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Big Brother 17 – So, You’re Telling Me There Is A Chance?



After the veto ceremony yesterday, the week was done. Vanessa was going to jury and they were already preparing for a potential double eviction  (which is happening this week). Time for me to take a break and come back on Thursday night, right?  Wrong.

Last night, the James crew started overthinking the situation quite a bit and are now tossing around the idea of keeping Vanessa over Shelli. Why?  Why not! There is nothing else to do other than relax and enjoy the week knowing you’re eliminating someone who has had their hand in nearly every eviction. The logic is that Vanessa will only go after Becky, but Shelli is open season for any of them. While that is true, Shelli may have her sights set on everyone, but she has almost nobody behind her. Vanessa, on the other hand, still has numbers if she remains.

I know that sounds weird considering they’re on the same side, but reality is that Vanessa was the leader of the group while Shelli was up Clay’s butt the last 50somewhat days. Shelli may be the stronger competitor and may be a loose cannon, but she is also nowhere near as smart as Vanessa.  There is still a long week to go, but if last night is any indication, this house could sway back and forth numerous times before the actual eviction.


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Updates –

  • 9:00am – Still sleepy time in the Big Brother house
  • 10:30am – Some are up. John is sitting outside alone. The house feels lonely without Jason in his smoking spot.
  • 11:00am – John is hanging out on the hammock, Shelli just finished showering.
  • 11:40am – Vanessa has emerged from the bedroom today. She is in the bathroom chatting with Shelli
  • Vanessa is talking like a robot mocking Becky
  • Most of the house is now up. Hard life
  • 12:00pm – People are getting ready to spend the day near the pool
  • Vanessa tells Steve that it’s going to be very obvious that she is going after Becky
  • 12:45pm – Houseguests are still doing HoH pictures
  • 1:30pm – James and his girls were talking about how they’re going to get through a few more days of havenot, meanwhile, John is chatting with Steve outside near the pool
  • 2:00pm – Meg to James “Becky has to go sooner rather than later too”
  • 3:00pm –  I am listening to the feeds from bed. Not much going on, but I keep hearing Liz and/or Julia whine something out. Why do they do that?
  • 4:30pm – James, Meg and Austin are outside, while Steve, Shelli and a few others are in the bedroom.  I turn to Shelli’s feed to hear her say she enjoys hand caressing. Quickly switched back. While they repeat brass tacks often, listening to James and Austin talk is much more fun
  • I just looked at my updates today. Wow, what a slow day
  • 5:00pm – Austin is in the hammock with Liz, Julia is hanging out with Vanessa.  Many are sleeping.  James is with John somewhere.  Really, really boring afternoon.
  • 6:30pm – Vanessa is outside with Austin and James going off about Becky again. Ugh.
  • Speaking of dumb drama, I just watched Dance Moms for the first time in like 3 years. That show is so weird now. It was pretty weird before, but now it feels completely fake.
  • James is saying Vanessa sold him (not a surprise). We’ll see what he actually says when he goes back to Jackie and Meg
  • Vanessa is now talking to the whiners and Shelli joins.
  • Vanessa is preaching the bible to the group
  • 8:00pm – Vanessa has been working the house pretty well and it sounds like she’s staying – for now
  • James, Jackie and Meg agree to vote out Shelli.  Ok then.
  • 9:00pm – Taking another hour off to watch TV. I’ll update on house shortly
  • 10:30pm – Shelli is talking to Lizulia in the bathroom and has noticed some scampering going on.  Meg is planning on telling Becky about the new plan to keep Vanessa on Thursday morning, so this Thursday may be another busy day. Don’t they know that’s what Wednesday’s are for??
  • More recent updates:
  • Steve has been having a tough time. He told Shelli if she goes, he’s screwed.
  • Austin complains they got a small booze delivery  (4 beers and 1 bottle of wine)
  • So, the lines are clearly being drawn. Meg, Jackie and James are becoming more obvious as a group and will become major targets sooner rather than later. However, Austin, Liz and Julia have another group that will need to be broken up.
  • 10:36pm – Vanessa is outside talking to the gremlins (James, Jackie, Meg) about Becky. She just wants to hammer the nail.
  • In the kitchen, someone sang the theme song to the generals insurance commercial in front of Becky. This is because of the alliance Becky suggested with Vanessa (to name it the generals)
  • Vanessa’s story is the same exact story she has told this group about 3x already. And we have another few days of this.
  • Johnny Mack joins the conversation and Vanessa changes the subject and Meg walks away. We’re safe for now
  • 10:54pm – I don’t know if I can take much more of Vanessa tonight, so I’ll recap anything that happens overnight tomorrow

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Perfect use of the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ quote!

  2. Mimi Ryan

    I love it. I appreciate the overthinking part too. Well, I would like to see Shelli go, but Van would be the larger threat to some extent. Johnny Mack has Van clearly in his sights as a major manipulator, so he would be one to compensate his vote should she stay in the house. Threats about what someone will do if they go to jury, is just that threats. Once out of the emotional pressure pot, perspective seems to adjust as the days go by. I can’t wait until Thursday’s DB Eviction 😉

  3. Avatar

    I guess I’m about as bad as the havenots at over thinking the situation now. Vanessa will have the numbers to come back & reek havoc on the havenots. She can’t be trusted & won’t stick to a deal with the havenots. She will be back up to her old tricks. She will go straight after Becky. The thing there is Becky is a strong competitor & could possibly save herself. Who will Vanessa go after then?
    Now, Shelli has made it her life’s mission to get back at James so he will not be safe. There’s absolutely no way they can expect her to make a deal & stick to it because she would say James went back on his word to her & Clay. She is a strong competitor & will start sending the havenots packing one by one if given the chance to become HOH again. Shelli may not have the numbers but if she puts 2 havenots up side by side on the block she can easily put up a third if one comes down. Then numbers wont matter because one will have to go.
    What is the best solution?

  4. danmtruth

    Stay with Vanessa as the target. She is more dangerous than Shelli. Vanessa still has numbers and can manipulate better than Shelli. Plus this just throws Becky under the bus. If you wanted Shelli out than just keep the norms . After Stave won things got complicated. The numbers went back to the sick Sence if you did not put up someone from their side. But Becky put Vanessa up with the idea that this was good with her people . Plus the sick Sence people seemed ok with sacerficing Vanessa

    • Avatar

      I thought the 6th sense were thinking that Johnny would be the eventual backdoor. That’s why Becky felt it necessary to go to Austin before the Veto Ceremony and let him know Vanessa was going up and out instead. She told him that Vanessa was going up, and we have the numbers to get her out. Now Julia & Liz are pissed that the plan changed ( from Johnny to Vanessa). Austin isn’t as much because he knows Vanessa was gunning for him at one point, but he is still upset that he wasn’t in the loop.

      So really, no matter which one goes, the trio are going to be mad at Becky & company, and the division in the house is even deeper than before.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you. If they switch to keep Vanessa they will be losing numbers they can’t afford to lose. Becky is with them now and so is jmac. If they keep Vanessa they will lose them plus they all think trio is on their side and they are not. If they keep Vanessa and meg nor jacki or James don’t win Hohhot for de one of them is gone for sure and they won’t have numbers to keep them in vote. They can’t afford to tick off Becky or John. Plus with the numbers they have now they are an intimidating group and even shelli would be afraid to go against them as they would get her first chance. They keep Vanessa and they will be picked off one by one as there will be only three of them again

  5. Jannie

    Totally disagree, stevebeans
    Keeping Vanessa is definitely the best option for James/Meg/Jackie. And Steve.
    I think Vanessa is at such a low point this week, and took such a hit to her psyche that she would be totally loyal to those three if they made a deal to save her. Just make a deal to not nominate each other thru the DE – I think she would jump on it. Explain to her that the Austwins are totally prepared to send her packing, but they want to keep her.
    Let’s see what happens…if Shelli stays and wins and James is out the door, don’t say I didn’t tell you so 🙂

    Sorry, still think Becky is a rat who needs to go – Shelli is her buddy, Vanessa wants her gone.

    • Avatar

      Totally disagree, Jannie Vanessa has loyalty to no one but herself. I could see her making a deal to save her butt and then turning right around and outing one of the three the very next week, if not in the same night on the double evict. I wouldn’t trust Vanessa any further than I could throw her!

    • Avatar

      Becky did rat them out & I still don’t trust her but Becky is playing BB & making moves that are best for her game. The question is will she have the numbers to help her carry out her plan? I think she’s making a mistake trusting Shelli. I also think that the havenots are starting to think about what Vanessa said about Becky ratting them out when James was HOH & about knowing about Jason getting backdoored. They’re questioning her loyalty after all along with thinking about Shelli getting revenge.

    • Sweet Bee

      Becky reminds me of Andy from BB15.

    • Jannie

      Rob – that’s a chance they will have to take.
      But if Shelli stays they know FOR A FACT that she is going after them(James/Meg/Jackie).

      I would rather go with a “maybe it will happen(keep Van)” than a “for sure it’s going to happen(keep Shelli).”

    • Avatar

      I would agree with you if the Sixth Sense no longer existed, but it does….it was just weakened a bit. When you look at that alliance, it’s really 3 alliances combined into one…. Austin and the twins, Clay and Shelli, and Vanessa on her own. Vanessa is the driving force and the one who glues them all together. Take her out of the equation and I hardly think you’ll see Shelli working with the Austwins to maintain the alliance. That’s why I think they should take Vanessa out while they have the chance.

    • Jannie

      Can’t help but think that even if Shelli is no longer with the Austwins, she will weasel her way in with Becky, JMac, and Steve. She and Becky have always been close, and Becky is tight with JMac. As is Steve.

      Really hoping that one of those obnoxious twins goes out on the 2nd eviction Thursday…preferably Liz.
      They are so dense and annoying!!

    • Avatar

      Becky is on James etc side now and being very friendly with shelli helps her group. She put shelli up knowing there was chance she would go home and was prepared for her to go home if she couldn’t back door Vanessa. If three now go against Becky they are killing all their chances. James does not realize the twin trio hate him as much as shelli

    • Avatar

      I dont think vanessa will stay loyal to james and company, but I do agree that she wont go after them for double eviction. Shelli is not and has not been playing the game cuz she thinks she is safe. Shelli is not smart at all. I hope vanessa wins it all, even though I dont like her or watching her or hearing her or looking at her. Nobody is playing like vanessa besides james, I guess.

  6. Sweet Bee

    l hope Clay is feeling pretty stupid right now. He committed Big Brother suicide for Shelli to stay and fight in the big brother house and this week Shelli has been put on the block and again has a chance to be evicted. I really am hoping for Vanessa to go this week because:
    ·It’s a double eviction week, so two players will be going to jury this week.
    ·Whoever is evicted in the next 3 live shows has a 1 in 4 chance of re entering the game.

    It would really suck if they got rid of Shelli this week, (only for Becky, James, Meg, and Jackie) because she has a higher chance of staying in and winning one of those wall/endurance comps than Vanessa. And I do believe they can also be crowned HOH of they beat every houseguest. Shelli would come in swinging, while Vanessa, say she beats the other 3 jury members and re enters the game, she doesn’t really have a chance at beating everyone, and wouldn’t have any power re entering the house.

    Say Shelli stays in the house and wins hoh she’d probably target James and then James would have a chance a re entering the game. ldk. I just think it would be more entertaining to get rid of Vanessa and let Shelli stay a little while longer.

  7. Avatar

    Vanessa is royally pissed at Becky & says Becky owes her an apology. She said she cant stand her. How many of the people did Vanessa apologize to that she screwed over?
    The havenots are also thinking about keeping Vanessa because they know she would go after Becky hot & heavy & it would look better if she got Becky out so they get get no blood on their hands.
    At the same time Shelli would gladly put up any one of the havenots against James. She just wants vengeance against James.

  8. pkcable

    Vanessa is really starting to annoy me! She really IS just a smarter version of Audrey, but otherwise all the drama and whining etc is the same!

  9. danmtruth

    I find it funny that most people are not made that someone is targeted. Instead they are mad that they weren’t told about the plan first. Everyone wants everyone to be transparent in what they do . Now they are taking thing personal Shelli going after people for Clay. James, Meg, and Jacki fightting for Jassons honor. The twins just sit and sun them selfs
    James, Meg, and Jackie are banking a lot on winning the second HOH Thursday for the DE . Funny how Steve and John have become swing votes. Rain man Steve is the hardest one to figure out. It seems Steve is his one true ally. Yet I wonder what influence Shelli or Julia’s flirting will have on him. He seems to be claiming restraint till the jury house . Than party time ? ! ? John would like to team up with Becky for game play and for play. For reasons I still don’t understand Becky feels her closes ally seems to be Shelli . Just can’t wait to see this Thu.
    Personal thing what has happend to NKogNeeTow ? I miss hearing her thoughts. So many much more better put together thoughts by others. Ann, Sweet Bee,Painter1,rob,Jannie, doc and so many more. It is a fun little community

  10. danmtruth

    With DE on Thursday lets do what if :
    The revolt works Shelli is out . Vanessa wins HOH nom james Meg Backdoor Becky . Or straight to Becky no POV removal

    • Avatar

      She’s so pissed & has so much hatred for Becky now, I think Vanessa would be so happy to get HOH & getting even with Becky, she would probably throw her right up on the block & then threaten & bully to the others leave her on the block & vote out.

  11. danmtruth

    From what I have read Banessa has gone full prison cliche . Now she has pulled out a bible and started bible study group. Talk about God ,honesty, integerty, you know all the things she hasent done.
    Steve talking politics with the twins ?!? Funny the only name from politics the twins knew was Monica Lowinskis

    • Avatar

      Politics is way over those bimbos heads. Of course they know who Monica Lowinski is. Liz is doing what she did. Look at Liz whoring herself out to Austin.

    • Avatar

      Vanessa wouldn’t know honesty, integrity or loyalty if it jumped up, snatched that hat off of her head & sunglasses off of her face & slapped her up one side of her head & down the other.
      “Ooh, Becky was so mean to me, she owes me an apology. ” Shut up already, you sound like a big baby.

  12. Avatar

    That HOH has gone straight to Becky’s head. She had better keep her eyes & ears open & talk to her people making sure the plan is going as she planned. Who gives a fat rats ass about her travels & what she has. Get your head back in the game girl because Vanutti is coming for you if she stays in the house.
    James, Jackie & Meg can’t count 100% on winning the DE HOH cause Meg CAN’T fight her way out of a wet paper bag, she cant win anything so they shouldn’t count on her.
    If they have a whining comp the twins have got that one in the the baaaggg!!!
    Austin can win a keep your head up Liz ass comp.
    Steve, I don’t know what he can do.
    Shelli is a good competitor so they had better hope & pray to the BB Gods that hateful, mean, vindictive seahag does not get the next HOH.

    • Avatar

      It will be a fast memory comp… I think …Jackie better start studying …Steve has the best chance but he was muttering he might throw it, some time around 5 am….maybe the stay or fold one… I think I like Steve alot more …he knows who Bernie Sanders is…YAY STEVE

    • Jannie

      Totally agree, Ann. I don’t trust Becky for anything.
      She spent all of the weeks floating back and forth and spilling James and Co. secrets to Shelli. She betrayed them more than once. She is very close to Shelli.
      And who does Vanessa’s eviction benefit the most?? Hmmm… Becky!!
      And who benefits the most from Shelli staying in the house?? Becky!!
      And who benefits the least from Shelli staying?? James!!

      Shelli staying sure as heck does not benefit James. I am glad he is figuring that out – he is a smart player. But then again, I don’t think Becky gives a rat’s patooty about James/Meg/Jackie. She is using them this week to do her dirty work and get Vanessa out even though it is better for them to evict Shelli.
      If they keep Shelli and she wins one of the HOH’s on DE, Becky will be right back up her (Shelli’s) butt. And james will be gone.

    • Avatar

      You are very cranky. Think youre taking this a little too seriously?

    • Jannie

      Have a nice day, Gary. 🙂

      Think you are taking other people’s comments a little too seriously??

      We are all here to discuss BB – agree or not.

      Why do you want to be judgmental of all of us here?? You did it on the previous thread, also.

      I don’t want to judge your comments on a personal level – please show me the same courtesy.

    • Avatar

      Hey Jannie,

      I am certain if we were to meet in the BB house, we’d be best of friends. We’d be like a Derrick and Vanessa from last year. ( not a shot at your intelligence, you sound pretty savy), but you get the picture, we’d be prettu tight…

      Until this week…..

      Then we’d be duking out ! Aaargh, Jannie, how can you want Shelli to stay ???

      Do you want to giftwrap the $500,000 cheque to Vanessa with pretty pink paper and a beautiful red bow ?

      Yikes ! Keeping Vanessa this week, when she has been down and out, will breathe so much life back into her. The power boost she will get will send her on such a domineering trip, nobody will know what to do.

      Get her out while the getting is good, and hope that James or Jackie, or even John win the hoh.

      Other than that, hope all is good…

      dmc ?

  13. Avatar

    I wonder if during nail salon day tomorrow Van and Shelli both do their fancy cheat sheet nail designs ..each thinking they are safe….sorry just a random thought….getting Van out is the smarter move in the long run…but these guys are just thinking ….get though the DE.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think Meg or Jackie have been studying. They’re just sitting back waiting on James to win or hoping they get lucky. It’s obvious Meg & Jackie are a few bricks shy of a load. Meg is being carried all the way to the finals.

  14. Avatar

    Vanessa says she’d like to talk w/ James later. Says she won’t say a bad thing about Shelli but would love to bring up some points to James. “Have you already made up your mind the way you’re voting?” James: “Definitely not.”
    …from Jokers ….Van has started to weave her web ….

    • jimbo

      I cant read you because I cant get past your Sanders symbol. Wanting a 90 percent tax rate….really?!! 900,000 of every million someone makes?! You may as well take all the incentive out of ever creating and innovating anything. Why take the risk when the govt. gets 90 percent of your efforts?

    • Avatar

      there are no nations , just corporations , buying the flag of the day…. Bernie is for the the people ..NOT the 1% ….union proud

  15. Alda

    Jannie,you made some very good points.Vanessa does hate Becky and so do the twins.Shelli hates James.I definitely want James to stay so I ‘m thinking you are right.Shelli might have to go first.Vanessa might switch up her alliances with James and his girls if she stays.

    • Avatar

      Vanessa will do what it takes. She is so annoying though. At least she isnt shelli, shelli is the worst. Who cares if she wins comps, she has a boring personality and is no fun to watch. Vanessa is at least fun to watch.

    • Avatar

      Steven Beens. Can we not make this a political disusion. Please ask all to keep politics out of this. This is a big brother show blog. Not I love Bernie blog. Thank You

  16. Elaine

    Jackie’s laugh is annoying. I found it funny that she has been all about everyone “voting with the house” (or else), When Vanessa was saying something about jury voting, Jackie was adamant that NO ONE is going to tell her how to vote in jury. If only Jackie would realize that she has that same independent (and important) power when playing the game, voting to keep/evict houseguests. She and Meg are very fortunate to have James, who is showing himself to be a well-rounded game player.

  17. Avatar

    Danmtruth, where are you? These people are driving me NUTS!!!!!
    I won’t make it til Thursday. All of this jumping back & forth, backstabbing, loyalty, integrity, truth telling & never breaking their word to one another has my head spinning. What is wrong with these wishy washy idiots?
    Im going to to have to watch this show while strapped in a straight jacket.

  18. Avatar

    Dear Brett,
    Regarding your this is how it’s gonna go 5-4 “book it”
    Hope for your sake you didn’t really book it. You may be out a penny or 2. (; As I said this game flips in a nanosecond. Long way until Thursday. We will see.

  19. Avatar

    I’m referring to the “book it” comment 3 or 4 day’s ago.
    All in good fun. We finally have a show!!!

  20. Avatar

    Reguardless of who you like in this game the best players by far are Vanessa and James. Just a fact. Comps, persuasion etc. Goodnight all

  21. Avatar

    Opps have to add to that last commet. Ha
    Like James said, when putting up Clay and Shelli up.
    Something like this. This isn’t about honesty or what one agrees to when you are in power. (After the Shelli blow up)Not exact words. So you 2 are are going up. Vanessa is doing basically the same thing. Like it or not. These 2 are by far the best players.

  22. Colby

    I think:
    Vanessa and Shelli are the biggest threats in this game.
    Shelli is gunning for James for personal reasons (Clay). But his (James) reason was not personal, it was a good game play. I would hate to see her win and take him out, and I know she is seen as a good comp player. But
    I think early on many of them were throwing comps so as not to be seen as a threat. Even Meg came in 2nd in this last veto comp, way ahead of her. I just don’t think she is nearly as big of a threat without Clay and Vanessa.
    Vanessa is a bigger threat to everyone else. Right now she is gunning for Becky and then Steve (because how dare they go against her controlling them), so everyone is just thinking ‘OK, that buys us a couple of weeks’. Vanessa is blowing up Becky on everything she has done and making stuff up. They have discussed how Vanessa manipulates and lies, etc. They have all done stuff they don’t want others to know. That’s the game. What do they think is going to happen when Vanessa goes after them?
    As far as Vanessa’s BS about her honesty, integrity, etc……There is not a big enough crapper in the world to flush that down.
    I say take out the biggest gun when you get the chance, because you may not get another one.
    But things can change on a dime in the BB house, so hopefully they will come to their senses.

  23. danmtruth

    Ann sorry to let you down . Come away from the ledge. Remember back when we were complaing no one was making a move . Or no one was voting for them selfs Well we have it in spades. Just sad to see JMack being dragged in the mud. Once more every thing Vanessa is complaing about other people are things she was responsible for. Thursday will be a shocker !! It will be the most dramatic rose ceri,,,,, sorry wrong show hype . But the looks on people’s faces will be classic Poor Becky,Steve, and JMack they don’t see this coming .
    Than you go into the double eviction. As someone else mention it needs to be a fast memorie comp . So everyone is trying to line up options . Not sure if everyone can keep them straight. I can’t believe Stave is talking about throwing the comp . After the vote he better realize the he and John are targets and plays hard for HOH If not either Steve John and Becky are will be gone
    I can’t wait to see which way it goes

    • Avatar

      I’m totally & completely baffled at this point. Thursday’s show is going to be epic. It looks like Vanessa is flipping most of the house. Has anyone told Becky, Shelli or Steve yet? If not, I guarantee you they will find out soon. Nobody knows how to keep their mouth shut.
      Why can’t they just stick to the original plan for once.? They’re causing me so much anguish. I will be a nervous wreck by Thursday night.
      I can’t stand to see those whining twins jerking their necks every time they talk. Vanessa can’t talk without using the “F” word. She sat there with her Bible in her hands cursing like a sailor.
      I just don’t know anymore.

  24. Clangley

    All I have to say is…..
    Is it Thursday yet????? Hahahahaa
    We’ll be anxiously waiting again.
    Ann won’t have any fingernails left by then.

    • Avatar

      Truth be told,,, I have pick at my cuticles & started picking at the skin on my thumbs & that’s not going so good because clipped my nails really short. Lol. These people are driving me crazy.
      I just need Thursday to get here.

  25. Avatar

    I think Vanessa forgot where she is….hello, your playing big brother! I have to turn the channel every she is on after dark. She is driving me crazy!!

  26. Avatar

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ya wanted a show, well………ya got a show now!

  27. danmtruth

    Ann Ann my friend decaf and Kettel One vodka might help. Give those nails a chance to grow back.
    So the Gremlins / goblins / have not crew are buying into the b.s. Vanessa is dishing. Once more small minds led astray. They were just looking for a justification of throwing Becky under the bus. They are mad because Becky didn’t listen to them or ask there opinion as to who the target should be? No all agreed the week before that first it was to break up Clay & Shelli . Than to get Vanessa out . So what has changed ? They listen to Vanessa rebelling history . How the plans she came up with some how was Beckys idea or lack of leadership. Once more let’s revisit when Austin was the Backdoor plan . He pleads with Vanessa who says go get Shelli and Clay than she will take him down. Becky was the pawn at the time . Vanessa had made the deal with Jasson but still had no problem back stabbing him So much for Honesty, Integrity , and fair play So now the goblins have joined Vanessa in her world of the paranoia . Everyone is out to get me. . This from the group who have only won 3 HOH Good luck moving forward
    So with my tinfoil hat on trying to get the thought patterns from WHAT any of these people will do Thursday I will as Hawk Harilson says “strap it down and buckle up” and enjoy the fireworks

    • Avatar

      If it weren’t for the fact that I take seizure meds, I would probably would have taken a big swig of anything with the word alcohol on it by now. Hell, I would probably be an alcoholic by now after dealing with the BB 17 crew. Vanessa would’ve driven me to the bottle. Lol
      I was bored at the beginning of the season & needed more excitement from this group & look what I got. I’ll bet you guys I’ll be careful of what I ask for from now on!!!

  28. danmtruth

    Mickey you hit it . This is the BB we love to see
    If or when Vanessa saves herself Will this be a bigger save than when Audry was saved . Funny Vanessa was in the middle of that

  29. Jannie

    Here we go –
    Makes no difference at this point who stays or goes.
    A deal has been struck between James/Meg/Jackie and the Austwins for final six.
    So disappointed in James and Co.
    Last night Meg even said: “I really like the twins!”
    And Jackie said “Austin is playing a really good game!”

    Hang on kids, we could have a Meg/Julia final two.

    • Avatar

      Except for the fact that going against Becky, James Meg and Jackie have alienated themselves from Becky JMACK and Steve and in my opinion Becky Jmaack and Steve will be the strongest threesome left and win the next HOH and have control of the house and nom 1 each from each 3some prob James and Liz with Austin as back door option.

    • Avatar

      PLEASE say it ain’t so. James & co have come so far just to end up taking 10 giant steps back.

    • Avatar

      Janie. As we all should know by now, the likelihood of that being the final 6 is unlikely. Just 3 days ago it was Vanessa out 100 percent almost everyone thought. The week b4 it was Shelli out. Vanessa should not be underestimated. True she has a hill to climb. But ya gotta give her props (like her or not) She has flipped this thing a few times already.The so called final 6 could be any of em. Who wins HOH and then pov AFTER the double eviction will likely change everything yet agian. Finally a good season. God bless Derrick last year. But as we all know the guy was gonna win it from about week 5 on. This year we have a game. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      Fun fun fun

    • Avatar

      Can you imagine a Meg/Julia final two ? Would anyone even watch to see who wins ?

      But, I wouldn’t count Steve out of all of this little mess. I am beginning to think that his whole personality inside the house is an act. I think he went in there to be as geeky as possible, and a loner, and all along he has time to watch, listen, and plan for the future. I would bet that when the plan changes, and he sees that Vanessa stays, that he will elevate the game for the week, and win hoh for the double eviction, and put Becky up with a pawn. And then, if need be, lie low again for the next week or two. I am honestly thinking that he is playing a brilliantly quiet game.

      No matter what, Thursday should be exciting !

  30. Renee

    I have always suspected that the staff in the diary room mess with their heads and put the power of suggestion for flipping sides. Evil Dick confirmed it on another site yesterday.

    Also, it was suggested earlier in the week that James was picked as America’s Player. Some of the things he has done throughout this week makes me agree (making the voodoo doll, stealing Clay’s shirt, etc.)

  31. Clangley

    You know when an evicted jury member gets brought back in the game like Julie said could happen things are going to get even crazier depending on who it ends up being. What if it’s Vanessa who gets brought back and she actually reflips the flippers to push herself even further to the final??? Lol you know apparently she can make them do anything. What’s funny is how they all talk about her being so good at manipulation while she’s manipulating them AGAIN. How can they not see where this is going? Ann I’d say we definitely got what we ask for and then some hahaha. We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for updates and shows now lol. I love all the excitement but hate how overly anxious I get waiting for the next move. It’s a double edge sword. 🙂

  32. Renee

    I agree Clangley. I get very frustrated watching them flip back and forth. Then I have to remind myself that they are not privy to all conversations like we are. They are reacting to just what is being said to them by the person at the time. I keep thinking “how can they not see through what is going on” but again remind myself they didn’t hear the conversation in the other room that I just heard on the feeds.

  33. Avatar

    I liked Vanessa until she got those Bat-Shit Crazy Eyes and starting drooling after Shelli.

  34. danmtruth

    48 short hours and we would have something else to yell about ! They will evict Shelli than be shocked when one of them get evicted with second elimination . Zombies would stave to death with no brains to eat in the BB house. The goblins/ Have Nots/ presidents?!?? Are more interested in naming them selfs and being bitter towards Becky. Ann I need a road map to figure out what they are talking about. James gave Becky 5K Yes that was so James could win the POV to keep Shelli & Clay on the block. Yet he took Clay to have a steak dinner the week before. Jackie conveniently forgetting it was Vanessa who backstab Jeff. With the phony fight with Austin
    Let’s look at the eviction till now Perhaps my memory Is faulty.
    Week one Jace who cares played to hard . First sign of dude romance with Austin .House was looking at Austin next
    Week 2 DaVonne first time Audery was targeted. House was on board with Audery going Vanessa worked behind the scene to save her. Vanessa claimed she can’t evict Audery because what she represents . As a gay person Vanessa cannot be the one to evict her. Shelli & Clay had fight with DaVonne Backdoor in place . First the house hears of Liz being a twin DaVonne try’s to leverage / blackmail Liz. Back fires because she told to many people. Vanessa & Shelli come in offer protection Lady Day gone. First time house fight to swing votes. Done on accident started by DeVonne
    Week 3 Jeff Once more Audery was the house target Austin feel threaten by Jeff for Liz affection . Goes to Vanessa to suggest a Backdoor of Jeff because he knows of Liz being a twin . At this point a day before Austin had no idea she was a twin and he was stalking her . JMack had his cap tooth theory . Meg and Jackie see it also . In other words beside Steve and james everyone knows. None the less Vanessa goes with the Jeff Backdoor.they stage a fake fight between Jeff Austin and Vanessa to make Jeff look shady
    Week 4 Audery no saving her . As close to a self evict as you can get . Her over aggressive game play . Her paranoia were her undoing Wait am I talking about Audrey or Vanessa
    Week 5 Jasson One of the more pivotal eviction Becky was a pawn Austin was the Backdoor plan Vanessa reassured Jasson he was safe a deal was made Austin begs to Vanessa . She washes her hands says first convince Shelli & cla they will see . Flip is made Becky in HOH when dip done Jasson stunned this is a call to arms Too little too late Jeff gone
    Week 6 Clay revenge of the nerds Vanessa sells them out Clay is gone
    This is where we are now Vanessa should be the clear target . Yet she has rewritten history better than Stalin
    Get ready for small groups of 2 and 3 trying to out play others This promises to be the best
    Ann this is all I can offer you hold on to your melds put those cone things on your wrist like they put on dogs To keep you away from pulling your hair and biting your nails I will double my drinks in your name

    • Avatar

      Great recap !

      So much has happened, and still so many hgs left. It’s great. The hoh for the double is going to make a huge difference in shaping the house. With so many fragmented groups, 1 eviction changes the numbers big time.

      For a season that started a little slow and one sided, These last two weeks with James & Becky running things have helped turn it all around.

      Curious who Johnny would target. What side does he think he has a better chance to coast through with ? I think he is due to win soon. And Steve – like I indicated somewhere above, has more to him than he is leading on. He is the dark horse in all of this, and I am thinking he can win it, or take runner up.

  35. danmtruth

    Just remind yourself 2 more gray boxes after Thur

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