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Big Brother 17 – Veto Day Feed Updates



Good afternoon, everyone. It’s veto day, and typically around this time, and moving forward, it’s certainly the most important comp. Don’t get me wrong, winning safety with HoH is always nice, but winning veto is just as crucial because there aren’t many people to pick from. And, in the case of today, it can really mess with the HoH’s plans if the wrong person wins the competition. For example, if Julia wins today, she can save Liz and Steve will be forced to nominate Vanessa or John. There are no other options. That is why I am personally rooting for Julia to win, simply because that will cause the most drama going forward.

Alright, I’ll jump into the updates. Veto competitions are usually pretty long, and the house is mostly dead right now, so this could be a very small update page until the competition is over and we see the results…

  • 11:45am – Austin is in the bathroom getting ready for the day
  • 1:15pm – Came back from McDonalds (yes, I eat healthy), and feeds are down.
  • 3:00pm – Veto comp still going on
  • Scratch that. 5 minutes later they’re back up…
    • Austin won the PoV
    • Vanessa crying in the bathroom for whatever reason
    • Steve tries to come in and the twins say ‘not now. go away’
    • Apparently something happened during veto comp. Vanessa was accused of something
    • Vanessa to Julia – If Austin had his way, you’d be on the block this week next to your sister.  I swear to everything that I’m looking out for you. If you think Austin would have thrown it to you, you’re wrong.
    • I guess Austin called out Julia and Vanessa during the competition. He thought something was shady. They had one of those head to head competitions, and someone picked two people to play (and Austin thought it was weird)
    • Vanessa keeps telling Julia she is so close to spilling the beans on Austin
    • Meanwhile, Austin is trying to convince Liz that Vanessa wouldn’t have thrown it to Julia (he is right, she wouldn’t have)
    • Vanessa is shocked anyone thinks she’s capable of playing dirty (lol)
    • Austin is going to try to get Steve to renom Vanessa
  • 3:25pm – Timestamp check
    • Liz says what she learned today is that Austin is really selfish and that he’s no Clay.  He’s no ‘knight in shining armor’.  (kill me)
    • Vanessa is playing her -I’m going to keep saying I know something, but I’m no rat so I’ll look loyal but you’ll also think the opposite of whatever you’re thinking- card. What Vanessa knows is that she’s behind it all and she is doing massive damage control
    • Julia – That’s why when he was nominated, he was acting cool as a cucumber. Because he knew he wasn’t the target
    • In another room, Austin and John are realizing that Vanessa is playing both sides of the house
    • Austin comes into the bathroom to confront Vanessa.  Vanessa is saying what she said during the competition was only because Julia asked her advice
    • (I can’t wait to see this veto competition)
    • Vanessa has her crocodile tears going. Austin apparently felt
    • Austin said his plan was to throw it to Julia if it was just him and the twins remaining because that was their plan. He said he hoped he’d be able to strong arm Steve into putting up Johnny.
    • Vanessa is still denying any involvement in anything shady. She’s such a clean player apparently!
  • 3:45pm – Austin requests to speak with Vanessa alone
    • Austin – What are you saying to them?
    • Vanessa – I did defend you even though I think  you’re a piece of shit right now
    • Vanessa points out how if he had indeed thrown it to Julia, she would have been sitting on the block next to him. That’s why she’s so pissed at him right now
    • Austin thinks Vanessa was playing up her anger and asks if they should keep it up so people will think they hate each other. Vanessa says she is pretty pissed at him
    • He tells her how heard Vanessa told Julia that she had a lot of Austin and was holding it in. Austin keeps backing down to anything she replies. He is seriously still willing to keep a f2 with her
  • 4:00pm – Austin’s chat with Liz has broken down to him still kissing her ass, while Julia and Liz are in the other room realizing they may be split up this week
    • Vanessa slips in ‘don’t say anything  bad about me to them, because I’ve been a real friend to them’ (and because it may screw her game)
    • Vanessa mentions how Liz thought he would use the veto on her. He is a bit shocked lol
    • Liz is in another room saying she can’t trust Austin and can’t look at him. Liz is going to be staring at the floor for the rest of the season at this rate. First Steve, now Austin?
    • Liz off to sleep. Austin and Vanessa talking to Steve in the kitchen
  • 4:28pm – Austin was sitting with Liz for awhile in complete silence.  Vanessa came in and gave a speech how she shouldn’t be mad at him.  More silence. Austin leaves and Liz is now crying saying how embarrassing this is
    • Liz gets called to the DR and is grumbling about that. Goes to the bathroom to clean up and tells Julia who yells ‘can you call someone else, please’
  • 5:00pm – After some gushing over Jesse (Mr Pectacular) who hosted the PoV contest from Julia, they break up conversation and Liz is back in bed. Everyone else mulling around the house

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    If someone not on the block wins the veto and uses it to remove a nominee, can they then be nominated as a replacement?

  2. Jannie

    Oh please, oh please do not let Julia win the POV.

    Kinda thinking that Vanessa is going to throw it – just like she threw the last HOH(then overacted and complained for an hour about how she should have won it).

    Hoping Liz is the next to go. At this point, even Austin is more tolerable.
    Did those twins seriously graduate from college?? The other night they had to explain to one of them what a “martyr” was…sheesh!

    • Colby

      I agree. I would rather see Liz voted out first. She is a bigger threat in comps, and I think Austin and Julia will fall apart without her and be even less threat in comps than they already are.
      I don’t think Vanessa will throw the comp unless it is just her, Steve, and / or JMac left. Then she probably will.

    • Avatar

      Agreed Colby. If she win’s it, she can just say she’s not going to use it, because they will just “Back Door” the other twin. So it wouldn’t help.
      Honestly, I think Liz would rather be up next to Julia, she seems more upset to be up against Austin, than if it was Julia sitting there. Of course, I could be reading her wrong, but she seems to have gone from, not even liking him, to kinda head over heals.

  3. Clangley

    I’m secretly rooting for Julia too bc I want Vanessa on the block. If she’s on there I figure she has more of a chance of finally leaving. Sure she’s played the best game with everyone all season but I like things stirred up.

    • AIO_7

      But that would leave the Austwerps with all the votes going forward. The only good option this week is Liz leaving.

    • Avatar

      Unless you want Johnny Mac and Steve to also be voted out, you don’t want Vanessa up there. Whoever is safe from the Austwins will for sure vote her out, but then next week it will be Julia, Liz and Austin, playing against just John for HOH. 4 to 1 are not great odds, so one of the 3some would prob win HOH, and then it’s Steve and John on the block, sure, one can be saved, but the other will be gone.

    • Avatar

      Do you think Steve has the balls to put Vanessa up ?

    • Avatar

      I don’t think he wants to put her up, I think he knows his best shot is to take out as many of the Austwins as he can, with J-Mack and Vanessa, and then decide who’s he’s more loyal to.
      I think Steve will have a hard time beating Vanessa for votes, unless he does start winning lots of comps at the end. His best bet will be to take J-Mack, or even an one of the Austwins with him. Against John’s current record, unless John being so likable gets him the votes, then Steve will win. Against any of the 3-headed monster, I mean Austwins, pretty much ANYONE could win.
      But Vanessa, while she’s played the hardest in there and for the entire game, she has made a lot of them mad. So she should get votes, because more often than not, people vote on who played the game the best. But we do see ticked of jury’s, so you never know.

    • Avatar

      Anyone but John on the block, and one of the trio goes. I hope so anyway.

  4. Clangley

    Oh and I miss James and Meg 🙁

  5. Avatar

    If Julia does win pov Austin still goes to jury. Nothing changes.Austin is gone this week either way.

  6. Avatar

    You cannot root for Julia today! If she wins the game is officially over. There is no drama is Julia wins, Jmac goes up and then austwins have 75% chance of winning HOH the next two HOH comps.

  7. g8trgirl

    Am I missing something? I would think JM has to win so everything stays the same. Otherwise, JM goes up and he’s voted out. No brainer.

    • Avatar

      If Steve wins he’ll keep it the same, unless the twins are his target and he’s trying to get Austin back on his side, then he could save Austin and put up Julia… but if he’s smart he’ll leave it the same.
      As this is just what Vanessa wanted, she would be crazy to save any of them, so she should be a safe win (unless it’s down to J-Mac her and steve, then she should let them have it, you know, cause we don’t EVER want Blood on our hands in big brother).
      If John wins it, it would be best case scenario. He would have NO reason to save anyone, so he’d keep it the same, leaving him, Steve and Vanessa all safe.
      But any of the three should be ok. Just as long as they get at least one of the 3, which most people are right, the best would be Liz, to help break down Julia and Austin, so they wouldn’t do well in the HOH comp, right after her leaving, which should give the other side (John and Vanessa) the best chance to win HOH, and get one of the 2 left out.

  8. Avatar

    Me: Vanessa is a good player. But damn is she annoying. I get an anxiety attack every time she opens her mouth. I’d give her the money today and next years too .

    Vanessa: What? OMG dude like for real right now? Your talking about me? I had your back yo! Now your dissing me.

    Me: Umm …I said you deserve the money? What are you being rude to me?

    Vanessa: I’m not rude yo. The fact you called me….know what…I. Can’t even look at you… We’re done. I’m contacting your landlord when I get out of this house and getting you evicted.

    Me: What just happened ?

    Vanessa : Your dead to me now.

  9. Avatar

    A spexial thanks to wow,racecar, LOL, aio7, BoB, YAY and many many others.
    As is said, 33A santa lived as a devil at nasa33

  10. Avatar

    Anyone else here see a resemblance between Steve and Millhouse? Being a big fan of The Simpsons over the years he just reminded me of one of my favorite characters.

    Anywho, in an ideal world there would be some other twist. Anything. I am afraid that the results of the Veto are predictable.

    Either nominee wins – pulls at least one nom off. Nom off = replacement with Julia.
    Julia wins – Liz pulled – replacement with John.
    Anyone else wins – noms stay same. Just a matter of who they send to jury. Probably Liz.

    “Expect the unexpected” has largely become “Painfully predictable. But please keep watching.”

    C-mon CBS. Shake things up some. No twist but a longer game = B O R I N G! And from reading the threads here I am not alone in this belief.

  11. Avatar

    OMG OMG OMG I hope Johnny Mac wins it. I honestly wouldn’t mind if Vanessa lands in the final 2 (which it looks like she will). Sure, she’s an overreactive psychopath sometimes but she’s manipulated the hell out of people the whole season, so she deserves it. I want her and JM for final two. The only two who deserve it, either for game play or for personality. 😛

  12. Alda

    What if Jeff had made it to jury and Liz and Austin would be on the block.Austin would go nuts and volunteer to be evicted! Now,that would have been hillarious!

  13. Avatar

    PLEASE put up Vanessa! Julia is a given and sounds like Austin would be on board to vote her out. Austwins might forgive him. Not good for JMac but I’m afraid I dislike Vanessa more than I like JMac.

  14. Alda

    Steve can’t put up JMac in Austin’s place.JMac would go to jury,and the Austwins would still be a threesome.One of the twins has to go this week.He would never put up his mom,I mean Vanessa.

  15. Avatar

    Julia goes up. No brainer. Even Steve won’t mess this up

  16. danmtruth

    What a day First I am on an iPad when the comment thread gets around 45 I start crashing Over 50 there is no use unless I drag out on old laptop I can’t see anything . Sorry it’s my problem I just hate missing so many great thought by you all .
    Perhaps I miss it but Racecar are you Vanessa’s partner? You do a great job defending her. As is your right as she has done a good job . I personally can do less with the claimes of playing with integerty . They are all adults and should understand what the show is about. Lieing is part of the gam along with misinformation Just stop with the integerty comments and challenging others honesty . All the while twisting there words against them. Also the bullying and manipulation of Steve is hard to watch Game play needs a line she in my opinion has cross it. The being nice to him and telling him she is a mother figure to him Telling him how she will lock out for him than turning and withholding her approval is cruel You can see he looks for her approval a lot As I say it’s a game many players forum special bonds but to use those bonds to hang someone out as a game play is hard to watch
    Sounds like the POV had lots of side drama Vanessa as usual controlling the confusion Stoking the flames of discontent between Liz and Austin No problem their as they both deserve it. I did like a few days ago Austin admitting it was more important for him to get plenty of TV time Liz who for the first 5 weeks kept insisting she was just playing Austin along like a dumb hunk . Now is crush that this thing they have is not real!?!
    Nice to see no pretense that Steve has any power on the renominates and everyone is talking to Vanessa
    I will say Vanessa has taken some big gambles this season She operated with the bigger target plan. Always keep someone the house wants out in front of them. If need be start a fight cry turn the house in your favor . Remember something evil that the person said or did Remind people and get them voted out. This became big when Becky thought she had Vanessa in her sights. But van pulled the bigger target Sheila out and flip Meg & James Risky but paid off . To me Vanessa has played a lot like Andy these last few weeks running to both sides of the house All I know it looks good for her She will beat the drum that no one in the jury house likes her . Yet at the final she will use her closing argument skills to explain they should respect her as the one who made all the move regardless of who she is standing next too .
    Sorry all I had a lot pent up

  17. danmtruth

    So I understand racecar reads the same front to back as back to front. Hence the palindrome my grammar lessons took my that far. Just how that gives a clue to your secret identity I’m stump . No disrespect ment as I say this is a game All should understand as they go in . Vanessa is playing better than anyone else no matter the outcome. It just is also part of the game to compair seasons and players.
    We all like to think we could do better yet listening to past contestants nothing can prepare you. I Did enjoy watching the first 3 season of BB Canada . In one season they had a triple eviction where 3 people were put up and you voted to save one It chanced the whole game. They also had the unfortunate miss vote at the final where one jury member voted for the wrong person . What great live TV that made .
    Listening to the players now they better have lots of counsulers for the house guest after this. I know each house guest has a handler on the production team This year it going to be rough with the blow up of the Austwins That is getting ugly . As much as I don’t care for any of them . This is karma being a suppppper bitch

    • Avatar

      Dear Darnmtruth.That’s the thing. Noone has figured it out. STILL (:.I’m having fun with this. Kinda have too.Get$ boring sometimes with the predictable complaining over and over.Every year. So I said heyx lets have fun with this x this year.Even though I starting giving hints after 10 weeks.We’ll actually week 1. And then and now more and more each week. And even now the super easy Palindrome thing is out.WoW.And still it’s like oh your WoW and racecar.Uh ya. That was handed out.Even though its more like 8-10 characters. All palindromes duh. Thats obious now.They have been there all season.Ya I gave that away. Gift. Got board………. BTW. I have put up palindrome many times as a name as a commentator here as well for weeks now. The basics are all there. (:
      gotta have fun with it. ^USC,UCLA 12 universal (:
      P.S No need 4 me to defend Vanessa. She can handle herself. I am just pointing out strategy. And happens that Van has the best 1 all year. Win or lose
      The season is finally getting fun. For most everyone now. Yay

    • Avatar

      Dr. Will Season2 likeable and my personal favorite of all time. He would make up stories about his brother getting eatin by a whale. Then in DR would say. I don’t even have a brother. It’s not even strategy. Just having fun. Gotta love that cat. And cat is appropriate. He was on the block I believe 9 times. And won it all. Awesomeness

  18. Jannie

    Austin winning the POV could not be more awesome!! ?

    It sets up this whole “Sophie’s Choice” thing that is sending the Twits into an emotional breakdown.
    And, of course, Vanessa is right in the middle of, playing both sides.

    Austin tried to send some BBQ chicken(in the shape of a heart) to Liz, who has taken to her bed.
    She rejected it…
    The sister’s will be sitting on the block together after the POV meeting.

    Karma’s a bitch, girls

  19. Avatar

    Please forgive me if this was already said.. This is seriously the most exciting week on the house yet!

    • Jannie


      It is even better than the Clay/Shelli week of drama.
      Watching the Twits throw tantrums is so much fun!
      I remember Liz sneering that Meg should just “Shut the f*ck up up and get out of the house”
      Time to do the same, Liz

    • Colby

      I agree. It is down to the point that they have to turn on each other.
      But, the rivalry is supposed to be how the season goes. All the ‘beautiful’ and ‘supposed fans of the game’ (who may have watched a season or two) recruits, along with BoB, and the ratings plants like Frankie, Vanessa, Elissa, etc… have ruined this game. It is all peace, love, dove………..until it gets down to minimal numbers and they have to turn on each other. Makes for a boring season.
      Put real people who actually need the money back in the house, not just sprinkle in a very few.

    • Colby

      LOL Jannie. I knew you would be loving this. Me too!

    • Avatar

      Colby, yes, exactly! I hated Rachel and was so pissed when they brought her back and arranged for her to win. The newbies got screwed that season. Big surprise they didn’t last against the veterans.
      When I saw that they had cast Rachel’s sister, I was done. I didn’t watch that season.
      I watched last year because of Donnie. Watching this year because I was bored. Hoping next year I will have something better to do.

    • Avatar

      Colby, “ratings plants”. I love it. Never said better.

  20. Jannie

    I’m happy dancing, Colby?

    Watching BBAD. HG’s discussing how there have not really been any bullies this season(ala Amanda).
    You know, no one who has been intimadating or pushy.

    Raise your hand, Vanessa?
    Nope, she just sat there…silent.

    • Colby

      From Joker’s: ‘Steve thinks Dallas is the one city in Texas that’s blue.’ What does that mean? I am from DFW. I really would like responses if you know. If it means we back our cops in the war against them, yes we do as everyone should.

    • Colby

      Well, she is not going to admit it. I actually think that she doesn’t think she does. She creates drama to justify her actions (in her own mind).

  21. Colby

    From Joker’s: ‘Steve thinks Dallas is the one city in Texas that’s blue.’ What does that mean? I am from DFW. I really would like responses if you know. If it means we back our cops in the war against them, yes we do as everyone should.

  22. Colby

    Sorry for the double post. My computer has a mind of it’s own sometimes. LOL

  23. Avatar

    Why won’t Steve even consider putting Vanessa up?

  24. Avatar

    I said I was done w/BBAD – but then it got interesting again! It is hilarious to see Thing1 and Thing2 crying and complaining about how unfair it is that they are on the block. HA! So I’m watching BBAD and they are talking about how it is clearly a conspiracy that the veto comp was one that Austin could win. Pretty much saying it’s obvious they did it for the ratings. Production picked a comp that he would win. Life is so unfair!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  25. g8trgirl

    I was watching the feeds yesterday when the whole blow up was taking place. Was it wrong that I was smiling from ear to ear? Karma. She’s a b*tch.
    I too, said I was done after last week’s DE debacle. But, it just keeps pulling me back in.

  26. Avatar

    You know things have gotten crazy when Steve receives the second highest votes in the remaining house. It would be hilarious to see JMac and Steve being the final two.

  27. Avatar

    Those snot nose, spoiled rotten mean girl, rich bitch, mean girl twin twerps are livid because Austin is using the veto on himself & not Liz. He won’t pull a Clay for her. She sure as hell wouldn’t use it on him if she had won it.

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