, it appears to be a long and slow week in the making, which is actually good for me because we’re going away for two nights on vacation.  I’ll still be able to keep up with the house, and probably have an update thread going each day, but I honestly don’t expect much to happen. So, don’t worry, I won’t keep you guys out of the loop until Wednesday.  I am mostly just posting this so you know why updates will be slow between Mon-Wed (and not just because I’m being lazy).


With all that said, here are the updates for the day:

  • 9:00am – The house had a late night last night, so I don’t expect them to wake up for another few hours.
  • Note – I don’t know if the PoV will be today or tomorrow. They typically have it on Monday, but it’s also typically 2 days after the PoV meeting (which would mean today), so, we’ll just wait and see.  It’s not a very crucial meeting. Meg will likely go up.  The big question is how Da’Vonne will react when reality sets in.
  • 10:15am – House still sleeping
  • 11:15am – There was a wake-up call, and some are up and outside, while others are sleeping. Johnny and James are in the smoking section while Audrey and Vanessa are getting some sun.
  • 11:45am – Photobooth was open, now a few girls are in the bathroom getting ready. I am beginning to think they’re going to do the PoV ceremony today.
  • 12:15pm – Austin is by the pool talking with Audrey, telling her he if wins HoH next week, he’ll want to shake things up.  I think he wants to go after James.
  • They’re speculating about Kathy’s twist. I don’t think the phone is in the house yet
  • Jason and James sharing stories about how they were both roofied. Apparently a stripper did James to try to steal from him
  • 1:20pm – Jason and Meg are laying down in the HN room. They joke about how James was wondering if havenots were allowed outside or not.
  • Meanwhile, James and Da’Vonne are talking in the kitchen and both are aware that Day is their target. They speculate Meg will probably go on the block next to her.
  • 2:30pm – Shelli basically confirms to Liz that Meg will be the replacement nom
  • The camera crew has been focused on Liz a lot today, I guess they’re hoping for a slip….
  • 3:30pm – Everyone just kind of chillen right now. Playing pool, hanging out in the kitchen, etc

I am going to take a break, eat dinner and watch the show on CBS.  Note, I guess there is golf today, so the show many be delayed

  • 6:30pm – Back from break. Cable decided to stop working during the episode, but at least I already know who was nominated.  That Becky train story though, right?  Crazy.  Here is the reddit post more on her story
  • Audrey is talking about her DR sessions saying they are trying to provoke her emotional side
  • 8:30pm – Nothing going on in the house. Boo!   People are just hanging outside right now.

Check back for more updates



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    I know it’s early in the season, as well as holiday weekend, but where is everyone ?

    The last few tears that I’ve followed this great site, there have been dozens and dozens if not hundreds of posts to Steve’s various updates.

    Your participation is just as important as the blogs !

    Hope everyone is well !

    • stevebeans

      Every year the comment section starts off a bit slow for some reason. It should pick up, we just need a good topic or two for people to freak out over lol

    • g8trgirl

      I’m having a hard time keeping up with who’s who. Too many ‘J’ names. Also, I haven’t been able to gauge many of the personalities, except for the ones that are over the top, i.e. Audrey, Day, Austin. I think this week when I think things settle down a bit, we’re likely to see others true colors that will make for some great conversation.

  2. Avatar

    Well I’ve been following this site for the past 2 summers. But never commented & never joined. Finally decided to sign up today. 🙂 ✋

  3. Avatar

    Happy 4th weekend!

    So its leaning that Meg will be nominated next to Day. Since I picked Meg to win it all (pause for dramatic gasps….) I’m worried at a possible flip of the house. Should I be worried? How likely could this happen?

    • AIO_7

      I wouldn’t worry; DaV will flip out and get her big mouth flappin’ when Audrey isn’t put up beside her. The vote to oust DaV should be unanimous, lest Audrey throws another wrench in.

  4. AIO_7

    I guess Clay must like the “mature” type of chicks…ugghhh.

  5. Avatar

    I’m thinking as soon as the phone gets put in the house Day will position herself right next to it. She seems smart about the game in that respect, seeing as how she was going around counting every thing. I don’t know how much it will help her to prevent 3 people from voting if she is up next to Meg though. I wonder if the last laugh winner will have to reveal what they won? Or will the 3 people vote and then Juilie reveals after the votes that 3 weren’t counted? Or will the 3 people know outright they can’t vote?

    • Avatar

      I don’t think it should be known until after all votes are in. Would make it more interesting. It’s also too early in the game for this twist to have much impact. Too many people just vote with the house at this point in the game.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think most twists will have a big impact until later in the summer. Too bad you have to use the last laugh this week. If you get it, you should be able to use it one time, but the week you want to, but you have to use it before jury or something. If someone random gets it, it won’t have any impact whatsoever.

    • CLangley

      I thought the same thing. That girl will be posted next to that phone for sure!!!

  6. Avatar

    Back to join Steve and friends for the third year but first time signing on site this year. Doing a week at the beach and missed Thursday nights episode cause we were on the road. Have not even tuned in to bb after dark yet this season. How is everyone doing and are all the old regulars back this year? Sandra are you here? Haven’t really gotten into bb very much yet Lots I think I don’t like and haven’t found anyone I really liked yet

  7. Avatar

    Day totally messed her game up. By that blow up last week. Even tho both of them [email protected] Clay and Shelli sent Joe in there after Day, and i still quite don’t understand why they made like she was the bad guy. No one would like someone doing that to them. It’s honestly it looks a bit racist like what she gonna steal something? And go where with it? Really though now she’s been getting called a (b*tch, hot head, time bomb, nagtive) like come on anyone would had reacted like Day outside the game.

  8. Avatar

    what did Da do that was so bad. she was upset to be followed and said something. you have Audrey who lied to everyone. don’t get it

  9. Avatar

    John needs to stop yelling. He sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait! Wait that’s an insult to Bobcat.
    I am trying hard to care about these people but nope, still don’t care what happens to any of them. I care more about the posters on BBJunkies! How is everyone doing?

  10. ChiKelz

    Happy July 4th everyone!! I hope this post finds everyone well and safe. Just like Heather I have followed this site also for several years and I never posted anything. I must admit I’m struggling with “investment” with this group. Initially I thought I would cheer for Audrey…Boy (no pun intended) did she turn out to be a wack-a-doo! Something is off with her. As with the others I was cheering for Da, but it looks like she is going home so now I’m at the “who cares”! I’m really struggling with committing to this group. I loved Ian Terry from day 1 and Steve reminds me of him. So maybe Steve will be the guy!

  11. Avatar

    Hi all,
    I’ve grown fond of James. I love a country boy. I hope he does well. I like audrey, but she is complicated, which in all good intentions could ruin her game. DaV is a strong mental player and does not deserve to go home.

  12. CLangley

    Internet was off all day….. thought I was going to Mcdonalds just for wifi and get the feed updates but it’s back on!!! Yay!!!!!

  13. danmtruth

    Should be a fun weekwith the double cross on not backdooring Audrey. I don’t mind seeing Da being targeted if she is not evicted it would setup Da to go on the warpath

  14. Avatar

    Just can’t abide shell she’s not even playing bb. She thinks she’sthere to give out roses.

  15. Avatar

    Absolutely love this site!! Long time reader, first time commenter lol !!

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