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Big Brother 17 – Steve Did What, Now?



Just as I jump back on the Ian = Steve bandwagon, I wake up to read that overnight Steve revealed why Vanessa won PoV yesterday. Around midnight, Steve was alone doing his typical cam talking, and he was going off on himself how he made a stupid move. Apparently, Vanessa told him to throw the PoV competition – and he did! According to Steve, he could have won the comp, but he threw it. My mind is blown. At this point in the season, the PoV competition is one of the most important of the season, and if you want to win BB, you don’t throw it – period.

Steve was complaining that his mistake was likely a $500,000 mistake, and at this point, I’d tend to agree.  If he is sitting in the final 2 with Vanessa (if she actually takes him), and he does win, I can tell you this right now, it will be because of a bitter jury, nothing else. While it can be debated that Ian won his season because he had a good social game compared to Dan, Ian also made moves when he had to. This was a move Steve had to make, and he didn’t.

Look, I don’t want to bash him too much. Big Brother is a hard game, and Steve was already an underdog not only fighting his social awkwardness, but being typecast as ‘the next Ian’ and instantly becoming a threat as a result. I also don’t want to undersell Vanessa. While Steve was the ‘brainiac’ coming into the season, let’s not forget Vanessa’s intelligence. Poker aside, she was in school to be a lawyer for awhile. She’s no dummy who can just bluff her way to poker victories. She also has the life experience that Steve simply doesn’t have, so she’s not going to be intimidated by others. While Vanessa may look like a GinaMarie, she’s really more like a Steve or Ian.


With that out of the way, I probably won’t be feeding today. I have an eye appointment at 3 and then meeting my parents for dinner as they’re in town (which doesn’t happen often). I will have to rush back in time for the live show, so I doubt I’ll have any time to update on the feeds. If anything exciting happens, please put it in the comments for people to talk about!  I’ll be back tonight!


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    John Lennon – Imagine – Lyrics: http://youtu.be/RwUGSYDKUxU

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    Can't believe Steve

    Steve is such a pu$$y! He, along with these other idiots, have completely ruined this season.

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    Can't believe Steve

    And VaMESSa looks like she smells just as bad as Asstin! She’s so gross looking…ugh!

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    I cannot believe Steve is that spineless! Vanessa is such a manipulator…..I am so disappointed 🙁

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    I can’t see how this will hurt him with the jury. They will have no idea that he threw it. Let Vanessa keep doing the dirty work. He’s got a lot more friends on the jury than she does. He won the HOH, he didn’t have to win the veto to prove anything.

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    2:33 into the video.

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    How freaking stupid can he be? Wtf was he thinking or was he even thinking? I told you guys a thousand times over that Steve NEVER follows through. Something is wrong wrong wrong with this guy. He knows every single time what needs to be done & he even says so but he just would not do it.
    Isn’t he supposed to be so smart & intelligent? Damn Steve, WHY??????

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      I just want to stick up for Steve for a second. Sure he has made lots of mistakes. You have to remember he is playing a game with a REAL pro. Van. It’s easy for us as viewer’s to say. Why why why! The kid didn’t get to final 3 because he sucks. He’s still in the game. 14 other player’s after tonight can’t say that. Just sayin

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      I just heard my ears ringing. Telling me. Someone will say, Victoria bb16 made it to final 3. And she was pathetic. Steve is not Victoria.

  8. danmtruth

    Perhaps the racon eyes have hypnotized everyone. Julia when she put Austin up in the bowling balarrina comp Now this who knows . Also Steve just can’t make the hard call It would have been his choice for F/e and he folded like a house of cards
    Lucky for Vanessa she only has one day to flip flop on who she is taking with Steve to F/3 As the song goes the wheels are a turning don’t know what tomorrow will bring

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    Hold me back, somebody hold me back cause Im heading over to the BB house to give Steve a swift kick in his ass. Lol
    No, not lol. CRY,, KICK, SCREAM, HOLLER, PASS OUT, ,,,,,,

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    I watched the Charlie Sheen video. Thinking ok? Then I saw @ 28-38 seconds in. What I think it is may be it. Same with the John Lennon Imagine video. @2:33.
    Maybe I’m way off base. Probably. Then I think. About the Egyptian comp. The hints. Here and there. Every week.If it’s true. It would in fact be amazing. The only way it could happen is if Vanessa wins though. So I’m probably wrong.

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    Steve might have just pulled a dumbass Marcellas move. Remember season 3 when Marcellas was on the block, won the VETO & then didn’t use it to save himself. Steve might have just handed Vanessa 500k.

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    Steve is spineless and weak and, yes, that was a $500,000 mistake.

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    I think Steve just could not stand up to Vanessa. When they did the questions game on the double eviction he went out fast, something he is good at because he didnt want a repeat of when he won the last double eviction and made himself sick. Again a chance to put Vanessa out and its gone. Production should just have them endorse the check over to Vanessa, say great game and leave early. Pitiful game play all the way around.

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      No kidding. The only other person they can endorse the check to is Liz because unless Liz gets evicted by Vanessa Liz has 2 guaranteed votes in the jury right now; Vanessa may have 1 vote depending on Shelli’s mood. But Steve was stupid to throw the final veto of the season anybody who throws the final veto is stupid.

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      Im so very disappointed in Steve. Imagine the kind of hell he’s going to catch when he gets out of the house.

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      kristine, BettyBoop, I feel bad for Steve because of the person he is and a move like that it could haunt him the rest of his life. I would feel bad enough myself having played and lost but to make a spineless act and basically hand over $500K which could help he and his mother would be heartbreaking and could take a long long time to get over.

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    surely to goodness after that stupid move he don’t send out JM. She did Steve just like Julia in the POV. Crazy. I loved Derrick and his game play and V is kinda playing the same game but I just don’t like it as much. SO MAD

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    I’m so mad. Just like V getting Julia to pick A for the veto. She plays kinda like Derrick did but I don’t like her nearly as much as i did Derrick…
    I’m so mad. Surely he will send LIZ packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      I hear ya, I guess I am more dissappointed in the players I was pulling for in the game and their lackluster game play. Everytime I thought we would see a “Game Changing” move, it never happened. I still do not know why the house went against Becky to keep Vanessa knowing she had her hand in all the ones that went home. Now she sent all those folks packing and forced us to listen to her whinning the entire season. Sure she deserves to win as the game was played, but it could have easily been much different had the other players just tried to play the game instead of being social and wondering whos feelings will be hurt and do you mind sitting on the block, its crazy…yep just a tad angry too, lol

    • AIO_7

      Uhhhhh, Blakey, Vanessa has the choice who to send packing, and my money says she will send John.

    • Avatar

      AIO 7, My first reaction was to think JM goes home. However, was watching AD prior to work this morning and Vanessa was talking to Steve and going over the strength and weakness of both Liz and JM. She had a longer list of why Liz was more of a threat than JM. Liz in competitions despite what people may think is no pushover, she almost won that puzzle competition and has won HOH and POV. It will come down to this last HOH and as angry as she is at Vanessa for sending Austin home she could go all out to win and send Vanessa packing and I am sure that Vanessa is tossing that around up there when she does those blank stares…

    • AIO_7

      Monica, hopefully Vanessa will come to the “right” conclusion.

    • leafhopper

      are the other house guests aware of exactly how many comps/vetoes/BoB’s/HoH’s JM has thrown? I know we (as viewers) know (or think we know), but are Van, Steve or Liz actually aware of his true potential for winning the comps?

  16. AIO_7

    Thanks, Steve, that move probably cost JM F3 and probably put $$$$$$ in the twerps pockets.

  17. Avatar

    Sure, that was a bad move on Steve’s part, and it likely cost him half-a-mil. However, there is a difference in being a STUDENT of the game and being a PLAYER of the game. The first can give knowledge of the game; for the second, you need cahones to actually make the tough decisions, regardless of peoples’ feelings.

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      this is so true and has not been any more obvious than with Steve. We have all seen in before here on BB and I have seen it on Survivor. If Vanessa gets to F2, i think she deserves to win and I would like to think all those on the jury would not make a vote out of anger. I remember watching Survivor and Russell Hanson and how he was the first to go Idol hunting and his style of game play in their faces. I though it great and he deserved to win but yet 2x he was denied due to a bitter jury….he finally won fan favorite. I would think due to how long BB is on basically the entire summer, 3x a week, AD, Live Feeds, Blogs etc. that there would be a fan favorite vote like on Survivor.

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    Hey Stevebeans, To add onto what you said ” While Vanessa may look like a GinaMarie, she’s really more like a Steve or Ian.” I’d take that one step further and say while she my look like GM, she’s more like a Steve/Ian intelligence level with a Dan G type of persuasion ability. But she’s better.
    The girl has got this game down. They all know that she looked to Julia and got her to pick Austin in the Spinning Comp, and it worked, which shocked EVERYONE in the house. And now, Steve basically let her get a replay? I mean come on… he puts her up, then throws the Veto to her? It’s just nuts. Plus, She may be the ONLY one that won’t see it in her best interest to Keep John over Liz. She has pointed out 1001 times that everyone else would take John over her to the finals, so now he’s probably secured John’s fate, because… why would she vote to keep John? And it will be him, Liz and Vanessa in the final 3, meaning, IMO, if he doesn’t win HOH, he’s unlikely to make it to the final 2.
    That being said, if it is the three of them, both he and Liz SHOULD take each other to the final 2. I don’t see either of them beating Vanessa, unless the jury has turned into the most bitter jury as of late. And who are we kidding, this house would, current and evicted guests, would rather sit around a campfire singing songs of love and friendship, than stay angry with each other, so chances are they will vote on wins.
    For the record, I would vote for John in the end. I’ve always looked at wins and gameplay, but while he’s not won all of the comps, in all honesty, if he hadn’t tried to advance by throwing them, who knows how many he could have won (which could have gotten him the boot a LONG time ago) but he played the social game by throwing the the comps and win trust/votes, made it through, I believe it’s been 8 noms at this point (is that the most ever?), is still standing and I can’t think of anyone who he did wrong this season. So I think he has a decent chance, that is if he’ll make more of an argument than “it would be awesome” if I won.

  19. leafhopper

    When Austin was interviewed by Jeff – he said something about how the “live feeders” hated JM and loved him….. What “live feeders” would he be referring to? Everything/blog/page I have read says the exact opposite. What information do the houseguests receive from the “live feeders” to give Austin the illusion that he is loved?

  20. Jannie

    Yes, anyone who is a fan of BB knows that you never, ever throw the final four Veto.
    Steve has beaten himself up over it, and knows that he thinks he really screwed up his game.
    But, he was the HOH, so it is not quite as bad as say, if he were on the block or looking to be a nominee, and that is not the case.
    I agree with DebMuse that Steve just does not have it in him to send people out the door. It affects him to have to hurt people, unlike Vanessa And so, in the moment, I think he just decided to let Vanessa have to do the dirty work.
    Also, I don’t think it is going to make a difference in the outcome(for Steve). It did make a difference in the outcome for Vanessa – and I get it that everyone hates her. In fact it may have helped him seal her feelings of loyalty for him. After watching Van and Steve’s convo last night in the bathroom area, I am convinced that Vanessa is going to do everything in her power(and she has A LOT)to get herself and Steve to the F2.

    So, for Johnny Mac or Liz fans(not sure who’s going home), the move sucks. But I still think that Steve and Vanessa will be in the F2. They(Steve and Vanessa) are actually having a convo right now and Steve says he hates risk and Van says she loves it…they actually make a good team. Van says she may just flip a coin and Steve(nervously) says he doesn’t want to know.

    This morning Vanessa, Steve, JMac(?) and Liz were talking about how they are all going to go to Las Vegas to party after the game is over. Julia will go also, and Austin(if he and Liz are still together). So they get that’s it’s a game, there are no hard feelings.
    I am going to try and take the same approach – it’s just a game. For $500K, but still, a game.

    • Avatar

      Jannie. They have no idea how epic this Vegas party will be.No doubt Van planned a party before day 1 of the season. If she went deap into the show. Noone knows who she is.They just think, yay we will go to Vegas. Not knowing its gonna be more than they think.Fun fun fun (:

    • Avatar

      Steve will likely finally get laid at this party too.
      My apologies to Steves mom if your reading this. He is in his 20’s. So it’s ok if he gets laid. My advice for him would be to wear a rubber. LoL

    • Jannie

      Hell, I would love to go and party in Vegas, Vanessa style.

      Just hoping she would keep an eye on him so he didn’t get too corrupted.

  21. Avatar

    I actually think it was a good decision on Steve’s part to throw the comp. He knows Van will take him to the final two as well a John. This was the best attempt to keep John in the final 3. Nominate both his alliance members to make nice with Liz, throw the comp to his “target” and have her be directly responsible for another eviction. Those three will be poison to the jury. He has a much better chance against J Mac or Van in the final HOH comps than Liz. I think Steve is smarter than he leads on just a J Mac is not as dumb as he pretends to be.

    • Avatar

      Yes, IF Van makes good on her word to Steve. Time will tell.

    • leafhopper

      What IF – a big IF – Steve didn’t actually “throw” the comp…? What if he just plain lost… and he is leading Van to believe that he “gave” it to her…. All of this crying and freaking out could just be for show? Again, I am saying IF… We didn’t see the comp, so we don’t know how it went down yet.

    • Avatar

      I’m not so sure about that.

      I think that Steve’s reaction show’s how much he think he screwed up, and therefore sge must have been his target.

      So now, she has to evict Steve’s most likely partner, Johnny Mac.

    • leafhopper

      could be DMC – just throwing it out there because Steve has admitted to fake crying before. Would be a brilliant play on his part. But it leaves the blood on Vanessa’s hands – Steve still does not have to do the evicting thus the potential for losing jury votes. Just a theory or maybe wishful thinking…..

  22. Avatar

    I guess one good thing about people being unable to send others out the door is that it makes a good statement about our society. Even if you’re screwed when playing an often cut-throat game for a lot of money, there’s hope in there. 🙂

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    I think we can all say good bye to Johnny Mac. Steve will probably go home next too if he doesn’t win the final HoH. Pretty sure Liz and Vanessa will take each other. Liz will think she’ll win over Van versus Steve and Vanessa probably thinks the same about Liz.
    I really wanted to see Johnny and Steve in the end. John has been my favorite, so I’m hoping he gets favorite HG. Sorry James fans… He wasn’t my cup of tea. Lol

    • Avatar

      I wanted to see Johnny M and Steve in the F2 also. I know James is a favorite for many on here to win America’s Player because of his daughter. The guy got arrested for violating a court order to pay child support, so I really wonder how much of his winnings would make it to his daughter. It would be a shame if he was using her just to get support. But I did like James and his pranks and his baby arms.

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    12:40 PM BBT – Vanessa mentions asking DR if she can make deals to split up the winner’s money.

    Well crap. Now that it’s public knowledge. So much for the big suprise. BB network realeast this.I just copied and pasted the first sentence. What a let down.): Apparently they know people may have caught on to the special reveal. And attempting to bury it my putting it out there. Who knows.

  25. Avatar

    I’m back for a short comment. I’m absolutely sick over what has occur. Game it is but I really have no respect for “Squirrel Eyes” I don’t see how its possible BUT wouldn’t it be a “kick in the pants’ if the final two were Steve and John OR Steve and Liz.. Anything to get Vanessa OUT!BB always has twists and turns and changes the game play . Here’s hoping this can happy again…The people that could use the money never seem to win.Good luck to the four of them somehow getting her out.

    • Avatar

      Vanessa wanted to share the money with the final 3. BB realeast the commets from DR sessions that she requested a deal to split the 500k. No one has ever done that before. So “racoon eyes” as you call her. Was actually gonna share it. She can’t do it now. Because BB has released the offer she made. And squshed it. And if she does happen to win. She wouldn’t be able to share the 500k because she would be stuck with all the taxes on the 500k. Instead of BB splitting up checks 3 ways. So I’m out. Was fun. Most of ya are glad. I know. Just realize the evil Vanessa as is called around. Wanted to share the money. That has never happened before. And unfortunately it won’t happen now. That was the palindrome part. It was code for front is back back is front. Final 3 gonna share the money equally. It would have been super cool. And almost everyone would have loved it. Bummer. Adios friends. God bless

    • Avatar

      Hey Buffalogal…..I’m hoping you’re really from Buffalo…. did you hear Steve the other night on BBAD talking about being selected to play and he hoped that by being successful it would increase the chances for people in some of the other cities in N.Y. like Buffalo and Albany and Binghamton? He wants to see them select some people from some of the smaller cities and not just the major ones. I thought it was a cool gesture.

    • Avatar

      Take care racecar, it has been a thrilling ride.

    • Avatar

      racecar, was there a reason given why if vanessa won that she would not be allowed to split it three way. why would production squash this attempt.

  26. Alda

    Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb will be making an appearance tonight.Good Austin is gone.He might think Caleb is flirting with Liz!!

  27. Avatar

    Actually Rob it was released offically today. Before that it was just rumors. And I said I was WoW. And all things palidromish 3 weeks ago. So I don’t get what your saying. I already told you. Now Van will have to keep all the money herself.If she wins. Instead of sharing it. WoW. What a horrible person she is. Would you share 500k. No matter how much money you had. Answer. No
    Audios agian, god bless

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    Random question …does any body know the hoh/ veto win totals for the current house guests ?

  29. Avatar

    Scroll down to the bottom of the site on the first page. All the competition wins are posted there. It’s not completely updated. Vanessa has 7 wins now.
    And I knew it. She was gonna share the money. I finally figured it out. No way! CBS sucks. They should let her split the money three ways in separate checks if she is willing to. It would have been an instant big brother classic. Talk about expect the unexpected. It would have been so cool. CBS just threw away a gem.

  30. Avatar

    Steve is an idiot not worthy of playing; Vanessa is a psychotic, narcissistic, queen manipulator… She has planned/manipulated every step/every eviction, including setting up the jury as she tearfully cries “I am so sorry; I love you; we will always be friends; I am not a bad person…” as her victims leave the house… Shelli said it: “If they don’t get Vanessa out, she will win”… She played them all; evicted them and tossed them aside-then played the poor me ticket “I had to do it; its a game”.. She will smile all the way to the bank Winning is most important to her; nothing else compares or matters…

  31. Avatar

    Hey Rob….yes I am from Buffalo…..born and raised here but traveled and lived in other cities. Steve actually attends a university south of Buffalo. I missed the plug for our region but it doesn’t surprise me that he made it. I had hoped he would win but sometimes the most intellectual individual has “book sense” but not enough “common sense”.

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