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Big Brother 17 – Trouble In Paradise?



Well, well, well. ‘Love’ in the Big Brother house is always put to the test the second a showmance gets nominated, and so far this week, Shelli and Clay are failing that test. That wasn’t immediately the case when they were first nominated. Clay put on his white knight helmet and said he was going to basically fall on his sword for Shelli (kind of ironic that the POV theme was medieval). That had all the girls in the house gushing over how romantic he is, how sweet, blah blah blah. I actually think that’s his best strategy in the super long run, mostly because he’ll have an easier time landing a gig on a soap opera if he goes out all romantic.

However, this is Big Brother, and things change by the hour, and throughout the day yesterday, Clay started looking more and more like a scumbag to the girls of the house.  Why?  Because he was ‘campaigning but not campaigning’ against Shelli, just as she was doing to him. He is pretty confident he is staying, she is confident she is staying, so somewhere down the road, that will come to a head.

Random thought, but I always love the ‘campaigning but not campaigning’ strategy. Especially when it’s between two friends (or a showmance). I mean minutes after the PoV meeting, Shelli was out there talking to a group of people and making sure she had their vote. Of course, she wasn’t ‘campaigning’, but just making sure she’ll still be in the house on Friday haha. I  love it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to know how people are voting, but when you run up to a group minutes after the meeting, you’re campaigning. There is no way around it.


Forecast for the next two days: Plenty of suntanning by Becky and the twins with some moderate sleeping by the house and scattered arguments.

Live update thread in a few hours.


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  1. Avatar

    They were in control but everyone figured it out. Time for her to go. Clay will be nothing without her.

    • Elaine

      Which is why keeping Clay is probably smarter for most of their game play…..I have not been convinced that many of these houseguests think about their individual game. If it is a “house vote” (take a drink) that is what tends to happen.

    • Avatar

      Clay will be voted out because that is what Queen Vanessa has decreed and all her non thinking minions will follow right along. Austin needs to give up his Judas hat to Vanessa since she is the Judas goat leading them all to slaughter.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Clay is nothing WITH her there. He eats, sleeps, and floats……like on a cloud…….

  2. Jannie

    Last night Steve was having fun talking by himself to the BB cameras. He said that he was finally going to start trying to win an HOH and his big target to get out of the house is….BECKY! I say go Steve – I am so tired of her goody two shoes attitude while she is playing both sides of the house.

    I really want Shelli to leave but it looks like Vanessa has convinced most to vote Clay out. Should James have put Vanessa up with the POV?? I’m still not sure, but there was a convo last night between Van and Shelli that was typical of Vanessa. She told Shelli that she(Van) is an “honorable person” who would keep her promise to James to keep him and one other person(Meg) safe for two weeks if she won HOH. Then seconds later she added…”well, unless I find out he’s gunning for me or telling lies.”

    Shut it with the honor and integrity nonsense and just play the game.

    • Elaine

      Good point Jannie about Vanessa and Shelli. All they have to do is to review a few steps and remember how “honorable” and “trustworthy” James was in his decisions. If Vanessa and Shelli were to put the “friendship factor” on the back burner, stay teamed up, and play the game, they could be tough to beat.

    • Jannie

      But James has never claimed to be “honorable and trustworthy”. James has said he has no problem getting blood on his hands(take a shot) or on his whole body for all that matters.
      What kills me is Van Shelli and Clay pretending that they are playing such a moral game and yet they are no better than anyone else in the house. They make up stories, tell different people different things, and go back on their promises… they promised the Dark Moon alliance to get Asstin out and then blindsided them by putting up Jason.
      After that move, Shay got exactly what they deserved. I just wish, in hindsight, that James had used the POV to put Van next to Shelli. Clay may think he’s a beast, what with his football background and all, but he has proved to be worthless at both mental and physical comps.
      And Vanessa is already looking for a reason to go back on her word to James to keep him safe.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Key phrase “unless I find out he’s gunning for me or telling lies”. You can bet your bottom dollar that Shelli zoned in on that like a heat seeking missile. If she stays and Vanessa wins HOH, Jeckle will most undoubtedly and immediately start telling Vanessa things that James (supposedly) said about her and that he is coming after her. I’d bet my life on it. And if Shelli wins HOH, she will still tell Crazy Eyes lies about James to make sure Vanessa rallies the house to vote him out.

      I swear these people even lie about lying….smh

  3. danmtruth

    So Steve is coming out of the shadows to win HOH . If it is double elimination time Thursday night . The HOH will need to be a quick game. So some kind of memory game looks like it’s coming. This will be what Steve is waiting for. He can win Protect Shelli, Vanessa can puppet master him and not get blood on her hands (all drink a shot) The problem is Steve wants to take out Allfrado Becky !?! Yet Vanessa sees a way to keep her honor and integrity ( time for another shot) to eliminate James . She can claim it’s the house (wow the shots just keep coming) that wants him out
    I have jump way to far into the future . We still have a few days to watch the sick sense eat each other. Watch as the sick sense flop there votes between Clay and Shelli. Just like each week they flop who the target would be.

    • Elaine

      If we are to take a drink every time similar expressions of “blood on my hands” and “honor and integrity” are used, drunkedness is just around the corner….Cheers!

    • Jannie

      Don’t forget “at the end of the day…” 🙂

    • Avatar

      We don’t need shot glasses with this crew. Just lie on our back with a funnel in our mouths and pour it in! LOL You know, like, at the end of the day, I don’t know, we all, like, have blood on our hands because we, like you know, have honor and, you know integrity.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Forget the key words. These mental midgets make me want to take a drink just because they exist. Of all the seasons I’ve watched, these are the lyingest (is that really a word?) bunch of people I have ever seen in 1 place at one time, in my entire life. They make me want to get drunk, and I don’t even drink.

    • Jannie

      I don’t mind a player lying – three of my favorites were Dan Gheesling, Derrick, and Evil Dick(all who lied), but don’t stand on your high horse and claim that you are a pagan of virtue and that everyone else around you has no character or morals. I have seen Clay, Shelli and Vanessa all claim that they have kept their integrity and character throughout this game…what?!?

      It’s a GAME for $500K – hell, I would be doing a little, or a lot. of lying, too. I would never want to get personal with insults or whatever, but a few ilittle lies…heck yeah I would.

      THAT’S what drive me nuts!

  4. Avatar

    I think the best thing that James could have done would have been to take Clay off the block (face it he is a floater) and put Vanessa up against Shelli and severe one of the heads of the two headed snake that is running the big brother house. I think Shelli will bat her eyelashes and show her ungodly white grin to dazzle her stay another week. I really want to see the two headed snake gone then let the twins follow. Remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer would have seizures hearing Mary Harts voice? I get the same way listening to all four of these whiney arse woman!

  5. Colby

    I absolutely believe James should have used the veto on Clay and put up Vanessa, but I understand that his goal is to break up the couple. I don’t think he realizes that Vanessa and Shelli are a more threatening ‘couple’.
    I doubt that Vanessa will honor her deal with him. She will create some kind of drama to try to justify doing whatever she wants.

    • Avatar

      But she has such honor and integrity! LOL

    • NKogNeeTow

      I agree. Crazy Eyes should have been put up with Shelli. I also agree that James’ goal was to break up the power “couple” in the house. Somebody had to do it sooner or later. And yep, Crazy Eyes and Jeckle ARE a more powerful couple than Heckle and Jeckle.

      I think Vanessa will honor her deal with him…but only because she feels she has to, not because she wants to. She won’t have to create some kind of drama to justify going after James though. She gave Shelli the perfect opportunity to create the drama for her. If Shelli survives the vote and Vanessa becomes HOH, Shelli will immediately plant seeds that James is coming after Vanessa or that he has been lying to or on her, which in turn, will give Vanessa the excuse she’s looking for. Remember, she told Shelli that she will honor her promise to James “unless she finds out that he is coming after her or lied to her”.

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