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Big Brother 17 – Veto Day Live Blogging

Steve unsure what’s going on in the house

Sometimes veto competitions are nearly irrelevant, and sometimes they are huge, and sometimes they are just Becky (plain). Ironically in a week with Becky as HoH, the PoV competition seems to rank around ‘Becky’ on the importance scale. It would actually rank pretty low if Becky didn’t have this weird idea to save Shelli under certain situations.


The way it’s happening right now is that there is a plan in motion for Vanessa to be the backdoor target. That’s all well and good (unless you’re a fan of Vanessa), but some of her other options are kind of head scratching. Becky also wants to save Shelli, as she told her she’d be safe this week. So, if the PoV is not used for whatever reason (say Austin wins), Steve would actually probably end up walking out the door instead of Shelli.

With that said, it’s pretty much a neutral situation because Steve has been voting however Vanessa wanted anyway, plus he is actually planning on trying in these upcoming competitions. The thing about that is, either Becky knows this and she’s far more aware than I give her credit for, or she’s shooting in the dark and will end up hitting a target she didn’t even realize was as big of a threat as he is.  Steve is 100% Vanessa’s puppet right now, and he’s a very, very smart puppet. And, as we watched during Ian’s season, competitions tend to favor memory the further along the season goes.

Long story short. It sounds like Steve or Vanessa will walk out the door this week. If it’s Steve, the house may be disappointed, as I don’t think they’ll actually realize how good of a situation that is.


Enough rambling, updates:

  • 10:30am – The feeds went down. They are possibly picking players for the veto competition today.
  • 11:00am – Feeds back, Shelli picked Vanessa to play even though John promised he’d save Shelli if he played/won.
    • Becky, Steve, Shelli, Vanessa (HG choice), Austin, Meg are playing today
  • Austin and Vanessa ran into the HN room after picks were made. People think it’s to keep noms the same if won.  Good thing Shelli picked her
  • 11:30am – Vanessa pulls Shelli aside and says if it’s down to the two of them, Shelli should throw it to Vanessa.  Van will use it and save her. We’ll see.
  • The house is up and prepping for the competition. I am going to run out to do some errands.  I  should be back before the competition ends  (it hasn’t started yet).
  • 1:00pm – The veto competition has been going on for about an hour now.
  • 2:45pm – Veto comp still going on
  • 4:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:30pm – Still down
  • 6:30pm – Feeds have been back for 30 minutes, but when the comp is 5 hours long, I can’t be on time lol.  Anyway, results:
    • Steve won the POV
  • On a side note – They have to get Liz and/or Julia out soon. They are becoming nails on a chalk board when they’re in the same room. The way they whine when they talk is wearing on me. I’ve heard them talk normal, but when they’re in group situations, it’s awful.
  • Another note – Vanessa is the only person in the house to win the PoV this season while not on the block.
  • Vanessa is off to dream land where she will go to a place where she isn’t completely screwed this week.  But seriously, stranger things have happened. It’s not like Vanessa found out a secret about someone the same week they won the power to disqualify 3 votes *cough* Day. Don’t count Vanessa out just yet.
  • 7:15pm – Grabbed a coffee.  Came back to Shelli talking about the competition with the whiners, and it sounds like it was the comic book competition. Where they zipline across and get a peek at the comic on the wall. The best part of that are the actual comic covers.  That said, the theme this year sounds more like movies because they had a ‘showgirls’, but either way, the drawings are great
  • 7:25pm – Jackie and Meg doing their hair  is more tolerable than listening to the twins talk at this point.
  • Becky apparently won another $5k this competition
  • 7:45pm – Jackie, Meg and Becky are in the HoH talking about Vanessa.  She is screwed this week
  • Jackie wants to blow up Vanessa’s game, but Becky is telling her not to because she could come back into the game
  • Becky jokes that she is going to tell Vanessa that she made such a convincing argument to keep Shelli last week, she’s going to keep her this week
  • 8:00pm – Becky is getting herself all worked up, kind of funny to hear her angry
  • Austin joined.  The group thought for sure Steve had no chance because of how physical the comp was, but his memory, he probably only needed to do each person once or twice.
  • 8:45pm – The group is now talking about the vibe of the show compared to bb15. Meg thinks they changed the vibe of the show, I agree.  Casting has been much more careful.
  • Steve joined the room and they joked and asked if he has a backyard zipline competition set up at his house so he could practice
  • 9:24pm – The girls tell Steve his picture looked like Howard Stern. He doesn’t know who Howard Stern is
  • Becky said she used someone as a reference, and the person said Becky was great, etc… just don’t put her around trains lol. Poor Becky
  • 9:30pm – Switching feeds to kitchen. Twins, Shelli, Austin and Vanessa.  Let’s see how long I can tolerate
  • Outside is open
  • Liz was teasing Austin about his ponytail beard.  Austin seems kind of upset now, so he’s outside asking Becky what she thinks
  • Shelli is getting involved, she is relaying a message from Austin to Liz. If he cuts his beard, what does he get?  (like, level of commitment)
  • 10:30pm – So, the past hour has been spent relaying messages back and forth from Austin to Liz.  I don’t even know how to explain this, just wild.
  • Ok, that whole situation was pretty painful. You can watch more of it on BBAD or the live feeds.  Austin and Liz are going to have a hammock date and I want to be able to hold my food down, so I’m heading to bed.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Smart move by Van prepping Shelli to throw the competition in case it comes down to the 2 of them. Austin would also keep the noms the same, so more good news for Van.

  2. danmtruth

    People keep talking about Rain Man Steve having an advantage in counting and memories games. Have people forgotten that’s the base of all that Venessa does? Counting cards , understanding the odds of what comes next. Don’t count Vanessa out on counting comps.
    The good thing is the other side of the house has bought into JMack being a target of Beckeys. Interesting that Vanessa figured out how to chose the house guest choice chip for veto . Than she taught Shelli . Shelli failed to tellBecky this little bit of advantage so I doubt Shelli or Vanessa loyalty to Becky . Or the other members of Sick Sence . Looking like a Vanessa Shelli final 2 pact to me Selli to try a showmance with Banessa now?

  3. Avatar

    The hg dont know that Vanessa is a poker player. Remember she lied about what she does for a living? I forget what it was she told them that she does.

    • Avatar

      Vanessa didn’t lie about what she does for a living. Just not the whole truth. She said she is a DJ which she is. That may help the answer your question.

    • jimbo

      Not telling the truth is another way of lying…semantics. Not telling the cops you were present at the murder scene is not technically a lie, but if you think that’s not being truthful, good God.

    • Avatar

      Jimbo, yes, it’s lying by omission. While I agree with your analogy, Vanessa probably thought that if she told the FULL truth to the HG, she’d put a huge target on her back. I think she was right to withhold this info. She doesn’t owe them anything, anyway. She’s playing for herself and half-a-mil.

  4. g8trgirl

    It’s almost 5:30 EST. What are they doing out there? Lol

    • Avatar

      Jimbo. It would be a horrible move to tell everyone that she is the #2 rated poker female player in the world. Just as it would have been a horrible move last season that Derrick would say he was an undercover cop. So Vanessa did the best she could in truth telling. She is in fact a DJ.

    • Avatar

      Jimbo.I believe Derrick said he was a parks and recs guy. Semantics?
      A good game move

  5. danmtruth

    Ann Vanessa said a bartender or waitress but I thought james and JMack were on to her
    2-1/2 hour and still in POV g8trgirl is last I heard

    • g8trgirl

      Suspense is killing me.
      You know, that’s kinda nice. It’s been a long time since I really, really cared who was going to win comps. That’s because now, it seems, winning or losing could really mean something.

  6. Avatar

    They have talked about how they can tell which chip is houseguest choice so why doesn’t BB do something about it? Austin is a big talking wuss. He’s going to ‘throw’ the comp. Good cover strategy when you aren’t capable of doing anything. Meg is useless in any comp. Vanessa or Shelli will win.

    • Avatar

      Don’t do this me PLEASE,,, I said I was going to keep my cool this week because I was ready to smack Shelli & Clay around last week. Shelli tap danced all over my very last nerve last week & I damn near went bald. I cannot let her & Vanessa be the cause me ending up in a padded cell. Lol
      What is up with Steve? I feel bad for him.

  7. Avatar

    Oh, ok. They should’ve taken that into account because I would think that playing cards professionally would give her the upper hand in a numbers or counting comp.
    Im not going to get myself worked up & on the verge of insanity this week like I did over Shelli & Clay. Lol.
    Gotta let go of that anger!!! Lol

  8. Avatar

    NKogNeeTow, where are you today? I was looking forward to your updates this morning.

  9. Clangley

    Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness this is taking forever hahahahaha…… I’m on pins and needles waiting for the results.

  10. Clangley

    3 and a half hrs so far!!! Any ideas on what the comp could be?

  11. danmtruth

    I’m with you g8tergirl this is taking a long time
    Need to hear from NKogNeeTow
    Ann how’s the hair today? Any left ? This comp does mean something Add to that Becky might need to replace someone. Than it could end in a tie on Thursday and she would need to make a big statement

  12. Clangley

    If it’s an endurance comp Meg and Austin is probably already out lol.

    • Avatar

      Hahahahaha, Im with you. Why would Meg go on BB right after having knee surgery & with arthritis problems? She had to have known the physical comps would be impossible for her to do.

  13. Alda

    What the heck is taking so long? Maybe there’s an all out fight going on!!

  14. Avatar

    I don’t like that they draw names for veto. I think everyone should play life,e they used to. That way everyone has a fighting chance no to be backdoored!

  15. Avatar

    Mickey, your right. Thanks.

  16. Clangley

    Anybody else’s thumb sore from refreshing over and over lol????

  17. Avatar

    AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH,,,, somebody please do something. What the hell kinda comp is this?

  18. Avatar

    This could be the one where they swing across on a trapeze looking at pictures, then choose the correct one. That took hours last year and was very difficult. If it is, it’s going to be rough on some of them just coming off the sliding/skating comp. My internet is up and down so never know if I’ll be able to get back on here to check. I’ll join Ann on the hair pulling! LOL

  19. Clangley

    Lol Ann!!!!! You’re going to be down to nubs before long.

  20. Clangley

    Oh yeah Mouse I remember that comp!!! It did take forever.

  21. Avatar

    I have never had the live feeds. I do check this website and others from time to time. I have been watching BB since it started. What I am confused by is why would you not be able to watch the POV competition if you purchased the live feeds? It seems odd to me that they would have the feeds down on a show that claims you can watch 24/7. Maybe I missed something along the way.

    • Avatar

      I’ve never signed up for the ‘live’ feeds either, and have also watched since that 1st season. A few seasons ago, I think I was able to find occasional footage from the ‘live’ feeds on YouTube, but I haven’t really gone looking since. I imagine that the producers are afraid that could happen again, & so just BLOCK any of the ‘important’ competitions altogether. It probably guarantees them SOME sizable audience for the regular broadcasts…..and that’s what the sponsors are going to want. I think I recall that during that 1st season…..when the show was on 4 or 5 nights a week, the ratings began to falter. Folks ( NOT watching ‘online’ ) complained that the show was stupid & boring…..but it was apparently VERY popular with the computer ‘geeks’ who had the access. Nowadays, they have time to edit the thing……to try & make it more interesting….BUT…..I feel like I’m watching two completely different shows. There’s everything I’m picking up from THIS blog….& then the broadcast itself, which seems to leave out a LOT of the best stuff.

  22. Avatar

    Something controversial must have happened.

  23. g8trgirl

    Feeds are back but nobody has said who won. Grrr…

  24. Avatar

    From what i can figure out Steve won POV.

  25. Avatar

    Becky won veto!! If she takes Shelli down and puts up Vanessa, Vanessa will have Shelli, Austin, Liz, Julia to keep her. Steve will for sure have James, Meg, and Jackie. John is the swing vote for either a tie if he votes to evict Vanessa or a win for Vanessa if he votes to evict Steve. He’s on to how Vanessa works and knows he’s next on her list.

  26. Avatar

    jokers said Becky won. We may have to wait a bit to find out for sure.

  27. Avatar

    Lot of folks on twitter saying that little Stevie won. No official word yet.

  28. Alda

    Breaking News!!Steve won POV!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Avatar

    Congrats Becky.Won it fair and square. Now a double evection is coming. Looks like the game will be even after that. And remember, someone gets to comeback. Like last year.

  30. Avatar

    Now the question is will they put up Vanessa when Steve takes himself off.

  31. Avatar

    One feedster is insisting Becky won and another is insisting Steve won. Either way it’s good.
    Evict Vanessa: James, Meg, Jackie, John (hopefully!)
    Twins insist they LOOOOOOOVE Shelli so those 3 votes could go either way. Steve will vote to evict Shelli (dumb little ass)
    Tie vote will go to Becky.

  32. Avatar

    Yaaayy. Steve needed this boost of confidence but what is he gonna do with it? Vanessa tried to tell him earlier before the comp to NOT use it if he won because nobody would vote him out anyway. She needed the noms to stay the same so she wouldn’t go up. She said Shelli would go out over him.
    A person would have to be a special kind of stupid if they had the veto & didn’t use it to save themselves.

  33. Avatar

    Vanessa’s days in the Big Brother house are numbered!

    Here is how it’s gonna go down. Steve will use the POV to take his self off da block. Becky will put up Vanessa as the replacement nominee. By a vote of 5-4, Vanessa will be the next house guest evicted from the Big Brother house!

    Book it!

    • Avatar

      If you’re right I’d absolutely love that but you Vanessa always manages to make someone else take the fall. Things change down to the very last second in the BB house.
      Vanessa is going try & do anything to get someone else up on that block.

  34. Avatar

    This is great !

    Just over a week ago everyone was complaining how boring the season is.

    Now look at it: James has an amazing week, hoh, pov, and sticking to his guns.

    Now two unlikely people win hoh and veto, and this house has the possibility of being completely flipped !

    Love it !

    • Avatar

      Meg, Jackie, James and John will vote Vanessa off if others vote for Shellie to stay it’s a tie and up to Beckie unless stupid trio decides they don’t want to be target I case Shellie stays

    • Avatar

      That’s true, Trudy. But it really doesn’t matter.

      No matter what, one of them go.

      I was just reading that Meg is trying to convince Vanessa that Johnny is going up. It will be great to see her face when they do the veto ceremony. Wednesdays show will be a fun one to watch, that is for sure.

  35. Avatar

    Im not going to hold my breath on the idea of Vanessa going home Thursday but I really hope she does. We all know her jaws are always flapping & those eyes always rolling, bobbing & weaving. There’s no off switch on her & she always manages to get out of tight spots.
    My bet is Vanessa & Shelli are going to start a public argument in front of everybody in the house with someone making them out to be a bigger & better target than her when in fact it will be a lie. Same old thing she always does.

  36. danmtruth

    There are 8 votes before the POV is used. James , Meg , Jackie, John, Liz ,Juila , Austin , Vanessa When Steves uses it on himself thinking Becky will put Johm up . Now comes the Backdoor and up goes Vanessa.. No matter what happens one of the heads of the serpent is going . It might come down to a tie vote but Becky holds the hammer. The only thing Vanessa can hope is she can talk Steve into not using the POV on himself . If she can do that I congrat her Steve being a supper fan should know this is when pawns go home . Steve don’t be a pawn for Vanessa

  37. Avatar

    Sure hope Seve doesn’t pull a Marcellus. Julie C said recently that it was the biggest shock in BB history. He didn’t use veto and was evicted. But doubt if Steve would be voted out over Shelli.

  38. Avatar

    Trudy, the dummy that didn’t use the veto to save himself was Marcellus. I think he was one of the final 3 or 4 too.

  39. Avatar

    I’m all about James after his HOH reign. Happy to see either Vanessa or Shelli go. Really can’t stand the twins now – after watching BBAD I have heard enough of the whining OMG SHUT UUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!
    Also hate Austin and his stupid hair and tattoos and imaginary romance with Thing 1. I think she is just going to string him along to avoid the drama of breaking his heart. Until jury when it won’t matter.

    • Avatar

      The thing is, Liz is using & leading Austin on not knowing how he might react to being made a fool of on national tv.

    • Avatar

      Her (Liz) voice annoys me to no end. The whinning is nerve racking too.
      She had better watch herself though messing with that man’s head. If he really did have a girlfriend at home,she probably won’t want him when he gets home after Liz uses him up.

    • Colby

      On Jokers I have seen the twins discuss that they are using him as shield because he will protect them and will go before they do. And Liz will tell him that she ‘just isn’t that into him’ once they get to jury. There are multiple names for women like that. Pick one. And as much as he creeps me out, it is just wrong to play with anyone’s emotions like that.

    • Avatar


      If this were taking place outside the BB house, I would agree with everything you imply about Liz.

      But this is BB.

      If Austin only went there to be around some women, then too bad for him. At the beginning of the summer, he seemed to mull over which ones he thought liked him. Julia and Liz are there to play. If they have an ally in a guy that is too stupid to realize that the woman he is so into wont even kiss him, then he is being played no differently than many hgs that have been in alliances, and eventually cut loose.

    • Avatar

      I completely agree. James all the way.
      The twins, Austin, Shelli, Vanessa can all go.

  40. g8trgirl

    I’ve got warm fuzzies all over based on life in the BB house for the last 10 days and what’s to come in the next 5 days.
    I think I need to get out more.

  41. Clangley

    Lmao jenny @ thing 1… too dang funny!

  42. Avatar

    I’m watching the live feeds now. Watching Becky, Meg and Jackie laughing it up. Careful. This game flips in a nanotechnology second. Only 1 can win. Won’t be one of them. Something to think about as their laughing now.. buahahahhaha.
    Goodtimes (:

    • Avatar

      They’re laughing it up right now just like when James won HOH & POV. By the time Vanessa gets done yapping at the mouth & shifting those crazy eyes, she’ll concoct some bullcrap & shift the target to someone else. I wont believe Vanessa is going up on the block til it actually happens.

  43. Avatar

    Did you guys see the twins tell Austin “Goodnight Austin, it sucks to suck. Winners are hooooott.” He must really sucked at this comp too. I wonder what kind of if any comp can he at least do half way descent in?

  44. Avatar

    I’ve never seen Vanessa quiet before. That POV loss & being scared of going on the block shut her down for a minute.
    Austin is talking about shaving that beard for Liz. She better watch herself because he will expecting something in return.

  45. Avatar

    Austin looks nice without the ponytail beard & all of the extra hair on his face. I saw him on a video on youtube. The long hair wouldn’t be so bad if he kept it clean. The twins were laughing & making fun of how bad his hair smells.

  46. Avatar

    Vanessa issuing orders that everyone has to do their own dishes and now she’s treating Steve like a child, demanding he clean the room and do his laundry. I cannot stand her and hope she goes home. She’s trying to scare everyone with the ‘vote me out and I’ll be a bitter jury member. She lost the veto comp because production messed with her medications. Always an excuse so nothing is her fault.

    • danmtruth

      Good call Mouse on Crazy Eye’s Vanessa and the med’s excuse. She is Jannie nailed it perfectly !! So people who don’t understand why scouted contestants hurt the show. This is why
      Ann & NKogNeeTow please no hair pulling Unless it’s pulling Shellis hair extensions
      Ann it’s a thin line between love and madness or love and hate. Me I just love to hate Austin
      Dobi it would be great if Shelli was evicted and in Meg’s goodbye speech she tells Shelli she kiss Clay . And that Clay kiss her back . But It will be Clay going home and Meg breaking down and crying .
      Clangly I almost died laughing at the Megscapade line you hit it on the head!
      Can’t wait for the show tonight . I can always hope Sasquatch Austin turns on Shelli and brings the twins along for a 5- 4 vote . I can always dream
      ounding like Sasquatch Austin who has a reason for each of his poor showing in comps.
      The thing with Shelli always being on the chopping block and surviving . She is now becoming a sympathetic person. Some people Meg ,JMack, and Becky seem to feel bad that she keeps on being put up their.
      In Liz talk with Austin about his beard . He said his girlfriend outside doesn’t like it either. And that he still won’t cut it for her. You can tell this is just a challenge for Liz now to get him to cut it. It never fazed her to hear of the other women . Next we go back to middle school with Austin asking Shelli for advise. After passing notes back and forth thru Shelli ,,,,,,, wait are these people over 15 ! Aren’t you supposed to be over 21 . Proving once more are has nothing to do with maturity . So as you say Queen tease Thing1 will get Sasquatch to trim his beard. To prove his devotion to her What will she give in return ? A date on the hammock . A kiss on her lying lips . Ann look away just know a great POV meeting is coming . Along with a nice Backdoor

    • Avatar

      Is Vanessa really on meds ?

      I think that’s an unfair advantage.

      Let’s say someone is going to be, or is on the short list to be a hg. They go to the doctor, say they have stress and anxiety. Need something to take the chill off. They get a prescription, and medicate themselves to a smooth happy demeaner while they are in the house. They won’t get as stressed on the crazy days as others. They might be able to handle the comps better than others because the meds keep them calm.

      They shouldn’t be allowed to be in the house with that advantage. Additionally, even if Vanessa has a legitimate prescription, which by the way she reacts and over reacts to things it might be the case, then she still has an advantage over everyone else because the meds keep her artificially in control while others aren’t.

  47. Avatar

    Las Vegas superbook is posting odds on this show. From what I hear one of the twins is the favorites.
    Just passing this along

  48. Avatar

    I will be going to the superbook today and/or confirm what I heard. I will post the official odds.

  49. Avatar

    For entertainment purposes only. Unless you reside in Nevada. (:

  50. Avatar

    Danmtruth, that was great. You just worded that just like a soap opera & I cant wait for the next episode. You sucked me right back in just as bad as I was with Shelli & Clay. Phone the psych ward & see if they still have that padded cell available just in case I need it. As a matter of fact Vanessa might be needing one too by the time this is all said & done. Who in the hell does she think she is bullying & threatening people for wanting to evict her? These people are not playing the game for her. They want to win just like her crazy ass.

  51. Avatar


    Ever since I heard Becky was hit in the face by a train, I wondered how something like that could happen and the person still lived. This article pretty much explains it. Apparently her face even did 1000 euros damage to the train! Yikes!

  52. danmtruth

    Ann you have to handed it to Crazy Eye’s making deals to the end . I did like Becky saying she throws up in her mouth every time Vanessa talks about loyalty . That only counts when it helps Vanessa.
    Rob I read the article . Wow no matter what it still is crazy . The conversion of euro to dollars is about 1000 euro is 1094.80$

    • Avatar

      Yeah but if she’s not not getting the deal she wants then she turns to bullying & threatening people.
      You see, Im not one to be bullied or put up with Nessa’s bat shit crazy ass. I would not have a problem telling her to move her ass around & stay the hell away from me because I am not scared of her.

    • Avatar

      Lets remember if they get rid of crazy eyes Thursday they had better start breaking up Austwins next because they’re sticking together.

  53. Avatar

    Stevebeans, I love your comment about not watching the Austin/Liz hammock date so you can keep your lunch down! LOL

  54. danmtruth

    I do like john saying the next plan should be the twins with Austin as a Backdoor . Liz is just a tease . I an tired of her leading Austin on and Judas acting like a love struck 11 year old.. Talk about bringing nothing to the game. Thing 1 sees how much she can get out of Austin Thing2 stands in the background as her sister whores her self Great sisterly love

    • Avatar

      As far as Im concerned now, Liz is a homewrecking bimbo who will whore herself out to get what she wants. She ~ay not have slept with him yet but she’s leading him on. Now for his his doofus ass. He came on the show bragging about how faithful he was going to be to his girlfriend at home. Well, look at him now running around behind this teeny bopper with a mans voice & he’s ready to give up his girlfriend, self respect & dignity for someone he just met, won’t kiss him, won’t commit to him & laughs & talks about how stinky he is & how bad he smells.

  55. Avatar

    Has anyone seen or heard any updates on Vanessa trying to convince Steve not to use the Veto ?

    She is in his ear, but I haven’t heard him confirm to Vanessa or anyone else what he plans on doing.

  56. Avatar

    LOL at ur comment to be able to keep ur food down!!! That was exactly what I was thinking. Julia and Liz are playing with Austins emotions bcuz they are bored!!! Austin is a dumbass , and what the hell is wrong with Julia and Lizs voice, so so deep!!!

  57. Avatar

    Isn’t that so sweet how Meg is hugging & comforting Shelli while she’s crying over Clay being gone? NOT, hahahahahah, he just had his face crushed between Meg’s bosoms & then they were groping all over each other in the bathroom. Aaw Meg, dont forget to let her know it wont be long before they both see him again. Lol

  58. Avatar

    The fact of the matter is nothing is set in stone in the BB house, you can bounce checks like rubber balls in the BB house & you cant totally & completely trust anybody in the game. The prize is $500,000.

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