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Big Brother 17 – Small Move Monday; Feed Updates



I am going to say it now. What happens today is Vanessa’s make or break moment for the season. Well, to cut the dramatics a little, today is just the start, but then ends on Thursday. Vanessa has the chance to make a really huge move today by putting up a huge threat (like Liz), but she doesn’t appear she’ll be doing that. Instead, she is taking another route of putting up Julia, which is an alright move, but not if Meg walks out the door on Thursday.

If Vanessa keeps with her current plan of using Julia as a pawn to get rid of Meg, well, congrats to your Big Brother 17 winner – Austin or Liz. Now is the time to break up a strong trio, and if she doesn’t, it’s pretty much game over for anyone outside that alliance. While I fully expect Julia to be sitting up on the nomination chair next to Meg this week, it will be interesting if the house can be flipped to keep Meg (by house, I mean Steve).

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  • 9:50am – The house had their wakeup call. Veto meeting should be happening within an hour or two
    • James is up in the HoH room having a short talk with Vanessa
    • He said if Meg stays and he wins HoH, he’ll nominate Meg (as a pawn I’d assume)
    • Vanessa’s logic is that everyone remaining wants to boot floaters because if they sit next to one, they’ll go home. Ok, that’s one way to look at it.
    • She thinks her and James will be lower targets because they’ll both be alone going forward. lol
    • It’s hilarious how this is all playing out. If I was part of the trio, I’d tell Vanessa ‘put up Steve or James and it doesn’t matter because we’ll vote the way you want. You want Meg out, she’s out’. Austin, Liz and Julia control who are going home this week.  By putting Julia up, they’re foolishly risking losing an ally for no reason. It’s mind boggling.
  • 10:50am – Took a shower, came back to hear Meg begging Vanessa. Stop. Just wait, you’ll see that Vanessa is going to make a weird move in a few hours. You still have hope, and  you don’t even have to make a deal with Vanessa
    • Talk broke up. Meg is crying, James has some tears. Vanessa called to DR, meeting about to begin.
    • On the bright side, if Meg and James fought this hard prior to meeting, imagine how hard they’re going to fight when they see Julia on the block
    • Scratch the meeting beginning. They’re still calling people to DR
  • 11:00am – Feeds down for veto meeting. I am running to the eye doctor. Hopefully I will be back before the feeds are
  • 2:30pm – Back from the eye doctor. I have contacts now. I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Anyway, Julia is indeed the replacement nom, which makes me ask the question: Who do you want to go to jury?
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  • Meanwhile, John is upstairs talking to Vanessa. He said he needs to piss off some people going to jury (so they take him along to the end)
    • The two aren’t really chatting game, mostly real life stuff
  • 5:00pm – Vanessa and Steve are playing chess. Austin/Liz sleeping on other feed
  • 6:00pm – James and Meg are in the HN room mourning her potential loss.
  • 6:30pm – Austin and the twins are working out in the back yard. James and Meg hanging out in the HN room.
    • Oops, Vanessa as well
    • James comes outside with a Big Brother card and said he had a letter from BB. He said it was a note from live feeders, and then the feeds cut before we get to hear it. Sweet.  Anyway, it was a joke anyway. He tried to play a prank on the house

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  1. AIO_7

    Stinky Steve is too weak to vote out one of the twerps.

    • Avatar

      So the favorite according to this betting site is Liz then Van2nd then Austin and Steve tied at 5.5 to 1 third. Then it dropped off big time. So likely 1 of these 4 win it.

  2. Renee

    Steve has great intentions when talking to live feeders and has convinced himself that he is playing a smart game. When it comes down to decision making time, Vanessa will continue the bullying and brainwashing. He has a desperate need for approval and will ultimately do whatever Vanessa wants.

    • Colby

      I agree. Meg’s only hope this week will be if one of the Austwits does something to upset Van and she tells Steve to vote Julia out.

    • Avatar

      So what I want by that. Van putting up Julia. And Julia going home is. Austin and Liz will need Van more than ever now. And Steve and Jonny are targeting Austin and Liz. So basically in betting terms. Van is betting a round robbin. Only way this blows up in her face next week is if James or Meg win HOH. Lol I know. Meg doesn’t count. Bless her heart though. Even if that happens Which odds are that 4 of the other 5 win hoh. (I’m not counting Meg) Van is good next week. And still has pov for a last ditch as well if James does win. It really isint a strategiclly bad move. I thought is was at 1st. Then I thought about it.

    • Avatar

      A place online has Moved the odds. Vanessa was 8-1 now 4.5 to 1. They play math there.They know what their doing. So apparently it was strategiclly good for her. For what it’s worth. Just givin out info. They have liz the favorite at 3-1 btw. I’m just the messenger here. And I wouldn’t bet on it anyway. Just for entertainment I look it up.

    • Avatar

      Steve lies even to the live feeders

  3. Avatar

    Vanessa seems to understand she can’t beat Austin and the twins but she isn’t doing anything about it. I can’t stand the twins and it would really shake up the game to get one of them out. Liz would make the most sense.

  4. Avatar

    When will this crappy season end? I call it the season of Trump. Arrogant, loud, stupid and useless. Vanessa is the Queen Bitch this season. What’s with her knit hat? Does she ever wash it? Hate her! Glad John’s still in there.
    Austin and Liz have to go. Besides having terrible BO, he’s a big dummy. He wishes he was Judas. Liz is a dumb girlfriend. Big Brother has had better seasons. Maybe they should search longer for better talent! This season stinks (like Austin).

  5. Avatar

    I can’t believe Vanessa has played so hard, almost too hard this whole time, and now she’s gonna pass up a game winning move to get Meg out. Meg. What is she gonna tell jury in her final speech? “I got the big threat, Meg, out”???? Come on now! This whole season has baffled me! Why won’t anyone go after the trio?!?!?!? Why isn’t anyone in the house seeing this or bringing it up?? Meg and James need to point all this out! They shouldn’t care if it makes them a target, they already are! Ughhhhh! I really don’t want the twins to win just because of how ugly and mean their words about other people are! They are mean girls and that makes them ugly to me!

    • Avatar

      Meg is hardly a threat. If anything she hasn’t done sh’t except float on James coattails. If anything as I have said for a few days now Meg is golden pawn if anyone minus the twins who haven’t played a separate since the other came into the house take her to final 2 they would win easily because she hasn’t won really anything except a piddly luxury comp not based on skill but luck. Julia is a kinda of a waste however its a baby step to targeting a big threat and considering its Double Eviction night kinda goes with theme with one of the people going out in a double eviction being a waste of a HoH which Jackie granted was slightly competitive but Shelli was a warrior in comparison.

    • Avatar

      I couldn’t have said it better.

  6. Avatar

    Up until now I have said Vanessa should win this season, even though I don’t personally like the way she has played, she is actually playing the game. But if she let’s the twit and Asshat vote out Meg over the other twit, then she deserves to lose to them. She has to be smarter than to think that one of those three will take her to the end with them. Hopefully she is just going along until Wednesday/Thursday morning, then will fill the rest of the house in on her actual plan.

  7. Avatar

    Julia is on the block, SWEET. Now we should see Jmac, James, Steve and hopefully Vanessa vote her out. If this group passes up a Golden opportunity again like they had with Vanessa I will be done with BB this season. Because this group would obviously have not a clue on how to play the game. Its apparent things are different in the house when they are asking Permission to put each other up…wow…now is the perfect time for a blindside and backdoor Julia…Vanessa has to know this and the coalition of weaklings if they dont band together here and now they will surely fall separately….

    • Avatar

      Well, we saw how brilliantly those same people coalesced behind Becky’s big move…so, expect the unexpected.

      All I can say is it will be interesting to see if JMac, Steve and James can pull out the win…for stupidest play of the week.

      So far it’s a toss up between Vanessa putting up Meg and James (instead of Austin and Liz) and the triumvirate of weasels who agreed to put up one of their own as a pawn (knowing how unpredictable the other voters are).

    • Avatar

      All they need is Steve’s vote. Vanessa doesn’t get to vote. Even if Vanessa wants Meg out the others can flip the script without her. Julia goes its 4 against 3, Vanessa can’t play in the next HOH so they have a 4 to 2 odd to get her Asshat or the other twit gone. She’s a poker player and should know her odds. It’s better to get out the twit than to try and keep her around. She is dumb to think the twits or asshat would take her to the end over one of their own.

  8. Avatar

    PLEASE!! Will someone convince Steve to vote Julia out. Ugh! If they don’t do it now, they are a bunch of dummies! Steve is so naive to think that Julia/Liz didn’t know about Austin putting him on the block. And everyone knows he’s ball-less so they aren’t counting on him getting rid of Vanessa.
    They are using you Steve! C’mon! For someone so smart, he’s sure acting really dumb.
    I’m hoping John will see the possibilities and convince Steve to vote Julia out. I might throw my show through my tv on Thursday if Julia doesn’t get booted out.

    • Avatar

      Anyone even think that Judas will think the vote will not be unanimous and use this opportunity to get Julia out so Liz will think someone else voted her out and feel so upset she gets closer to him and be final 2 as Julia being there they would take each other and bye bye Austin? Though hoping every one votes Julia out but Liz and Austins plan gets squashed lol

  9. Painter,1

    If Julia is smart she would see Steve has a crush on her,he is always close and touching+ ,poking one bat of her eyes a hug a kiss on the cheek she is safe.lol

  10. danmtruth

    Vanessa is counting on John , Steve, and her winning comps for the rest of the season . Very risky plan . Just look at the odds Vanessa the great poker player. I will admit I am NOT the smartest poker player so one of you Poker Net All-Stars could you please explain the logic in Vanessa play. Allowing a 3 person team to stay safe when you have a chance to even the odds Counting on promises made at gun point that James won’t put you up Despite the fact he has said you can bounce a promise like a check when ever you want in this game.
    All I know for sure with this group is Its a long time till Thursday and feeling can get hurt. Vanessa can “hear” something to change her mind More tears will be shed.
    Just vote out Julia shock Liz & Austin . End up with 2 person alliances all over the house

    • Avatar

      Hey Dan. Had to reply to your post and maybe help answer your question. Like racecar and WoW said. She is basically playing a round robin. A betting term. And WoW is correct. The odds shifted exactly what he/she said. So apparently it was a good move. As the old saying goes. There isint big buildings in the middle of the dessert built on people winning. Do these bookies know what they are doing. Take care. (:

  11. Avatar

    John told Julie last week that Meg was his target. I presume nothing has changed? If John votes to evict Meg then Steve’s vote doesn’t matter.

  12. Avatar

    Ok, so they have an OBVIOUS triple threat in the form of an alliance that is so clear and present that you don’t need an SR-71 to spot the missiles. Surely John (a Dentist) and Steve (a huge fan of the show) can see this alliance and how incredibly powerful it currently is.

    And then there is Meg. Winner of……
    nothing. No comps. Nothing. A floater to be sure.

    But, and this is HUGE, she is LOYAL to a fault. If John, Steve, and James were to protect her the odds would turn in their favor. She would repay them in kind in the event she were to win an HoH and she would continue down the path of second place at best. (Anyone who takes her to the end is going to win – guaranteed)

    They have the golden opportunity here. Julia going would net them some HUGE profits to come.

    1. One less person in the “triple threat” who might win HoH.
    2. Triple threat is destroyed.
    3. Liz is distraught – sister gone – Liz unable to play as hard.
    4. Austin thrown off his “game” and also unable to compete as hard.
    5. Numbers in their favor – and Van thinking she still has power when in reality she lost it.

    As I see it there is no downside to getting Julia out. None at all. But to keep her is to show just how bad they are at playing the game and just how little they deserve to win.

  13. Avatar

    Meg really needs to give that red lipstick a rest! Someone referred to it as “clown mouth” a few days ago and that’s all I see now! One of the twits had on bright red lipstick Thursday (Jiz, I think) and also looked ridiculous. And Vanessa, that eye makeup is horrible! She’s so much prettier without makeup.
    Ladies, more makeup is usually NOT better!
    Also I hope they can convince Steve to vote out Thing 2. 🙂

    • Avatar

      LMAO You’re right, she does look better without all that eye makeup! When she’s talking with someone and her eyes are darting from side to side it looks really freaky with all that black around them. Looks ever weirder when you record it and watch it on fast forward.

    • Avatar

      hahaha Rob now I will have to fast forward through some BBAD just to see that!

  14. Avatar

    Vanessa and John are discussing how to get the twins out next week. LOL Surprise! You have one on the block right now. How stupid are these people?

  15. Avatar

    I think it would be poetic justice, and might actually made the final weeks worth watching, if James, JMac and Steve saved Meg, then aligned (4) to take out the rest of the house; Austin, Liz and Knit Cap (3).

  16. Elaine

    The game needs to go back to the day when houseguests campaigned, made promises to, bargained with those that are actually voting! When Meg was talking to James about what to promise Vanessa….what??? She isn’t even voting. Quit giving the HOH more power than is there by the game….nominations, re-nom if necessary, and a vote in the case of a tie….which due to all the idiotic house votes, there will never be again.

  17. danmtruth

    Micky thanks for the clarification It stills seems a risky move Yes I always laugh you never hear many people admitting that they lost in Vagas . Most say they broke even . Yet as you say all those casinos still pay there bills AND make a profit. Someone is lying
    I will hold off till wed as I’m sure people minds will ping pong back and forth

  18. Alda

    What is wrong with these people?James,Johnny Mac and Steve vote out Julia.Then they have 4 counting Meg.The other side would have Austin,Vanessa and Liz.Vanessa can’t play for HOH.Great odds.To me it’s a no brainer.Then James and crew would control the house and the weirdos would be begging for mercy one by one.

    • Colby

      Needy Steve is going to do whatever Vanessa tells him to do. They have a final two deal. Do I understand what she is thinking? Nooooo! As much as I don’t like her or respect her, I dislike and am disgusted by the Austwits more.

  19. danmtruth

    For people who claim to be super fans. They just don’t seem to be playing as if they have ever seen a season. Everyone just wants to vote with the house. Let’s get these players to look at the reality of the situation. They need to focus there loyalty to just one person not the 3 or 4 they are trying now. Stop the shock hurt feelings that the other side lied to you. You need to lie to them and evict one of there members. Everyone is promising each other safety . No you must evict someone so not everyone can be promise safety
    John needs to stand on his own and quit letting Vanessa make your moves for you . You owe her nothing do what is best for your game John
    Steve another who claimes to be a big fan of the game . Keeps getting cuckhold by Vanessa . Talks to himself about making big bold moves but just goes along for the ride Hides behind the house vote. Always talks about next week being when he will make a big move Steve tomarow never comes strike now. The new twist is Juila blinding him with with her female charms.
    Let’s see how many times the target changes between Meg or Juila

  20. Avatar

    What this game really needs is an alliance of all the head gear in the house to nominate and kick out Vanessa’s knit cap.

  21. Alda

    Julia might he even try and kiss Steve.She’s been flirting with him enough.Mother might put Steve on time out for picking that side of the house with all their F….ing,and screaming when they get alcohol.Seriously,he’ll be very upset when he sees how he was used and made fun of by them.

  22. danmtruth

    Last year I mention an interesting web series might be a reunion show. Where you watch the season with the people to ask what do you think now . Se how they feel hearing and seeing things they did not know what was going on

  23. Avatar

    I love that James was pranking the house with that “live feed letter”, now that everybody’s more conscious of how they appear outside the house. LOL

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