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Big Brother 17 – Vanessa Rousso



Age: 32
Hometown: Las Vegas
Current City: Las Vegas
Occupation: Professional poker player

Vanessa is the No. 2 female poker player in the world when it comes to online and live tournaments. She’s been pro for the past 10 years and has won $4.5 million dollars since she began. She’s a tomboy who has always been extremely competitive, whether it’s playing lacrosse in high school or beating men and women all over the world at the poker table. Being in a male-dominated industry, Vanessa isn’t easily intimidated and is used to keeping her emotions in check, which will help her keep her eye on the prize. She’s perfected the art of bluffing and knows that she can manipulate her Houseguests however she sees fit while living in the Big Brother house.



My Take: Well, we had the poker dealer, and now we have the poker player. It should be interesting how Vanessa handles her occupation because I’m sure a poker player will be an instant threat.  If Da’Vonne happens to recognize her, she won’t have a choice to reveal.


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    Wow, I guess no eye candy this season 🙁

  2. g8trgirl

    I’d say your predictions are spot on, except the ones for caveman (Austin) and cammo man (James) are not appearing. Did you make any about them?

  3. Avatar

    I am curious, what do you think is going to happen? In the video of the house, there are 16 keyholes, and 16 place settings,but we were only given 14 HG…so, where are the other two? More importantly WHO are the other two?

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    Steven. Will all do respect. I will agree to disagree about your assumption that Lavin will out Vanessa when and not if she recoizes Vanessa. I am a professional poker player myself and know Vanessa well. This is basic poker strategy. For Lavan to out Vanessa(atleast for now) Would be a horrible move. In fact it will not happen. Vanessa also knows likely who Lavan is. Vanessa playes the L.A. poker circuit often. I have met Lava as well. So this will be a hush hush potion for both of em for now. Of course 100 percent eventually Vanessa’s true profession will come out. And I have no doubt she has a plan for that. How that pans out is to be decided. Atleast early in the game Vanessa has a huge advantage in this game. Reasons. She knows how to play in and out of position with the best of em. Believe me I know. This girl is a sick player. (Sick means amazing or rediclous for all you who do not know the poker slang) This should be very interesting how she plays her game. Most people think poker is simply luck. Lol. Yes luck is good. Just think about this. If poker is ALL luck then why are the same people making $ over and over. It’s a strategy game. When to keep people honest and when to bluff. And when to play in position and out of position. This may actually be a great season. Last year was too predicble. Apparently the producers saw that as well. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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    I hope this fuck-ugly bitch is ejected from the house as soon as possible, its nauseating seeing her ugly face and also see her scheme and manipulated things to her own likeness and fears.

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    I personally like Vanessa. Strong player in a house full of children.

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    Is that not the point? What show did you think you were watching? Happy Days. Lol

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    Vanessa a fake liar bitch can’t stand this lowlife

  9. Avatar

    I just want to know what is always hanging down from the back of her pants.

  10. Avatar

    FRFR, I like BB…but if the house guests don’t hurry up and evict Vanessa, I’m definitely going to just stop watching. It’s so annoying to see her constantly whining just like Audrey. I don’t even think she’s manipulating the other players. I think if I am as annoyed as I am by seeing her whining so much, they must get it 100x worse. They probably just want to shut her up.

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