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Big Brother 17 – Walking A Tightrope



First, let me say, I woke up (see: my cat woke me up) at 7:45am, so I’m running on only a few hours sleep. I thought I would turn on the feeds to see Jace in his secret life saving meeting, but all I had were people getting ready for bed after a long night at the prom.

At the prom?

Yes, at the prom. Kind of.


Like every season,  the house had their ‘fun’ event, and this year it was a prom.  I never really get into these events, so I don’t really cover them, but I’m sure they’re fun to be part of if you’re cooped up in the house for 2 weeks with 15 other strangers.

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The point of this post is that during the night, a few things struck out at me.  First, Jason made a weird comment about Audrey (behind her back) after complaining about the way she’s been acting. While walking away, he said “your dick is trash, your pussy is trash” (flashback to 11:53pm). I’m not going to get all Aaryn on him just yet, but that comment is certainly concerning and I have heard others walk that fine line between saying inappropriate things about Audrey. It is not cool to be walking that close to the edge, but let’s just hope nobody actually crosses it and turns this mess into another Aaryn situation.

Speaking of Aaryn, Audrey, and Jason, this touches on another issue that happened. Around 1:15am, some people were in the HoH room (notably Jason and Becky), and Jason mentioned something about racism, Aaryn, etc. From what I gather, Becky said something about a black towel (no clue what it was), and combine that with her parents refusing to sign the waiver, I guess Audrey implied that Becky was the next Aaryn and her parents didn’t want to deal with that. For the record, I’ve yet to hear Becky say anything remotely racist, but then again, we don’t get to hear Becky say much of anything. That said, it all could be just stupid jokes and stuff that you’re bound to hear with 16 people living in the house together.

That doesn’t defend bad comments, and certainly doesn’t defend the consistently lousy comments in BB15, but I’m not going to get too worked up over a slip – yet.

Moving on, back to the actual game.  Jace made some pushes last night, and possibly even got into James’ head, but I believe the end result will be the same tonight. Jace is going to walk out that door. However, if he is able to accomplish anything, it is that he didn’t walk out the door quietly allowing a large 7-8 person alliance pick people off one by one. The large alliance that got to backdoor Jace is already falling apart and if Audrey is indeed the main target this week, we could see an entirely different house dynamic by the time the game gets back on track.

I’m sorry if this post was a bit rambly. I’m running on only a few hours sleep.  Typically, Thursdays are an off-day because the feeds go up and down and people generally just get ready for the live show, but I may start a live update thread in a few hours just in case. I have a feeling Jace is going to stir the pot at least one more time.


Update: Corrected James to Jason. Told you that I was tired when I wrote it


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  1. Avatar

    A few days back Becky was on the feeds talking about how she never dates white guys, and that all of her past boyfriends have been foreign or mixed race, so I don’t see her being a racist.

  2. Avatar

    *** Jason made the comment, not James

  3. Avatar

    It’s really hard to get a handle on any of these HG. I liked Clay at first, but now think he’s just an ass. Can’t stand Audrey or Jace and go back and forth on Austin. Steve seems to be a tattle-tale, trying to fit in. Shelli is just ‘there’. Not really impressed by any of them.

  4. Avatar

    I’m not going to go down the mob trail with every little comment. Plus the double standards will jump when it’s ok for the gay guy to say it but not a straight guy. Why can’t people just accept that not everyone agrees with every one else? We are all individuals. The same goes for any ethnic group being allowed to rip into their own race but not a person outside of it. C’mon

  5. Sweet Bee

    I don’t even know how to feel about most of these houseguest. I like Meg and Steve. Other than that I’m torn.

    I am pretty confident Liz and her twin have already been switching out. Liz has a fuller face, whereas her sister seems to have a slimmer face and crooked eyes. Last nights episode I noticed that it was her twin in the confessional.

  6. Avatar

    Wow..lots missed here…NOBODY is bullying Audrey..she is the one pulling the race card on Becky..Becky mentioned that the black towels were at the bottom of a pile and Audrey took “black at bottom” purposely out of context and told people Becky is a racist..James shut her down! Audrey is a vile person..Jace bullied Steve, with Audrey’s blessing, like I have never seen ob BB. Of course, BB will somehow save Audrey..she disgusts me.

  7. Avatar

    Seriously? This is the best cast in years! It’s certainly miles above last season. That was boring right out of the gate and lasted all season. This season started out great. All the cast is interesting. Great mix of people. Too bad they brought back the BOTB tho. It definitely was NOT a fan favorite! It’s interesting that a lot of the cast aren’t playing the way they said they would in the interviews. I guess when you’re actually in the house, things change. Well, hopefully the season continues to be exciting and full of surprises.

  8. Avatar

    Why wasn’t Audrey part of the prom? It wasn’t until the very end of AfterDark that she was even shown – in pj’s, turning off the lights to go to bed. I don’t get the live feeds so I don’t know what may have happened. Seemed strange.

  9. danmtruth

    So what did Audrey think she gained by waking her alliance members in front of the other players . Than coming back for a few other people . Does she not think the left out guess will figure out there “secret” alliance? I always enjoy when a house guest gets all crazy that they were lied too. DeVanne is all upset about walking into one of the bedrooms to count things . As she thinks some where down the line the knowledge will come in handy. The issue is when she was question about it she turned it around.. Than she gets all upset when she thought she was being lied to. Just one moment you are a pocker dealer yet tell people you are a teacher ! That’s not a lie that’s just game play. Than she gets mad at Audeey thinking she is trying to play her? What is she doing but trying to chose who SHE wants out. It’s all part of the game that’s what makes the game fun .
    My 24 year old daughter and I enjoy each choosing our pool of players.on the first night we take turns choosing players at first sight ? It gives us someone to root for and laugh at how people change.

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