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Happy Sunday, everyone. It’s late in the season and I am running out of ways to begin these daily threads. A quick recap of yesterday is the power of veto competition was held. It was a ‘mess the house’ competition where players hid something around the house and I think the last person to have their item found was the winner. The former corrections officer and Big Brother 17 hide ‘n’ seek champion was the easy winner, which of course resulted in a night of whining and crying by Vanessa and the twins. I heard numerous times how they just ‘had’ to have this type of conversation when James was in trouble.

I’m sure it will be a fairly busy day for Vanessa as she is really struggling on who to put on the block to replace James. She has been tossing around the idea of Julia as a pawn (who is not at all happy about that), but for her sake, she really better be doing the old ‘fake pawn’ routine. Vanessa is quickly running out of options if she wants to win this game, and one of the few remaining scenarios is to carry John and Meg along. Another good option would be sitting next to Austin in the final 2, but that would require masterful work of using the other side of the house to start splitting up that alliance.

That’s where this week comes in. Vanessa should most definitely use Julia as the pawn, and then allow James, John and Steve to vote her out. Oops. Her plan ‘failed’, and Julia becomes a pawn causality. Not Vanessa’s fault.. right? After that, Vanessa can become closer with Austin and Liz while secretly working with Steve and John and allow both pair to battle each other while also battling the pair of James/Meg. Messy situation, but I put Vanessa as #1 on my power rankings, so she has to make a big move this week if she wants to remain there.


With that – Updates:

  • 10:30am – John is up and relaxing on the hammock
  • 1:30pm – Took a nap. Came back to see Vanessa talking to the twins. It looks like Julia will indeed be going on the block as a pawn. Vanessa joked that she’d give her $10k if she went out the door this week.
    • Even if Vanessa isn’t planning for an ‘oops’ eviction, Steve and maybe even Austin will be absolutely foolish not to take advantage of this situation. All Austin has to do is be the 3rd vote and blame it on Steve. He would have to be certain John is going to vote for Meg to stay.
    • Vanessa really did offer $10k if Julia went home, apparently the DR yelled at her and told her it is not allowed.
  • 2:30pm – Meg is up chatting with Vanessa
    • Vanessa is upset that James brought up her speech and feels she was being made fun of.
    • Vanessa said that if Meg won HoH next week, she’d put her up. Meg said it would make sense, but it wouldn’t mean she’d be a target
    • Oh boy, Vanessa is re-telling how offended she was by James saying she was playing too hard, and even randomly pulled the gay card. Well done
    • After about an hour, the talk breaks up. Nothing really amazing about the conversation.
  • 6:30pm – Back from watching the CBS episode. Wow, they really had to stretch out that endurance competition. I really think the amount of time they spent on it was longer than the actual competition. They had to flood it with DR sessions to fill space. Sad.
  • On the feeds, Steve, Julia, and John are outside by the pool (hottub) chatting about random junk
  • 7:55pm – Austin has been talking with Vanessa. He thinks the feeds and CBS episodes are showing them in their true light. The joking around, him and Liz bonding, etc.  Yes, they are, but it’s still gross

Check back for more updates


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  1. Jannie

    Steve, in talking alone to the camera last night, said that if he wins an HOH he is putting up Austin and Liz.

    GO STEVE!!

    And if Vanessa is going to put up an Austwit, why not just go all the way and put up Liz to break up both the showmance and the twins. If any of the three of them go up, the other two will be mad, regardless of who it is – so why not take out one(Austinor Liz) who is able to win a comp.
    Nominating and sending out Julia would be a waste – go big or go home.

    • Elaine

      I agree that Vanessa should put up Austin or Liz, but she won’t be that bold. With putting up Julia as a “pawn” she protects whatever she thinks she has with John and Steve. Ideally if Julia goes up, the three votes should send her out. Meg is on the side of James, and John and Steve would benefit. Austin and Liz will be down to two, Vanessa will continue to talk both sides to death, choosing what is best for her a decision at a time.

  2. danmtruth

    With all due respect to Stevebeans and NKogNeeToe here is my take on the remaining house guest. Ann I hope this ease your mind. I can’t guarantee no math as my stream of consciousness takes me in many directions.
    James has thePoV his Meg Now the question is does he do the smart thing . Go after the Austwins 3 headed cesspool alliance. Or foolishly pull Vanessa out and try to target her . He had a chance when Becky try to Backdoor her but you and Meg had a brain cramp.
    Meg see James it’s his game she is playing now go reapply your lipstick
    Steve time to cut Vanessa ? How do you crack the Austwins Does he still have John as an ally?
    John All over the place beaten down by Vanessa who does he have ?
    Juila the most vulnerable of the cesspool 3 Her sister looks like she is ready to dump her for her lunkheads
    Liz can she be any skankier . She has taken whining to a new level
    Austin has he done enough to not win but get his shot on TV . Hi reason to be here To get his wrestling career (?) off the canvas Find a way to get on a soap opera Will he be able to clear up the std he and Liz are hatching
    Vanessa now we see what kind of player she is . Can she move the people to do what she needs to win
    No math let’s see what everyone thinks

  3. Avatar

    Meg will be voted out Thursday. They don’t know it’s double elimination week yet. Liz and Julia aren’t even thinking about it. They are relying on being “saved” by Austin and Vanessa. If one of them happens to win the HOH, they will let Austin and Vanessa make the decisions, just like they’ve done all year. I have no idea why Steve wants Meg out and I don’t think he has the guts to put up Austin and Liz. Total waste of an HOH. Now is the time to take out strong competitors. James knows exactly what he is going to do. JMac? Who knows!

  4. AIO_7

    My dream is Liz gets put up and then put out, and when she gets to jury the other three rip her a new a-hole.
    A man can can dream, can’t he?

  5. danmtruth

    The double eviction this late in the game will be a surprise. Is there anyone in the house prepared for this. Finally a twist that will shock the guest.

  6. Avatar

    Classic. Van pulling out the ill give ya 10k to go out. I was actually wondering if she does make it to the final 2 if she would offer jury 10k each to vote her way. Even if ya don’t like her. Hey why not try and bribe the jury. Never been attempted b4. Lol

    • Avatar

      So we know bribery is not allowed. Gotta love it. My pondering question answered.

    • Avatar

      A couple weeks ago there was an interview posted on here with Derrick and near the end of it he mentioned hearing that Vanessa was offering people money in different situations. Looks like it has some merit after all. I found it hard to believe when I first heard it.

  7. Avatar

    Can I say what I have said before, I hate this season! there have been a couple of seasons I have stopped watching and I don’t know why I’ve hung in this long with this one. I think part of it is just to see how it plays out and the fact that last year was my first year to reply on this blog and people were so nice to me when I was very sick. I’m about to go in the hospital again and may miss the end of the season but at least I can see what happens by reading it here.

    • Avatar

      Btw, when IS the finale? when will this torture be over?

    • Avatar

      Franko, let me just say how very glad I am to see you back this year. I was so worried about you when you were having serious health issues, and then the season ended and I had no idea if you were okay. You are one of the reasons I came back to this site.
      Best wishes to you!!!

    • Avatar

      The final show is September 23. The same night that Survivor starts. Good luck with your health issues!

    • Avatar

      THX Rob I was wondering the same thing …Survivor is my fav of all the “reallty” shows they have to earn basics…..best wishes Franko…getting old sucks..I know

    • Colby

      Glad to hear from you Franko. I have thought of you often. Best wishes with your current health issues. Hang in there!

    • Avatar

      I agree with you that this season sucks, I hope they listen to the fans and get rid of the botb crap, since most of the comments I have read are a majority of people hating it.
      Same with you the only reason I am still watching is to see how it pans out, and even though John hasn’t done much, he is the only one I am really rooting for.

      Hope you get better though, I know from experience that hospitals are no fun.

    • Avatar

      Hey Franko! I’m also glad you are back. I wondered periodically how you were doing. I hope all is well.

      I haven’t watched much this season. I don’t have cable, and frankly, it was boring. It’s lost it’s charm for me, I guess. The last few seasons have been a lot to take.

      I miss commenting and bitching with all of you, I hope everyone has been well. Nice to see a lot of familiars again. Like old friends.
      Take care. I’ll try to post again, I’ve been reading the updates, so thanks Steve.

    • Colby

      Willie, I’ve missed you too. Glad to see you are still around.

    • Avatar

      franko, so sorry you are having problems again. I wish you the best. This has been a pretty bad season. No real BB players.

    • g8trgirl

      Hi Franko,
      Nice to hear from you. Sorry you’re still having health issues. I hope you are better soon.
      Hi Willie. Nice to see you chime in too.

    • Avatar

      Willie and Franko!!! I am seeing more back from last year. Aside from BB, how are you all doing?????

    • Avatar

      Hey Christina !
      Things are good. I miss posting with everyone.
      Hope things are good with you as well.

  8. Avatar

    We quit watching after Derrick was on the show talking about this season. I commented to my wife that I couldn’t believe Derrick was actually talking up some of the game play when Julie asked him.

    That’s when my wife reminded me that he wouldn’t be invited back ever again if he had looked at Julie and told her they should change the name of the show this season from Big Brother to Dumb As A Box Of Rocks.

  9. danmtruth

    Franko good to hear from you Sad to hear you’re still having health issues
    Wow Vanessa now crying. Life is hard in the house because she is gay. This from the women who Backdoor the one gay man. Tells Meg that she has played with integerty . She needs to use the Duke education and look up the word integerty .

    • Avatar

      Noone in this season has integgory. Different levels of course. Yes, even James.It’s just the nature of the game. Only one I can remember having true integgory was Donnie last season. And ya he got 25k and a shot on the bold and the bueatiful. But this game isint built for it. Not making excuses for Van. Truth is they ALL claim integgory and honesty. Kinda laughable. That’s why I loved Will in season 2. He just said I’m a dirty stinking liar. Said it with a smile. Never won anything. Always on the block and won it all. Still my favorite player of all time.

  10. Avatar

    Wow!!! I am absolutely overwhelming by the well wishes from the people on here! Thank you! Thank you very very much!! Unfortunately, last yearwhen the show ended I had just gotten out of hospitalmuch much better for a couple of weeks. then things turned bad, really bad. something started happening and I didn’t know what and it turns out that I had been bleeding internally 4 a while. by the time it was discovered I had bled out almost 3/4 of all blood iny body. It turns out I had a thing called AVMs. Hard to explain but the first day I was in the hospital the doctors really did not expect me to live but I did! what I am going in for next week is to have surgery on my left carotid artery because it is almost completely blocked. it is supposed to be simple and no big deal but I don’t seem to do no big deal things.. I know this is all off topic and I’ll probably get some haters like I did last year but some of you actually seem to care and it is much much appreciated!
    now, about this season, I have said that I think it sucks but I have a new nickname for Vanessa which came to me tonight while watching the show on TV. she reminds me of a raccoon! so my new nickname is raccoon eyes. I’m sure she’s going to win but I just don’t like her but then all the other people have let her push them around and manipulate them and so I guess she actually deserves to win as much as I hate it. I would rather see her win than any of the Austwins, they are just disgusting!

    • kneeless

      I haven’t posted this year but have been reading comments. Franko, I was happy to see you back and sad to see you’re still having health issues. Well wishes for you.

      BB this season is torturous! Van has cried a river, Meg still hasn’t used up all her lipstick, Austin thinks he’s jumpstarting his WWE career, the twits take mean girl to a new level & the remaining 3 guys, while somewhat smart, can’t seem to get it together. Outside of this site & a few other people very close to me, I’m becoming ashamed to admit I watch BB! I still maintain CBS would increase viewership if they would cast a more mature bunch of folks. These 20 & early 30 somethings don’t give me much hope for our future!! lol!

    • Avatar

      Awww, Franko. I’m sorry you are having to deal with all of this. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Sounds like you beat the odds last year, so just go into your surgery with that in mind, and know you will do fine.

    • Avatar

      I’ll be thinking about you Franko. Keep your head up. They say that a positive attitude can make a big difference when it comes to any surgery. Mind over matter and all of that. And don’t forget, you have people thinking about you that you haven’t even met.

    • Avatar

      Best of luck to you franko. Will say a prayer for your upcoming surgery to be a complete success.

  11. Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Julia goes up as pawn and Austin votes her out thinking Steve voted to keep her safe and blaim him for flipping but Steve actually votes her out 4-1… what would he say to Liz… Please let it happen… PLEASE!!!

  12. Elaine

    After watching the episode tonight I hope future applicants for BB don’t take lessons from Vanessa on nominations. You really don’t have to have “reasons” that are beta-tested, trial-based, or norm-referenced for nominating houseguests for the block. You can actually do what makes sense for your game. And if you are good at math and feel that breaking up a tight group of three is better than nominating a pair that is so-so, then YOU as HOH can do it! Weeeeee!

  13. Avatar

    James will pull himself off. If Julia is put up as a “pawn”, hopefully Steve, John, and James all realize this will be their last shot at the three person power alliance that isn’t even a hidden one.

    Think about it.

    Meg and Julia on the block. Vanessa can only vote if there is a tie. The voters are James, John, Steve, Austin, and Liz. It could be 3 to 2 getting Julia out and breaking up an alliance that is completely exposed for all to see. It also breaks Liz’ game up because of the emotion of her sister being backdoored in such a manner. And Austin is suddenly in a vulnerable position being on an island by himself because Vanessa will continue to “power float” – using her influence over others and floating between multiple alliances without fully exposing herself to blame.

    Ideal situation: Julia put up against Meg and goes to Jury. And John wins HoH to put Austin and Liz up against each other. Win-win; would not matter which one went home, the alliance would be destroyed and everyone would essentially be fighting for themselves as it should be.

    Worst case situation – Austin or Liz wins next HoH.

    Would be nice if Vanessa were to be held accountable for offering cash for votes or allegiance. If it’s against the rules and they allow it, someone may call foul that has a vested interest in the rules being completely followed. Could get really interesting if it is a rule and she broke it.

  14. Avatar

    Watching the show, it amazes me that james said in DR that he didn’t know how close v and austwins are. Like aeriously?! Every person in the house pretty much has told you they are working together and they have never directly put each other up. The only reason I watch the shows at this point is to get inside the hgs heads based on their DRs. And this episode makes it seem like vanessa truly knows where she stands with austwins, so hopefully she is just playing them.

  15. Elaine

    I thought it funny in the show when Vanessa seemed so taken aback by Meg and James devotion for each other, saying something to the effect that each would fall on the sword for each other. Yea, well she doesn’t have to look to far to see there are three that WILL fall on the sword for each other after they stab her in the back with it! If Vanessa has this all under control and she understands the three against one, then she is taking a calculated gamble. Unfortunately, she has had dry spells with competitions and going forward the number of times one has to control his/her own destiny is increasing. Good luck and roll them dice!

  16. Colby

    Earlier today I saw that Steve said he was so glad that there haven’t been any bullies this season. He said production had him worried beforehand. WHAT? How badly has this kid been bullied in the past that he doesn’t think Vanessa browbeating him, and continually reminding him of how she thinks he did her wrong (to get her way) is not bullying?

  17. danmtruth

    Good point Colby about Vanessa bulling Steve and most of the other house guest. I have a brother in law who is a lawyer. I just can’t talk to him anymore. Every conversation turns into an argument. No matter what I say he takes the other side This reminds me of Vanessa no matter what the other house guest say she picks them apart. Funny how Vanessa was mad that James / Meg did not give her any info on the other side of the house. Not sure what she thinks she doesn’t know about everyone already. So because Meg/James did’nt pull a Vanessa and do the old I just thought of something . So now Vanessa is suspicious of them.
    Is it just an act that she has no plan on who to renominates. . That she needs all this info and talk to everyone . To run her plans by everyone . A true player has her targets figured out and does not need approval by all. It does not even seem like she is setting up a clear plan on evicting to tell her ally’s . Worse it does not seem she knows what side of the house she wants to be with

  18. Alda

    I think Vanessa has stuck with the Austwins because she made an alliance with them early on and figures when she is in the final two she can use the “loyalty”approach to the jurors.They were never her target.She has INTEGRITY and that’s why she deserves the $$$$.Can’t stand her,but good strategy.

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