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Big Brother 17 – Tuesday Feed Updates



Good afternoon, everyone! I suppose I should have mentioned in my post yesterday that my live update thread wouldn’t be until the evening. I went up to visit my parents, and it’s a long, long drive. But, I’m home now, and it’s time to get immersed in the Big Brother world once again.

From what I understand, yesterday and today have gone just about as expected. Very quiet minus some Vanessa paranoia. If there was something else, feel free to mention it in the comment section. I haven’t been able to watch the feeds for two days, so I am pretty out of it. With that said, that leaves me with little to talk about, so I’ll jump right into the feed updates….

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  • 3:00pm – Meg is hanging by the pool with Austin, Liz and James. I have a confession: I can only tell the twins apart when they’re with Austin. The one Austin is hovering around is usually Liz
    • James mentions how ants have become second nature at this point.  Early on they were freaked out by them, now they’re just like “Oh, they’re in the cereal”
  • 3:25pm – Looks like people are talking about nap time.  I guess I started blogging at the right time.
  • 3:50pm – James and Meg discuss sugars in fruits
    • James and Meg are having a debate about fruit. He is saying that fruit does not have sugar because sugar doesn’t come from the sky
    • James “Why is it when green beans or potatoes grow out the ground, there is no sugar”
    • Meg “What the hell?”
    • Meg “You’re acting like everything coming from the ground is the same thing”
    • James “It comes from the same place”
    • Liz comes in to clear up that there is sugar in oranges, and they grow from trees
    • Steve comes in and confirms fruit indeed has natural sugar
  • 5:00pm – Steve was briefly talking to Vanessa and hoping viewers don’t think he’s a floater.  You’re a floater, bro
    • Vanessa leaves and he starts talking to himself. He doesn’t want to win next HoH. Thinks he’s safe
    • John has come out and joined him. They have been talking about plans moving forward. When they should get out Vanessa especially… however, everyone keeps sounding like they want someone else to take out Vanessa
  • 6:30pm – Steve and John are playing pool, the rest of the house is pretty much relaxing and/or sleeping
  • 8:00pm – A few of the house are outside. Austin is working out. James, Meg, and Becky are hanging out talking.
  • Meanwhile, Steve and Vanessa are playing chess
  • 9:00pm – House update – It’s incredibly boring right now
  • 9:45pm – Tonight on BBAD, it looks like they’re going to put on a court show.

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  1. AIO_7

    Welcome back, Steve.

    One easy to tell the twerps, oops, I mean twins, apart is the eyes; Julia has bigger eyes and they are further apart on her face.
    Almost on the sides of her face, like a horse.

  2. Avatar

    Yeah, the only way I can tell is Julia’s eyes seem more flowery (not sure how else to explain it), and Liz are just plain.

  3. Jannie

    I really don’t care which one is which – they are both just as obnoxious.

    But, AIO 7, loved the comment about the horse face – now I will see Mr. Ed every time I see one of them 🙂

  4. Avatar

    “James and Meg are having a debate about fruit. He is saying that fruit does not have sugar because sugar doesn’t come from the sky”


    Oh James, buddy…..never change

  5. Avatar

    Is it day 62 , Steve talking to V..or day 63 ….according to Morty’s…
    …I would love to see Steve be the one to take out V

  6. Avatar

    Big Brother fans: I love this picture of Liz reacting to an unsolicited hug from Austin


  7. Avatar

    I feel so lost … Was the POV used?

  8. Elaine

    These houseguests have been so silly regarding Vanessa. They debate “someone else should get her out” all the time….Becky handed the decision to them on a silver platter…..and yet Vanessa stayed. The HOH can only nominate… the houseguests are the ones to vote either to evict or keep someone. The HOH only breaks a tie….and with the way these people “house vote” that is unlikely to happen anytime soon. So Vanessa just might “someone else should get her out” all the way to the end.

    • danmtruth

      Elaine what baffles me is this bigger target idea. People keep Vanessa in so other house guest go after her . Than they stay safe. As you said they are going to keep her till the end. Add the number of people who want to be standing next to her in the final. With the thought that she screwed everyone over . That they would win. Dumb dumb move

  9. Renee

    Stevebeans I think after knowing what I’ve read on other sites, I wish the feeds would have stayed boring. Twitter went nuts last night about the live feeds. Apparently Austin and Liz “got busy” in the HOH. When Liz got HOH, I mentioned on this site that this would be good for my diet because I will be unable to eat thinking of the two of them in the HOH. Uggh, just as suspected, it happened and I cannot remove the images from my brain. Worst showmance ever. They both are disgusting and Liz is only fooling herself when she is telling people she doesn’t want to be with him. All of the players are fools for allowing the twins and Austin stay off the block.

  10. Avatar

    I have Direct TV. I went on a trip, got home, and nothing recorded because Direct TV and CBC can’t get along. Jerks!!!! And the CBS app is garbage. I’ve totally had it. I give up on BB. Moving on.

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