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Is John Safe?

Big Brother 17 – Veto Monday Plans

Is John Safe?
Is John Safe?

Note – As I pointed out yesterday, I won’t be doing the live updates today (as well as yesterday). Things will return back to normal late tomorrow afternoon when I return home. 


I guess it’s a good thing I decided to visit my parents for a few days this week because the house already seems to be locked and ready for Thursday. Barring some miraculous change, the nominations will remain the same, and one of two really good people will be going to jury this week. Granted, they’ll likely be given a chance to come back next Thursday night (they always seem to have the come-back competition with 4 people), but I also think Jackie is really nice, so this eliminates a chance for both Jackie and Becky or John to be in the house together.  (Though, the way the season is going, Shelli will return with a check made out to Vanessa for $500k)

I mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again. As a Big Brother fan, I do have favorites. As a blogger, my favorite is just drama. Unfortunately for the blogger and the fan side, it’s a bad week for both. Even when John and Becky remain on the block, I don’t expect much drama. And, it also means one of them is leaving. But, the reality is, only one person can win the game, although my ‘favorites’ are being eliminated from that possibility every week.

While I do have favorites, I want to point out that the rest of the cast is still decent. The twins are nice, as long as you have them on mute. Steve is a weird dude, but a likable guy. Austin is… well, Austin. Vanessa may be neurotic, but she’s damn good at the game and definitely the favorite to win.


I’m rambling. I guess that happens when there is little to talk about. That means I’ll wrap it up by saying – don’t expect much to happen today. The veto likely won’t be used and then John will probably go to sleep and Becky will just hang around mildly campaigning.  I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

I will update at some point about the veto, but it may be later tonight. Thank you for your patience over this unexpected trip to the parents.


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  1. Avatar

    This season has possibly been the worst ever. It started out with many fluid alliances on one side controlling the game, while a bunch of folks on the other side lounged around waiting to get picked off (even a supposed superfan like Jason sat back and waited for the hammer to fall).

    There have been a few attempts at real game play by a couple of players but the lemmings in the house seem incapable of holding a coherent thought very long. Right now Vanessa is controlling the game. I don’t think she’s a good player at all. I think she’s just not as pathetic as the rest on “her side” of the house or the others waiting to be picked off.

    I didn’t watch last night and once the remaining couple of likable players are gone, I’m probably done with this season.

  2. AIO_7

    Yep, YAWN; Liz will carry Vanessa’s water and drink Vanessa’s Kool-Aid.

  3. Avatar

    You’ve once again hit the nail on the head, Stevebeans! Since all these people are too scared to put Vanessa out, they may as well just give her the check now! I mean, don’t they know what game they signed up to play?!? Most of them sure don’t act like it! I’m not gonna say Vanessa is as good as Derrick at all, but its very similar to last season. She is controlling every HOH and booting out who she needs out. Only this year, they all know and won’t do anything about it! Derrickhad enough sense to keep them all on his good side! No matter how both the jury may be in the end, they will surely award her the prize because she is playing the game hard and getting done what she needs done!

  4. Avatar

    Becky tried to get rid of Vanessa and look where that got her. It’s dangerous to put her up when there are such easily persuadable idiots in the house.

  5. Alda

    Liz is not using the POV.No surprise here!!Becky or JohnnyMac will be leaving and the creeps will be safe again!Just how Vanessa planned!

    • Avatar

      That irritates the shit out of me. And here last night Liz was acting like she couldn’t trust Vanessa after Becky talked to them? Then she turns around and does exactly what Vanessa says? STUPID. When Vanessa takes her and her sister out is when she’ll be wishing she had made a different move. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen. They better enjoy their time while they have it.

  6. Jannie

    Sorry, stevebeans, but I can’t agree with your assessment that the twins “are nice.”
    The are spoiled rotten little whiners who constantly spew that they “haaaaate” whoever is their flavor of the day at the time.
    And the way Liz is using Austin? She has the relationship skills of a 13 yr old.
    Two two constantly gang up on Austin and say that he isn’t being nice enough to Liz.
    And they have absolutely no game play – they just listen to Austin and Van and are spoonfed strategy and speeches, and even then they can’t get their stories straight. How Liz won this last HOH and POV I don’t know. Not a lot of smart people in the house this season.

    Vanessa is just as obnoxious, but at least she is playing the game and gets the concept of strategy.

    • Avatar

      I dislike the twins because the rude comment to Jason when he got evicted. “Have fun watching from your mom’s basement!!!” Classy.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, Stevebeans, I have no idea where you got the idea the twins were nice. Perhaps you were being sarcastic? They are just horrid people. Snotty entitled little b*tches who peaked in high school. They should hang out with Frankie.

  7. Avatar

    Anyone get the impression that Steve truly is certifiable? I mean to the point of possibly hurting himself?

    It isn’t normal to talk to one’s self as he does. I mean, I ask myself questions all of the time. But the key is never answering them. : )

    He carries on full on conversations with himself. Hides in weird places. Cries when he finally makes a decision. I just get the impression that his Happy Meal was shy a couple of nuggets.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree that Steve isn’t all there. It’s so funny that someone else said that because I was talking to my mom on the phone the other night while we were watching and I said to her “Steve is the craziest, most weird and awkward guy I’ve ever seen”! His behavior is quite odd, and downright psychotic at times.

    • Avatar

      i was kinda thinking he is on the spectrum. his social skills are lacking and he was so incredibly akward hosting the hoh comp. i really like him but he seems so fragile.

    • Avatar

      the other Jenny is back! I also think he is probably on the autism spectrum. He doesn’t know how to relate well to other people, so talking to himself is probably how he copes. I think he’s just lonely, misses having his mom to talk to every day… talks to the cameras/himself because he doesn’t know how to talk to the others in the house with him. I’ve seen actual crazy (schizophrenia, severe mania) and I don’t think Steve is crazy. Just awkward and lonely.

    • Avatar

      Absolutely. That’s probably why CBS is giving Steve less airtime than any BB contestant in history. BB casting thought they were getting another Ian and instead they got… Also, he said something to John last week that seemed kind of creepy. Hard to know what exactly was said but it sounded like he wanted to team up with John to double team Becky once they got to the jury house? Maybe I am misinterpreting that clip but that was my take.

    • Rita

      OMG! For a second there I thought you were talking about Stevebeans! LOL

      I have a different view of BB17 Steve. I have a few friends (one named Steve) who are the techie, nerdy type. They have different interests so their minds think differently. He probably wouldn’t be talking to himself as much if he had another person he could bounce ideas off without ruining his game.
      He’s doing just fine I just wish he would have done differently on the DE.

    • Jannie

      One of the classic characteristics of being on the Autism spectrum is saying inappropriate things when trying to socialize.
      Steve is definitely somewhere on the spectrum. He may not even have an official diagnosis.
      My son, on the spectrum and 17, was kind of at the beginning of all of the Autism awareness and early diagnoses.
      Not trying to preach about it, just want to educate the public a bit so these kind of personalities are not just labeled as “weirdos.” 🙂

    • Avatar

      Steves CBS profile…http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/cast/215052/

      I have been trying to watch the show without reading bios….nut I just had to peak a bit ….sounds like he is very smart.

    • Avatar

      I’ve been saying that Steve is a few bricks shy of a load for a while now. What kind of screening process if any is done before they put these people on the show?

    • Avatar

      I think his bio says a lot about him. Him being compared to Sheldon (Jim Parsons) from the Big Bang may be the best insight into who he is. Often people who are very smart (even possibly genius level) are not easy to understand, as their minds work so much faster than most. No offence to anyone, however I have always hated how quickly people try to label the players (and people in general), it is possible that he is odd, and that is all.

  8. Avatar

    i love johnny mac. i hope he doesnt go home.

  9. danmtruth

    Jannie I agree with what you have to say about the twins. They are out of central casting of mean girls. Very shallow people . Is there anyone that they have not trash friends & foe alike. Just don’t care for people who who must put others down to feel better about themselves
    Production has a lot to explain about choosing this group.
    Jim I go back and forth on Steve. I don’t think he is as bad as everyone thinks he is . Many of the talking to the camera is prep lanes by Steve. Too me his plan coming into the game was to be a loner . To be the quirky guy to get camera time
    I also want to restate my plan to spice things up. In 2 weeks when Julie talks to the evicted house guest . Then tells them the good news it’s time to go back in to compete to renter. After they call all the remaining house guest to the yard. Julie tells the house guest to sit back and enjoy as the evicted house guest battle to get back in to the game. Than she drops the big surprise that the winner not only comes back into the game but also is HOH for the week . Let’s make some waves and shake things up !

    • Avatar

      damntruth, I could be wrong, but I think it will be a Wall challenge like in the past. If so, the 4 evicted houseguests compete against each other, the last of the 4 standing gets back in. However, they are also competing against the rest of the house. So if one of the 4 evicted houseguests outlast the current houseguests, they do win HOH.
      I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they have a shot at it. What would make me happy is if this year, the bonus is, IF one of the Evicted houseguests does Win the Comp, and get’s to be HOH, they also get to pick one other evicted houseguest to return. Now that would be fun 🙂

    • Rita

      Just about the only good thing to come from season 15 was the wall comp for buyback. I would like to see that type of comp instead of Season 16’s crap shoot comp.

  10. Alda

    Let’s just get this season over already.Watching them on BBAD,they act like a bunch of middle schoolers that were left alone.I look at JohnnyMac’s face and he looks like “Why am I here?”I would love to hear what he has to say when this is all over.The way the twins scream and screech,it is more than annoying.Meg laughing at everything,and Austin looking like their dad but acting like a teenager.Vanessa bullying and rambling.It would drive me insane to be in the house this season!!

  11. Avatar

    The prank war seems fun…I hope they show that on the show …it will help james win fan fav …they better give us that at least to vote on

  12. Avatar

    I disagree with the thought that Vanessa has been the best player. Derrick was a bridge builder as he knocked off other HGs. Vanessa is a psychopathic lying liar bridge burner and that will get her no higher than 2nd place. Meg, Jackie, and James sealed their demise and doom when the mucked up Becky’s well laid plan to evict Vanessa. Vanessa is only safe now because the Yip/Yap twins & WrestleMania think she’s a nasty big target. I don’t know what weirdo Steve-O sees in Vanessa; perhaps he’s a lesbian too.

  13. danmtruth

    You are exactly correct Christina the wall challenge has been used. Also last season was some crap shoot with a spinning board no skill all luck. . My idea was just to assure that the returning house guest is HOH. But I must admit I do like the idea of the extra evicted player coming back . They then would need another double eviction night . Or the game runs another week longer

    • Avatar

      I totally forgot about last years comp, that was terrible. I hate luck of the draw on something bigger comps like that.
      PS, nice to see you and everyone again this year damntruth. Some family stuff has kept me out of the loop this summer, and from being my usually BB junkie self, but it’s nice seeing a familiar name back 🙂

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Hello my BBJunkie Family! I’ve been dealing with a family crisis for the past few weeks so I haven’t been around, but I’ve missed you all (even the haters…lol). I record the CBS shows and BBAD but haven’t had a chance to watch much of them, so I took today and tonight to try to binge watch as much as possible and try to catch up on the board.

    From what I gather, things have taken a turn for the worst in the house. Seems to me that things took a 360 when they failed to evict Shelli over Clay. This would have been an entirely different game. From what I see now, it’s like watching paint dry. And if I have to watch 1 more game of Pot Ball…..

    So….From what I gathered during my catch-up session, here is my take on the Walking Dead so far:

    Crazy Eyes: Unless she is taken out and SOON, I think she and Steve will be the Final 2. And unless she’s removed prior to that, it’s her game to lose (much to my dismay. The girl might be crazy as a bag of cats but she’s controlling that house like a traffic cop).

    John: They seem to have broken his spirit. He doesn’t laugh or talk as much. His face has this increasing “anywhere but here” look on it. He’s becoming increasingly reclusive (between sleeping and not contributing much to house conversation).

    Meg: I’m liking her less and less. At first her pixie attitude was cute. Now he cheesy laughter and whining about not being able to win anything is just plain annoying. She needs to GO!

    Becky: She was smart enough to see Vanessa for what she was and call her on it. But it was to little, to late. Pending a miracle, she’s Jury bound.

    Tweedle Dum and Dee: The only good thing I can say about them is they cook and clean the kitchen.

    Asstin: NEXT!

    Steve: I think he is VASTLY underestimated. People view his going off alone and talking to himself and the cameras as strange. I think its a very good strategy. He lets no on in the house know what he’s actually thinking. Some people work things out by writing them down (like me). Others verbalize things…talk them through/out. Steve is the type that plans out loud, so he finds seclusion to do so. He’s craftier than they think (ie…after Jackie was evicted, he was crying and the twins and Van were comforting him. He told them he just needed to be alone. Then he turned to the camera and smiled and said “50% acting” and gave a thumbs up …mission accomplished). He also spent time outside with John and John told him Vanessa needed to go. If you watched Steve’s face, he was amused. he asked John why. John said because she has no one left in the game (wrong, she has Steve in her pocket). He also said because he believed she’s coming after him (wrong thing to say to the wrong person). Steve said ‘So you want her gone for personal reasons?”. John said yes. Again, wrong answer to wrong person. Steve then coaxed John’s thoughts and plans out of him. I think this will earn John a trip to the Jury House next week. I think Steve will wait until after the eviction to tell Vanessa. First because that will assure Becky goes this week. Second, because once Becky is gone, if John goes next week, that eliminates 2 strong players. Meg CAN’T do anything, which will leave James alone and unprotected. He goes last of the 3 (Becky, John, James). Meg is easy pickens.

    Just my thought. Hope to get a chance to stay up to date. And thanks to all of you wonderful Meatballs (Steve Beans especially), for keeping the comments going and keeping those of us who can’t always be here, up to date 🙂

    We’re BB Junkie Meatballs and that’s how we roll!

    • g8trgirl

      Welcome back! ! You’ve been missed. Did you stomp on the troll? Lol

    • Jannie

      Good to see you back!
      Agree with about 90% of your assessment – still glad that Shelli went to jury. She was the biggest threat to James and also a close ally of JMac and Becky. If Shelli had stayed, Becky would never have had to turn to James and Meg, she would have stuck with Shelli – who was stuck to the Sixth Sense. Although James and Meg are in trouble, at least they got some good info from Becky before she goes, and they never would have gotten that if Shelli had stayed. I think it’s one of the reasons he is so down in the house…Clelli is gone. But we will never know how things would have worked out if Shelli had stayed and Van had gone now wil we?? 🙂

      Yes, Meg is getting extremely annoying – she is starting to sound like those bitchy twins. I feel bad that it’s too late for James. His biggest mistake in the game was getting into the wrong alliance.

      Would love to see Steve in the final two. But maybe not with Vanessa. Who knows?? Seems Austin knows that Vanessa is a wealthy poker player, I think Steve could beat her.

  15. Avatar

    this season sucks! Austin is disgusting, the twins great on my nerves, vanessa is pure evil and will probably win the game. Sunday night when I was watching the show I was eating my supper and when Austin, the twins and Vanessa came up with Austin’s angels I almost puked. it looks as if those four will be in the Final Four but if that happens, Vanessa will not win.this has been a sad season. it’s very disappointing. the only two people that has made any moves that could have changed anything and made the game better were James and Becky and it backfired on both of them and the wrong person went home.

  16. Avatar

    ****the twins grate on my nerves

  17. danmtruth

    Glad to have you back NKog,,,,, you were sorely mist. I enjoyed reading your take on the last few days. Franko you summed up the feelings of many. Watching these self centered , celebrity wanabe’s act like they are the smartest , most cleaver people to walk the earth . Yech,,,,, The Austwins rein of terror needs to end. All I have to look forward to is when the stab each other

    • Avatar

      It would be funny if it turned out that Austin was using the twits all along for his game & he really couldn’t stand them !!!

    • Avatar

      I stayed away from BB for a few days because I can’t stand looking at Vanessa. I would rather anybody else win the game except her.
      Those freaking twins & Austin are sickening too. Liz & Austin need to grow up & stop with the junior high school hickey bull-shit.
      Meg is a waste of space & Becky should’ve payed closer attention to what was going on during her HOH instead of sitting around bragging about her travels & what she has. If she had, maybe she ccould’ve caught on to that witch Vanessa flipping the house a lot sooner.
      Steve is super weird.
      James is gullible but I like him, he’s a bit of a perv too but I think he’s harmless.
      I like Jmac too. He’s goofy but a good guy.
      All & all, I just want Vanessa gone.

    • ChiKelz

      Damntruth and Ann we are all on the same page. Ann, Asstin can’t be playing Liz the way he pets her and follows her EVERYWHERE! EEEEWWWW! I call them Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest! I was never really crazy about Meg from day one. I’ve never been a fan of anyone playing the “cutesy dumb act”! I want VANESSA gone! I find watching BBAD and the CBS Show I’m making a lot of noises! The Dumb-assed trio… I’m gagging, hollering EEEWWWW or scratching! I’m sorry, Asstin makes me itch! Meg… I’m yawning and sighing! Steve…I’m scratching my head and saying “huh”! James…SMH in disappointment saying “Whatever”! Becky and Johnny… I try to cheer encouragement, but that fails when I realize they are a day late and a dollar short. Vanessa… I say nothing because I’m focused on controlling my eye twitching because she makes me so angry! LOL

  18. Alda

    Really upset me on BBAD when JohnnyMac told Steve they should try and hook up with Austin next week.YUCK!I have lost some respect for John.Don’t forget everything he said will be carried back to Crazy Eyes.I only have respect for James and Becky right now,and she’ll be gone on Thursday.

    • Avatar

      Why does that upset you? JohnnyMac would be better off in an alliance with Steve and Austin than he is with James and Meg. Steve/J-Mac/Austin would be great as a secret alliance. They could fly under the radar and protect each other while the two main alliances are busy throwing bombs at each other.

  19. Avatar

    Assuming Becky goes to the jury this week. James, Meg, or Johnny Mac has to win HoH and then they have to put up Vanessa and Liz. Austin and Julia will vote to keep Liz. That’s the only scenario where they will have the votes to evict Vanessa.

  20. Avatar

    I saw on IG a few weeks back a clip where apparently the audio was working mistakenly in the DR whilst the live feed was showing somewhere else in the house. From what I recall, the audio was James saying something like, “Oh wow, America’s Player!” and then a quieter, official voice saying, “Congratulations!” Then it went to “We’ll be back soon!”

    Any insight from those of you who watch the live feeds?

  21. Avatar

    Stevebeans, you and I are a lot alike when it comes to the game. I am more fond if chaos than I am of personalities. Trust me, I have favorites too; Johnny Mac and Vanessa are mine, and I dont have many I truly dislike. But I enjoy when things dont go to plan, even if it wasnt something I was hoping for. Austin convincing Vanessa to backdoor Jason, and the house flipping in Becky, are things I enjoy. This week will be fairly boring, unless Becky can pull a miracle and stay. She is the biggest threat to Vanessa.I dont have problems with houseguests and their personalities in game, because they may not be like that outside. Cant judge a book by its cover. Who cant say they wouldnt play a certain way?

    • Jannie

      So true, Gary. I think the same way – don’t want to personally invest in the players, just watch them play the game. Although I do think that those twins are so shallow that they would be exactly the same outside of the house.
      Although he is a fan favorite because of his goofy personality, JMac needs to go. He has added nothing to the game, and seems to have lost the will to even be there.
      And as far as Vanessa?? She is driving me nuts with her bible readings, crying, and just generally annoying personality – but she is playing hard!
      Anyone notice how almost all of the evictees go out without a fight?? Without a scheme?? Without a lie?? It makes me crazy – there was no better BB play than “Dan’s funeral” or Boston Rob backstabbing Lex on Survivor. At least Vanessa turned the house around – you may not like it, but it’s good game play.

  22. danmtruth

    Christina yes always nice to have the old group back. Nice to know I can bring a smile to someone
    On to the game If Austin is just playing the twins along it would rank up there with the top reality show double play. He would stand along JonnyFair play with the lie about the dead grandparent! Funny thing is the twins wanted to be on a diferant reality show called twining. I wish they were on that show instead. I must admit TJ binge watching as a set of interns from the morning news show I watch are on their.
    This has been a quit week except for the Austwins group proving just what fake people they are. Is it me or does when someone is ALWAYS saying how cleaver and smart they are. Just prove how insecure they are. The constant need to tell the cameras how smart they are just tells me how scared they are that they will be found out tube dumb

    • Avatar

      Hey Dan…

      I don’t get the feeds. Is Austin playing the twins your theory, or did you hear something that he said ?

      In any event, if he is playing them while they are using him would truly be an epic play.

      Who will be the house hero to nominate Vanessa again ? They have to see she is manipulating everyone.

  23. Avatar

    The fact that people like Johnny Mac so much, He has NO game strategy.. NONE.., but hate Vanessa so much is beyond me.. The Austwins would be foolish to take out Vanessa. 1. She’s not gunning for them. 2. She is a shield for them. I agree Vanessa is going a little hard and eventually it will catch up to her. But she I there to play and at least she is trying.

    • Avatar

      Everyone loved Donny last year to the point he won fan favorite, and got a gig on a soap opera….yet he had no game last year.

      Johnny is a fun guy on the show. If you can’t enjoy his diart sessions, you have no sense of humour.

      Having said that…I get your point. Vanessa is the best player. She may not be liked, but her game so far should be at least appreciated. But, I think the twins will knock her off next chance they get.

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