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Big Brother 17 Sunday Night Blogging And Recap



Before I begin talking about the live feeds, I want to mention the CBS episode of Big Brother tonight. There isn’t a whole lot to talk about that hasn’t been covered in my updates, but a couple of things..

  1. Is Jeff really that dumb? Really? I mean first he didn’t know about there being two HoH’s, despite it happening all year long, and then couldn’t piece together what John was saying about Liz/Julia’s teeth.
  2. John is really awesome. I don’t think he’s actually going to win the game, but I hope to hell he stays in as long as possible simply because he is really funny to me. Plus, the tooth thing was pretty great.
  3. James had to be throwing that botb competition. I mean he stood there for most of the competition just sorting through the clothes. While people in the house speculated he threw the competition, I have no doubt in my mind he did. But, why would he?  Meg. He is really into Meg (like Caleb/Amber), and I think he took the bullet for her this week.

Overall, it was another decent episode. I always enjoy seeing how they edit together the bits and pieces from the hours of feeds I watch.  With that said, time to get to the evening feeds.  This afternoon was pretty much Vanessa talking a mile a minute to anyone listening, so let’s turn on the feeds to see what’s going on…

  • 7:15pm – Look at that, Vanessa is still talking. This time to John.  Time to change the channel.  I like Van, but she is too much for me. In the other feed, Shelli and Clay are in the hammock chatting. Let’s see if they say anything interesting.
  • 7:35pm – Kitchen party from Gronk
  • Super lame party where they hit some pots and pans.
  • Vanessa is driving me crazy this week, I don’t think I can take a full week of her repeating herself
  • The feeds are a bit messed up, every time I change them, they revert to midnight

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  1. Rita

    I think all the drama this week was orchestrated by Austin just to get Jeff out because Jeff is getting all the attention from Liz. Liz (not Julia) likes Jeff and Liz is not there right now, Julia is. I’m not sure if Julia likes Austin but she really dislikes Jeff.

    If Jeff goes home this week I expect more drama from Austin when his crush Liz still doesn’t give him the time of day.

  2. Avatar

    This year is WAY better than last year already! Thank god
    We have a game with fun characters. And nothing is forsure like last yr. P.s. told ya Vanessa is a solid player day 1. (;
    Tap her photo and look at my comment on day 1
    Great game so far

  3. CLangley

    Watching live feeds, I’m lost on this conversation about something being said or happening between Clay/Shelly Liz/Vanessa/Austin and Steve??? Anybody have an idea what Van is talking about with Liz/Austin concerning Steve and Shelly/Clay??? I’m soooooo confused. Lol

  4. Avatar

    It’s getting easier to rank HG on jokers. I just give the majority of them a 0. Austin is bat-crap crazy. Steve is this year’s weasel and creepy. Becky and Jackie are just ‘there.’ Audrey is the wicked witch. Jeff thinks he’s a playboy. GAG Shelli, Clay, Liz/Julia are just annoying. Vanessa is the motor mouth–not sure even she knows what she’s saying at times. I like John, Jason, Meg, and James.

  5. Avatar

    The stuff Jeff said did make me laugh so that was a plus. I agree about Vanessa, just say Jeff is a threat and be done with it. She doesn’t have to justify her actions really, just make sure she has backing and nom him and be done with it. I think all this comp throwing is stupid and eventually someone who does it will go home.

  6. Avatar

    I forgot to say I am so confused about why they think Julia coming in is a great idea. Normally you want players out so you can win since they all have to go, but they are just fine with Julia entering the game. I think of BB as like a clearance sale, everyone must go.

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