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Big Brother 17 – Small Changes In The Rankings



Another week, another power rankings topper for Vanessa. That seems to be the ‘norm’ as she’s clearly playing chess while the rest of the house is playing checkers.  I know I overused that line last season with Derrick, but it appears to be fitting here as well. She hasn’t won HoH in a few weeks now, and has been the subject of being evicted for the last few evictions, yet somehow keeps avoiding it.

This week, despite what CBS implied last night, Steve was indeed willing to go up as a pawn. His only stipulation was that it was not with John.  He left the HoH room with Austin giving him his word that he won’t be nominated next to John (which meant Vanessa next to either John or Steve). Sure enough, Steve will be sitting there tonight in the nomination seats.

I should note, if you weren’t following this week, Vanessa was the only other option because Austin instantly ruled out Meg and James due to their alliance they made last week. Weird, I know.. but that’s Austin. 


Speaking of James, while he may be safe tonight, I don’t think he’s going to be in the house very long. Austin and Meg are pretty much his only protection. Meg can’t win a comp if her life depended on it, and Austin is ineligible to play tonight. If not for the returning jury member already being a target before the house knows who it is, James would probably be leaving next week.

As I noted, I think Meg will likely slip into the final 3 simply because she’s an easy victory, and the only reason she may not is simply because Liz and Julia are not turning on one another… and Liz and  Austin are probably not turning on each other, either. Any other season, I’d mark Meg down for a guaranteed 2nd or 3rd place finish, but she may be bumped for a twin.

Here are my rankings…

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    Spot on Steven. Did you read my posts I left this morning b4 you posted this last analysis? About it being “easy”for Vanessa so far? And how I thought that assessment was mind boggling.Feels like ya did. Although I mentioned that you are mostly rite on the mark. Even thought Van isn’t your favorite player. (Although you’re smart female friend is) I believe you have been fair on analysis. And that’s why I enjoy your take on things. I jokingly said on the other post that you may have been tired when writing the previous analysis of an easy game for Van. As she has been the target for around 6 weeks straight from everyone. Including her so called alliance. Seems to me you are well rested and back on track. Take care.

    • stevebeans

      Well, the reason why I say it’s been easy is simply because she never really has to work hard to stay off the block. Heck, the week she was in real danger, she slept for half the week lol. All she had to do was get out of bed, have a few conversations, and suddenly she’s safe. That’s a combo of her masterful play, combined with the house being really weak.

      I don’t mean to take away from her game at all. It’s like Michael Jordan playing against high school kids. While the high school kids are virtually no opponent for him, it doesn’t take away how great of a player Jordan is. (I should probably say Lebron, since he’s more relevant, but I couldn’t stomach that)

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      Steven. I appreciate your response. I was hoping you would respond actually. What I should of mentioned in my post that Vanessa has been the target by the whole house for 2/3’s of the game. And only been on the block only 1 time then escaping. And literally flipping the house 6-0 or whatever it was. That’s nor easy. Along with the other things I mentioned. Infact I don’t remember anytime in BB history that a house guest has been the #1 target for 2/3’s of the season and only been up 1 time. Then flipping the house to stay. True she slept the week when on the block. Then had arguments to stay at the last minute. Sometimes laying low is the best strategy when on the block. Proof in the pudding that time. I truly appreciate your fairness in evaluating these players mostly. I in fact can not stand Austin. YUK! But the fact is (by luck or something) he should be ranked#2. Let’s see if Vanessa can team up with others and give the Austintwins a real fight. Unlike Vanessa, the Austintwins haven’t been tested yet. I really wanna see them tested. I don’t believe their game play is as good as their stance in the game. Thankyou agian for being fair. Have a great day!

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      @Wow I agree stick Asstin and the twits up and see what happens. I bet it would be another Audrey situation. They would lay around crying and whining about how mean-uh everyone is to them. At least JMac and Steve are giving it a little bit of effort..JMac at little more than Steve.

      I wish Vanessa would align with “the other” side of the house. Send Steve packing and hope Becky gets back in the game. Take out Asstin and the twits or at least Liz. She could be the “bottom of the totem pole” but the way she plays she will have manipulator her way back to the top in no time. If she doesn’t do something big and soon she may just end up sealing her own fate, because that smelly threesome aren’t turning on each other nor going anywhere unless someone wises up, and SOON!

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      I disagree that Vanessa is a “Jordan-level” player. She is good, the best this year no doubt, but does she stack up to last year’s Derrick, BB10’s Dan (sorry BB14 Dan lovers, he could have won that year, Danielle and Shane were absolute puppets, but he ruined it by being much too dramatic), or BB2 or BB7’s Will? I don’t think so.
      Her foresight and strategy is just as good as the bests, but her social game is only good enough and she is prone to making emotional and irrational decisions. Trying to backdoor Austin so early on, for example. The Austwins should have been broken up weeks ago, but she should have let another HoH handle that. I think that if any of the Austwins win the next HoH, Vanessa is a prime target for them. I’m not sure if that would be the case had Vanessa kept up the appearance of staying loyal and trusting Austin.
      Actually, a LeBron comparison would be more apt, as he sometimes looks as good as Jordan but other times ruins a game for his teammates in the last minutes. But, it’s hard for me to stomach comparing LeBron to anyone I think is good as well 🙂

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    It I going to be interesting to see how Vanessa can get to the final 2. Sooner or later she is going to have to go after the trio, but if they keep on eliminating other hg’s, she is going to run out of options. The numbers are getting tight for anyone to be able to break up Liz, Julia & Austin.

    Tonight’s hoh comp is the biggest of the season. If the returning player can win hoh, they are going to have to make sure they can team up with anyone that can keep them safe next week, and hopefully make a bold move this week. I think targeting James, Meg & whoever stays ( Johnny or Steve) would be a waste, but then their is the dilemma of having the target on the back going forward. meg is so weak, you can’t count on her for anything. James is a competitor, but gets sloppy at times during the comps. Maybe it will be Steve’s time to make a bold move, win a comp and turn the house ? Now that would be great !

    We can only hope.

    Thanks for all the work again Steve Beans. I really appreciate the site !

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    I’d also like to add that I really like how you post the # of HOH, pov wins. As well as on the block. This game is about manipulation. And that’s what mostly everone focuses on. And how Vanessa is horrible for doing that. Uhhhh. It’s BB. What I have heard noone say is that she has the most wins of any of the 17 players. Numbers don’t lie. So basically she’s winning the most comps. Playing as the target for 2/3’s of the season. And a master manupilator. At the 4th wheel. So ya im a fan of hers. Not a secret. She is playing the game the best. That is clear. Let’s see if James is smart enough to semi team up with Van. Coughhhhh. Unlikely. But his best chance at moving forward. Or he will be gone soon. Vanessa will semi team up with James if he’s good to do it. It’s just math. She knows she is 4th on the wheel of 4. Its stragically the best senario. Numbers are dwindling. Keeping the Austintwins intact is a grave mistake.If they are not split up within 2 weeks, just about game over. Unless someone can run the comps (pov most important at this point) That is a bad stradegy. Been tried. Not gonna work to run the comps table.She can’t put up the Austintwins 1st. Or she will really be alone. James maybe the guy to do it. Will he put his thinking cap on? IDK.

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    Finally decided to make an account and comment!

    Vanessa’s best bet is to flip on the Asshats and align herself with Meg/James/John/returning HG. If they get out a twin and soon then it will be hard to get them out. Liz needs to be the one to go. Asstin would self destruct and Julia could finally play her own game..or lack there of.

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    I don’t think Vanessa will survive another week. I foresee the alliance of Austwins/James/Meg taking over the house.

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    I went and read Austin HOH blog and it was more of a how i meet and fell in love with Liz. He started off trying to be tell how playing in the game is and feels but then start about how he found his heart. He is going to be without a heart when he gets out and has no Liz and no gf. Plus finds out the WWE doesn’t want a man with no spine or backbone.

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