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Big Brother 17 – Veto Day Thread



Happy Saturday, everyone! As I covered in my morning post, today is indeed the veto day because all they did yesterday were nominations, and torture Vanessa and Liz with a trip to see Ariana Grande…escorted by none other than Frankie. I saw an image posted (I believe from hamsterwatch) showing tickets available for evictions this Monday and Wednesday, so that leads me to believe we’ll have another down period of feeds from Monday until the show on Tuesday night. Until then, we will get to find out who wins PoV, and who the final nominees are.

Before I begin, a quick plug for my wife’s charity walk – She is walking for Alzheimer’s and is trying to raise a little money  (tax deductible!). I’m all into charity these days, so be prepared for me to plug them more next season.  I won’t be asking for any more personal donations, only donations to charities I’m involved with.

Feed Updates –

  • 11:50am – Feeds have been extremely slow.  I heard Vanessa moan something about another hour, but feeds just went down. Veto competition already?
  • 2:00pm  – Feeds still down for the veto competition
  • 3:00pm – Feeds still down … zzzz
  • 6:30pm – Back from my anniversary dinner.  PoV results are in….
    • John won the PoV.  He will make the final 4.  Impressive
    • Right now on the feeds, everyone sleeping.  Awesome
    • Scratch that, John up and roaming around
  • 8:00pm – Steve has been chatting with Vanessa. She was asking him different votes depending on who she sat next to in the final 2. He said he’d vote for her because he respects her gameplay.  Bad idea, Steve. bad idea
  • 9:30pm – Summary of past 90 minutes:
    • Vanessa has been doing rounds.  She had a weird talk with Steve as I pointed out.
    • She then went to Liz and chatted awhile about the finals
    • Finally, sitting with Austin trying to figure out who to send home.  Everyone is kind of anti-Steve at this point, especially since Austin or Liz have to go on the block.
    • Now, Vanessa is telling John about scamper squad
    • Vanessa asks John what to do
  • 10:00pm – Vanessa and John are still trying to decide what to do.  One thing that sounds secure is that Austin will be nominated, and Liz will be safe into the final 4. They’re having a difficult time trying to decide whether or not to take Austin or Steve to the final 4.
    • Vanessa thinks they’re a lock to make final 3 if they keep Steve. Unless Liz wins HoH, that’s pretty much accurate

Check back for updates


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  1. Elaine

    Seems risky for Vanessa to believe Austin/Liz will follow through with any deal of hers moving forward. There are still the two of them, so I am not clear on her plan. Thought at most she would put up one from each side.

  2. Alda

    With Steve and JohnnyMac on the block,Johnny tells Liztin he will throw the POV to them if they promise to keep him?What the hell Johnny Mac???Austin says they must tell Vanessa what he said.Goodbye JMac.Nice knowing ya.

    • Avatar

      Dumb move JMac. Everything everybody says goes right back to boss lady Vanessa. They all feel the need to report back to Vanessa no matter what. They should’ve gotten her out when they had the chance. I’ll bet whoever the next HOH is wont have the balls to put Vanessa up deals made with her or not. Why go any further because they’re all playing Vanessa’s game for her.

  3. danmtruth

    Steve is still worried about how is perceived in the outside world . Well try to do something people respect . Other than talking about it . That ship has sailed sorry Steve . Fan polls show you in the middle of the pack with most in jury are liked more than you. Steve upset Vanessa because he did not rat anyone out She can claim her badge of playing with integerty but everyone else better rat out everyone when ask by Vanessa. So Steve falls back to the old throw a comp to stay . Funny how the Austwins and Vanessa talk smack about how john has not won many comps. When they were the ones all season making deals with Steve to throw comps for them
    Go see Ariana Granda with Frankie as your host Does can this season get any more sticking . Liz need a disguise to go out ? Why? All Austin care was did Frankie know who he was What was with Austin calling out to Julie to get him on the Bold and the Beautiful during the HOH comp what a fame whore .

    • Elaine

      That shout out on the CBS episode to get on the Bold and the Beautiful makes me hope Austin is taken out. He has just plugged himself for whatever gig on the outside ever since he has been in the house. I hope in the future, production can find participants who are BB fans and want to play the GAME. At the end, most of the individuals go back to their lives wherever they are. Get over trying to please America, find a job, find a mate, do what the HOH wants, vote with the house, please the jury……….just play the game!

  4. danmtruth

    Once more some blame must go to production in casting people to fill a storyline . That’s why I say it might be cruel but if these people are so interested in how America likes them. Why not shoe them . All to fan polls I see have Liz and Austin in dead last Vanessa not doing much better . Let’s see them justify why they are disliked so much

  5. Jannie

    I think you have Steve mixed up with Johnny Mac…when did Steve throw comps all season?

    When it comes to Johnny Mac…
    In the last two weeks he has:

    — When the jury members returned to play, as soon as Vanessa told him he was safe, Johnny Mac stepped down from his spinning platform and threw the comp to Vanessa.

    —Johnny Mac admitted in the DR that he threw the next HOH, the puzzles, to Steve.

    —Johnny Mac also admitted in the DR that, when Austin told him that he “really wanted it” he threw him the bowling POV comp.

    —And now, Johnny Mac himself came up with the plan for him to throw the next HOH to Austin and Liz.
    That’s 4 comp throws in the last two weeks.

    Tell me again about how Steve is the comp thrower?? And how that makes him unpopular?? I have a lot of respect for Steve that he had the guts to put Austin and Liz up on the block together. Johnny Mac didn’t have the guts to do it – he threw that comp to Steve.

    If I had to guess as to why Steve is not as popular as say James or Johnny Mac, I would say that it comes down to personality, not comp throwing.
    Steve does not have a typical person’s personality. I know we have discussed this before, but I believe he is somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. He talks to himself, obsesses over things, and sometimes says things that are not always politically correct – he does not have a typical person’s social skills.
    I think that’s why he is not as popular as say Johnny Mac or James.

    That kind of personality, unless you are around someone on the spectrum, can be hard to understand and maybe even scary or annoying. That’s why they keep to themselves, don’t have a lot of friends, and tend to have a hard time fitting in. Steve is probably worried about how he is perceived in the outside world because he knows that he is perceived to be “different” in his own, regular world.

    That’s why I think Steve is not popular in the polls – if popularity was tied to throwing comps, Johnny Mac would be on the bottom of the list.

  6. Avatar

    What do you guys think of the letter that Austin’s ex-girlfriend Jen allegedly wrote to him via public media? It was funny whoever wrote it. It’s on Celbrity Dirty Laundry.

  7. Avatar

    Oh Yeah !!!! Jmac WON POV !!!!!!

  8. Avatar

    John wins veto !

    I love it. Vanessa has to be squirming now.

    I hope he can win hoh next week and put her on the block.

    It sounds like Steve wasn’t far behind. And afterwards, Liz complained to Austin that Steve was only thinking about himself! What an airhead! Of course he was thinking of himself, he was on the block !

    I cannot believe how ignorant she is.

  9. Alda

    There is still hope in the Big Brother House.! Johnny Mac lives on for another day!!

  10. Avatar

    So glad we have another week with JMac! Now if only he can next HOH he’s set. I think he’ll do well in the first round of the final HOH comp. I’m hoping for a miracle of Liz going on the block and Vanessa sending her to jury, but sadly I doubt that’ll happen. The twins are probably the most self-indulged people I’ve had the displeasure of hearing about. They seriously didn’t even attempt to watch a single BB episode before going into the house, did they? They really are a product of South Florida, always thinking they’re the center of the universe! (I can say that, I was born and raised, lol) One day the real world will hit them and they’ll realize it’s not all about them. -End Rant-
    Anyway, GO JOHNNY MACK!!

  11. Jannie

    From Joker’s…
    “Liz is not happy that Steve is laying in the daybed near them(her and Austin). They pass him, hop into their bed and begin making out.”
    “Liz occasionally moans as Steve hides under his blanket.”
    “Liz smiles at Austin as he steals a glance at Steve in the daybed. Camera 2 zooms in on Austin’s eyes as they occasionally roll into the back of his head.”

    God those two are disgusting. Pleasuring each other with Steve right there in the room. Poor guy is going to need a lot of therapy to get over that. And does anyone else find it awfully narcissistic and pretentious of those two to flaunt their “grossmance” in front of everyone else?

    Wise up, Vanessa. Those two won’t take you to the F2.

    Hope she puts up Liz and sends her packing in a tiebreaker.

    Austin, for all of his working out, is horrible at physical comps. And Vanessa or Steve would kick his butt in a mental comp.

    • Avatar

      Steve is probably traumatized. Too bad he’s not a vindictive person because there is no way those two Filthy McNasties would’ve been laying there sloshing & sliding fingers in peace while I was in the room. He should get up & start doing one of his crazy dances around the room & talking out loud just to piss them off. Wtf must her family think of her porn show on BB.

  12. Elaine

    I am confused. Who does Vanessa hope to go to f2 with?

  13. Avatar

    Do the house guest know that someone is getting evicted on Tuesday and Thursday?

  14. Avatar

    Hilarious. Unless JMac makes a deal with Austin and Liz, the poker play will be forced to get blood on her hands.

  15. g8trgirl

    Doing the happy JMack air guitar dance!

  16. Avatar

    Just read this was interesting It was on Celeb dirty laundry
    .Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Vanessa Rousso BB17 Predetermined Winner – Producers Fixed Game to Promote ‘Poker Face’ TV Show?

  17. Avatar

    Dee, your right & then watch & see the queen start talking a mile a minute & those eyeballs start swinging & bobbing & weaving. She talks fast because nobody can understand for sure what the hell shshe’s saying. Notice how confused they look when she spinning a story to them when her back is against the wall? We already know Liz is normally confused anyway & Austin is obviously not that bright either. Tomorrow is goining to be hell for the minions by the time the queen is done with them.

  18. Avatar

    I’ll bet Vanessa’s mind is racing & her eyeballs are rolling like a slot machine. She is planning in her head how to get out of this mess.

  19. Avatar

    Glad that Jmac won veto; now hopefully Vanessa doesn’t sway him to use it on Steve or not use it to save himself because I want to see Austin or Liz squirm. Now hopefully Steve doesn’t get evicted. What worries me is Vanessa is going to be the tie breaker vote. Liz or Austin(whoever is not on the block) will vote Steve and Jmac will vote whoever is next to Steve forcing it to a tie and Vanessa is the tie breaker and if she’s dumb she’ll vote Steve. Vanessa needs to wise up and get rid of Austin(the ring leader) not Steve because without Austin a physical threat she can win the first part of the final HoH easily because the first part is always physical in the final HoH.

  20. Avatar

    Dee, that picture was hilarious. I loved loved loved the look on Vanessa’s face, it is priceless. Liz looks like the big crybaby that she is & Austin looks like he lives in the jungle so gross & dirty.

    Deeeeeaauuuuhhh, u know I’m princess Liz & you embarrassed me with that pictureuuhh. Austin & I are BB porn stars not crybabiesuuuhhh. LOL

  21. opium4damasses

    I had thought that Vanessa wanted to go with Austin or Steve to F2, with Austin being her choice as far as her reasoning goes and Steve being the choice she would make with her heart, so to speak. Also, Steve’s mother has addressed the theories that people have put out about Steve being on the autism spectrum, etc. and has said that he is not. She added that he is very normal with his family but has been quite a loner socially and that his shyness has begun to dwindle and to no longer isolate him as he has matured. There is eccentricity. There is a high degree of intelligence, but no kind of diagnosed handicap whatsoever. That is his Mom’s word. I respect what she has to say about it, and choose to stick with her about it. How would any of you feel if there were a bunch of strangers watching TV and diagnosing YOUR loved one?

    • Elaine

      I agree. There are still loners, shy people, eccentrics who are not on the Autism (which is a diagnosis) spectrum. At the end of the day, all of these are adults who signed up to be on a televised game. Even Steve signed up for it. If he is so painfully shy, I doubt he would volunteer to be in a house with strangers and cameras 24/7. And gee, if he wanted to come out of his shell, he did so in a big way.

    • Avatar

      What heart? Vanessa does not have a heart. That deep dark black hole in her chest & those dark black eyes & her crying on q have nothing to do with having a heart. She threatened & bullied Steve & the rest of them. She said early in the game that she thought something was wrong with Steve but yet & still she played upon that & used his insecurities against him & treated him like sh*t. That’s one hell of a heart.

  22. Elaine

    I saw a pic of Vanessa with the Skittles. Looks like she is auditioning to be offensive coordinator for an NFL team.

  23. Elaine

    On BBAD Liz is talking about how she wants to leave the house with integrity (ick), after spending weeks fiddling around with Austin in bed. That she doesn’t need the money that bad (good, then self evict today) and that she knows there will be offers for her on the outside…..oh yea, there might be “offers”.

  24. Avatar

    Austin & Liz should have been thinking about making long term moves a long time ago instead of laying in the bed fingering & hand jobbing each other. They’re getting just what they deserve.
    Did Liz just have the nerve to say girls can be so caddy & jealous? Go Figure.
    Vanessa is so fake. I hate her.
    Austin is delusional if he really thinks he’s going up as a pawn. The dummy is tattling on JMac saying his vote is not sold & he’s (JMac) not that close to Steve. Such a Kiss-ass. He doesn’t have enough sense to know Vanessa is questioning them alone is just her way of gathering info that she may be able to use against them if she’s backed in a corner.

  25. Avatar

    OMG, Vanessa just told JMac she’s a very loyal person. If he had not won POV Vanessa wouldn’t give a fat rat’s ass about smiling in JMac’s face right now. The B**ch just had him on the block & was planning on getting him evicted.
    Come on JMac, don’t fall for Vanessa’s bull.

  26. opium4damasses

    It was already a foregone conclusion that someone would feel the need to claim that Vanessa is heartless , a bully etc., etc. This is understandable, but also, we all view things through our own subjectivity. Arguing about it is of no interest to me. Observing her now, it is becoming more certain that Vanessa is likely to nominate Austin. In her position, this would be my preferred choice , too. My great interest in observing every season of BB is in the context of it as a fantastic social experiment turned into a game. It offers a lot of laughter, potential life lessons for players and viewers.The satiric aspects are a delight, as are the analytic facets. Those who choose to bash, judge and denigrate the players with bitter, repetitive,humorless outpourings have an orgy-like buffet every season of the show. I enjoy the bashing when it includes tolerance and good-natured awareness, when it uses kindness at its heart. We are all aware that people usually are a combination of living in the dark and the light, simultaneously.

    • Avatar

      If arguing about it is of no intrest to you, why comment on it then? I guarantee you it’s not going to stop anybody from giving their opinion. It won’t stop me anyway.
      Vanessa is cruel & heartless. I understand they’re playing a game but you just don’t treat a person like she did Steve. She’s treated them all like crap at one time or another & then when things didn’t quite go the way she planned, she back peddled & lied while smiling in their faces.
      Now they’re all adults & made the choice to play the game but she said herself she thought something was wrong with Steve & it did not stop her from bullying, threatening & using what she thinks his insecurities are against him. Just sayin!!! That’s my opinion.

  27. Colby

    Vanessa took a shot (made a bet) and it backfired when JMac won Veto. She was betting on the fact that Austin would have turned on Liz to get to F2. I also believe he would have, all the while trying to convince her he did it for ‘them’. Liz needs to dump him ASAP.

  28. Avatar

    When it’s all said & done, by the time Vanessa is done with Austin & Liz they will brake up especially if it means saving Vanessa’s skin in one way or another. Vanessa has every one of those idiots willing to turn on each other
    just to save her. She has brainwashed each & every one of them. They act as if she’s the parent & they’re the children running to mom tattling on each other. I hate to say it but Vanessa is going to win this & she knows it.

  29. Elaine

    At this point I am rooting for any of them but Liz and Austin. I believe that between that icky relationship they have been way too public with, and the way the twins conducted themselves in the house, I am not a supporter. I usually try to be fair with game play. Having said that I think that John, Steve, and Vanessa have all played better games than those two. It was interesting to watch Vanessa talk to John on BBAD. Before he won veto, she was set to send him packing. Now she is wheeling and dealing with him. Though I am surprised her fast talk has been so effective, it has. Still never thought a professional poker player (successful one too) would have been so paranoid.

  30. Colby

    On Joker’s. Liz to Austin “Liz thinks America is “totally rooting for us.” . I would love to be a fly on the wall when they actually check out their ratings.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD started with Liz/Van talking in the HOH. Liz was doing all the talking and telling Van why she didn’t think she should go on the block and why Asstin should. Did anyone else notice her body language? She(Liz) was extremely fidgety….constantly stroking her face, blinking excessively…clearly a sign of lying. And surprise, surprise… she didn’t just throw the man she loved to death under the bus, she DROP KICKED HIS ASS under it! It tickles me how when they (Asstin/Liz) are together, they pledge their undying love for each other. Yet when they are with Vanessa, they are selling each other out like a jail house snitch….Ahhhh true love 🙂

    • Avatar

      FWIW, there’s TONS of research (most done in connection with how juries perceive witnesses) that we’re terrible at telling when people are lying. People who are nervous or frustrated because of a concern they won’t be believed are often seen to exhibit behaviors other people think are associated with lying, even when they’re telling the truth. Then there are people adept at lying in calm, reassuring tones, who are often perceived as truthful. She may be lying; she may be telling the truth but nervous that Van is going to take Austin over her. Either way, drawing the intention from her body language is a dangerous sport.

    • Avatar

      One of the very reasons why the porn stars wont last 5 minutes together once outside of the house.When push comes to shove they will not only throw & drop kick each other under that bus but Liz’s spoiled rotten brat crybaby ass will jump her whining ass in that bus, start it up, drive it over Austin’s hairy ass & then back it up running over him again. LOL
      What freakin planet are these people (Austin & Liz) living on to think that they are America’s favorite?

      It looks like JMac totally fell for Vanessa’s bull. She was trying to get him out one minute & when that didn’t go her way, she quickly fed him a load of bull-shit with a giant shovel & ate every freakin bit of it crumbs & all. Unless something changed. Not very bright for someone who can write scripts. I’d be afraid of his diagnosis. LOL

  32. Avatar

    If Vanessa punks out and takes Ausliz to the final 4, then she deserves to go home next. She just does. This isn’t Poker. You can’t fold your way to the end.

    Also, why hasn’t she recognized (and told Liz) that the threat to swing 3 jury votes is illusory. If Austin or Liz is next to Van at the end, Van won’t get either of the two Austwin votes. If Austin and Liz are both in the jury house, then BOTH of the finalists will have had a hand in that, and the desire for revenge will cancel itself outI hope she sends Austin home. But if she doesn’t, and Austin or Liz wins, there’s a certain amount of Darwinian justice that will blunt the pain for me.

    Beans, I know you think Vanessa is showing herself to be a mastermind. But I don’t know. She seems to be pursuing an unnecessarily risky strategy out of an inflated concern about angering people. She’s now in a dilemma with the Austins that shouldn’t be a dilemma. If she’d played a better game, then Liz would already be in the jury house with Julia, and Austin would be joining them after this. She seems to be creating needless dilemmas for herself.

    But I forgot: she got the biggest threat in BB history–Meg-out of the house. Seriously, I didn’t even know Meg was in the house until Van decided she was the second coming of Dr. Will.

    Van may win this season, but it’s not been because she’s made shrewd strategic decisions that increased her odds. It’s because she’s a good huckster and has been incredibly lucky. Her strategic decision making leaves much to be desired. If she played this better, she could be sitting next to four nobodies who each thought she was in his or her corner. And if Dan or even Boogie was in the house, she’d have been out weeks ago.

    • Avatar

      Further to the point, looking at the top of the screen: Shelli, Jackie, Becky, Meg has to be one of the most useless 4-person eviction runs in BB history. Might add James to the end, because he had no allies left in the house. Getting just one of the Austwins out during that pathetic months’ worth of evictions (it was less than that because of a DEs) would have meant that this troublesome 3-headed monster was out of the house by the F4. Instead, it’s a problem that will continue to vex Vanessa as she goes forward. Instead, she got rid of 4 insignificant players with zero chance of outmaneuvering Vanessa or beating her in the F2.

  33. Alda

    Johnny Mac wants Steve out,and I think Vanessa wants Austin out.so they need to talk more on that subject.Steve is very smart on the days,guests and numbers while Austin could beat Steve on aggressive comps.Who does the jury want to see enter the jury house?I think Austin.It’s a tough call right now.

    • Avatar

      I can’t get why anyone wants Steve out. Doesn’t he lose to everyone in the F2?

    • Avatar

      That makes perfect sense for JMac.

      Given how tight the poker player and Steve (aka Norman Bates) are he probably knows that he’s the target of the two. He also knows that NOW Austin and Liz will target the poker player over him.

      He goes to final three.

    • Avatar

      He goes to the F3 with a couple. And if he somehow makes the finals, he has 2 votes against him out of the gate. I think his best strategy is to sit next to Steve.

    • Avatar

      Either way he goes to final 3 with a couple; either Austin/Liz or Steve/Van.

      The difference is, he now realizes he was the poker player’s target this week. If he leave Steve/Van he’s potentially their target next. If he takes out Steve, and saves Austin, he knows that the poker player will be their target.

      He’s got better odds taking out Steve.

  34. Avatar

    John has sworn to Austin and Liz that he will vote Steve out.

    What I am hoping is that he is lying to them, and hoping that then Austin or liz will vote each other out, forcing Vanessa to have to break the tie.

    Or if John changes his vote, and make Vanessa break the tie.

  35. Avatar

    Just saw on a CBS site that freaky franky is going to be on tonight’s show. GAG I have it set to record because I like to watch the competitions. I’m going to reset to not record and not watch at all. Had all I could take of him last year.

    • Avatar

      Hey there Mouse, all you have to do is fast forward through freaky franke. That’s what Im going to do. I’ll watch after it records so I dont have to look or listen to him either.
      That so called luxury would not have been a luxury for me, I call it a freakin curse. There is no way I would’ve wanted to spend an evening with no damn franke or his sister. Don’t get me wrong, she can sing but I just do not like her & have absolutely no interest in going to her concert even if it was free.

    • AIO_7

      Uhhhh, BettyBoop, no, Frankie’s half sister CAN’T sing. She mumbles a bit, but she can’t sing a lick. She does like licking donuts, though.

  36. Avatar

    Big Brother on CBS! (@CBSBigBrother) I don’t do twitter but this is what was posted. Could someone check it out to see?

  37. g8trgirl

    Austin is the renom.

  38. Avatar

    AIO7, I was just trying to be nice about Frankie’s sister’s singing because I’ve only heard her sing one song, you know the Mariah Carey song she sang. Lol
    I just don’t like the way she acts. I had never heard of her til Freakie Frankie said she was his sister, hell, I didnt even know who he was & I had enough of his silly ass on BB.

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