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Big Brother 17 Thursday Feeds

Yay, it’s Thursday! Gronk Party time

As I point out every Thursday, this thread may be incredibly slow and boring. This is just a warning in advance. Thursday afternoons are almost always dull in the Big Brother house as plans are basically sealed, and they get ready for the live show tonight.


That said, I would feel weird just not posting, so I wanted to get something up just in case anything interesting happens.

I may as well take this time to say how great Johnny Mack is. I love watching his DR sessions so far this season. There are a lot of decent people in the house (which is surprising), but Mack Attack is so different it is mystifying. He comes off as a stoner who doesn’t know what day it is, but then you remember he completed dental school and is actually really intelligent. Especially when he comes out with random gems like noticing the different shade of teeth between Julia and Liz. Stuff like that is so Johnny Mack, it hurts.

This blog is officially on Team Johnny Mack until something changes!


And if you’re wondering why Jason is on the cover of a Johnny Mack gushing post, because that’s something Johnny Mack would do just to throw people off.

Alright, time for the (lack of?) updates:

  • 9:50am – Feeds are down. Possibly a wake-up call.
  • 12:00pm – Feeds have been mostly down, but they were up for a little while this morning as people ate breakfast and started getting ready

Check back for more


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  1. danmtruth

    After reading the comments in the last thread a few things keep coming up Johny Mack is gaining a lot of love from BB Junkie fans. As he should. Austin has totally misplayed his feelings toward Liz or is it Julie? Did not Austin see last year when Caleb went on his date who that back fired?Vanessa is not as good at reading people as she thinks . Her explanation about not wanting to be the one to evict Auedry was sad First because Audery would evict her without a second thought. It is a disservice to keep her just because she is transgender .Her bulling act to get her way The dumb argument with Austin when he blew the veto comp . Than fall back to tears is wearing thin. Must give props to Jasson and the producers for the eye’s are lieing as the cut to Clay who hid his face. Can we mark the Gronk Party twist as one of the worst things they have done on the show in years. What dead air time

  2. AIO_7

    Yeah, John and Meg are my favorites so far.
    Honorable mention would go to Becky, James and Jason.

  3. Jannie

    The way Shelli was bitching about Jeff and Clay’s friendship and Clay not sticking up for her(ugh!) and then kissing up to Austin and Vanessa – and the way Clay just let her go on and on is starting to remind me of the Amanda/McRae showmance. Oh please, God, no!! Remember, Shelli IS 10 years older than Clay…the poor boy is only 23 – I would like to see him play his game on his own.
    BBLove – thanks for the explanation about the whole Van/Jeff blow up – I agree that Vanessa over acted that one a little hard – and stopping on the staircase to inform the whole huose that Jeff was a liar?? I bet Jason saw right thru that one. She plays poker better than BB – hope she goes up this week and has to scramble – Austin and Liz, too. They spent way too much time plotting and lying in the HOH room this week.
    Rooting for Johnny Mac, Becki, James , Jason or Jackie to get HOH tonight – which one to you think would have the balls to put up Austin, Vanessa or Liz?? Or will they just all stick with the plan to get out Audrey.
    Even Audrey would be an interesting HOH, I have no clue who she would put up.

    • leafhopper

      I agree! Would love to see Audrey as HoH – would definitely make the game more interesting.

    • ChiKelz

      I agree! I don’t like Clay, but I do wish he’d “grow a pair” and play his own game. Last night, BB After Dark it seemed like he wants to keep Jeff, but after the Shelli pressure and Vanessa temper tantrum, I think he will play Shelli’s game. In regards of Vanessa, she did want James out and the focus on Jeff was from Awfin (Austin) and I thought Clay.

      I want someone outside of their click to win HOH and maybe the game will be interesting. Just hoping!

  4. g8trgirl

    Love the way Johnny talked to the veto medallion. They’re best friends now, don’t ya know.
    Would love to see Johnny and Jason win HOH and put up Clay and Shelli, and Audrey and Liz. Let them sweat it out for a bit. Have Austin be the replacement if needed. That would be a great week for me.

  5. Avatar

    I like Johnny Mack he is funny he leaves house this show would be boring and am glad that he won the veto keep on winning the veto I hope you win the HOH this time and put up Vanessa and Audrey and see how it
    feels to be there,

  6. Avatar

    please make Jeff leave …he annoys me …Jason and Meg would be interesting for HOH , put up the big dogs ..shelli/Austin…Clay/Audrey would be inteesting

  7. g8trgirl

    Anyone heard from Willie lately?

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