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Big Brother 17 – Thursday Live Feed Updates

bb17-w5-jasonIt’s elimination day! I’m #teamjason what about you comment down below! I’m excited for Julia to come in! I’ll be live updating tonight’s episode so if you need to check for that tonight. So about the house guests I have wrote up a little bit about them. Becky is on the block and scared, I know she really wants to stay and is persuading people to vote for her stay. Jason basically assumes he’s going home but no one knows until tonight. Don’t forget to expect the unexpected. Shelli is very scared for double eviction cause she thinks her and Clay are a target for double eviction. Liz and Austin are very confusing to me she says she doesn’t like him but I think she does. Just admit it Liz. I’ve been reading the comments and a lot of you have been saying there gonna be friction between Liz and Julia because of Liz and Austins relationship I totally agree with anyone who thinks that. James is very homesick and he’s been sleeping a lot lately because he says that helps. Meg has been very upset and is afraid her best friend in the game Jason is going home. I can’t believe John never gets away from the Veto competition he wasn’t even on the block this week and of course he gets picked to play and then came close to winning. That’s all I have to say about the house guests for now.

  • 10:00am- The house guests got their usual wake up call at 10 am.
  • 10:30am- The live feeds were turned off. They’re saying that the house guests are playing a secret game and we won’t find out until the next episode which may or may not be tonight.
  • 1:30pm- It just clicked back on. Finally! I don’t know what they were doing hopefully we’ll find out tonight. Shelli and Clay are in the kitchen making some slop. Yum! Also Steve is in there making some real food. Austin is just getting a drink. Very quiet in the house today. Most of them are still sleeping.
  • 3:30pm- We’re back to where we started and they turned off live feeds again. (sad face) They’re now preparing for tonight’s episode. So just stay tuned for tonight’s episode live updates. By the way it’s gonna be an add on to this thread.
  • 9:20pm- The house is taking turns in the shower just trying to get cleaned up from the HOH comp. The twins are in the room talking and then Austin of course is there to invade. Becky is cooking pizzas for everyone too how sweet? Julia is calling Austin out while sh has him and Liz in the room with her. Telling him that’s wrong and he should of confronted her and of course he’s being super defensive and trying to be cool at the same time cause he’s in love with her twin.

Good night everyone! I will write up some more tomorrow for you guys. Don’t forget to watch Big Brother After Dark on your tv providers POP channel. 1 pm eastern time and 10 pm central time.

               Live Episode Updates

  • Jason is trying to keep his emotions inside him and said he is gonna fight nonstop to get off the block and not go home this week.
  • Meg is questioning Clay because she thinks that he knew but he didn’t about the plan to backdoor Jason.
  • Meg and Jackie figured out about the Sixth Sense alliance.
  • Clay and Shelli now feel like bigger targets because Vanessa is blaming putting Jason up on Shelli and Clay.
  • Jackie and Jason want Liz, Austin, Shelli, and Clay to come over to their side.
  • Live voting is beginning.
  • Austin- Jason
  • Meg- Becky
  • Liz- Jason
  • James- Becky
  • Steve- Jason
  • Jackie- Jason
  • Shelli-Jason
  • It’s official Jason will leave tonight.
  • Clay- Jason
  • Johnny Mac- Jason
  • Jason stayed so positive.
  • Julia is in the game and they are going crazy!
  • The game is resetting now which means Battle of the Block is over and only one HOH every week from now on!
  • The HOH competition has started its an endurance competition.
  • Then they ended the show in the competetion. Check the new thread for live updates of the HOH comp.

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  1. Rita

    The house has been boring the past couple days. It will only get more boring if Jason leaves tonight which looks like what will happen.

    Hopefully there will be a switch in power tonight and the 6th sense have to turn on each other so we can have something to good watch.

  2. g8trgirl

    Julie usually announces the week before a double eviction so it’s safe to say it’s not this week.
    I bet stevebeans and his wife are getting excited about seeing the show tonight. I saw pics of them on Facebook doing the LA thing up right: Universal, Rodeo Drive and the Santa Monica pier. Noice. ?

  3. Avatar

    It would be great if the secret game end up with a golden veto and Jason won. Then he could take both off the block and put up two new ones. That would cause a frenzy. One can always dream. lol

  4. Avatar

    Any additional details on Steve’s comments about Becky? (I don’t have the live feeds.) Is there a reason he wants he gone. Is it simply supporting Vanessa?

  5. Rita

    Damn! Endurance and single HOH. This is the comp Jason was waiting for.

  6. g8trgirl

    S9 glad single HOH. Hope the other side wins and puts up Vanessa.
    Did anyone see Steve? I looked but they didn’t scan enough of the audience.

  7. g8trgirl

    Endurance comp. ..won’t end tonight?

  8. Avatar

    I find it amusing that people hate on Vanessa. Weather you like her or not she is by far playing the best game. The so called other side of the house. ( for some reason most of this blogs fans) is simply not playing any strategy. Ya can’t deny that. (:
    Also, ya gotta win something. Like hoh’s povs etc. (Btw the ONLY one on the “other side of the house” that has ANY game is Jonny Mac. Just a fact. Also I remember on day one Jason claiming how he will lie and do whatever he needs to do. Now he’s pissed because that happened to him. Super amusing.ha
    p.s. And what a great guy Jason is. Throughing out the C*nt word. WOW! Most of ya like this kid? Ok. You have the rite to. Facts are facts.My statements maybe not popular on this blog. The truth hurts. As for a boring season? Last year was by far the worst. I even said last year cuddos to Derrick for playin em all like a violen. Said it from day 1 if you go back to the posts on bb16. That Derrick had a huge advantage of being an undercover cop. Just as I said Vanessa has a huge advantage of being rated as the #2 female poker player in the world. She makes top 5. 90 percent. After that it comes down to some great hands. (Pun intended) And a tad bit of luck. She not only knows strategy but is by far the best in the house in persuasion. Ya some of her reads have been off.With minimal damage to her game. And the plan to backdoor Austin went opps. But it’s big brother and ya got to adjust to the situation at hand. She has played great in and out of position. As for over thinking things. Well…..Atleast she’s thinking. Rite?! Not posting here to hate. Simply to tell the truth. Have a great night people. (:

    • Avatar

      I agree that Vanessa is being strategic. However as a person I really dislike the attack of character approach, that began with Jeff.

    • Rita

      1. I didn’t see any Vanessa haters here.
      2. Jason’s comment was tame compared to season 15 so no shock value there. (he also apologized right after saying it. Kinda)
      3. It’s early in the game and nobody on this season is beloved or hated yet so maybe you should relax a bit. Go look for fan drama somewhere else.

    • Avatar

      You made valid points. To add: it’s good that Van and Shelli strategize and win comps. That’s the point of the game. From a viewer’s perspective, I’d’ like to see outright battle. Instead, it’s just a few who band together and pick off people one by one.

      I want more unpredictability…less fear….more risks….

      I hope Meg or James wins and puts up some of the folks in Sixth Sense…so that there’s real battle. Or I hope some of the quieter players like Steve/Johnny band together with the other side. So we can see two or more factions go to blows.

    • Avatar

      So true Mikey. She is there to win, and is playing a great game. I think this past week she was playing the house more than we realize. She was going back and forth with wanting to nominate Austin, Jackie, Jason. I think all along she wanted Austin to stay, but purposely tried to confuse everyone.

      Would like to see the house flip, just because it makes it more interesting when power struggles and flips occur. But like you said, the other side have to win comps, and at the moment, they suck at them.

    • Avatar

      Drama? Ha. Cmon. Read your posts (:
      Hit a cord huh. Just the truth. (:
      As for Jason. Lot’s of horrible words used on live feeds. The kis is a horrible person. And clearly a horrible player. His mother should be proud of his mouth. Shame on him.

    • Jannie

      Mikey, I have said from the start that I was a Vanessa fan – even as a poker player way before she came on BB.
      With that said – I do not like the way she plays the game. She demands complete loyalty from everyone and yet tells lies and is not loyal in return. I get that it’s a game, but you can still win BB and not have to play.
      Derrick was a much better player last year – with a much better strategy. I guess I just expected that, with Vanessa’s background, she could play a cleaner game.

    • Jannie

      Mikey, I think I would be enjoying it more if the HOH in weeks 2-6 hadn’t gone Shelli, Vanessa, Shelli, Vanessa.
      I don’t think Vanessa needs to over think things as much as she does…I don’t see a lot of genius’s in the house. I guess I am disappointed that most of them think they are at summer camp, and now, holy crap, they actually have to play the game. I mean, seriously, Meg fell 3rd?? How bad does she want this?? And Jason barely campaigned to stay – if that’s the attitude, then you need to go home.

      I think I will get into it more when the Six have to start going after each other.
      And why like Jonny?? He does have a fun personality, but he is the biggest floater in the house.
      He lets everyone use him to put on the block and throw comps. But I would like to see him win tonight(or James) just to see where his head it at.

      Let’s get this thing over with!! 🙂

  9. Colby

    It is so obvious that the twin on the end is not getting sprayed with water as much as the rest are.

    • Avatar

      I noticed that too!

    • Avatar

      JANIE. I agree that Derrick played a great game. The thing is it was a completely different kinda cast. Everyone was about how honest they will be. Derrick simply used that to his advantage and had others do his dirty work. This year’s cast said from day 1(most of em anyway)said they will lie cheat steal whatever it takes to win. So the variables have changed. If Vanessa played a clean game she wouldn’t be in the position she is in. An in my opinion her game isint that dirty. More strategy than dirty. All of em have levels of loyalty in this game. And it’s clear to me that Vanessa is using her levels of loyalty to try and make the best decision. If the Austin backdoor plan worked out, Vanessa wouldn’t look like such a liar. The backdoor went opps answer unfortunately she had to adjust. I can see Vanessa and Steve try and build a secret alliance like they almost did in week 2. Once parts of the 6th sense start going home.
      I’m actually enjoying this season. The reason is, it’s almost always kinda boring in the 1st 4-5 weeks. Now that lines have been drawn in the sand,one sise against another. With other inercircle alliances in play. The real game begins. P.s. I almost sure Jonny Mac and Vanessa won’t team up. But I want it to happen. Atleast until the final 5. I just love that guy. If that were to happen. (Which it likely wont):
      Vanessa would have no choice but to get rid of Jonny in the final 5. Jonny will win over anyone in the final 2. He’s just too likeable………. I think I just got way to far ahead of my self in my thoughts. Ha. Take care

    • Jannie

      Mikey – see reply three posts up…

  10. Sweet Bee

    Thank you BB for getting rid of battle of the block!!!. I loathed it immensely.!!!

  11. Avatar

    I really can’t stand the twins. And Austin.. yes, he’s delusional and acting like a dumb teenager… but I also think Liz is leading him on. She should have “confided” in him that she has a boyfriend on the outside..or she’s gay… anything to let him save face…I get that she doesn’t want to lose him as an ally, but I can see how he is confused about her intentions when she is cuddling with him in bed and letting him massage her butt. I get the impression these girls have used their sex appeal to get what they want since they realized they HAD sex appeal. To me they come across as shallow bimbos. I don’t care enough to watch BBAD to see if there is more to them than bikinis and bleached hair.
    John… starting to grow on me. I realized tonight I am starting to care about “the other side” and rooting for them vs. Vanessa and Clay-Shelli. Was sad to see Jason go but as Julie pointed out, he kind of did it to himself when he blabbed about the twins.
    On another note… I’ve complained in prior seasons about Julie Chen having such big hair that she looks ridiculous. Was nice to see her tonight looking less over-styled than usual. Still way too much makeup but otherwise she looked great!

    • Avatar

      IMHO Julie Chen looked too thin tonight. I loved the season when she was VERY pregnant. I think they were giving her huge teased hair back then to balance the belly.

    • Colby

      I absolutely agree about Austin and the twins.
      I have liked John from the beginning. I believe he is much more intelligent than some are giving him credit for and hope is just laying low waiting for his time to make a move. I just hope he doesn’t wait too long.

  12. Avatar

    Ugghh can’t stand Shelli. She is not winning over audience members because she continues to be fake during her diary interviews. Lying within the game is strategic play and she is winning competitions. But as a viewer I am not buying the B.S. she is selling. She just comes off as phony. The crying was so fake.

  13. Avatar

    Don’t under estimate Steve. He is very clever. I hope he wins and the Dentist comes in second!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Who do you all want to win HOH this week?

    I’m not sure who I am rooting for tonight. I think JohnnyMac needs to lay low another few weeks.

  15. Avatar

    It upsets me to see someone like jason, who loves the game, go home over someone like austin, who was recruited and just wants to stay there to get some ass. I would rather someone who loves the show win.

    • Avatar

      I know. That Sixth Sense have pretty much ruled the game. So it goes to show that being a fan is not enough. Winning comps and aligning with power players is key. Talking about the game is a far cry from the planning/scheming that needs to be done.

      Tonight we saw Jason’s ability to campaign and persuade. He probably would have gone further if he did more of that to save Day and Jeff.

      That’s why Shelli and Van are so good because they seem to be ALWAYS be playing rather than sitting around just chilling like most of the house. And they fight to keep their allies.

    • Avatar

      I completely and one hundred percent agree. If your alliance is being targeted, you are being targeted. Jason made a fatal mistake by not working John and Steve more. Shay are the power couple, but they only have power because they have numbers.

  16. Avatar

    Rita. I’m not here to pick fights. I’ve blogged on this site for 3 years. I remember when Steven been got married last year. I just had to give another opinion from a different perspective. And as for there are no favorites(by fans)now because the game is so early is laughable. Of course we all have our favorites. Should be fun when double eviction starts. I can see Steve and Vanessa playing as some sort of alliance together. I realize they tried that for a bit in week 2. And it kinda dissapated. I can see them working together when parts of the 6th sense start to go home. Just a thought. Btw. Jonny Mac is my favorite as a fun person. Who can’t love that guy I simply feel Vanessa is the best player by far. All in good fun. Ok Rita? (:

    • Jannie

      Mikey, I answered your question about Vanessa above – have always been a fan, just thought, with her background she could play a cleaner game. I do like her more than Clelli, though.
      I also admire that Vanessa actually has taken Steve under her wing. No one else in the house pays him much mind, and I do believe he has some form of Autism, maybe Asperger’s. He is not playing naive, I think he really is. He is a suoerfan who just can’t figure out how to fit in – he also says and does things that may seem to be inappropriate…classic Asperger’s signs.

  17. Avatar

    What was up with Julie’s eyes tonight? Super watery and cross eyed.

  18. Avatar

    I just read on Jokers that James wants to target Shelli. He wanted to keep that quiet between Meg/Jackie.

    But Becky was in the room. So, she runs to tell Shelli/Clay what she heard!

    I hope James, Meg and Jackie realize that Becky is a double-crossing snitch before it’s too late!!!!!!!!

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