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Big Brother 17 Veto Results And Live Updates

Becky, just because

Sorry about the long delay in updating this. Today’s birthday party turned into a trip to the beach, so I have to play a little catch-up now.


As I mentioned earlier, the Big Brother veto competition was held today, and Vanessa pretty much wanted anyone but John, James or her to win.  This is because she doesn’t want to have to replace the nominees and explain why she isn’t backdooring Audrey like everyone expects.

Well, bad news for her, it’s time to get those hands bloody because…

John won the PoV again!


Look at Johnny Mack go. Can’t win a Botb, but banging out those veto competitions like they’re a walk in the park… or in his case, a simple cavity fill. This puts Vanessa in a shitty situation, but she had to do the dirty work at one point or another. Can’t keep relying on John to risk his game. So, either Audrey goes on the block, or this week could get heated quickly. According to twitter, Vanessa and Austin were already snippy at each other because she wanted him to win. Time to crank on the feeds…

  • 7:25pm – Vanessa is in bed chatting with Shelli about the fact that Clay could be a twin. The best part about the twin twist is the paranoia that comes with it. Well done, Big Brother
  • Vanessa is practicing her PoV speech. Her plan is to say that while Audrey is an issue, she has to break up a power group while she has an opportunity, so she is going to put Jeff up next to James
  • Vanessa took over Caleb’s role of overusing “at the end of the day”
  • Austin is having some whispers with Audrey in the bathroom. He is admitting that he threw the PoV competition and was forced to tell Vanessa because she is too smart
  • 8:15pm – Oh boy, Austin is in the pantry with Becky now trying to get info on someone else (Jackie? Meg?). I take it he has moved on from Liz
  • 8:30pm – They’re all gathering in the living room.  Find out why soon
  • Any time Gronk calls you to a party, you must do what he says. Anyone who doesn’t show up gets a party foul and is a have-not for the week
  • So, that’s fluff twist #1 for the season (regarding takeover twist).  I am shocked it took this long.
  • The house was called to the bathroom to party. Someone asked if they get naked. Feeds cut. Dammit
  • So the first Gronk party was a cold shower party
  • 9:15pm – Steve is talking to Austin and Vanessa and saying Meg called her a liar.
  • Steve is talking about how Jeff treats him pretty poorly, even told him to shut up once
  • Vanessa believes that James threw the botb to save Meg…
  • 10:00pm – So, Vanessa has been chatting with Steve for awhile. He admitted he messed up and lied about who was up in the HoH room one time, but didn’t seem that big of a deal and Vanessa is going to try to deal with it
  • 10:50pm – Vanessa is talking to Clay about setting up Jeff to look like a bad guy. I’d rather just have drama

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    James is gone…

  2. Rita

    I thought Vanessa was smart.

    Here is her team:

    Austin – Love struck by Liz (not Julia) definitely affecting his game. What ever game he has.

    Audrey – Biggest liar in BB history. Cannot be trusted AT ALL. You can tell Vanessa is aware but for some reason she feels the need to carry the underdog. Audrey will stab her in the back next week, if not tomorrow.

    Liz/Julia – They still have 2 evictions after this week before they have both girls in the house. Even if all the HGs are unable to confirm twins are in the house their position in the game, mainly the connection with Austin and Liz flirting for the enemy make them unreliable allies.

    Clay/Shelli – Power couple. They boot Vanessa out next week to save their showmance if needed.

    Her rambling makes me think she is our designated Adderall user this season.

    • Avatar

      Rita, it does kinda seem like Vanessa is all over the place. She’s trying to talk to everyone about everything and spin all different kinda stories to different people. Too scattered and messy in my book.

      Is there an official alliance name? I don’t really see a true alliance yet because even the people in this “alliance” all have different targets and plans. They aren’t united in doing anything together as a group.

  3. jimbo

    Maybe someone is worried, but I’m surprised, still, that there really is no worry about Liz being a twin. That’s as natural of a “power couple” that you can have in the house. Too dangerous to keep around, and Im shocked more effort isn’t being pursued to oust her before it is too late.

  4. Avatar

    Why was James trying to save Meg? I don’t watch the feeds so I’m not sure… Do they have a “thing?”

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