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Yay, I'm nominated

Big Brother 17 Veto Saturday Updates

Yay, I'm nominated
Yay, I’m nominated

If you missed the update from yesterday inside the Big Brother house, the nominations and battle of the block were completed. Vanessa nominated James and John while Austin nominated Jason and Meg.  John threw the competition, but from the sounds of it, James did so poorly that he was either throwing it as well for some reason, or they would have lost anyway.


This left Vanessa as HoH for the week, and Austin able to compete again this week. This also leaves Vanessa in a pretty awkward spot should either James, John or even she wins the PoV.

The reason?

Everyone is still kind of going on the assumption that this is all just a big ploy to backdoor Audrey. Should James win, the shit is going to hit the fan because he will definitely take himself off, and Vanessa will be forced to show her cards (I use poker terms with her a lot, if you can tell). If John wins, they may be able to convince him to not use it, but then they’d have to figure out a believable reason why he wouldn’t use it. Basically, there is probably a 98% chance John uses the PoV if he wins it.


Should Vanessa win it, she’ll have to come up with a reason why she doesn’t want to use it, and again, the house will realize that Audrey is not a target and the house will quickly become divided.  While today’s PoV competition doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of the week (either James or Jeff will be going home), it will mean a lot for drama purposes.  Vanessa doesn’t want the PoV being used, but it’s purely for drama purposes.

So, let’s get to the feed updates:

  • 9:45am – They did the wake-up call, but most still sleeping.  I expect the veto to happen this afternoon sometime.
  • 10:30am – Austin and Vanessa are lecturing Liz more on the twin situation. They want her to stay in the HoH room as much as possible but Liz slept downstairs last night (my guess is it had something to do with Vanessa telling her about Austin’s crush)
  • Austin was kind of going off on Liz for sleeping downstairs last night.  Relax, bro. She’s not into you anyway
  • Anyway, Liz is preparing because they are going to be switching her out real soon
  • Vanessa is trying to break the news to Austin that Liz really isn’t in to him. Maybe ‘intrigued’, but that’s about it. She’s trying to let him down without breaking up the alliance with awkwardness
  • 11:15am – Houseguests appear to be mostly up and slowly preparing for the veto comp. I need to head to a birthday party, so I expect the veto to either still be going on, or complete by the time I return

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  1. Rita

    Austin is super creepy. I thought he had a girlfriend at home.

    Liz/Julia are wantabe models/TV personalities and Austin is only there to get exposure for his wrestling career. It makes it difficult to enjoy this HOH week because they are always in the HOH room. I can’t even keep track of what Austin is doing game wise, other than hit Liz and Jackie.

    I said earlier that I still liked Jeff but after catching up from last night I can see why some in the house are going after him.

    Jackie is definitely this years Victoria.

  2. Rita

    The live feeders voted to have the HGs play Truth or Dare this weekend. I don’t see it being a comp, how can you tell who wins? So I’m guessing it will be lame.

  3. Avatar

    Couldn’t figure out why Austin was targeting James and/or Jeff. He’s jealous! Wonder how this will play out when Julia gets back in since she really likes Jeff.

  4. AIO_7

    Watched After Dark last night; the main focus was Austin an JuLiz (I still can’t tell them apart) talking, and potato chip crunching, in the HoH. That sure is one time I wish production would let the mute their mics..

  5. Avatar

    Every year there are a few HG I dislike. This year there are a lot I despise!

    • Rita

      I like Jason, Steve and Becky. I also like Vanessa but if she doesn’t put Audrey up she will lose my vote.
      Vanessa is targeting James and Jeff but she cannot come up with a good reason to tell them. It’s crazy when Audrey gave her 100 reasons. What is wrong with these people?

  6. Avatar

    BB afterdark should be interesting tonight…POV comp should be done….hoping James wins…..Jeff or Audrey leaving would make me happy.

    • Rita

      It sounds like it was similar to last years Dice game. Vanessa was ticked at Austin and accused him of throwing it which he denied. Later he fessed up and said he let Johnny Mac have it.

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