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My cover image will be like my title - Plain and boring

Big Brother 17 – Tuesday Live Blogging

My cover image will be like my title - Plain and boring
My cover image will be like my title – Plain and boring

Good afternoon, everyone! Today, and this week so far kind of feels like a Becky, so that’s my theme of the day. Nothing bad, and actually pretty nice, just boring. I have a feeling the Big Brother house will also be a Becky today, so I am not holding out much hope, but there is always a chance things get spiced up when the twins wake up and possibly stir the pot with Clay.


I am going to jump right into the feeds:

  • 11:00am – The house is still sleeping.  James was stirring and getting dressed, but the feeds are only on those sleeping.
  • 11:30am – James has his HoH cam. Everyone is sleeping.  He’s sitting in a dentist chair bored lol Poor guy
  • 12:15pm – Many people are up and about, so James isn’t alone with him camera now. They’re outside taking pics. It’s pretty much James, Austin and the girls (minus Shelli).
  • 1:00pm – The feeds cut to Jeff Loops.  Weird.
  • 1:45pm – Feeds are back. I guess there was a random contest to win take-out
  • Shelli is making the rounds doing some whispers with Vanessa now Steve
  • Apparently the downtime had trivia on current events because they know Trump is running and leading polls.
  • 2:15pm – Clay and Shelli are in the kitchen while many are outside by the pool. The outside crew is relaxed, but it’s quiet inside
  • Meanwhile, John and Becky are in the bedroom and she is quizzing him on events in the house.  They are preparing for a mental comp this week

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  • The quizzing is over and now the two are gossiping about the house. John mentioning how James tried to throw the botb comp
  • John says they need to chill because after this there is still a showmance and a set of twins (That overlap, unless he’s referring to Shay which will be broken up on Thursday)
  • Becky wants to work with the James/Jackie/Meg alliance because they’re targets first. Hmm, interesting strategy
  • 2:45pm – James said he doesn’t want to make any lunch right now because Clay and Shelli are cleaning the kitchen and it’s just awkward around them.
  • 3:40pm – Steve is alone doing some studying for the HoH, he is actually going to try this week – so he says
  • Shelli and Clay are hugging, she is crying a bit
  • 4:18pm – James sitting outside “I gotta get up, I’m getting an erection”  random lol
  • Liz and Julia had a few slips today with their tops, but it’s so skimpy, what do they expect?
  • The most annoying part of it is when she slips, she says ‘Ohhhh myyy goddddddddddddd” and acts like she pulled a Janet Jackson when only a sliver was sticking out.
  • 5:30pm – Shelli is doing her hair in the bathroom while James, Austin and Liz are outside talking.
  • 6:40pm – Clay/Shelli in hammock, Vanessa/Steve in bathroom small talk
  • It’s also nail time in the kitchen. They are very bored
  • 7:00pm – It’s definitely a Becky type of day, so I’m going to go watch some TV while they do their nails in the kitchen.

Check back for more updates!


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  1. danmtruth

    So now crazy eyes Vanessa it throwing out John & Meg are brother /sister . Till Rain Man Stave knows there birthdays and calculates just cousins. Ideal time is a fertile garden for paranoia . Vanessa seems to be eating it up

    • NKogNeeTow

      Rain Man…OMG, I LOVE IT! RRROOOFFFLLL! I spit out my coffee when I read that (I’m still laughing at it). I thought I had him pegged as Eeyore, but I think I like Rain Man much better.

      Love you Danny Boy!……LOL

  2. Avatar

    I agree that the whole Jeff loop is odd on a Tuesday. Luxury comp? Or Pandora?

  3. AIO_7

    Thanks for the updates, Steve.

  4. danmtruth

    So what are all the middle school kids going to do now that the ‘it” couple are fighting. Poor Steve is getting so much attention from so many women who are not related to him . He does not know who to listen too . Crazy eye needs to hand on to Steve . Too use as a shield to save getting more blood on her hands.
    After spying for Vanessa and the sick sense . Becky Frado is trying to rejoin the floater family again. Can James,Meg,and Jackie trust her?
    Alchole was reintroduced into the house . John shows he is not just looking at people’s teeth . By pointing out Meg is the only women with natural boobs left . Thanks for the observation yet you could not figure out who all was running the house
    Austin just can’t stay in the back ground . When things look good and safe for him he stirs the pot . So he starts working Shelli against Clay . Drop hints to Vanessa . Tells Steve his name was being floated as a Backdoor . Just throws things out their

    • Jannie

      Oh geez, Shelli just pulled Steve into the SR and asked if she still had his vote – Steve said yes and Shelli squealed:

      “STELLI Forever!!!” (Steve/Shelli)

      I guess now that Clelli is over the cougar is on the prowl for some fresh young meat.

      Please leave that poor boy alone.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Dan: I don’t know who I want up bad enough next week, Crazy Eyes/Harriett, Crazy Eyes/Jeckle, Asstin/Jeckle, Asstin/Becky, Crazy Eyes/Asstin, Jeckle/Asstin…..So many choices, so little time.

      I hope James, Rainbow Brite and Woody Woodpecker, don’t fall for Harriett’s act. If they let her in, it should be to feed her false information she can scurry back and carry to the other side of the house.

      Asstin is jocking for camera time. He knows the feeds are constantly on (notice how he always glances at the camera?). He runs from person to person spreading lies, trying to be clever. He actually thinks he’s smart. NEWS FLASH! He’s an idiot. And the entire world knows it….He’s the only one who doesn’t know. He gives the term Big And Dumb a whole new meaning. Now shut up Big Dirty Bird and go find a corner and sit down.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Jannie: Oh Sweet Baby Jesus….Stelli?…..Really?…..What tha…….Say it ain’t so….Just say it ain’t so!

      That’s just….WRONG!!!!!!!

    • Jannie

      Yup, it’s on Jokers. Stelli, and she squealed with laughter – ain’t that sweet??

      Dam – can Meg, Jackie, and James trust Becky again? Not just no, HELL NO!!

  5. Jannie

    Austin and his evil twins are dropping hints all over the place that Clay is supposedly gunning for them(shot) and can’t be trusted. One of the double morons has been complaining all day about how mean Clay is and that she has been shooting him dirty looks. Austin saying that people are saying that Clay hates him and is making him feel uneasy. And they are telling all of this to Meg and James. Hint James: They are voting for Shelli to stay. James doesn’t seem to be picking up the hint and is still sure that Shelli is leaving.

    Wake up, James!!

    • Rita

      What makes Austin think Shelli isn’t gunning for him too? I mean she is the one who told James all of Austins secrets.
      They are equally a danger to the Austin/Twin trio but Shelli is better at comps and is really a bigger threat.

    • Jannie

      I actually wouldn’t mind Steve winning the first one and taking out Becky so that James can play in the second one(double eviction) I’m guessing one will have to be a quick memory comp, which he(Steve) would be good at winning.
      Have read that Steve and Vanessa have both said to leave Austin in as a bigger target. But can they please get rid of those whiny twins?? I bet they were real “mean girls” in high school…and they still are.

  6. danmtruth

    Which relative does Steve look like. Clay was a twin for Shelli younger brother. Is Steve a cousin look alike? The DCF needs to step in if she try’s to hook up with Steve. What about poor Julia ? Will Steve leave her before it even gets started . Rain man and the Pumma I see a lifetime Chanel movie

  7. Avatar

    Big Big Brother has a cartoon sketch for each houseguest. They are hilarious and spot on.

  8. Avatar

    So why does Steve hate Becky? I’m still confused about his diary room comment.

    • Rita

      I don’t know why he said it in the DR last week but he did say this morning he would put up Shelli and Becky if he was HOH. He knows Becky has been feeding information from both side AND he may be holding a grudge from a conversation she had with him about how he should be less “sneaky”.
      He’s pretty smart and I feel the same way about Becky she is a floater. But today she finally told John she needs to be less sneaky and pick a side (probably James, Meg and Jackie).
      Steve also said he wants to keep the big threats in the house because once they are gone they will come after him so getting out a floater is good for him, plus someone has to do it or the floaters make it to the end.

  9. Avatar

    If James took Clay down & put Vanessa up with Shelli, old sly slippery cradle robbing Shelli might get the votes to stay in the house with Clay. Then they would continue running the house. Old Shelli is not so bad at physical comps. I think it would be taking a big chance if Clay came down off the block.

  10. g8trgirl

    Stelli? Pardon me while I puke.

  11. Avatar

    Crazy eyes is tap dances on my last nerve always telling the new HOH what they should do. She’s fast talking & never shuts up. That should be a clue to the other players she cant be trusted.
    That GROSSLY HAIRY PERVERT Austin looks like a I said (a perv). I think Liz really likes himmmaah.
    Vanessa & the twins need to go next.
    Becky cant be trusted & neither can Steve.

  12. Alda

    I just wish it was Thursday already.It’s hard to listen to these morons and crybabies.At least last season we got some laughs with Zach,Cody,Caleb and Derrick.They played the game but they played too.They were hillarious.This group feel like they live in a morgue.

    • Rita

      Every time they show Clay and Shelli (I refuse to refer to the by the stupid name they have been given) I wait for Clay to admit to Shelli he wants to stay and he wants to play. I think he regrets telling everyone to vote him out and doesn’t know how to fix it.

    • Avatar

      Clay actually thinks they are all voting out Shelli and he is secretly pleased. He keeps talking about what he is going to do when he is HOH. I hope he is correct, but I think he will go on Thursday. BIG mistake on everyone’s part—except Vanessa. Shelli is the brains and mastermind of that duo. Clay can’t even speak!

  13. Avatar

    Please get Vanessa out next & Liz too because Hairy Beast, Big Foot wouldnt last in there too long without her. He’d be begging to get to the jury house with her so he can molest her there. That would be just what she deserves for leading Clay on, whoring herself out to him.

  14. Avatar

    Rainman is not winning anything unless its questions.
    JohnnyMac is a floater still. Becky is a floater
    Meg, Jackie,

  15. danmtruth

    Austin / Judas is just looking for that next camera . This is all about promoting himself. Don’t know why but I had hopes for Julia. Thinking she had to be smarter than her sister. It has become a battle of mental midgets between her and Liz. With Austin being the measuring stick. As I said before congrats Julia you are the smartest mental midget. You two keep listening to Austin . Liz keep trying to say you’re just playing Austin
    Would love to see those cartoons

    • Avatar

      they are identical twins. Same IQ or lack thereof. Same lopsided eyes, same bleach blonde hair, same annoying voice. I know some men find them “hot” but if you look just at their faces, really? Not pretty. Not smart, not clever. Bikini bodies, yes. I just see nothing of substance in them.
      And Austin… gaahh… big dumb hairy neanderthal. I see nothing attractive about him. Average intelligence, at best.
      Jackie, um, nothing appealing about her.
      This is another season of rooting against more than for the players. Go James. And.. um… whoever is on his side?? Vanessa is not the type of person I like, but hey, she’s playing. Shelli and Clay are just pretty popular people who think being pretty is enough to rule the world. I hope Production doesn’t eff stuff up to keep them on the show… like last year when they kept Frankie, and before that when they rigged it to make Rachel win…

  16. Avatar

    I honestly hope Shelli goes personally because she’s the brains of the operation and I certainly don’t want her in the Jury House I’d rather have Clay in Jury not Shelli since thursday’s eviction is the last eviction before jury if Clay goes before Shelli she can influence everyone else in house and in jury to vote a certain way; plus Clay isn’t winning much he’s safer to leave in the house.

  17. danmtruth

    Jenny ouch girl truth hurts . You can’t talk to a bikini body for that long . Meg is too peppy but can at least hold a conversation. I must admit I do enjoy that Jackie does not allow people to lie and skate by. Enjoyed when she backed Shelli into a corner with Vanessa and the Backdoor of Jasson . The girl has street smarts if you listen to her on feeds. She does a pretty good job of reading people. That professional dancer might be as tripper. I say that as a compliment as I have known very smart strippers . Who are very good at quickly being able to read people and know what to say .
    It seems that the plan now is Vanessa is scamming james ,Meg and Jackie . Telling them they are going to vote out Shelli while they vote Clay out.

  18. Jannie

    Austin is in quite a pickle…

    He has promised James that he would vote to get Shelli out and has promised Vanessa that he would vote Clay out.

    He is squirming big time and it’s so much fun to watch.

    • Colby

      Yes, but I think they are banking on the fact that James can’t compete in HOH, and chances of Meg or Jackie winning are minimal, so she/they (Vanessa and probably Shelli) will be in control no matter who actually wins HOH. I will be really surprised if James isn’t sent packing, unless he can win Veto.

  19. Colby

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks this is the last week before jury. Since Julia came in there are presently 11 people in the house. Next week there will be 10. Jury has to be an odd number to insure no tie vote. So unless they are going to have 3 in the finale, one more has to go before jury. Or am I totally missing something?

    • Jannie

      There are 12 in the house right now. Probably 9 for jury, so whoever goes this week, the next will go to jury.
      James, Meg, Jackie , Julia, Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, JMac, Steve, and Becky.

    • Colby

      OMG! You are so right. I miscounted.

    • Avatar

      So that’s why I hope Shelli goes this week because she is more influential than Clay is so if Shelli makes it to Jury and someone from sick sense alliance makes it to the end she can influence other jury members to vote for them whereas Clay isn’t quite as influential and is certainly not winning many competitions so he is safer to keep around since he’s not winning competitions his showmance partner Shelli is winning more competitions or getting close to winning like this past HoH comp she was one of the last people up there when James won whereas Clay fell sooner. But James, Steve, Meg, John, Jackie, and maybe Becky(not sure who’s side she’s on) have got to step up and start turning the game around otherwise their days are numbered.

  20. Avatar

    I was thinking about Steve vs. Ian and other people I have known in real life with Asperger’s… and had this idea of what a season of BB would look like if they cast ONLY “superfans” like these two. Picture it! A whole house full of people who are way above average at remembering trivia about the show, totally dedicated to BB, but with the same social issues that make it hard for them to relate to others and “fit in”… if everyone is awkward, nobody is awkward!
    Maybe that’s just wishful thinking from someone who was a socially awkward kid. haha.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    James and Woody Woodpecker (Jackie), FINALLY figured it out! They finally figured out that Crazy Eyes (Vanessa) and Jeckle (Shelli…changing her name to Jackal after Heckle goes home), are running the house and the rest are just minions (except Goofy (John), who they think is the wild card. However, they are wrong thinking that the house is going to vote their way (which was discussed by Crazy Eyes, Asstin…who is threatening to vote for Heckle to go because he’s “scared” of him, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee). Poor delusional Woody emphatically stating to James “They better not vote against the house” (what is she going to do about it if they do?).

    Funny little Rainbow Brite (Meg) and Woody, stating that if they win HOH next week, they are putting up the floaters. Do these clowns not know that ‘They ARE the floaters’ (spoken in my best Maury Povich impression).

    Becky has embedded herself on the HOH room sofa….feeling pretty confident because her Mata Hari act hasn’t been discovered yet. She feels like she’s rolling with the Homies now..

    Crazy Eyes gets caught plotting with Larry, Moe and Curly (Liz, Julia and Asstin), so she chases Woody down and demands a house meeting “to assure everyone is on the same page with the voting plan”…..ie….damage control.

    Asstin runs up to the room first. He’s thrown Heckle (Clay) under the bus so much I can see the tire tracks across his back and smell the gas fumes on his breath. Poor little puddy cat (Asstin), he’s afraid of the big bad mean man (Clay).

    Crazy Eyes arrives and tells them that she’s true to her word and has promised Heckle, she will vote to keep Jeckle. She would hate to go against her “integrity” and not keep a promise after giving her word (to bad she didn’t remember that when she blindsided Jason).

    Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee have arrived. They listen intently, then ask about 46 times “so just to be clear, who are we voting for?”…..Help me Jesus.

    James is steadfast on his decision. He says he’s not backing down, whether they come after him next week or not. He said somebody is going to come after him sooner or later. I’m loving this little Munchkin more and more every day.

    At the end of the meeting, Crazy Eyes declares that she has no problem with the results of the meeting, as long as no one changes their mind at the last minute (again…you mean like last week with Jason?). She then points to everyone in the room and ask them to give their word (who died and made her queen?).

    After Dirty Hairy Asstin, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee leave the room, Crazy Eyes runs back in to make sure James is clear on her vote and why (double damage control).

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..Heckle and Jeckle are having a make out session on the chaise. I kept waiting for production to yell “GET A ROOM”…..no such luck. Heckle got into it so much he started rubbing her arm and romantically cupping her face while kissing her. I wouldn’t sit on that chaise now if they paid me double.

    Elsewhere in the house, Rain Man (Steve) is asking Goofy (John), if he ever kissed a man…..WTH?!?!?!? Goofy says no, he was just kidding…..Ok, to be honest, I can’t even think of a snide comment to insert here.

    That’s what I got from the 2 hours of BBAD. It cut off before I could get any more info. Good thing to, BBAD wrecks havoc with my sleep. Every year my sleep pattern goes all out of whack when After Dark starts. I’m to nosey to go to bed like “normal” people.

    Thaaa Thaaa Thaaa That’s All Folks…..Nighty Night….Zzzzzzzzzzzz……..

  22. danmtruth

    NKogNeeTow or should I say Glades Kravets that was great. Thanks for the recap. Honestly I can’t blame the mental midget duo for being confused. Between the wind socking of logic by Rasputtin Austin . The paranoia ramblings of Crazy eye’s Vanessa . It gets hard to keep the plans straight while still trying to keep your clothes coordinated
    Jenny the Steve Rain Man edition of BB would be interesting to watch. We had a program at my kids school called Best Buddies . It paired ” normal” kids with students with diferant special needs. My kids joined as a friend and classmate had Aspergers . They had no problem dealing with him or his issues. Seeing that group and the large spectrum of what the other kids delt with day to day was eye opening. Arron need everything laid out and could not deviate from the plan for the day. Funny thing is he got into theater and loved it and thrived in it. So it was all a matter of finding a comfort zone for them So have a show where everyone is paired up could be interesting The logic won’t be much different from what is happening now
    Love the whole lets have a house meeting to clear the air. Or let’s shame and bully people into doing what I want . Crazy eye throws out words like honor and integrity what a laugh. . So if I saw this correctly everyone except Clellie were up their (a place so not there or they’re ) had to make them feel good . Or did they even notice.

  23. Avatar

    If that cradle robbig Shelli with her BIG teeth lookin like chicklets stays in the house, her & crazy eyes are going to be running things & Old Shelli will be GUNNING for James because he sent her boy toy packing.
    I just hope & pray Meg or Jackie gets the next HOH.
    If it rained brains, those twins would’nt get wet cause they’re as dumb as a box of rocks with the jolly stinky giant with his creepy grin (Austin) watching Liz every move with his grubby paws all over Liz the Bimbo all of the time. He looks like the type of man that would keep a woman chained up in his basement so she would’nt leave him.
    I just dont want Becky, crazy eyes, the craddle robber, rain man or Johnnymac to get HOH. That would spell disaster for my other guys.

  24. pkcable

    How about a pet name for James? Napoleon Dynamite?

  25. ShoeLover

    Thanks for the wonderful laughter this morning!! All of the nicknames are perfect! Please someone make those whiny twin voices go away.. each word is draaaawwwwwnnnn out. My brain!!!

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