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Big Brother 17 – Is It Thursday Yet? Live Updates



Happy back to school time for all the parents out there! The bad part about this time of the year is that summer is wrapping up, and with it, Big Brother. At this point, however, I am at peace with that. This season has to be put out of it’s misery unless they have something in the works to shake things up.

It started off with a lot of excitement, twists left and right, fights, drama, paranoia, and craziness. The twists mysteriously disappeared, and the drama makers were some of the first to walk out the door. Now most of the feeds are spent on Austin with the twins, or Vanessa trying to explain to people how alone she is, and how offended she felt about something someone did at some point in the season. It is especially frustrating to see the weird strategy by people. If Meg indeed walks out the door this Thursday, Julie Chen should walk into the house and slap everyone not named Austin, Liz or Julia.

One thing Vanessa keeps mentioning to people is how she’s alone and how big of a threat Meg and James are together. While true, it is absolutely mind blowing that she keeps overlooking the bigger threat of two people who came from the same womb with another in love with one of them.  Does she think a twin will take her instead of their sister?  Does she think Austin will take her over the love of his life, or her sister? The only way Vanessa makes it into the final 3 while riding with that alliance is if she wins out.


Enough ranting, time for some updates….

  • 9:30am – John is outside alone. I’m guessing Julia is brushing her teeth because I don’t see Austin hanging out of her ass.
    • James and Meg are in the HN room still half sleeping but they are talking about how they’re going to try and pull Austin aside and have him vote out Julia to blame Steve. Hahahaha…. Stranger things have happened, I guess.. wait, have they?
  • 10:50am – DR sessions over, everyone back to sleep
  • 12:30pm – The house is mostly up and about. People are outside. I’m pretty sure the HoH camera is out
  • 3:15pm – Yup, it’s a slack day for me. Had stuff to do. Anyway, Vanessa is outside with the twins. Let’s see if they have anything to say
    • Vanessa is reassuring Julia she’ll be ok this week.  She (Jul) is also bummed she’s on slop this week.
    • They just called for an indoor lockdown. Someone suggested they are going to be doing a lot and another chimed in ‘double eviction!’… but Austin doesn’t think it will be long because they usually tell them to bring their stuff in because it will be long
  • 3:30pm – With the lockdown, everyone is around the kitchen. They are bashing the In N Out they received a few weeks back.
  • 4:30pm – Vanessa is playing some chess with Steve while I hear one of the twins whining in the background
  • 5:00pm – Meg is putting on makeup. Austin is watching Steve and Vanessa play chess, and I’m watching Austin watch Vanessa and Steve play chess.  Wow
  • 5:15pm – Now they’re all checking out pictures of Vanessa’s girlfriend. I seriously hope this double eviction shakes up this house.
  • 5:25pm – Meg is alone on the hammock. She needs to enter the bible study part of being nominated. I’m sure there is a story in there that could convince Vanessa she is making a foolish move by allowing Austwins to get more and more powerful each eviction they survive.
  • 9:55pm – Late update – Apparently someone was doing some wall shouting and said “Austin wants Julia out”. John, Meg and James heard it. They’re not going to do anything about it now, and I don’t really see what they can do unless they blackmail Austin into actually voting her out (which they won’t do)

Check back for more


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  1. Elaine

    “If Meg indeed walks out the door this Thursday, Julie Chen should walk into the house and slap everyone not named Austin, Liz or Julia.” Great line Stevebeans!

    • Loved that line too!!!

    • You go giiirrlllaaahhh !!! LOL ,,, You hit the nail on the head Elaine.:)

    • You are correct.DMC. Van knows she is low on the totem pole. Yes someone has gotta take out the trio. We’ll that WILLhappen this week.Don’t listen what the HG’s said earlier this weekend. Just short term thinking to put up Austin and Liz up like everyone said here. (We’ll most anyway) If Van does make it to final 2 she will need every vote she can get. If she losses Austin and Liz Julia vote. She stands 0 chance. It was a good move to put Meg and James up. She was probably hoping that James would win POV so she could do. We’ll what she did put up Julia. So 1 gone of the trio. And not her fault (;.And even if James didn’t win POV, then a strong player James goes home. Unfortunately Van cannot be the 1st one to put up Austin or liz.Although I will agree it’s almost too late. But the key is almost. The trio is going down quick.So basically It comes down to votes in jury. Kinda simple actually.

    • Steven Beens. Did I miss your power ratings this week. We know who’s on the block after veto. So are you waiting for Thursday night or Friday?Did I miss it? Does anyone know? Tks

  2. Who else do you think will go out Thursday ain’t it a double eviction

    • with this group of do nothings, Meg gone and James Gone………

    • The double eviction is a PERFECT time to get out a big threat, and especially if that big threat is Vanessa, it means a much shortened time of hearing her mouth! Since the motivation seems to be not wanting to hear Vanessa drone ON AND ON (can’t say I blame them, even though it’s weak gameplay), it would only be part of a day to deal with her instead of an entire week of her wearing down the HG. That’s part of her weaponry — plain, old-fashioned wearing people down.

    • When Vanessa starts one of her hours-long diatribes, I wish someone would just shut her down like Becky did. Becky doing that might have single-handedly won my vote, if there is any kind of America’s Favorite vote.

    • If James doesn’t win HOH, he will be right behind Meg.

    • LOL on the thumbs down. Thank you BTW. Apparently if someone doesnt go with the masses and agree. You are the bad guy. No logic.I asked a question of asking Steven Beens what his power rankings are this week. It’s not a thumbs up or down type commet. Hilarious. P.s. go to Powerankings on the BB network. They have on spot all season. And give logical reasons y. They have been correct all season.

  3. Steve your comments are spot on and is why I said I would be done with BB this season if they vote out Meg. Oh ill watch the finale of course but be done with following the updates as frequently. This house has just turned weird and unless someone wakes up out of their trance to actually play the game, Meg will go home. There is James, JMac and Steve could flip it and take control, its THEIR chance to shine and make decisions and take that away from the power group. They could vote Julia out and if one of them wins HOH put up Austin, Liz or Vanessa, BOOM BOOM BOOM. I think another double eviction coming so potentially if played right could be ride of both twins and or vanessa…but I just dont see this group doing anything other than chatting about what they would order at Taco Bell…which is about all that the feeds consisted of on AD last night….

  4. NKogNeeTow

    SteveBeans: “I’m guessing Julia is brushing her teeth because I don’t see Austin hanging out of her ass”…. I think you meant Liz (?). Either way that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Oh and about your poll, I do hope if’s Juliaaaaah walking out the door. But if it’s double eviction, I hope Meg is RIGHT behind her. I don’t want her lazy, lounging, loser, floating hyena ass even THINKING she still has a chance of winning the money. Sorry if that sounds harsh but cuteness gets tiresome after a while. I’m over her.

  5. Jannie

    If Meg walks out the door she has only herself to blame.
    Last night on BBAD she sat in the bathroom ALONE with JMac for about 15 minutes talking about New York City…what?!?!? If I were her, I would be convincing him that getting out Julia would be best for both him and Steve. Tell him that it would be an awesome alliance to put together JMac/Steve?James/Meg. Tell him that, with Vanessa not being able to play in the next HOH, it would be four against two(Austin/Liz). DO SOMETHING beside grovel at the feet of Vanessa. Go to Steve and JMac directly.
    The fact that those three Austwits have been able to glide through this game with hardly any fear is sickening.
    I feel bad that James has been having to drag Meg along in this game – I would love to see him be able get into a good alliance with people who actually have a chance of winning a competition.
    Time is running out…

    • I think James is in love with Meg…imo…just what he says and how he acts around her…he wouldnt vote out Meg unless the snake Vanessa just batters him to death over it and threatens him…but I still think he wouldnt…we shall see

    • Watching the Austwits glide through this game with no fear has been the hardest thing to watch in BB history. I wish they would show that pole on the previous post to the HG’s that almost 5,000 people voted and 94% think Julia should go home and 6% of the people didn’t understand the question.

    • Monica21 I agree, James seems to have a giant crush on her. So he probably would put her ahead of his game, unfortunately.
      I still love James for putting up Clay and Shelli – that was the best move in a long time!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie, I was wonder the same daggone thing. Your ass is literally on the chopping block and you sit there and talk about how far Times Square is from your waitress job (which you will no doubt be doing for the rest of your lazy, lounging life). After watching her, I realized she not only brings nothing to the game, she does nothing in the house. The Twits are useless in all other aspects in the house, but at least they cook and clean. Meg just sits around waiting for someone to cook so she can EAT, then sits around sucking up snacks while they clean. Oh she can come up with games (Pot Ball, Sling Band), but how about playing the game they picked you for…Big Brother!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jenny…”James seems to have a giant crush on her. So he probably would put her ahead of his game”.

      Jenny, I swear if he does something that stupid, I hope his baby’s mama takes him to child support court and takes him for everything he’s got, INCLUDING his dreams!

    • James and Meg have a REAL trust between them ,they will be friends in real life …I . I like them both… I think James said something like….if I didn’t have a kid I would take you off …Meg shut that down …hopefully she starts her plee to John and Steve tomorrow, when James is working on Austin to take out JUlia, smaller target on Liz n Asshat if Julia is gone… second eviction Liz…so they can whine to each other …and we dont have to hear it….I probably wont be able to see Thursdays show till late … NFL might takeover…I hate preseason football SO much we keep having stupid injuries ..pppffffttt

    • Loved every word of your comment.

  6. I wanted to keep this week a surprise and stay away, but someone let me know who was on the block, so here I am.

    I am hoping that Julia being up was a plan by Vanessa all along. I am hoping that she is playing her hand so well, that everything that she does simply seems by random, when in all reality it is the way she wanted it.

    I’ll further hope that what she secretly wants is for the guys to get together, and backdoor Julia. Vanessa can act shocked that it has taken place, and so therefore no real blood is on her hands.

    If all of the above can happen, and if this week does turn out to be a double eviction, then we will have 3&1/2 hgs competing for hoh on one side ( Meg being the half) against Liz & Austin. The odds would be in their favor, and hopefully they would put up Liz & Austin, with Vanessa or Meg as a replacement after the Veto. The numbers would be there to vote out Liz or Austin.

    And if all of that amazing dreaming were to happen, then going into next week, there would only be 1 member of the trio left, along with Vanessa, and all of the have nots. It would be a complete power shift. James & Meg seem pretty solid together. That leaves Vanessa to team up once again with whoever is left of the trio, and possible Steve & John teaming up. 3 pairs competing to control the new house.

    I really hope something along this line can happen. Even me who tries to be as optimistic as possible that things will get exciting, is finding it a bit dull lately to say the least.

    • That will never happen unless James can get John and Austin to vote out Julia. Steve is Vanessa’s little lap dog, goffer, robot and will never go against her wishes. If he happened to get to final 2 with Vanessa, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear him say, “Just give it to Vanessa.”

    • I know Mouse, but if Steve is such a super fan, then he must be crunching the numbers, and realize that if nothing is done, then the trio will have full control of the house. And if they have full control of the house, then Vanessa is toast, and Steve should want to help her.

      I dunno, I am just hoping ….

    • Everyone keeps saying the trio. I am telling you guys, regardless of what the HG’s are saying now. Julia is gone on Thursday. It was a great move by Vanessa. If she put up Austin and Liz like everyone says she should have done. She would stand 0 chance of 5 votes in Jury if she does make the final 2.Thats just thinking short term to put Austin and Liz up.With this move 1 of the trio is gone. IT WILL happen. She will need every vote she can get to win. So Julia will go home this week.1 gone and not her fault agian (;. And when steve or Jonny win hoh next week. (Odds are in favor of that) Austin and Liz on the block. And even if Steve or Jonny do not win. Van has Austin Liz steve and jonny somewhat allied.Only way it blows up in her face is if James wins hoh. And even then its not guarenteed Van goes up. It’s really not that complicated.

  7. Its time for JMAC to SHINE..come on Play the Game…get James and Steve to be your wing men and vote out Julia then go after Vanessa, Austin, Liz…. Steve says he is close with JMAC…well these guys can take over…but but but….They won’t

  8. danmtruth

    It’s always next week ! I agree with you all john and Steve need to step up

    • The only place Steve is gonna stick is to Vanessa’s ass. He listens to & trusts anything she says. If she told him his best moe would be to just self evict, he would run to DR & do it. Lol

    • Lol. It is this this week. I get the joke. But Julia will go to jury on Thursday. Nomatter what the hg’were saying this weekend and monday. And when Julia goes to Jury. People (cough titanium. All in good fun man. Btw)Will say, that wasn’t Vans plan. Ok? So why didn’t Van take the easy route and just put up Steve and Jonny on the block agian like Austin did?
      She will get no credit for getting one of the trio up and out. Ya she put up James and Meg up. Likely hoping James wins POV so she can put up Julia as a pawn. Wink. And that happened. Even if James didnt win pov. Another strong player gone. I’ve been saying this for a long time. Van CAN NOT be the on to put up Austin and Liz. If she does then she stands 0 chance of 5 votes if she were to make it to final 2. Stragically this was her best option. And now she she semi alliances with Jonny,steve Austin and Liz. Not the worst spot to be in.
      Yet agian. She has had a hand in just about every eviction this season. But according to titanium. (Agian, all in good fun man) I like the name btw (: she is not a good player. Seems to be doing ok. Online has her as 2nd favorite to win. They don’t care about who we like or not. Just facts. As for the play of strategy from the other HG’s this year. It has been weak true. Becky tried and got booted real quick. Bye bye. And everyone says Van got lucky. That was 6 weeks ago. The cercumstances at the time was a Shelli threat to James. Remember James got Clay booted. So James felt threatened. Playing Monday morning qb is easy now.
      Vanessa is by far the best player all season
      Like her or not. Thats why she has been on or at the top of every power rankings board. James has gun ho about him. But he’s not a thinker.Steve is a thinker but no gun ho about him. Jonny……just wierd
      I kinda like it though. I don’t know y
      But his game is weak also. Getting better to his credit now. Although I dispise Austin. He has played a good game. Shielded by Van and the twins.The twins well their hame is just sit there and complain. Been lucky to have Van as seen as the threat. Even though Van is a threat. The trio is much more
      Just numbers.

    • Damamma. So your saying if Meg. Got Van out. I know Meg can’t win anything. But let’s just pretend she can. And it was Meg in the final you would vote for her. LOL.Sounds like hate man. Not who has played the game the best. So many people fixated on how they hate Van. Is funny actually. ALL the HG’s claim integrity
      They all lie about that. And that’s ok. It really is.
      This isint a game show about honesty. It’s a Stragically game that calls for deception. Sometimes intimidation of being the target if you go after someone. It’s a game of personalities. And ya just gotta adjust to what those are.
      Fact is Van has had a hand in almost every eviction this season. If not all. Just like Derrick last year. Only difference is Derrick did it with a smile. So smile when you stab someone in the back. That’s ok? Lol. It’s BB the nature of the game.To manilupate. And win comps yeah. But comps aren’t gonna get you all the way. And since we’re talking comp wins who has the most by 2. Vanessa does. She has 5 so far
      And if ya think about it. She controled most of the other HoH’s. Its called power of presuation! Just like Derrick did last season. Agian with a mellow smile. But same result. The mellow style would not have worked with this group. This group playes with emotion. And guess who is the most emotional?! I won’t even say we all know. Btw. Being honest and nice isint gonna get you far in BB. That’s why a great guy like Donnie last year stood 0 chance of winning.

  9. g8trgirl

    Last night on BBAD, if someone was singing or discussing DR, they didn’t cut to the fish, they cut to the picture Steve beans posted for today. Those 2 barely moved the entire night. It was the highlight of the show.

  10. This season must be Hell for the production staff.

    I can’t imagine what kind of living Hell the people behind the mirrors and cameras must be going through right now. Hours on end watching and listening to these people. I wish we could have the cameras and microphones turned around so we could watch and listen to them. That would probably be entertaining.

    Then the editors; how many of them will end up in a rehab after this season? They’ve got to sift through hours of boring footage, trying to create “a sense” of game play and some fabricated drama (ie. the broadcast POV vrs the actual two minute event), all the while giving the impression that the contestants aren’t slightly less observant than mushrooms.

  11. Jannie

    From Joker’s…

    A lovely sentiment from Julia:

    She is incredibly annoyed that she has to pack AND write as speech for Thursday.

    Her quote ” I had better not ever go up as a [email protected]$ing pawn again.”

    And she is threatening Steve that he had better vote for Meg because”if it wasn’t for her and Liz he would already be gone.”

    God I loath those twins…I want to see them both on the block…the sooner the better.

    • There is one sure fire way to make sure she is NEVER a pawn again, vote her on out. Save her the trouble.

      However, I still wish Vanessa had put up Liz. And not even from the game side of it, I think it is due to Austin, but I find Julia ever so slightly less annoying than Liz. Plus, if Liz had been put up, we could have watched her and Austin loose their minds all week and cry like little babies. Sorry, I’m usually not into seeing any of them actually upset, but COME ON… someone has to see that they are all loosing if this crew isn’t rocked. grrrr

    • Jannie

      Yes, we have seen enough tears from Meg and Vanessa.
      I would love to see the twins cry.
      I know it sounds mean, but there is a general bitchiness in their attitudes, their voices, and their demeanors that I would love to see brought down a few pegs.
      Vanessa is a fool if she thinks that the Austwits won’t knock her out in the final four. She seems to be a smart player, I can only guess that she thinks that she, Steve and JMac will take the Austwits on together when it gets to that point.

    • If Julia gets voted out Thursday, I hope the camera gets a CLOSE-UP of her giraffe face.

    • I agree, I just think the wrong twin is up on the block. I think there is more of a threat with Liz than with Julia because Julia hasn’t done anything, just like Meg. So really all they are doing is voting out a pawn, one just being a part of the Austwins trio.

  12. Has there even been one Pandora’s Box this season? #BBTakeover

  13. Has there even been one Pandora’s Box this season?

  14. danmtruth

    This just reinforces the fact how shallow these two are

  15. danmtruth

    Remind me again how nice it’s been this season with no bullying going on Please save it. So when do we get the Vanessa Meg argument in front of the house. Where Vanessa ends up in tears because mean old Meg lied, backstabb Steve . But no one is bullying anyone

  16. The hgs were in the yard before, and Liz started jumping rope. Austin made her stop because he didn’t want any of the male viewers to get excited by it.

    I guess if they end up together, she’ll have to wear granny bathing suits if they go to the beach together.

    • I had a boyfriend like that in college. I had a jacket over a tank top and the jacket kept falling off my shoulders. He kept covering me back up. SHOULDERS! NOT BOOBS!! NOT CLEAVAGE!!! Then at a party I would be talking to a guy friend I knew before I even met the boyfriend… boyfriend would immediately put his arm around me like this is MY property!.
      I broke up with him after a couple of months. Found out he hit his next girlfriend.

    • WOW.

      You dodged a bullet, Jenny. I am very happy for you.

      I hate to see overly possessive & psychologically abusive relationships.

      I have a female co-worker. She used to be the most vibrant person ever. Now 9 years after meeting her boyfriend, she is a basket case, and is so afraid of the guy, that she wont even leave him.

      Stuff like that is so sad.

    • Colby

      Classic early signs of control / abuse. It starts out with the ‘victim’ being flattered because they care so much. But it gets progressively worse, and more often than not turns physical eventually. They get a mental hold on you and destroy your self worth.
      I didn’t dodge my bullet. (yes, I am female) It took me years to get out of it, and even longer to ‘heal’ psychologically. Probably still working on that. I still need to work on being so defensive.
      I am quick to pick up on those early signs now. Hopefully Liz will dump his butt as soon as they are out of the house. Even if she is a spoiled brat with compromised values, nobody deserves that in life.

  17. Boy, even though the odds are against her at the moment, Vanessa is still playing an amazing game.

    She has Austin convinced that she is working with him, the same for Steve and John.

    She has stepped it up, and really has all angles covered depending on who wins the next hoh.

    She has also insinuated to Steve that Austin might switch his vote, make sure that Julia gets evicted, and then turn around and blame Steve. Steve was shocked.

    She is putting doubt in everyone’s mind. it is really impressive.

    • You are correct.DMC. Van knows she is low on the totem pole. Yes someone has gotta take out the trio. We’ll that WILLhappen this week.Don’t listen what the HG’s said earlier this weekend. Just short term thinking to put up Austin and Liz up like everyone said here. (We’ll most anyway) If Van does make it to final 2 she will need every vote she can get. If she losses Austin and Liz Julia vote. She stands 0 chance. It was a good move to put Meg and James up. She was probably hoping that James would win POV so she could do. We’ll what she did put up Julia. So 1 gone of the trio. And not her fault (;.And even if James didn’t win POV, then a strong player James goes home. Unfortunately Van cannot be the 1st one to put up Austin or liz.Although I will agree it’s almost too late. But the key is almost. The trio is going down quick.So basically It comes down to votes in jury. Kinda simple actually.

    • Btw. Dmc. According to online betting sites. After this past move. Vanessa is 2nd favorite to win at 4.5 to1. The Favorite is Liz at 3-1 then it’s Steve and Austin at 5.5 to 1. After that it dropped off rapidly
      So odds are 1 of those 4 win it. Not suprizingly to me is that Meg is not the longest shot. Likely because this maybe a bitter jury and not vote best player but bitterness. Jonny is the long shot according to 2 online sites. Just sharing the news. P.S
      I’m not betting. I just look for entertainment purposes. And see where the truth in odds really are
      Not what people want.

    • Colby

      As much as I don’t want to. I have to agree with you. Which is also why I don’t understand why everyone is so afraid (Van included) of jury votes. Big fans of the show should see that the people in jury are basically on a luxury vacation. Once they get there they relax and think more logically, most are not as bitter as everyone in the house thinks they are. Except for the last person evicted (who hasn’t been to jury house).
      I have no doubt that BB production drills into them to vote for best game, and to leave personal out of it.
      Usually the person who has played the best game wins whether they like them or not.

    • Interesting odds, racecar. But those will change.

      If Julia goes, the odds are a havenot will win the 2nd hoh.

      Liz will be a nominee because she is a better player; is in a showmance; and she has a Julia jury vote.

      Vanessa will be a nominee. if James or Grabdma win because they are all pissed at her.

      I don’t know who Steve would put up, but I think John might put up Liz and Austin.

      Let me know what the odds are after Saturday when next weeks hoh is established. I am curious how they will change.


      You are right, Colby. The majority of the jury vote for the best player. That is one of the better things about this competition: No matter how much lieing, trickery, and backstabbing there is, the jurors vote fairly, and the majority of the time, the best of the final 2 win.

  18. Several haters on Meg today. Any of you ever had knee surgery? Meg did just 3 months ago. She also has arthritis. Being slow and very careful is a result of that. The lipstick? That’s her choice. I’m sure most of you make your own choice on what color of makeup, eye shadow, and/or lipstick to wear just as I’m sure there are people who disagree with your choice. She certainly doesn’t have the immature, vindictive personality or black-hearted soul of Vanessa or the twins.

    • Jannie

      Obviously shows that CBS recruits based on looks and personality only.
      Meg is a nice girl, but to have knee issues and arthritis on top of not knowing the game is insulting to the thousands who love the game and apply every year.
      She has no business being there – it’s a physical and mental game and (nice or not) she just doesn’t have the skills. Same with Victoria last year.
      While I am no fan of the twins or Vanessa – at least they are playing and not just laying around thinking they are at summer camp. Meg seems to think her “niceness” will get her far and if that doesn’t work then there is always James there to save her…
      The lipstick doesn’t bother me one bit…

    • kneeless

      You’re right mouse, only 3 months out from knee surgery isn’t much. I’ve had 11 knee surgeries & even the ones that were minor still took a lot of recovery. The twins are so immature. Every time a person is nominated they jump on the wagon to talk bad about them & talk about throwing bitchy looks their way. Then, the person who stays is suddenly OK to talk to & not about. I am so tired of them casting such young & immature houseguests. In Meg’s defense, she does not tear people down like the twins.

      I can’t understand how Steve is suppose to be such a scholar of the game when his gameplay does not reflect that. If he really knew good gameplay he never would have thought having both the twins in the game would be a good thing. That was one of the biggest mistakes of the season was the way they all welcomed & wanted both twins in the game.

      I always think it would be fun to find out what the HG’s think once the game is over & they find out what people really think of them. Hopefully, the twins will learn a lesson from what they read about themselves.

    • Mouse, I understand what you’re saying but Meg knew there would be physical comps that she wouldn’t be able to do or win. Obviously she’s not worth a crap in mental comps either. Just saying!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Exactly Ann. And if she knew she couldn’t or shouldn’t do the physical comps, she should have let that spot go to someone who could. She’s there playing for $500,000, not TIPS.

  19. Jannie

    Another gem from Joker’s…

    Julia – “Liz, would you be sad if I go?”
    Liz – “I would self evict.”
    (Yes, please!!) 🙂

    Liz tells Julia that she was giving Meg “such bitchface” in the kitchen earlier.
    Liz – “She should know it’s her time to go!”

    Julia tells Liz that Meg chose the wrong people to align with…”the mean people.”
    (Oh really??)

  20. Colby

    From Joker’s: Vanessa tells the twins that Steve has FOMO. Fear of missing out. “He won’t leave people alone.”
    Seriously? From the FOMO queen herself? LOL

  21. Just noticed that Thursday’s show is going to be late due to flipping stupid football!!!! GAAAA!!!!
    Come on CBS, I need to watch my stupid reality show!!! Dumb sports getting in the way of my dumb show!!

  22. Damamma, you’re damn right. I can’t stand them.

  23. Elaine

    I have actually been enjoying BBAD tonight (Tues), an hour in, hmmm….no twins are talking!….awwww sweet relief would be to send those two to jury.

  24. Colby, I too was in a horrible relationship like that. He would lock me in the house when he went to work or whenever he went anywhere, told me how I wasn’t worth anything, was fat & ugly & nobody else would ever want me. I believed it after hearing it for so long.
    Finally after many years I left with my children when he was at work one day. I couldn’t let my daughters grow up thinking that it was ok to be treated that way nor my sons to think that that was how u treat a woman.
    Well, I took him to court for child support & he stood up in front of a full court room & called me every name but achild of God. All I did was sit there without saying a word with tears streaming down my face. The judge threw his sorry, no account ass directly in jail for 18 months. He had the nerve to try to call me from jail but I never accepted one call. He then wrote me a letter that my daughter opened & read saying he wanted to give up his
    paternity rights to our children. I never a knowledged his letter & here it is 5yrs later & although my children have forgiven him, I hate that man with every inch of my soul & I know God says we have to forgive but I don’t even wish I could forgive that BASTARD.
    From the begging, his mother & brother treated me like scum too. I was too embarrassed & ashamed to tell my Daddy & brother because I knew they would end up in seriouse trouble probably prison if they knew what was going on.
    Can you believe thatFOOL has the nerve to try to ask my kids to tell me he wants to marry me? I told my kids not EVER bring me messages from that slum dwelling slug ass piece of shit ever gain.

    I still have very bad issues from what he put me through & have even met another man. I guess Im a homebody. I wish one day I could get better & get some type of normalcy in my life. I very seldom leave my house because of the trauma I went through. My children are my life & they everything to me.
    Please ladies out there, dont let yourselves get caught up in this situation.
    I have my good days & bad days, take antidepressants & anxiety meds to help me.

    • HIS parents were amazing to me ….even after the divorce, they understood he was at fault ….but I will never forget the hell I went through

    • Colby

      I can so relate, sweetie. But keep your kids in mind. They didn’t ask for any of it. I encouraged my kids to have a relationship with their father. I don’t believe in using children as weapons (not saying you are). Did I have to chase him down for child support. yes. Did the state help me, No. He moved, etc, etc.
      I did not keep the kids from him even though he didn’t pay child support because it was about them. The adult issues need to be left out of their life as much as possible. Do you get taken advantage of? Yes! But it is about the kids……..

  25. *Meant to say I haven’t met another man. Not sure I want to. Abviously my jusrment of men suck.

  26. Steve reminds me of one of those nerdy kids in high school who want to be friends with the bitchy group of kids (Austwits and Vanessa) who think they are popular and go around bullying everyone that he will do anything they tell him to. He seems like he is a smart guy otherwise so I hope he realizes that high school is over and trying to be a part of the bitchy group is never worth it because they only stood out was because no one liked them.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    I’m watching BBAD back now (I DVR it). One thing I’m noticing about Steve the more I watch him. He’s sneaky. Not smart sneaky, just sneaky period. He takes pride in being in the Scamper Squad. He’s the biggest scamperer (i.e…Snitch). In the beginning, everything anyone told him, he kept to himself. Now he takes everything directly back to Crazy Eyes and/or Asstin. He reminds me of one of those people who is book smart but has no common sense. Maybe its because of his lack of people skills, maybe its from being a Mama’s Boy. Either way, he is now starting to grate my nerves too.

    Oh hell, who am I kidding. They are ALL grating on my nerves at this point. If I wasn’t so afraid that something good MIGHT happen and I’d miss it, I’d just rather we skip to the end and just award the money.

    • Elaine

      Me too….most are just irritating. Austin said some comment to Steve similar to the fact that if Liz wins, he wins, because if they stay together, they will be enjoying the money together……really??!!

  28. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Meg/Jamess/Steve sitting alone at the pool. Perfect time to try to persuade Steve to keep Meg. Instead they talk about some guy on BB Canada, who spent $1000 on bananas for a week…..WHATTHA?!?!?!?

  29. Elaine

    For all those that earlier supposed that Steve has some condition that is accountable for his awkwardness….just take a look at him now. He is more sociable, hanging out in the pool, talking a lot with the girls, especially Julia, sporting a more trendy haircut, etc. It is interesting that he has “evolved” now that the number has dwindled. And the group he is loyal with….the group that will probably take it to the end. James is right….Meg goes and with Steve in “their group” the numbers for John and James to stay are slim. I find it funny that Vanessa says that she would be so happy if the two remaining were of the “Scamper Squad” (is that the name?)….with a big reality that it might be Liz and Julia (splitting 550K). Even the members of that squad are dopes for keeping the trio in the house.

    • Elaine. You may not like this.Just my opinon. Ok. Van gave Steve that haircut.
      And I have live feeds
      When their not talking game. (That actually does happen) Van has spoken to Steve about being more comfortable in his skin and givin him suggestions on how to do it. She may not be the most liked person in the” game part” although the best player
      But you can tell in real life she has a heart. Just by the little idocrincrocities I’ve seen with her and Steve. I can’t say the same for the Twins. They seem atleast to be just like they are on the show as in real life. Van seems to be playing the game full throttle. But in down time has really helped the kid (Steve) build his confidence in socalizing. I’m sure someone will comment on how after she builds him up (when it’s real btw) she then tears him down in the game. Ya that’s in the game. A good analogy is in football. These guys hit eachother and talk smack the whole game. Then afterwards you see the same guys shaking hands and talking. Thats what I see here in her. None of us know what it would be like to be in a house 24/7 with strangers that all want to back stab you then figure out who wants to backstab you less.For a shot at 500k. Alote of coin. Even if you have money. And then to top it off on t.v. 24/7 for 90 plus days. It’s gotta be emotionally draining. Even for a seasoned pro.

    • I have thought for a long time that Steve’s awkwardness was an act.

      If I am wrong, then it is great that he has come out of his shell. He is a winner even if he doesn’t make it to the final two.

  30. 10:40 BB time. Van says to James you look like the unabomer. Than winks to the camera. It’s funny because Van is friends with Phil Laak (aka known as the unabomer on the poker circut) I’ve noticed a few suttle shout outs to Phil several times. Kinda funny

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Van/Steve talking in the HOH about random stuff and when is the Finale. The she suddenly say “Anything else new? They haven’t campaigned to you?”…without so much as missing a beat. She just dives right in asking for info. He tells her that Asstin mentioned to him that Julia is worried but he (Steve) is reassuring her every way he knows how. Van tells him that as long as he, Asstin and Liz sticks to the plan, Julia has nothing to worry about… (So I guess that answers our burning question as to whether or not she’s using them as a shield to secretly dump Julia….she’s not).

    She kids and jokes with him like she’s really his friend (let’s call this lulling him into a false sense of security). She then says she feels like he wants to tell her something really bad and it’s eating him alive (let’s call this phishing). He says nothing. She badgers him, but he insist there is nothing else. He tells her he’s worried about James next week. She tells him to put Julia up as a pawn again (Oh I can’t WAIT until Ms.Julia hears THIS one!). She says he can also use her but she prefer he didn’t. She then suggest Asstin and says “Put his ass up and let him know how it feels to trust someone”. He tells her he’s been up more than all 4 of them together. She smiles and says “Yes, but under OUR protection” (let’s call this a guilt trip).

    She says after James is gone and they are Final 6, she has no problem doing what she has to do (Asstin/Liz, and Julia, I think). She says she believes she would have the blessing of the ones who are left. She says it just has to be done. She says Asstin has to throw Final 6 HOH.

    BY: Meg/James playing pool. He tells her Asstin is the key. They can’t do anything without him (I think they are talking about booting Juliaaah). JM joins them. They talk about “pool”. Ren and Stimpy (Meg/James) STILL don’t mention anything to JM about joining them. James leaves…(smh…smh…smh). James is on the ellipitcal. He looks like he hears something. Then he whispers to Meg “Austin wants Julia out”.

    Kitchen: Van ask Liz “Shouldn’t we be out there c*ck-blocking the campaign”? Liz says she’ll do it, and goes outside. Van says she’ll tell Julia too. She goes in the bathroom with Julia/Asstin/Steve, but doesn’t mention it. They move into the kitchen and Van tells Julia how Meg/James/JM were in the backyard talking campaign and they stop whenever she comes out. Julia says she hates that.

    They get a lock down call and told to get int the house…..We get fish tank for a minute. The house thinks that it is because of something outside. It sounds like there were some outsiders on some kind of loud system saying things about the BB house (maybe that’s what James meant when he asked Meg/JM if they heard that (that Asstin wanted to get rid of Julia). The house think it’s the fans driving outside the house yelling things. James doesn’t tell “the other side” what he heard them say……Fish tank again….


    James/Meg are in the HN room and James says “What the f*ck was that about” and they laugh.

    Back in kitchen. The entire house is in there now. No game talk. Steve is making an hourglass for chess.

    Fish tank again…..(Production must be REALLY pissed).

    Back….Liz is feeling up Asstin. James wonder whether or not they will get the backyard again tonight. Small talk. Van is in the HOH re-reading her love letter. Steve has wasted all the salt and bandages on his timer. James just farted on someone.

    James/JM go to the HN room to talk….BB cut the feed….Back to Van staring off into space in the HOH.

    Back to the HN room. James is telling JM that Asstin knows he has a target on his back. He says that it might not be bad to let one of the twins go. James tells JM that if he (James) or Meg goes, they have a big group, so getting Julia out works for everybody (FINALLLLYYYYYY!). James tells him that if he can get Asstin and JM on board, it could be a game changer. James says he’ll talk to Asstin. JM tells him that if Asstin votes Julia out, he might try to blame it on him or Steve (WHO CARES, as long as it’s DONE!). Meg comes in and JM whiispers something to her (she’ in front of the camera and you can’t see his mouth or hear what he says). She just says yes.

    James says he wants to get a team together. He tells JM/Meg that if they can pull in 2 more people, they can control the game and at least get to the Final 5. They are whispering so low it’s hard to hear. Big Brother should make a rule: NO WHISPERING!. James says that he feels that if Steve wins HOH, he’s going to try to take him out (give that man a cigar!). Peanut Gallery Meg says she thinks Steve wants Julia to stay. Meg says she thinks she can talk to Asstin (Meg, sit down and shut up, PLEEZE). James says they can’t throw Asstin under the bus, no matter what (There goes that ass-backwards logic again. Asstin has NO problem throwing any of them under the bus…then backing it up over them). Meg says that Steve is with Van 150% (try 200). James figured out that Van wants Meg out so she can work with him, Steve or JM because she knows The 3 Stooges won’t take her to the Final 2 or 3. He said that Van told him that if he wins HOH, she wants to run scenarios with him and it would be beneficial to him (translation: run his HOH).

    Julia comes in pretending to look for lotion. She grabs it and runs back out (straight to the Scamper Squad I’m guessing). James/Meg/JM says that’s bad that she caught them talking and try to come up with a cover story. JM says to say they were talking to him to see where his head is at. They want Meg to start hanging out with Steve so if Julia is kicked, Steve will take the fall (teheehee). James says that it all depends on Asstin (good luck with that), but if they can flip the house, it would give them all a fighting chance (only thing is Asstin and his Angels don’t want to give them a fighting chance).

    HOH: Asstin is telling Van/Steve that no one wants to hear him talking for 3 people anymore. He says that everyone is over that. For once she’s at a loss for words. He said he told the girls that unless they start winning HOH’s , they’re going up and its going to get bad for all of them. Van and Asstin agree that if the twins win they are going to split the money. Van says them maybe it’s better if 1 goes out so they won’t have a biger target on their backs as twins (Ahh, there she is!). Asstin says that if they are smart, they’d know that Julia “could take the bullet and Liz could keep on playing for the both of them”. Asstin thinks that at least 1 of the Scamper Squad will be in the Final 2. Steve says likely 2. Asstin thinks the Jury will be impressed that their group stayed together till the end. Asstin is polishing the buttons of the Scamper Squad and telling the importance each one of them played I(I’ll spare you at least that much :-). The 3 of them are bragging their asses off. After the show, Van wants to write a series of blogs of all the strategy that went into the game. She would like to do it week by week so that people can learn from it. She says she love the strategies of game. Steve tells her her hair looks awful. Asstin chimes in about how he triumphed over JM’s eviction (aw shuddap). Van thinks she has only made 2 mistakes in the game…1. When she didn’t smack Asstin when she found out he was going to back door her and lied about it…and 2. Not telling him about some plan she had with Jackie. He said they actually saved each other by those mistakes.

    Back from commercial. JM has joined the room….small talk….Julia enters….HN discussion….they discuss what kind of liquor they might get at the Wrap Party (sorry bunch of drunks).

    HN Room: Meg/James still discussing whether or not Asstin will take the bait. Meg feels that JM thought to much about the other side thinking that him or Steve voted out Julia. James says it’s just weird that all of them are up there. Meg wonders why JM is up there and Liz is in the bathroom. James says he wonders what deals JM made with Van not to put him up (first they tell him every damn thing, THEN they doubt him). James thinks its weird that JM volunteered to be a HN (conspiracy theory). Now James thinks they shouldn’t have talked to JM first, that they should have talked to Asstin first (to late!).

    HOH: Scamper Squad is watching James in the kitchen on the TV. Van says he looks seriously scary, like the Uni-Bomber. Steve walks in on James. The HOH group says now he’s going to get cornered. He doesn’t. Asstin tells the group that Steve has fleas from sleeping in corners and outside.

    HN: James tells Meg that Steve walked in on him in the kitchen. He said since when did JM go up and hang out in the HOH room. He says it was a valiant effort (talking to JM). He says JM doesn’t even go up there when he’s on the block.

    HOH: Steve breezed in, ate something off the floor. Was chastized by the group, then leaves.

    HN: James is telling Meg, he should have known. He said it sounded like JM was protecting Steve anyway. James says maybe they are just being paranoid. Meg says that if she’s going home anyway, they should just tell her. James say that’s part of the game, you find out what’s going on then you have a rat that goes up and tells them what’s going on, then they all laugh and talk about it then disburse. Jame said he messed up by not asking JM what he thought about things first. Instead he told him the plan but he didn’t tell him the whole plan. He and Meg say they didn’t really say anything bad, that they were just campaigning. James says it doesn’t matter because if he wins HOH, he’s going to blow the house up and do some “crazy sh*t…Taxi Driver sh*t”.

    That’s it folks. Good Night my BB Beauties….muuaaahhh

  32. For the second eviction, hopefully it’s James or Meg. If Steve won, he’d let Van get in his head and screw up the nominations. So hopefully not Steve winning HoH. I’d say go big or go home….Austin and Liz on the block, with Vanessa as backdoor nom.

    • Steve would put up Austin and Liz. That’s what Van would want the same thing too. She knows the numbers. And BTW. Julia is going to Jury on Thursday. 1 down. TY welcome Vanessa. Did it the smart way.

  33. Colby, you’re right. I never talked down about my children’s father to them but unfortunately th ones who were old enough saw what went on themselves. Granted I feel like a bad mother at times for even letting them see it but I was also ashamed to ask for help. He made me think I deserved to be treated like trash.
    I guess I just don’t trust anyone like that anymore.
    I’m still going after him for child support but he never shows up for court anymore. Everytime the law catches him he has to spend 6 months in jail which he has done several times. He owes me well over $70,000 in childsupport & as long as there is breath in my body I will continue to go after it.
    I’ve worked 2 & sometimes 3 jobs at a time to take care of my kids by myself. I finally went to nursing school & graduated & work 12hr shifts & still go to college working towards getting my RN. I will work my fingers to the bone for my family but that SOB father won’t work just so he don’t have to give me any money. I don’t need his money but if I can work & take care of my babies, why can’t he? That’s why that reservation at the county jail stands reserved for his ass.
    Now back to BB business. Vanessa has a reason for buddying up to Steve. She is using him. Poor James is gullible, Meg is useless & John needs to think & remember what Vanessa, Austin & the twits did to him using him & sending him packing. How can he trust any of them? This business of voting with the house & doing what the house wants is bull-shit. Whatever happened to playing your own game?

    • Colby

      Hang in there Ann. Sounds like you are moving on well.
      My kids are grown now, but they still remember and have their own opinions about their dad. They don’t seem to have much respect for him, but he is still their Dad.

  34. Well, if the final vote comes down to “best player”, how can anyone hope to compete against the person who so cunningly engineered the single biggest and most daring move of the season; getting out BeastMo Meg.

    • LOL. Julia IS going to jur this week. Not Meg. Opps its haping rite in front of you and you dont see it.. ……….And engineed just about everyone else out as well. Rite? Isint that what everyone is complaining about. LOL

    • Even if Meg does go to jury. Who has engineered just about every evection? Yup. Van. And we all complain about floaters. Well bye Meg. Bless your heart. But float to Julie then jury. Either way Meg or Julia out. A win for Van. Reasons are simple: Now James is only 1 with only 1 vote. Jonny and Steve are gunning for Aust and Liz. Austin and liz gunnin for Steve and Jonny. Van in the middle.opps. lol.And Julia could still go home anyway.

    • Strange. Even the poker player has complained about how her plans fall apart. Is it possible that she’s even fooled herself and just doesn’t realize how utterly brilliant she is?

    These are the power rankings by bbnetwork. They aren’t playing with emotions. Just who is playing best. It’s been accurate all season.

  36. Titanium. I have read every single post you have written. It’s all complaining. And arguing with people who have a different opinion. “Pathetic isint necessarily bad?” I guess your so smart us peasants just don’t get it. If you don’t like the show stop watching. It’s so boring that you post here everyday. Huh? Or is it that you can’t stop watching. Hmmmm your in a tight spot friend

  37. You must be in love with Van.Spoken like a true troll. Keep it up. It’s amusing. Bet you can’t stop watching or posting on this boring show. # troll alert

  38. Thank you Titanium. You just won me a 12 pack. Some friends and I were reading your posts here. And I bet them a 12 pac for 5 12 pack. That’s 5-1 odds genious. That you indeed are a troll and want the last word.It had to be on thos post.Even though this post is 3 posts ago. You are so predicable. Thanks for the 12 er man. We have other wagers on what you’ll say after tomorrow. Dont dissapoint. Keep trolling behind your ipad. Awesomeness #trollalert.

  39. So you’re a 12 pack person; am I supposed to be shocked? It is funny how some of you VanFans are very much like her in personality.

  40. Titanium. You realize that people are taking wagers on you and how much of a troll you are rite? Every time you respond with somth8n insulting your reconfirm ing the whole troll thing. Give it a rest. It’s amazing how you complain who you don’t like. But you never say what you do like. You are the I like nothing guy. Sad. And people are laughing at your expense. Really you should just give it a rest and post normal things. Otherwise you are confirming the troll thing. Maybe it is true. IDK man. You may have emotional problems. See a Dr. Seriously

    • I wouldn’t doubt it…the VanFans seem to be willing to be on anything at all. You folks do seem to have a lot in common with her.

      Tell me, do your eyes bug out and flip back and forth when you’re throwing out your petty insults?

  41. I am a troll. I can not help myself from coming back and back. I have been wrong about everything in my game assments.. I am very predicble.
    I throw insults at people because I have no good arguments. I am Titanium Totem. I am in love with Vanessa. I am lonely. I am a troll.

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