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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Feed Updates



Good afternoon, everyone. Only one day until the house has a very dramatic change in flow with the double eviction about 30 hours away. One of my favorite eviction episodes of the season are the double evictions, so I am really looking forward to tomorrow night!  Even though Becky will likely be walking out the door shortly after Shelli, it should still be a pretty fun episode to watch.

On the feeds today, I expect a 50/50 shot at drama as Becky is starting to notice the flow changing, so it’s only a matter of time until she confronts the situation and learns the truth.  I covered a lot in the update this morning, so I’m going to jump right into the updates…

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  • 11:50am – The whiners are outside together talking about the house…
    • They are talking about how weird it is that Johnny Mack sleeps all day, yet gets called to the DR a lot (it’s because he’s entertaining)
    • They called Becky a witch and can go back to Denver. They’re upset Becky wanted to target them
    • Shelli hasn’t really been talking to them since Clay left, so she’s on their list now.
    • Austin comes out and of course doesn’t have his mic higher, so I hear mumbles.
    • They want to tell Shelli she is safe so she doesn’t go crazy over the next day
    • They’re wondering why Becky’s roommate is talking about how her room is so clean now that she’s gone. They think Becky’s cleaning personality in the house is super fake
    • The three say they’ll never vote for John in the final 2 because he will eventually be earning 6 figures as a dentist.  (check Vanessa’s bank account)
  • Note – I kind of like the format of doing a second level for updates with the first level using the time stamp. Thoughts?
  • 12:09pm – Jackie is in the hoh room with Becky…
    • Becky says Shelli is better in the house because she’s more independent right now (she is). Vanessa is more dangerous
    • Becky also said her group is protected from Vanessa anyway because she made herself a target
    • Jackie is laying the groundwork for her reveal to Becky about keeping Vanessa.  She keeps saying she wouldn’t mind Shelli going home.
    • Becky is confident that Steve wouldn’t target their group
    • The talk goes on for a little while. Becky says the twins are at summer camp and would never win, but they are a power force
    • The two start studying for a comp
  • 12:35pm – Austin is downstairs cooking for Liz
    • Liz makes fun of him for the smelly barbarian and Austin speculates that production tried to make that up.
    • He said at the beginning of the season, the DR asked him if Jace looks like pee-wee herman. To stir up jokes
  • 1:10pm – Liz tells Julia she has a hickey on her neck /puke
  • 1:30pm – Liz, Austin, Julia, and Jackie are outside talking
    • Austin said he thinks John is a cop posing as a dentist
    • Austin is saying they need to protect Jackie’s 3 because then they’ll (Austizulia) be the target
    • They’re talking about how Becky refused to have a conversation with Vanessa after the nominations. She said Becky should treat them  like humans
    • The group is saying that the 6 need to just stick together and vote together and they’ll have the numbers until everyone else is gone
  • 2:00pm – Indoor lockdown begins.
  • 3:45pm – There has been some game talk mixed with mentions if brass tacks sprinkled with some vanessa bible studies. I have to step out, but I will update when I return.
  • 6:45pm – Home. Going to watch big brother on CBS then update you on feeds
    • Here are some highlights of this afternoon….
    • Becky had a talk with Meg and Jackie and is now getting the feeling Vanessa is staying.  They are convinced Vanessa will go right after Shelli, but that’s just stupid. Sorry. If you want to do back to back, you get out the one you REALLY want out first because the second isn’t a guarantee. I would laugh if someone told me that in the house. Kind of like how they laughed at Vanessa when she said she wants to keep Shelli, but target her next week (sure)
    • The CBS episode was kind of dull. Sorry, production, I give it a D+  this week.  I feel they had a lot of potential with the weird James clips, but then just got it off to something else. Scratch that, I’ll bump it up a grade to C+ simply because the comics were awesome. But the rest of the episode was dull.  That’s ok, calm before the storm. I expect tomorrow night to be crazy.
  • 7:50pm – House update – Vanessa is packing, and a few in the kitchen.
  • 8:30pm – Vanessa is having some whispers with John…
    • Vanessa is doing some ass kissing to John. She is telling him about Audrey’s dream that he won
    • She is mostly talking his head off, and he has his very bored face going
  • 9:00pm – The gremlins or goblins or w/e are in the HoH room studying
  • 9:30pm – Mostly studying by both groups. Will there be drama later on or tomorrow?

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I kind of like the format of doing a second level for updates with the first level using the time stamp. Thoughts? Yes SteveBeans I like that very much, great idea.

  2. Avatar

    Strange how the house has fallen in line behind Vanessa and will be after Becky. The Gremlins are playing with fire, and will get burned. Johnny Mac better win HOH or its potential curtains for Becky. I will laugh hard if James flips and saves Vanessa only to see him put up in a week or two, he will have a shocked expression I am sure, LOL

  3. pkcable

    Maybe Vanessa IS the new Derrick! LOL Or maybe it’s something in those “crazy eyes”!

  4. Avatar

    Oh My Gaaawwwddd, did anyone hear the twin bimbos trying to sing after discovering the hickey on Liz neck? I gagged & lost my lunch.
    They both were lying. She knows damn well she felt Austin suckin on her neck & she obviouly wanted & enjoyed it That was no tiny hickey either. That winch knows daaggoonne well she was wide awake. “No need to lie Liz, no need to lie.”

  5. Jannie

    Seriously? “Liz tells Julia she has a hickey on her neck?”
    That is sooooo gross. Someone, anyone please send those two to jury so we don’t have to hear about them anymore.
    I am afan of James, but if he aligns his group with the Austwins, I don’t really care what happens to him.
    There is no one to root for anymore. Maybe Steve. He reminds me of Ian.
    I’ll just keep watching for the strategy and the drama.

    • jimbo

      Steve is a jerk, and a horrible player. The definition of a floater. He’s been used like he town bicycle in this game. James turned out to be stupid, exactly what I thought a few weeks ago. He had a brief reprieve, but went back to stupidity. Unfortunately, many will give credit to Vanessa being a “genius,” but it had nothing to do with her ten hour cry-fest and subsequent lies about Becky — it is stupid James/Meg/Jackie gameplay. Three dopes.

    • Jannie

      jimbo –
      I would call Becky the definition of a floater.
      And exactly why is Steve a jerk? I think he has issues with socializing, I don’t think that is being a jerk.
      Let’s see if Steve the “horrible player” makes it past DE.

    • jimbo

      Floaters don’t backdoor the so-called genius, head of the house. What floater in BB history ever back-doored (atleast attempted to) the head of the snake?!

    • jimbo

      Steve so far is the head floater this year. What move has he ever orchestrated?

    • Sweet Bee

      I loved the conversation between Steve and Johnny Mac, Steve thinks he’s a target and Johnny says, “You haven’t won anything!”
      I almost peed laughing. I love Johnny Mac’s honesty and rationality.

  6. Avatar

    As Jannie said a couple weeks ago…..It’s Official: James is an idiot! Well folks, it’s still official: James is still an idiot!

    I swear he must have gone to the Frank Eudy School of Gullibility. If he thinks for one second that Vanessa will hold true to any of her promises to keep him safe, then he deserves to be the second evictee tomorrow night….and I won’t be surprised if he is. Hopefully he’s wearing Clays shirt and takes it to the jury house so Shelli can add it to her meat shield shrine. 🙂

  7. jimbo

    Unbelievably stupid move by James & Co.; why they would lose the trust of Becky and John (and then they could have just picked off Austin and the twins together) is beyond me. What is annoying is that Vanessa, who complains non-stop about lying, lied completely about the situation with Becky. Vanessa lied that Becky yelled at her and treated like a non human. She told this lie to everyone non-stop and made Audrey’s exit seem tame n comparison. Atleast Audrey kept to herself; she didn’t cry for ten straight hours and then instead of just tipping her cap to Becky, just turns around and lies (the thing she claims she hates) to everyone about Becky. She’s such a disgusting person, no wonder she became a poker player. Yep, that is a real classy profession. Her poor ex-husband.

  8. AIO_7

    Shelli will be so easy to evict in the future: If Vanessa stays, I see hardly no way to be rid of her down the road. The James Gang better wise up.

  9. danmtruth

    My friends I need help understanding JJM thinking ( more like no thinking) They are mad at JMack for the things he did for the Sick Sence Mad that he floated between groups. So your mad at him but not at the people who came up with the plan ?!? Now they are going to team up with the Austwins?!? It boggles the mind
    Ok yes as a yute (think my cousin vinny ) 12/13 inexperienced I gave and received a few hickeys. There is no way on gods green earth you don’t know. Liz you complain Austin smells You say you don’t like him that your just leading him on . Face it you’re into him
    Ann help me understand these women

    • Avatar

      None of us understand their thinking–or non thinking. They know Vanessa has broken promises. They know she has broken agreements. They know she stages fights with the others so she can be the hero who is always in the middle, but she just doesn’t understand why. Totally stupid game move on all their parts. The only hope is someone besides Vanessa wins HOH and gets her out in DE.

    • Avatar

      I really don’t know what’s left to say about them. For the first time in history, I at a loss for words.
      All I can say is they let Vanessa snow them with all of he bull-shit ass lies because she is damn loyal & her integrity speaks for itself. BLHAAAHAAHAA, BLULAAAHAHAHAH.

    • Avatar

      There is no way to “understand” their thinking. They are idiots. Three idiot peas in a pod. I am actually rooting for Vanessa to win it all now so that these three dummies will know what fools they are when they go home and watch the tapes.

    • Colby

      How quickly they forget that James did the exact same things JMac did for the sick-sense.
      Who can explain those two girls? They are the perfect example of the spoiled and entitled generation of todays world. They have compromised morals and total disregard of how they may affect others emotionally or otherwise. Their world is completely all about them and they use anyone to get what they want. Basically, they are total brats.

    • Avatar

      Danmtruth, Im with you. WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING? We asked for more excitement not stupidity. As we know things change on a dime & we still have a little time left. Maybe they will go back to the original plan.
      That damn camo visor must be squeezing James head a little too tight. Vanessa is not going to be loyal to him.
      They are truly banking on being able to get Shelli out on the DE. Dummies,,,, there is no flipping guarantee that will happen. In fact if it does it will be pure luck.

  10. Avatar

    If they vote out Shelli tomorrow, they’re handing Vanessa the $500,000. There’s no other way about it. John and Becky seem to be the only people in the house who see Vanessa for the strong game player she is.

    • Avatar

      That maybe a reach saying if they vote Shelli out tomorrow their handing Vanessa the 500k. She is the best player by far. Like way far. But to say this early is handing to her is a tad of a stretch. I’ll assume that post Andrew is an emotional response. There is a long way to go. And if in fact Vanessa can make it past this week 1st. Then split the twins somehow. That makes Vanessa more valuable to the Austin and other twin. That will have to be a boot from someone else besides Vanessa. She simply cant make that move. She knows that.As for the final 6 deal. Rotflmfao. As they say on espn..c-mon man! That is not gonna happen. To many variables.Laughable to me. Eventual winner needs to win comps with the rite timing and some luck when it comes down to final 5. (Except for last year. Ha) Also, remember someone will return. That is huge to who it is potentially. I can easily see Vanessa win this whole thing. But a long long way to go. The best player. Like her or not doesn’t always win. Just imagine if let’s say…..Jackie wins. Ewww. That would be a travisty. C- game play. And i’m being generous. Maybe for Vanessa haters it would be ok. But I hope you understand my analysis. The comeback kid so far. I’ve never seen anything like it in this game.

  11. Avatar

    I meant boot one of the twins somehow. Not split. They will never split. Had to clarify.
    Fun game this year. This is what bb is supposed to be about. About time cbs (:

  12. Avatar

    I hope James gets the boot in the double eviction. That little (and I do mean little) Benedict Arnold can go to the jury house. He has proven to be a traitor to every single person in the game except Meg and Jackie.

    • Avatar

      Brett. Did you” literally book it” 3 days ago. Hope you didn’t for your sake. Although it’s not over until it is actually over so don’t rip up your ticket just yet. Although I would try and sell it at 10 percent of what you paid. Just playin with ya man.
      All in good fun. This is what BB is supposed to be about. Isint it? Or did we want a repeat of last year’s predictable show. It was a yawn fest. God bless Derrick for winning. But we all knew that he would win it all from about week 5. The only good thing about last year were the characters like Zack. But the game play was WEAK last year. Now people are upset that there is actually some game going on. Amazing.

    • Avatar

      I will credit you with 1 thing Brett. James is a traitor. Just like all of em if put in a particular position. That’s y I can’t help but giggle when people are so upset at Vanessa for playin the game. Maybe some or even most don’t like it. But she is by far the best player. On a side note the ultimate twist would be if Jackie won. Yuk. C- game play
      Now that would be a travisty.

    • Jannie

      I can’t help but think everyone in the house has been a “Benedict Arnold” at one time or another. It’s kind of the nature of the game.
      Had to laugh tonight when Becky accused Vanessa of playing only for herself…um mm, pretty sure I hear the hg’s all the time saying that they are making a decision that is “best for their own game.”
      Becky is no saint. She lies and schemes just like the rest of them.

      Can they please send one of the Austwits home soon?

    • Colby

      ‘Austwits’, LOL Jannie! Love that! So fitting! LOL

  13. Elaine

    DE often yields surprises on the second eviction because of who wins and how fast things move. I applaud James for being one of the only ones that considers the ones on the block and working through possible scenarios. In the short term or long term it may be his demise, but at least he is playing the game. Julia is just not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She tries to throw out “smart” remarks, but oh dear, her conversational style is just a bust. Good thing her mom paid for those boobs!

  14. jimbo

    Two people in this house need serious (for real) psych counseling — Steve and Vanessa. Steve is beyond simply awkward; he’s got issues. And Vanessa’s crying and ranting and manic ADHD style (and her playing the victim with her “lying” obsession that she is so self-righteous about) is hard to take.

  15. danmtruth

    Once mor question ask question answered with a lot of great comments Thanks all ! Vanessa if not evicted Thursday in the first eviction will be hard to get. I don’t see any of the JJM group doing it. First they would need to win
    Sorry I’m late getting back to the site. Had my mind blown watching Mr. Robot on USA great show if your looking for smart TV viewing.
    Should be a busy house for the next few hours. With Vanessa keeping her misinformation campaign going strong The JJM crew moving from room to room as an amebia . So they cannot be cornered by the selfs. Steve making friends with even more inatimite items in the BB house. I think he talk more to the furniture than the other house guest JMack just looking for a friend . Liz finaly admits her feelings for Austin . Julia still can’t hide her disgust for Austin
    Brett if your making book about what might happen next This season is so unpredictable all I can say is He who gambles lives in shambles

  16. Jannie

    I’m starting to think best case scenario tomorrow would be to send Shelli out followed by Vanessa – start with a clean slate after getting out the problems and two allies of the Austwits.

    Of course, if Vanessa doesn’t go 2nd, would love to see it be Liz.

  17. Sweet Bee

    My four year old son just walked into my bedroom and asked me, “You know Austin from big brother?” I say yes. He gets really serious and his voice got louder, “Well, you know he’s a creep?”

    My husband and I just busted out laughing and told our son that we like the way he thinks because we agree. Good times.

  18. Elaine

    Please get Julia out before Liz…..her constant whining, cussing every other word, and just overall demeanor is too much. Her rationale for evicting John….or in her words, “he has to go” is because she saw him talking to Steve and she doesn’t like him. If she rides coat-tails much farther, than pity on all of them.

  19. danmtruth

    Sweet Bee you two have a smart observant child congrats . He is smarter than 1/2 the house guest
    MiKey I can tell you the score of ever football game before it starts 0 – 0 when my sSweet Bee you two have a smart observant child congrats . He is smarter than 1/2 the house guest
    MiKey I can tell you the score of ever football game before it starts 0 – 0 when my s

  20. Avatar

    Danmtruth, Im gonna need you to get a new bottle of vodka for Thursday & just go ahead & put me out of my misery. You might need to take more than a couple of extra drinks for me.
    These people & their STUPID game moves are about to have me flapping around on the floor like a fish out of water (seizing). If the show goes as bad as I think Thursday night, you might read in the newspaper or watch on the news about the crazy lady running up & down the streets of Texas screaming & talking to imaginary people yelling “I told your dumbass to keep to the original plan.”

  21. Avatar

    Isn’t Austin supposed to shave & do something with that chin ponytail today?

  22. danmtruth

    Ann I will have the daughter double the ice tea and vodka We can only hope for major manscaping In other words don’t stop at the beard
    What scares me if Shelli goes first and the HOH is a memory comp. who will challenge Vanessa . Even tho she did poorly in the comic book comp what are the odds for the other guest Mikey and Brett our resident bookies what do you think of this early line
    Steve The RainMan front runner . This is what he trained for his whole shelter life . Can he standup under the bright lights
    Vanessa Crazy Eye’s next up . Time to put up or shut up after a poor showing at the comic book comp. claims medical interference at that comp. always seems to have an excuse
    Meg the lips had a surprising good time in comic book comp. question if the air head rave theater geek is just an act . Is she a secret super player coach by Frankie and is smatter than any knows
    James the country perv. Unless it’s a match the boobs to the house guest what else has he been “studying ”
    Jackie the brains made it around the world can she make it thru the house
    Austin the barbarian he claims he is a renicance man Time to show your more than just a meathead We have seen you workout and not win any physical comp In fact not even be a factor . Last chance to prove any worth
    The twins ??? What needs to be said

    Well let’s sit back and see what happens next

    • Avatar

      Absolutely loved your comment, I can’t stop laughing.
      Did you see how pissed off Julia was when Liz & Austin were in the lawn chairs holding hands & Austin rubbing Liz’s stomach? If evil eyes could kill, Austin would be leaving the bb house in a pine box. Come on now, Liz didn’t know she had that hickey? Really? Well I call “BULLSHIT.” I knew she really did like him. She cannot move without him.
      Nobody can convince me that there is nothing wrong with Steve. That boy does not have both oars in
      the water.
      You better get those drinks ready cause we are in for one hell of a ride. Lol

  23. Avatar

    Well guys, 8 hrs until showtime.

  24. Avatar

    I was watching live feed highlights & every single time Liz moves Austin moves. She has no personal time or space because he’s always lurking nearby. I don’t know, maybe she like her men clingy. It’s as if she’s pulling him along by that chin ponytail. If by some miracle Austin won the game, all Liz would hav to do is say “Auusstiiin, deposit the money in my accooouunntt. I’ll give you a monthly allowance to buy me stuuff. I’ll let you give me another hickyyyy”

  25. danmtruth

    Arggg Mikey ant get video to play on my iPad arrrgg
    Ann heading to Costco now to stock up for the most dramatic rose ,,,,, sorry with all the Austin Liz love I get confused

  26. Avatar

    OOP means out of position.

  27. danmtruth

    Did not think she was that big of a thing on the poker circuit do give her credit for understanding people’s weakness

    • Avatar

      Ya that’s y I posted that utube and photo. I’m suprized actually that you didn’t just google her out of curiosity. There is a reason Van is rated as the #2 female poker player in the world.Straight 8s huge. Should be interesting tonight

  28. Avatar

    Strategy*Not straight

  29. Avatar

    She says, if you want to make a big move you can put up Austin and Liz. Meg thinks Vanessa and Steve will duo up. James says, he could take out Steve, who Vanessa has wrapped around his little finger to split them up. He says, he can put up Vanessa and Johnny Mac up, then he realizes Johnny Mac would go home.

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