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Big Brother 17 Twists So Far



Episode 1 is in the books, and not surprisingly they’re doing the two-day premiere exactly like last year. That’s because one of the twists will be coming back with it.  More on that later.

First, let’s talk about the episode briefly….

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Audrey is hot. Like, one of the better looking girls the show has had in a few seasons.  If you were not aware, Audrey was born a guy, so that is why everyone was so damn surprised when she revealed her secret to the group.   However, despite having great looks, she was severely lacking in the strategy department as she pulled a Joey from last season and tried a day 1 girl alliance.  That said, I don’t think this group of guys is nearly as strong as last year, so even if it’s revealed, I don’t think it will come back to bite her like it did Joey.


Other than that, the episode was the introduction episode. Shelli clearly wanted to jump on Clay in the middle of the living room, but that was about the most exciting part of it.  They held the HoH competition, and it was pretty pathetic.  The players stood on a wall while softballs were hurled (sometimes whipped) at them, in addition to being sprayed by fake tomatoes.

They had one person sit out, and Da’Vonne offered to be that person, and she was quickly joined by 3 others who fell off (Clay, Austin, and Meg).  The remaining 4 were able to stay on the wall long enough for James to take the lead in softball count, but out of nowhere, they all fell at the same time. Julie went to instant replay, James hit the ground last, and he won HoH (as he should have anyway, considering he was in the lead).


Now, for the twists.  There will be 3 major twists this season….

Twist 1 – Battle of the block is returning.  This means two HoH’s, and two strong nominees versus two weak nominees. The dual HoH’s will likely make deals to not nominate them should they lose, blah blah.  Hopefully this cast plays this twist more cutthroat than BB16.

Twist 2 – This was already revealed. Every week they will be given a new twist. Personally, I think it’s overblown and the twists will unlikely be game changing. If anything, it will just be a glorified have-not type of competition where players can’t say a certain word that week or they’re on slop.

Twist 3 – The twin twist. As pictured above, Liz has an identical twin sister. While they may not be 100% identical, and we’re not even sure she is the person for the twist, the way it will work is this. The two players will alternate inside the house and try to play off as one person. If they survive I think 4-5 evictions, the twin will be allowed to come into the house and be part of the game (and then likely be voted right out). This isn’t so much a game changing twist as it will be for entertainment. I think this will be extremely fun to watch on the feeds as the house is trying to figure out why one of the players looks different throughout the day.

Kind of like this Seinfeld episode…


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  1. Rita

    I didn’t like the twin twist the first time they did it in BB5. It was fine until they made it until the twin entered the house.

    BB5 spoiler alert!!

    They both got booted out after getting a severe case of HOHitis and demanding the HGs treat them as individuals. But I have a feeling Liz/Julia won’t make it the 5 weeks. I wonder if they bother have the same deep voice.

  2. Avatar

    Hello people. I was kinda let down with the first show. Could be I’m just tired but it seems like BB is getting tired of coming up with new twists. I too watched the first set of twins years ago and didn’t care for it then. I’m hoping the show gets better. It usually does about the time you figure out everyone’s names and personalities. Let’s just hope this year is no exception. Shelli back off that cradle a little and let him breathe by the way. Anyway I’m out. Be back tomorrow

  3. Avatar

    Ok I could be wrong but doesn’t the first hoh get voted out quickly normally?

  4. g8trgirl

    Julie said BoB is a fan favorite. I don’t remember too many fans that liked it last season. Everything was so predictable.

  5. Avatar

    In what world was the Battle of the Block a fan favorite?!!? Everyone hated it. People were constantly hoping it finally went away.

  6. Avatar

    I don’t usually like the girls on the show…they always pick the same vacuous skinny girls…I would love to see some more intellectual characters with some thickness…anyways…I’ll be surprised if the new alliance of “girls” makes it beyond week 2…oh well…

  7. Alda

    These girls will not stay in an alliance.It is much too soon for that.Wait till everyone else arrives and get the feel of the group before you make an alliance.

  8. Avatar

    Here go again! first off let me start by saying I was blown away when Audrey announced herself the first Transgender. That was pretty cool.my only problem is that everyone in the house seem like a really cool people. But really cool people will make for a dull summer.

    • Avatar

      Oh Jesus, just wait. John seems too crazy for this to be a dull season. Hopefully he is crazier than I am expecting.

      Plus, there are at least 5 more people coming including John….at least one of them has to be not too cool! Let’s just hope they don’t get the boot too early.

  9. Avatar

    Can we talk about this “fan favorite” twist for a minute? I want to know what fans told Chenbot & Co. That this was a good twist.

    I think Big Brother & I have VERY different definitions of “fan favorite”. You see, I take it to mean that a good chunk of the BB fan base likes the twist/person/whatever (think Zach Rance, not everyone loved him, but a bunch of BBfans did). Apparently, BB thinks it means that of the ridiculously failed twists of the last 4 seasons (13 couples, 14 coaches/returnee players, 15 MVP/Elissa, 16 BotB) Battle of the Block is the least disliked, so it’s a fan favorite. You could probably add seasons 11 (cliques) & 12 (sabatour that got booted first, then reinvented with Ragan for 2 weeks) to the list, because they also failed miserably in my opinion.

  10. Avatar

    I remember an Australian big brother where they did the twin thing. I believe one won?
    There are a few really annoying people already. Please Jace…shut up already. Jason too, he only knows a few words as far as I can tell.

  11. Avatar

    Is it just me or does John, the dentist, yell at the camera everytime he’s in the diary room? Calm down already!

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