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Big Brother 17 – Veto Meeting Live Blogging



Today is the moment of truth for Shay. James has all the power in the house for the next few hours, and can really alter the flow of the season of the Big Brother season.  Right now, Shelli and Clay are on the block, James is HoH and veto holder. He can replace anyone he wants with pretty much anyone else he wants (since nobody else is technically safe). Right now, he has his sights set on getting either of Shay out, but he did drop a Vanessa hint shortly before he went to bed this morning. One thing I do know, that sleeper cell is starting to crumble.


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  • 10:50am – James is up and has been talking to Austin for a little while. He is kind of making an informal alliance with him, and it’s not a bad idea. Vanessa showed her cards to Austin then backed out. Probably her biggest mistake of the season because now Austin knows he is on her list of being booted whenever she feels. She either should never have told him, or got him out. Never pull out a gun unless you’re going to use it.
  • 11:08am – Meg is talking to Shelli and Clay who are still in bed, and Shelli is a bit worked up James was talking to Austin
  • 11:20am – Feeds down for meeting
  • 12:00pm – Feeds back up. Quick meeting. Veto NOT used, so Shelli or Clay will be leaving the house this Thursday.  No more Shay
  • I finally found a nickname I like for them, and they’re splitting up, boo!   Now, the big question will be … who?
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  • 1:40pm – Oops, I zonked. Anyway, Vanessa is outside talking to his girls. She is telling them how Shelli threw everyone under the bus and how she outed the whole Judas thing.
  • However, she is saying Shelli is going to apologize. They need to accept her apology and move on, for now.
  • Now the twins are outside on a little bash session of Clay. Nothing major, just how he never really talked to them, and had very little interaction. It could be because Shelli would have ripped his penis off, but that’s none of my business.
  • 2:00pm – Shelli comes out for her apology to the twins
  • Shelli is not going to ‘campaign against him’ BUT she’d love the twins vote
  • Note – If James ever reads this. Good for him for trying to make a move, but he completely f’d up two weeks ago when Audrey told him about the power alliance and he ran right to Clay about it. I explained how that was the tipping point because they still had a chance (and numbers) if they united.  Now, it’s pointless. Vanessa has Derrick’d the house, so even when James causes a rift, she locks it down. They’re accepting the loss and moving on instead of shattering.
  • 2:35pm – Vanessa is still on the clock. She is working Steve even though she has absolutely no reason to right now.  This is why she’s going to win.
  • Steve is shocked to learn he is the floater. They said aka Ian (not picking sides) and Steve said no, not Ian at all.  Actually, yes, Ian was. While Ian wasn’t a Spencer type of floater, he was someone who played an extremely neutral game. When battle lines were drawn, Ian was on the sidelines until the final few weeks of the season.  Steve, on the other hand, isn’t even on the field during the battle.  He is indeed floating.

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  • 2:56pm – Liz and Julia are talking to Steve and one of them called him Steve Beans.  Hey wait, that’s ME!
  • 3:15pm – Steve is still blown away that he’s considered a floater.  Poor Steve.
  • 3:30pm – The twins leave and Steve tells Vanessa how he’s into Julia, and thinks she’s flirting with him
  • 3:50pm – James had a brief conversation with Meg in the pantry. He thinks they have Steve, but that’s a big NO. Right now it’s basically:
    Shelli/Clay, Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin with floater votes Steve and John vs Meg, James and Jackie.  I didn’t forget Becky, she has an alliance with the sun
  • 4:00pm – Taking a break, be back in a bit
  • 6:15pm – I’m back, not much going on. Austin is working out while Meg is napping outside (she’s going to get yelled at for that soon)
  • 7:00pm – Perhaps I misread Austin, as he is bashing Shelli with Liz right now, but I still feel Vanessa will keep them all together long enough to secure more than enough numbers to get herself to the final 3
  • Yea, Austin is pretty upset with Shay, as he’s now talking to John about them (knowing it will get back to them)
  • 7:40pm – John is pretty sure the house is going to vote out Shelli, which would be funny.
  • 8:15pm – John and Julia are having a long, long talk. She is saying she wants to be a tourist when she gets out and see stuff like the walk of fame. Nanana, I got to see it!
  • 8:30pm – The gang is now Austin, Liz and Julia talking about Shay. Now they’re talking about how Shelli and Clay never kiss.
  • 9:15pm – Clay has been talking to Vanessa and thinks he’s staying, and thinks it’s unanimous. Well, this week may get interesting now that self preservation is kicking in over feelings for someone you just met a month ago
  • 9:50pm – I’m about to head to bed, but Liz and Julia are really disgusted with Clay, so expect something to happen before the end of the week.  Get your live feeds here

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  1. AIO_7

    Shelli, please go; and I hope Clay falls for one of the twins in your absence.
    Vanessa, I hope you are next.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nope, not me. After Jeckle goes, I’m hoping, praying, rubbing rabbit’s foot, crossing fingers, making the sign of the cross, chanting, lighting candles, doing Voo-Doo dances, consulting Oujia (sp) boards, checking the Magic 8 Ball, building bonfires, wishing on a star, that Asstin will go next. #ihateAsstin

      Can you tell that I hate Asstin?

    • Sweet Bee

      I couldn’t be happier with the outcome off this week! I also am excited that Steve Beans called Shelli & Clay, “Shay”. I have been calling them that since the beginning of the summer and everyone else is calling them “Clelli” which in my opinion is stupid.

      Shelli needs to go before jury. I am also hoping for a romance between Clay and one of the twins. I just want Shelli to have to watch it all from her house. *insert evil laughter*

      I hope Johnny Mac wins HOH next! Just because I like his personality but haven’t really got to see his game play.

      Other than that….
      Goodbye Shelli, I’m over your fake tears and narcissistic ways.

    • Jannie

      I have been going in between calling them Shay and Clelli…but I like Shay better.

      Oh, NKogNeeTwo – I totally get the intense loathing for Asstin, we all feel your pain. I think my hate for Diz is as intense as yours for Dr. Demento(OK only those over 50 may get that reference) so if we can just get them in the jury house together, they can torment each other!!
      Does everyone after this eviction go to jury?? If so then Asstin and Diz can be shown the door.

      BTW, could you clarify your feelings about Asstin?? 😉

    • Avatar

      Clelli is stupid but they’re stupid so they don’t deserve a cool name Shay but since that’s all over in a few days I guess it doesn’t matter.

  2. Jannie

    I would like to see Shelli go out followed by Diz. Why leave a three person team together?? Diz is such an immature whiner that her allegiances change depending on who she “haaaates” that week. And Asstin and Julia will stick with her. She needs to go.
    Yes, Vanessa is definitely the head of the snake, but i enjoy watching her game play. And she has already promised James a few weeks of safety for him and another HG of his choice. I think she is so afraid of “blood on her hands” that she will stick with the promise.
    Taking out Shelli and then Diz will surely be the death of the Sixth Sense. The house will be scrambling to form new alliances and hopefuilly Becki and JMac will finally have to pick a side.

    Good Job, James!!

  3. Avatar

    I can’t wait to see what he does. I hope he puts Vanessa up next to Shelli! That’s the vibes I’m sending him right now lol

    • Jannie

      But it seems to me that if he takes down Clay and puts up Vanessa, or anyone for that matter, that is just one more enemy he has in the house after Shelli is evicted. Right now, he has a deal with Vanessa…why jeopardize that?? I would love to see Diz go up and squirm, but I think James’ best option is to not use the Veto.
      So he has Clay mad at him – he would anyway, even if he takes him off of the block. But if he puts up a replacement, then that person would also be gunning for him.
      Leave it alone, James.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie, I just love you!….muaah….lol

  4. Avatar

    I am glad James keep nominations the same. I felt if he change them he was sealing his fate to go home next week. Way to stay strong James.

  5. Alda

    Good work James! You did what you wanted to do and stuck to it!!So exciting to see The Sixth Sense crumble.Thats what happens when you have to much confidence !!

  6. Jannie

    This might not be popular, but I would love to see James and Vanessa work together in the future.
    Both have shown to be awesome game players. It seems that Vanessa has real respect for James after this week. She doesn’t need the money, but I think she would like to see someone in the game who isn’t afraid to make the big moves, and that’s James.
    Although Meg and Jackie seem OK, they would add nothing to James’ game in the future. And Jackie did vote to send Jason out….cowardly. Seeing Vanessa and James team up would really be a powerful duo.
    Would love to see a final four of James, Vanessa, JMac and Steve.
    Also I think James would be much more safe teaming up with Vanessa than sticking with Meg and Jackie. Since he can’t play for HOH next week, he needs some real protection or he may be going home next.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie, it might not be popular, but I believe you are 100% right! I love the way you think 😉

    • Avatar

      I disagree with that final four. Jmac does nothing but holler in the diary room and Steve does nothing but sneak around eavesdropping on conversations.

    • Jannie

      Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but I guess it would be better than any of the evil triad(Asstin/Diz/Julia), or Shay. And I could not even imagine that James could get to the final four with Jackie and Meg still there. Who knows?? I thought James was sleeping through the game and now he’s a beast!! Maybe JMac and Steve just need a little power 🙂

      Oh Jeez, now Vanessa and Steve(and the evil twins) are saying that they are going to vote Clay out. We better enjoy it this week, because Shelli is good at comps and if she stays we will be back to the sixth Sense(minus Clay) running the house again. She will be out for vengeance.
      Maybe James should have taken him down and put Van up…I just don’t know anymore.
      They could all flip on what James wants because he can’t play for HOH.
      Meg or Jackie better step it up and win on Thursday.

  7. Painter1

    So glad someone FINALLY stuck to their guns.Separate the power couple,next the twins and the Winer.

  8. Avatar

    It is a real shame that the havenots are so limited in numbers. Like they said, they have no choice but to fight to win.

    The problem though is Meg and Jackie is all that they seem to have going into this weeks hoh. Steve, John, and Becky are all unknowns.

    • NKogNeeTow

      You’re right about that too D. But hopefully James has lit a fire under them to make them fight like their lives actually does depend on it.

      Also agree with you about Eeyore(Steve), I think he pays more attention to the voices in his head than he does to the people on the boat (BB floating house). Goofy (John), who I’m still trying to figure out how he got through dental school. And Harriet the Spy (Becky), who straddles the fence so much, she should be walking like a new horseback rider (chafe).

    • Jannie

      Oooooh, a thumbs down?? Whose the a-hole who did that?? Probably a Becky fan so who cares 🙂

      I think Steve is the real thing – don’t think it’s an act at all. I think he probably has a touch of Asperger’s, was a huge superfan, and now that he actually made it into the house he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Vanessa has actually been very nice to him and she gets info from him about the game and that’s why he has gravitated towards her.

      While Becky and JMac have not made waves, I am starting to not like them so much anymore…especially Becky. So glad James has her figured out. She IS Harriet the Spy. And JMac?? Decent enough guy, probably fun to live in the house with, but at this point he is just taking up space.

      The twins have told Shelli that they are going to vote to keep her despite what James wants. Yikes.
      That evil duo and their hairy, worthless master need to go next. They will flip to wherever the power is and can’t be trusted.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Jannie….Yeah, I notice all the thumbs down on my comment too. Probably all from the same person. Oh well “Haters Gonna Hate” and “I’m just going to shake it off” 😉

      Yeah, I can see Eeyore with Asergers(sp), he seems like the type. But he also seems like the type that if he gets to stressed out and started walking through the house in a long trench coat, I’d lock myself in the pantry. He strikes me as the type to be really dangerous if he got mad. It’s always the introverted ones. But I am glad that he’s found somebody in the house that he feels comfortable with. Overall, he does seem like a nice guy.

      Harriett and Goofy have annoyed me for quite a while. I imagine her running around the house wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat with a pencil and pad. And his yelling is reaching a crescendo-like screech. But if I had to choose between the 2, for some odd reason I’d take him over her. He’s loud but he’s harmless.

      I think the TweedleDum, TweedleDee and Dirty Hairy (Asstin), will wind up cancelling themselves out.

      Now my Little Hater (and you know who you are), I posted this. And you can pound on the keyboard like Liberace, hitting the thumbs down key, but I’m still going to SHAKE IT OFF!….LOLOLOLOL :-p

    • Avatar

      Jannie, baby, honey, sweety, How can you not like John ?

      HE IS SO FUNNY !!! ( screaming like John)

      btw…How did James figure Becky out ?

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Here’s the way I think the vote will go, and mind you, it’s only speculation at this point:

    To Keep Jeckle (Shelli):

    Vanessa, because if Shelli leaves, she’s the next biggest target
    Steve, because Vanessa is his only real friend and he’ll do whatever she wants
    Liz and Julia, because they hate James and thinks that Shelli was their fiercest protector
    Asstin, because he doesn’t want to upset Liz
    Becky, because she also follows Vanessa blindly
    John, because he doesn’t want to go against the house and become a target next week

    To Keep Heckle (Clay):

    Meg, because she realizes how dangerous and manipulative Shelli is

    Jackie can go either way. She says 1 thing and does another (i.e. Jason)

    And unless Meg or Jackie wins HOH next week (which is doubtful but stranger things have happened), it will be James and Jackie on the block. Or Jackie and Meg, with a plan to backdoor James.

    But we still have a few days and maybe James can turn the boat around. If he can just get the rest of the floaters to drift his way, he might stand a chance 🙂

    • Jannie

      I never know where to reply on this thread…dmc – there was no “reply” button next to your comment so here goes…
      On Joker’s earlier today James told Meg and Jackie that Becky is shady(not in those exact words) and also alluded to the fact that he knows that Becky went back and told Shay that they were going on the block. I am happily surprised that James seems to be such a good and perceptive player, but afraid that he is a huge target for next week. Wish he would have done a better job at breaking up Van and Shelli and worked going forward with Van.

      I do like JMac(or try to) – I said I would like to see him in the final four w/James, Steve and Van. But he really needs to pick a side. I loved the package CBS did on him last week during BB. Not sure if I would trust him digging in my mouth, but he seems harmless enough. He just needs to do something, anything to get my respect as a game player.

      I know from last year that some here already know that I have 2 kids w/Autism…very high functioning. My oldest ones social skills are very much like Steve’s – maybe why I have a soft spot for him. I totally think that Steve is harmless. His knowledge of the history and strategy of the game is awesome, but his ability to connect with the other players is sorely lacking. I think he is a dark horse who could go far – he told Vanessa that the secret is to keep putting shields(bigger targets) in front of yourself…pretty smart.

      Is Shelli really going to stay? I think you are right NK(may I call you that?) Looks like she and Vanessa will stick together. Let’s enjoy this week while we can 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thanks Jannie !

      btw…I am curious about your comment about your sons and Steve.

      My nephew is an incredibly brilliant young man. Really smart, but he is so socially dysfunctional. It is terrible to see. He makes Steve look like a party animal. It is something that concerns me, but his mother ( my sister ) refuses to recognise the situation. Or , doesn’t want to face dealing with it – I am not sure.

      Around family he is pretty good. But in a crowded restaurant for example, he will just sit at the table and stare at his plate. Wont engage anyone in conversation. Just sits there. But, if someone talks to him, he will respond. It is just that once the conversation runs its course, then he returns to staring at his plate.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

      Thanks, Jannie & all the best,


    • Jannie

      dmc –
      Curious as to how old you nephew is – my boys are 14 and 17. The older one has more social issues and we tried for years – social groups, t-ball, etc… and he hated them all. We finally realized a few years ago that he is a loner by nature, and from what we gather from him, it doesn’t bother him at all. Now with some kids on the Autism spectrum, not having friends is painful, so you need to figure out if he really wants to be social. He is into model railroading and Dr. Who and does engage online with groups related to those interests. And I have done summer daycare for other kids with Autism that are the same age as my two, so they get social interaction in that way. Luckily he does do well in school and is not picked on by other kids, probably because he blends in and he has kids who look out for him. And, when he does speak up, he has an incredibly dry sense of humor. But a lot of times he may slip and say something totally inappropriate. Not necessarily offensive, just strange.
      Good luck with your nephew – has he ever been officially diagnosed with anything?? If you do think he does want to engage more socially, there are tons of resources out there. I know our state has an “Autism Society” which actually prints a catalog full of programs, camps, and workshops for all ages of people on the spectrum. Also classes for the parent to help them gain an understanding of Autism – maybe you could talk to your sister about that. The more you know, the more you can help and the better you’ll feel.

      Good Luck! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thanks again, Jannie. I really appreciate the insight.

      He has never been diagnosed with anything at all. That’s what made me curious about your comment & Steve.

      My nephew is 22 and has no social interaction capabilities whatsoever. I don’t think it’s something as straight forward as shyness, I think it is something more severe. Perhaps he is a loner, but then again, there is the social problem. It is sad to see a brilliant young man not having the ability to go out and get a job. I sincerely worry for his future, as if there was something to happen to my sister and husband, I don’t even think he is self sufficient enough to be able to take care of himself. His. “situation” has limited his regular development into adulthood. I don’t ever see him going out to get a job, move out on his own, and enjoy everything that life can offer.

    • Jannie

      dmc –
      It sounds like textbook Asperger’s – which is on the Autism Spectrum. High intelligence, low social function.
      There is SO much help out there, but you have to want it, find it and go for it. We have a friend whose son has this and is now a 28 yr old college professor and just got married last year. Yes, he is still socially awkward, but he has a good life. It can happen.
      I don’t know how close you are to your sister, but if she is at all worried about his future(parents don’t live forever), you should look up some resources in your area and maybe have a talk with her. Tell her you talked to someone online who has a son with very similar traits. Does your sister have any other kids?? We were so fortunate to have both our boys diagnosed at age 3 and so we got a ton of resources early. Can you talk directly to your nephew?? Any other family members concerned?? There are so many resources out there for him, I truly hope that he and his family will take the step forward to embrace them. He could have a great future, but you have to reach out for the help. Let me know how it goes or if you have any other concerns. My heart goes out to this young man.

      And as far as BB? I am reading 3 different sites and i still can’t figure out what’s going to happen – everyone is telling everyone something different. Maybe I can get a little clarity watching After Dark tonight, maybe not.

    • Avatar

      I have heard of Asperger’s syndrome, but never knew what it was. Thanks, Jannie, I’ll do a little research and see what I turn up.

      My mother and I are very concerned. I want to talk to my sister, but I want to be able to research it first. My mother has tried to talk to her every once and a while over the last several years, but she either gets upset or defensive, and afterwards, it leaves a strain betseen my sister and mother, so although she is concerned, she has stopped asking about him.

      I completely recognise your point above that parents wont be around forever. That is another part of my concern. The way he is now, he would not survive on his own.

      He has 1 sibling, a sister, who has not been afflicted. She is married, and has a regular functional life.

      Again, Jannie, I cannot thank you enough for your valuable insight. I have been wanting to talk to my sister for a while. Now with a little research, I will have the facts to back me up, and hopefully she will listen for his sake. You have really helped me here, and hopefully when I am done, it will make a huge difference in my nephew’s life.


      Back to the game !

      Don’t know what’s going to happen either on this week’s eviction. But, it is pretty clear that once this week or next week is over, whoever is left in the 6th sense will retake control of the house.

      It’s a shame, but they dug their own grave by waiting too long to play.

      I really like Meg. Out of all the women in the house, she’s the only one I’d want to date, so I hope she can somehow fall through the cracks and stick around for a while.

      James is a machine ! Unfortunately Vanessa will possibly find a way to make sure he gets taken out, simply because he has the balls to make bold moves. BUT, in order to win, she will have to break up Liz, Julia & Austin. Maybe she will want James to stay and do some dirty work.

      In any event, this season is a lot more exciting than last. Derrick was simply too good. At least now, there are several splintered groups wanting to get to the end.

      Have a great day !


    • Avatar

      By the way, Jannie, I just want to let you know why this has gone so lobg without any diagnosis of any kind.

      My nephew seemed like a normal kid when growing up. He was really intelligent, but I don’t think the symptoms really became apparent until he was a teenager. I guess my sister didn’t recognise his hehavior during those years, and now, she may not know how to handle it.


    • Jannie

      dmc –
      I am sure that your sister knows there is an issue. I was in denial for months after my first was diagnosed. Mad at the pre-school teacher who first noticed a couple of symptoms in my two year old(arm flapping). So I totally get what kind of reaction you may be met with when you bring this up. It’s a hard thing to accept that something is not “perfect” in your own child.
      But if you have good information, especially something she can actually read, not just words, and then leave it alone for a bit, I think she will come around. Do you think your niece would be receptive??
      Tons of books out there and lots on the web. Give her the info and then let her absorb it and come to terms. Again, Good Luck!

    • Avatar

      Talking to my niece is a great idea. We have a good bond, and she would be a great buffer between my sister and I.

      This may take time, but it is well worth it.

      I really, really appreciate all your advice and insight, Jannie.

  10. Avatar

    Vanessa is working hard to keep Shelli. John, Becky, Vanessa, and Steve will vote out Clay. John because he promised Clay, Becky because that’s who John is voting out, and Steve because that’s what Vanessa told him to do. If Austin, Liz, and Julia don’t vote Shelli, then the super queen snake duo of Vanessa/Shelli will be alive and well. Vanessa seems to be leading them all by the nose. All will be forgiven. Queen Shelli will be demanding “cut off their heads!” SO boring without Jason.

  11. jimbo

    Vanessa only wins if everyone else is stupid. Could be…but James gives me hope this week. BEST move of the game. Im getting tired of schleppy (Vanessa) schlepping around the house talking game; if no one sees her as Queen Bee, then they’ll lose.

    • pkcable

      Not the best move, the best move would have been to take down Clay and put up Vanessa! Or one of the twins if he didn’t want to upset Vanessa, BUT that would have been too risky. The move was to put Vanessa up against Shelli

    • Avatar

      jimbo, they are stupid! Da’Vonne and Jason were the only ones who really studied, watched, and figured things out. They both were evicted because they couldn’t keep it quiet and had ‘attitude’ toward the others. Both of them should have snuggled up to Steve when he offered friendship. Jason admits that now. James is figuring out things, but Meg doesn’t seem to be in the game, Jackie doesn’t understand/believe things in front of her, and Becky just listens then tattles. Austin is so enamored with Liz he’s not thinking. Vanessa is going to win this.

  12. Avatar

    I can’t understand why anyone would like Steve. He’s like “just there”. No personality at all. I told my husband about a week ago thT he appears to be the type that takes a gun and kills lots of random people and then everyone says he was always so quiet. I agree with the Aspergers part. He appears to have no social skills at all. How do ppl like that get chosen? Makes you wonder if it’s all an act but would not think that kind of act would get him anywhere. He’s essentially just a vote and you know he’s voting with the numbers side. Again. How did he get passed interviews and get chosen? I don’t like Austin, twins, Vanessa or shay!! Why do I always pick the underdogs? That’s why my favorites never win!! I want shelli to go but looks like powere in house will not let that happen. Would love to see Vanessa and Austin on block at same time

  13. danmtruth

    Dr.Damento or Svengoule for Austin is my thought
    Steve ehore is a bit scary. The hatred towards Becky when she fell off the wall and now he will start stalking Julia? This will be interesting .
    I see conflict in the Twins world Julia just is not that into Austin Despite all of Liz denying it She IS in to the Harry and the Henderson reject Austin . Once more short sighted game play is stoping these 3 from seeing what is best for them . Even tho they dislike James. It’s better for them to evict Shelli in the long run . Smatter better player than Clay .
    Harriet the spy is more like Allfrado from the Godfather You disappoint me Allfrado working against the family and working with the dark evil triad
    So glad to see a HOH have a plan and STICK TO IT!! Not over think things and be swayed by senseless logic

  14. Avatar

    Actually Steve, Austin told the twins that if he won HOH he would nominate a floater and whoever survives this week. Also, when Steve and Vanessa were talking he said he would go after Johnny Mac/Becky/James/Meg (not Jackie was not one of his targets). I don’t think it’s as clear cut as you think it is…but that’s just me!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m confused…which one told the twins he would nominate a floater and whoever survives this week, Eeyore or Asstin?…No matter, because no matter which one said it, it would mean he would have to put up Clay and himself…lol.

      I don’t think Crazy Eyes has a problem with him going after James, Meg or possibly even Becky, but I’m not sure she’d let him go after Johnny just yet. The 1 thing she could always count on was John being a team player whenever she needed him.

    • Avatar

      If Steve wins HOH, we all know who is going to be making the nominations. Becky is one of Vanessa’s ‘rats’ so she won’t go up. John is in puppy love with Becky, so he won’t go up. Vanessa will be running the house the rest of the season.

  15. Elaine

    James made a big decision for the game this week, especially since one of two votes will be going home instead of to jury. Time will tell if James has the support to keep him safe going forward. It is refreshing to see an HOH make a decision, stick with it, and not be overly analytical or apologetic about it.

  16. Clangley

    Becky has an alliance with the sun!!!!! Lmao Steve Beans!! She’s so pale the sun obviously isn’t her BFF. Funny stuff for sure!!!

  17. Avatar

    Ya’ know….if Austin gets ‘tossed’……and then John ‘hooks up’ with Liz……..we could call them ‘Jiz’. Doesn’t that have a certain ring to it?

  18. danmtruth

    After Thur vote we are down to 11 in the house . Than start the jury house with a double eviction . Do the first will be a quick guessing game Giving Meg and Jakie a chance If not sorry james your up than its down to a POV battle to save him
    Next thing is what damage was done to the Sixth (sick) sense Shelli without her boy toy will need to stay close to crazy eye Vanessa. Will Eeyour creep out Julia enough for her to turn too Johny Mack or AssAustin . How can Eeyour be surprised that he is thought of as a floater Can Allfrado Becky figure out she is the first person to be sold out by Shelli Will any of the Sick Sense target someone and not out think the selfs and keep the nom the same But that’s not there way it must be a Backdoor filled with drama

    • NKogNeeTow

      Good job Dan. Now we just need to work on that punctuation a little more:-). But I get where you’re coming from. I do like your term “Sick Sense” better than their name for themselves…lol.

      You’re right about the drama too. You phrased it like a soap opera cliffhanger, which was right on point. Way to go!

    • Jannie

      Watching Shay whine and complain about their “honesty and integrity” is making me gag.
      Clay says he promised himself that he would come out of the house with the sames values and character that he went in with…ha. I watched him BS everyone in the house except for Shelli and Van.
      Where was their sympathy and integrity when they and their alliance made things up to get Jeff and Jason evicted?
      Own up to the fact that this is a game and sometimes you have to do stuff you wouldn’t do outside of the house. Quit with the martyr act – we’re not buying it.

      Boo Hoo Hoo – don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Again Jannie, you are right. I was laughing the entire time they were whining about their so called honesty and integrity…or lack there of. Then reminising (sp) about where they went wrong. I was right about Heckle too. He said if he won HOH next week, he would put up James and Meg with no explanation. But I was wrong about Crazy Eyes wanting to keep John. She and Asstin were stratigizing (sp) about getting him or Shelli out next week. And the worm turns…. At least they weren’t talking about getting James out.

      I’ve noticed John has gotten really quiet this week. Like a little broken bird…

      And did you hear Dirty Hairy Asstin, telling Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee that John was a baffoon? Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black……He’s also making his rounds around the house, playing the victim…Oh poor dirty thing.

      Crazy Eyes spends a lot of time alone. To much time actually. She knows she has control of the house because everyone comes to her, yet she separates herself from the herd like she doesn’t want to associate with any of them. I really don’t think she likes ANYBODY in the house, but she knows she needs them to get to the end of the game.

  19. danmtruth

    NKogNeeTow my only defense for my poor use of punctuation is I’m a big e.e. Cummings fan . Or I’m still On The Road with Jack and the other beats.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t understand that but alrighty then 🙂

    • Colby

      LOL Dan. Please don’t feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. I too am one that notices grammar and punctuation like there (a place), their (belonging to), and they’re (they are). Probably because I use it more in my job than some.
      I use the voice command on my phone often, and it seems to have a mind of it’s own sometimes. I have sent text’s to my daughter and had to follow up with ‘that wasn’t what I said at all’. LOL.
      I think it was rude and somewhat snobbish that NKogNeeTow felt the need to call you out in front of everyone.
      These comments are pretty much a chat room. Please don’t back off on posting. I enjoy your posts, and gist of your messages are very clear.

    • Avatar

      *a mind of its own (its = possessive, it’s = it is)
      * texts (texts = plural of text, text’s = thing belong to the text)
      Sorry, couldn’t resist! 🙂
      I care about grammar and spelling and punctuation, and I notice when people get it wrong, and I cringe when I make mistakes like that… but I also know most people aren’t so uptight about it. If your post is clear enough that I can tell what you MEANT to say, good enough! Life is too short to care about typos and grammatical errors on the internet! 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      #1. Dan does NOT need to explain to me or anyone else. I never asked him to. It was a JOKE and wasn’t meant to be malicious. He has problems with punctuation, I have problems with spelling (that’s why you see a lot of (sp) behind my words. So…..

      #2. I too enjoy Dan’s post, and hope he continues.

      #3. Yes, this is somewhat of a chat room format…filled with opinions. Your opinion of me is that I’m “rude and somewhat snobbish”. Mine of you is that I’m sure I’ve been called much worse by much better.

      The fact that you tried to make something much bigger out of this than what it was, sounds a little “rude and snobbish”. I never attacked his character, but you saw fit to attack mine.

      I have no problem with Dan, and I don’t think he has one with me. If he does, he’s a big boy and I’m sure he can handle himself. So PLEASE, play in your own backyard.

  20. Jannie

    Watching one of the evil twins(Julia?)in the backyard trying to discuss religion and politics with JMac was actually painful to watch. She is so dumb!,
    How did she actually graduate from college?

  21. NKogNeeTow

    I was just watching Dirty Hairy Asstin touching all over Liz while in the hammock. It made me realize, he would jump her bones in a New York minute if she got drunk around him. Poor girl…..

  22. danmtruth

    Thanks Colby but no need to defend me. First I did not find anything said by NKogNeeTow to be offensive or rude. Yes my grammar,spelling and punctuation usage sucks . I just took it as a joke. I little poke no big deal. If that is the worse thing to happen to me . My life is golden . Beside how can I get better if my faults aren’t pointed out so I can work on the to get better and how long can I keep this run on sentence going . Love to (too) all Enjoy 93% of all the people commenting here

    • NKogNeeTow

      Thanks Dan. I knew you’d understand it. I love reading your comments and I get you 😉

      And you can call me out on my spelling….I tried to spell AN-AL-AH-GEES, 4 times, then just gave it up and changed the sentence…LOL

      Love you ….. muahhh!

  23. Avatar

    Reading through jokers, I am totally confused! Are they voting Shelli out or Clay? One part sounds like they are voting Shelli then it turns around and sounds like they are keeping her? Anyone have it figured out yet?

    • Jannie

      I have been confused, too for the last couple of days. But I think that Shelli is going to end up staying. I know I have heard Van, Steve, JMac, and Asstin and the evil twins all say they are going to vote Clay out. Asstin even told Van that he feels obligated to tell James that he is voting to keep Shelli. He is going to say that Clay has been treating the whole house really crappy since the Veto meeting and he thinks Clay may be coming after him.
      Buy who knows?? still two more days until the vote, anything can happen.
      It was that damn Vanessa who rallied everyone behind keeping Shelli. Kind of makes me think James should have thrown her butt up there next to Shelli.

  24. Alda

    Of course Shelli and Vanessa should have been on the block.That would have made much more sense.How do they not see they are the two running the house?Now,they are going to keep Shelli and Vanessa and Shelli will get more vindictive and strategic then ever!!

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