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Big Brother 17 – Tuesday Feed Updates



Good afternoon, everyone! It is Tuesday, and still two days away from eviction, but we’re chugging along. The latest news in the house is that Austin and the twins are realizing that Vanessa is likely working with John and Steve. I was wondering how long it was going to take before they figured that out. You’d think after absolutely refusing to put John on the block (even as a pawn) during as week as HoH, that would have tipped them off a little.  Or how obvious Steve has made it that he is working with both John and Vanessa during his run as HoH. After all the obvious clues being dropped in their face, it took until nominations were settled for them to realize it and not trust her.

Not like it matters, because Austin is secretly working with Vanessa as well, and I’m sure just like John and Steve both think – he probably thinks Vanessa has his back more than the rest. It will take 15 minutes of talking to her for him to be assured once again that she has his best interest in mind and all will be good. For good measure, she’ll probably make Austin go talk her up to the twins before one of them is evicted, just to help secure that twin vote in the jury.

That will probably be the biggest story of the week leading up to evictions.  Will Vanessa find out the twins no longer trust her, and will she convince Austin to change their mind before eviction. The answer to that will probably be yes, but we’ll just watch and see.


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Here are the updates:

  • 11:30am – Everyone still sleeping on the feeds
  • 11:45am – Vanessa is outside hanging out alone
    • Steve comes outside and tells her that nobody wants to be woken up today for pictures
    • John joins. Vanessa is a bit bothered and say it’s pretty messed up, but they’ll take pictures and pretend it’s the final 3
    • Vanessa – They really said not to wake them up?  I don’t get it. That’s not nice. When they’re HoH, we get up.  (Don’t worry, Vanessa. Steve and John are voting them out regardless.  No need to overblow minor issues)
    • Julia has joined. I guess she won’t face Vanessa’s wrath this week
  • 1:45pm – Liz and Austin in bed (shocker) and Julia/Vanessa/Steve up by the chess board
    • Julia joins after the pair were talking about how Vanessa is controlling the house.  Julia confirms Austin had a f2 deal with her, and she said she did too.
    • They want to strongarm John into working with them because they’ll threaten 3 finale votes
    • The twins – Vanessa has a reputation to keep up, she’s a DJ
    • Julia is going to try to sacrifice her game for Liz. She is going to tell people to vote for her.
  • 3:15pm – Quiet afternoon in the house

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  1. Avatar

    What a lazy bunch. It’s amazing that any of these people hold down jobs and live normal lives. Isn’t being in this house a form of prison? Will any of these people really connect when the show is over? Austin will go back to wrestling, Liz will continue being spacey. And Vanessa will walk away with $500,000.

  2. Avatar

    Honestly georgle- I don’t think Vanessa will last much longer to win because anyone would be a fool to take her unless it’s Julia(assuming she doesn’t get evicted Thursday) anyone else has someone that they would prefer to take to f2. Austin it’s Liz, Liz it’s Austin, Steve it’s JMac or Julia(tough to tell), Jmac it’s Steve or maybe Vanessa probably to his demise if he wants to win the big money. Every one who takes her unless they are just as strong in competition wins as her which boils down to 3 people: Liz, Austin, and Steve; and all 3 of them have someone that’s not Vanessa they want to take to f2.

    • Avatar

      I think Steve would take John with his second choice being Vanessa. Sure, he may settle for Julia, just to ensure his win. But he has said a few times he wants it to be he, John and Vanessa in the end. With the nasty side they have all finally realized the twins have, I just can’t see anyone other than Austin taking one of them.

  3. AIO_7

    Mark my word, if Vanessa doesn’t win HoH this week, she will immediately be up the backside of who ever does.
    Am I being Captain Obvious here?

  4. opium4damasses

    Since V. is up everyone’s ” backside” already all she has to decide is who to poop out.

  5. Elaine

    I think Vanessa has some bumpy waters to row through. She needs to win some of the important comps or others will decide her fate.

  6. opium4damasses

    Yes! That was a smelly joke but a joke nonetheless. Anything can happen in the game as it moves forward, and I love it like this.

  7. Avatar

    Well, throughout the entire game it appeared Vanessa was the only one playing the game with of course a few strong moves from James and Becky that didn’t last long. The rest of the house seemed to just be “hanging out” for the whole summer. As we get to the final group of people left in the house you start to see a little of some players game play. For example, Steve aligned himself with Vanessa and was able to have her bring him this far into the game while looking as though he was just the “nerd”. JMac didn’t talk much to the other players so they felt he was a threat until he was nearly voted out. He fought hard to stay in the house and now you see him talking game with whomever will listen and align himself with anyone who is willing to take him further in the game. Austin aligned himself with the twins which gave him a tight 3 person alliance which brought himself as far as it could and once the twins became a threat he started to talk game with JMac. The twins just thought everyone should bring them all the way to the end and how dare anyone try to vote them out. Not one ounce of game play from them.

  8. danmtruth

    Lets say Liz goes out Thursday not much of a reach. Next week we have Austin,Steve, John , Julia , and Vanessa That leaves only two people voting to evict This gives the HOH a little extra power. It also will be time to put up or shut up for the HOH They will need to show who they are alliened with. Not sure if even Vanessa can talk someone into being a pawn All will play for POV to add to the posibilitys John win HOH he puts up Austin and Julia . Or makes a move and puts Austin & Vanessa up Austin wins I see john and Steve going up Unless Austin shows som and puts Vanessa up for evicting his Liz After saying all this it can get blow up with the POV Now is when the game gets fun Does Vanessa want to even win the HOH this week feeling she can still control John & Austin It might turn out to be a ratel mistake

    • Avatar

      well I wouldn’t be surprised if John wins next HoH and puts up Austin and Julia especially if HoH is a brain competition the other person who’s good enough to win in a brain comp is Liz(assuming she doesn’t leave Thursday) (I think Julia’s win was a fluke); if she wins it’s John and Steve or John and Vanessa or if there is truely trouble in paradise between her and Austin then it’ll be John and Austin. If it’s a physical comp or endurance comp it’ll be Austin and then it’s John and Vanessa or John and Steve.

  9. Avatar

    Personally I would like to see Steve and John in the final two, with John winning it all. Obviously a lot has to happen.

    Vanessa has a mind for game play but she is also manipulative and a bully. Austin is just creepy and the twins are spoiled users. Not to mention I would love someone to step up and make a BIG move.

  10. Avatar

    Jonny Mac talking about poker with Vanessa on BBAD last night. Jonny says. I love watching t.v. poker. That guy Daniel…..who? Vanessa replies, Negreanu. Jonny says yeah that’s him. He wins all the time. Vanessa says, ya he’s really good. Hello, Jonny you are so close. You are rite there. Vanessa plays Daniel Negreanu all the time. Infact one of the very few females that play at that level.(Daniel who btw is an amazing player. Top 5 IMO) Anyway this is just a link of Vanessa and Daniel playing a hand.Kinda funny to me when Jonny finds out. He’ll be like. No way how did I not reconize you. When I watch poker t.v. all the time. I’m sure he will awkwardly laugh as usual.

  11. opium4damasses

    Observing Julia and Austin aligning with each other and Julia feeling increasingly anti-Vanessa today. Vanessa not hip to it at all (yet). Steve will find out about this soon, too and probably tell John. This means that Vanessa’s going to have to work for HOH if she discovers the change of sentiment happening in all of her alliances. Or maybe she will need to score the POV of course, if the majority of the house wants her on the block. I wonder what Steve and John are going to do about these changes in the Austwins about Vanessa. The alliances are going to be clarified and more out in the open this week after eviction. The Austwins need to talk to Steve soon or the current opportunity will go down the tubes.

  12. Alda

    Vanessa was talking to Steve about taking Julia to the final three.They discussed getting rid of Johnny Mac.He seemed fine with that plan.Why?If he’s so close to JMac.It’s plain to see Steve has feelings for Julia.All she needs to do is climb in bed with him and it’s curtains for the rest of the house.

  13. Elaine

    The ambivalence and/or apathy by the houseguests on whether to send Liz or Julia out is wild. I think somewhere I saw that they are letting the two of them decide. Way to give up on decisions, houseguests who are safe….for now! If Liz stays she and Austin will stay a strong duo, and she has been better at comps than Julia. However, from what I read above, Julia, feeling very anti-Vanessa, might be dangerous. From what I have observed Julia is the nastiest (verbally) of the two and I feel she might let loose at some point if she stays. Also, she has been “conversing” with Steve a lot, and seesawing between treating him poorly and giving him praise. For Steve that attention from a female, negative or otherwise, might be very reinforcing.

  14. opium4damasses

    Steve has said that it was his big dream to go against Vanessa as the last two standing. This wasn’t recently, but it could still be his favorite scenario.It isn’t easy to know anyone’s true intentions right now, as the fight for survival intensifies.

    • Jannie

      The Twits are in the hammock and although they do realize that Vanessa is playing everyone, they still hate JMac, they are convinced that Steve has to go because he put them up.

      And Steve has requested a “hammock date” for himself, JMac and Austin later tonight…that could be interesting…

  15. Jannie

    Vanessa is currently cooking up a deal alone in a room with Austin and Liz.
    It involves Vanessa voting to keep Liz.
    But Vanessa has three conditions that involve no front door, no backdoor, and a final three deal

    She also told Steve today that THEIR final three should be with Julia, not JMac.

    I sure wish that they would all get together while Vanessa was in the DR and compare notes

    It would blow their minds!!!!

  16. opium4damasses

    Did anyone hear the three-pronged demand that Vanessa made to the Austwins to flip her vote and keep Liz? One demand is to go to F2 with one of them.

  17. Colby

    It would be stupid to keep Liz. She is better at comps. Pretty sure Vanessa knows that and will manipulate things her way.
    At this point I think they are all on to her game, but they all need her for their game.
    I don’t think for a minute that she thinks this F3, and she is taken to F2 deal would ever happen. It is one of her stupid tests on honesty and gives her a ‘reason’ to turn on them.

  18. Jannie

    Sure am glad that BBAD is showing nothing but the Austwits hanging out in bed.

    Perfect excuse to watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

  19. jimbo

    I think youre reading this situation wrong. I think Austwins, as well as John/Steve, have both figured out they can’t trust Vanessa and that she is playing both sides, which puts her square at the bottom of both groups. Bad news for Vanessa.

    • Colby

      t they both need her vote right now.

    • Colby

      That should be ‘They both need her vote right now’. I really need to invest in a new computer. LOL

    • Jannie

      I think that everyone in the house talks crap about everyone else in the house WITH Vanessa.

      But nobody ever talks crap about Vanessa with anyone else for fear that person will run and tell her and the hammer will come down.

      Steve is sooooo right with his chants of “I can’t trust Vanessa…I can’t trust Vanessa.”

      Vanessa’s entire plan to keep Liz is to sic her on Steve. Now that she has used him for his game knowledge she is going to send him packing.

  20. Elaine

    Austin has passed Delusional 202
    1) Liz will win America’s Favorite (or whatever it is called)
    2) There are no more twists because the ratings are so good with these current houseguests.
    3) That there has been controversy (really??…when??) and there has been no need for anything more interesting.
    4) That Liz loves him….oh wait, that is Delusional 101 for Liz…cause she admitted it!
    5) That if Liz and him were separated by one of them being voted out, no on would watch. (He said this while carrying her straddled across him through the house.)

    Response: As to them being no more twists: All but the producer that tells them “Stop that,” the other staff has given up, gone home, and are done with this season. Julie shows up on Thursday to get her paycheck.

  21. opium4damasses

    Everyone individually left in the house refreshed their various deals with Vanessa tonight. Everyone’s happy as a litter of little piggies, secure in Vanessa’s keeping. It has been funny as hell. Until it isn’t anymore, at the next big comp.

  22. Jannie

    i sure hope that JMac spills the beans to Steve about Vanessa’s plans to keep Liz. At this point, I think that Steve would actually have the guts to have a “Come to Jesus ” (tell the troth about your plans) with Vanessa.

    Not liking Johnny boy as much anymore now that he has been throughly put under Vanessa’s spell

  23. opium4damasses

    Austin has always reminded me of a huge tattooed rabbit, and JMac’s constant bleating through the entire show hasn’ t been a turn-on. It rivals the twins chewing in a nearly nauseating unattractiveness. On the other hand all of this crap beats the hell out of the sex scenes kinda sound effects.

  24. opium4damasses

    Oh, and one brief postscript: Liz wants Vanessa’s head delivered to her on a platter.ASAP.

  25. Elaine

    I don’t admire the game play (or lack thereof) for Austin, Liz, and Julia (who hopefully will head to jury). Austin has always had an inflated sense of himself and Liz quickly follows. JMac confuses me…..limp noodle most of the time, but dang in DR…wow! Steve is just …..back and forth, entranced all over with the female attention, and yet in control. Vanessa has manipulated most of the season, but unless she wins, there is no guarantee of her destiny. No one seems to be in a long-term f2 as in last season…..so it seems the outcome is negotiable with all of them….except Austin and Liz (if she stays).

  26. Jannie

    From Jokers…

    Julia and Liz decide that only them and Austin should be there. “Everyone else eats all our foodaaaahhhh and nobody else does anything.”

    And this gem…
    Julia thinks she will win fan favorite and that only Liz and Austin have done enough to win the game.

    And the best for last…
    Julia and Liz compare themselves to the sisters from the movie “Frozen”

    Oh, I detest those narcissistic little Austwits and I’m really pissed at Vanessa for keeping Liz.

  27. opium4damasses

    Now Liz is having delusions of grandeur as if she and Austin are running the game. First, Steve-uh has to go. Then Vanessa. And the twins won’ t be friends with Vanessa after the show. They’ll go see her in Vegas, Liz said, but after that they just won’t talk to her anymore. Where did Liz go to charm school? The Mean Girls Academy?

  28. Avatar

    Why in the world would Van keep Liz? She’s the central link in the chain.

  29. Avatar

    The only way John and Steve stay in the game is if John wins HOH this week and Steve wins the following week.

    • Jannie

      At this point I’m not even sure if John would save Steve. Vanessa will convince him that Steve could beat him in the F2.
      I’m not sure what John or Vanessa’s real motivations are right now.
      No idea who Vanessa really wants to take to the finals.
      And I am keeping my fingers crossed that John is really playing Vanessa and is just waiting for that HOH to send her to jury, but I just can’t figure him out.

      Would love to see a house meeting where they all just blow up Vanessa’s game – but I’m not counting on it. We all know that nobody trusts her anymore, but I think they are all just scared $h!tless of her…
      She’s really good, but I would love to see her out at this point.

      Time’s a ticking…

  30. danmtruth

    Confusion all around that benefits no body but Vanessa . The one thing everyone agrees is Vanessa needs to go except that they ALL have F/2 or F/3 deals with her. They are all a bunch of little kids talk big till the teacher walks in Than all are quite and can’t wait to rat out someone else. As everyone keeps say the season of the grand dulission from Liz and Austin made for perverts lust affair. Liz believing America loves her . Johny Mack not understanding that thing hanging on his shirt is called a mic. NO NEED TO SHOUT EVER THING HEHEHE . Steve that he will go down in history as the smartest player in BB lore That and all the players think they can beat Vanessa in a vote with the jury

  31. Elaine

    Vanessa often gets the others to verbalize her ideas and then she ends with something like “That is a good plan. I like that.”

    • Avatar

      That’s how Derrick got things done last year.

      I know there are a lot of Vanessa haters on the site, and maybe her character is a lot more abrasive than Derrick’s was, but she is getting it done in a similar way. Like you said above Elaine, everyone comes up with an idea, and as soon as she hears what she wants to hear, she is on board to get it done.

      Derrick never specifically came out with a target of his own. He sat in the strategy sessions, and as soon as somebody said that so & so should be a target, he would jump in, and then work together to get it done.

  32. Elaine

    Well in the end we will see if it works out for Vanessa. I think Derrick did a better job at hiding the control he had in decisions. He was more pensive and able to sit back more, taking in information, and using it when necessary. Vanessa, though she has been in that control position, has just been all over the place. A strength for her has been able to reign it all back in and keep the others from evicting her. Other “crazy” players just get booted.

  33. opium4damasses

    Vanessa has gathered, as usual, much info by stirring the Austwin pot. There have been emotional reveals, ego reveals and ” loyalty” reveals made by this trio that Vanessa finds so useful. Austin, in particular has said things that can, if needed , be used against him with Steve and John. It will surprise me if Liz has the votes to stay. Only Austin can “use ” her as the game progresses.

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