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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Feed Updates



Last night around 9:10pm, megaphone man made his first appearance of the season, and it was to reveal some BIG news.  By BIG, I mean weird, random and pointless news. He let James, Meg and John know that Austin wants to vote Julia out. They all heard it, but decided to keep the news to themselves. As I commented last night, I’m not really sure what they can do with it anyway. Unless megaphone man just wants to stir up drama between Austin and Liz.

From the sounds of it, the plan to keep Meg is currently stalled out in the side of the road and it will probably remain there until Thursday night. The reason Vanessa wants Meg out makes logical sense, assuming there wasn’t already a super tight alliance of three in the house. She is the 4th wheel and will only finish in the top 3 if she wins competitions against 3 pretty strong players. On the flip side, Meg, James, and John are more likely to get Vanessa out before that point, but they’re also easier to manipulate, and in Meg’s case, much easier to beat in competitions.

Note – I keep mentioning the game from Vanessa’s best options, but that is because she is the one in power right now. She can easily turn the house against Julia, so her decision this week is setting the course for the rest of her season. I’ll probably do the same for whoever is the key person next week (which will probably again be Vanessa somehow).


(bonus note – I will be doing my power rankings today, since people were asking in the comment section)

With that, here are some updates:

  • 9:30am – Still sleepy time in the BB house. With this cast, don’t expect anything to actually get moving for another 5 hours
  • 12:45pm – Delay between updates. Had to go to eye doctor, new contacts. Yay!  Anyway. I’ll give you one guess who is on one cam.  On the other cam, Julia and John are chatting about peeing their pants.
  • 3:30pm – Austin is upstairs talking to Vanessa about his girlfriend situation.
    • Vanessa is saying he will need to work on his PR after the show, but he said it’s not as big of a deal because wrestling can have villains.
    • Austin thinks he is probably annoying on the feeds. Steve doesn’t think he is lol
    • They are talking various ways of getting Austin into the final 3. Vanessa didn’t seem to really mention how she plans on getting there
  • 5:00pm – Liz, Steve and Vanessa are up in the HoH room planning on the best way on how to get Austin and the twins to the final 3. I kid. They’re just chatting, with the occasional game talk mixed in
  • 5:20pm – Steve is having some self-talk and realizing Meg and James will go after Austin and the twins.  He said ‘Steve, James and John can do it’ meaning vote out Julia.  Hmmm…. will something develop from this?
    • He is running it by Vanessa.  She is tossing out the alternative that Austin is controllable and will throw a comp, and Julia is easy to beat.
    • Steve said he thinks he has John, and if they vote out Julia, it will be 2 versus 2 versus a secret 3 (John, Van, Steve)
    • Vanessa keeps tossing out the word incentives over and over. This person has incentives, this person doesn’t.
    • Vanessa feels if they vote out Julia, they’re handing the game over to Austin. She seems very confident about this, so I’ll definitely eat crow if Vanessa pulls off a win
  • 6:53pm – In the end, the talk failed, Meg is still likely being voted out. Now, Steve and Austin are playing chess

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar
    racecar (57 comments)

    These are BB NETWORK power rankings as of today. They have been accurate all season as I believe Steven Beens has been. They give logical reasons for their power rankings. Not emotional power rankings.

    • Avatar

      I have been watching power rankings on several sites. They all have basically the same power rankings. All of em have Van as # 1 last 2 weeks. And usually close to top. As Steven Beens too. So racecar is rite. They are using logic, not emotions when caculating these rankings.

  2. Avatar

    I was so frustrated watching AD last night when Steve and Vanessa were talking in the HOH room. Steve was saying how he kept reassuring Julia that everything is ok., Vanessa was asking Steve if anyone was talking other game and he was spilling the beans. Will Steve EVER think for himself and play the game, does he really think he has a shot a winning based upon his current game play. Same goes for James, JonnyMac and Meg, its like they were just invited into the house to provide conversation and company to the Power Group. I know JMac has it in him and is probably quiet on what he really wants to do because he is not sure how Vanessa keeps finding out what is going on. He could easily get that settled by planting something with Steve and if Vanessa says something, boom he knows its Steve…just a bummer to watch how this game has turned to a house of lame players with no thoughts of their own unless Vanessa is making them think its their own thoughts, lol….

    • AIO_7

      I’ve pretty much quit watching BBAD. I’d bet the show’s ratings for BB 17 have tanked because of the clowns running the house this season. That and Pot Ball.

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      I don’t watch AD or have live feeds, what is POT Ball?? I know it’s a stupid question, sorry, I just keep seeing posts about it. Also, I’ve seen people post something about sling something. What’s that??

    • Avatar

      Monica 21, that was why I turned BBAD off last night because I got sick of Vanessa questioning Steve & him telling her all there was to rell. He is weak & is not a very smart player unless Im missing something major.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2001 comments)

      We have Stevebeans, while the houseguests have SteveSpillTheBeans…lol.

    • Colby

      Franko, I don’t have AD or the feeds either, but pot ball is evidently a game Meg made up that they usually play late at night. I am guessing it is something similar to beer pong, but don’t know for sure.

    • AIO_7

      Pot Ball is a “game” where they lay out different size kitchen pans on the floor and try to make a rolled up aluminum ball stay in one when thrown from about eight feet away. I don’t think they even kept score.

  3. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    Maybe a dumb question, but who is megaphone man? Is this a part of Big Brother or standing at the edge of the property shouting stuff for the house guests to hear?

    I’ll take my comments off the air.

  4. Avatar

    Im sure this is a dumb question but where is the BB house? Is it in a studio like the soap operas or how is it set up?

    • Renee

      The houseguests have commented that they didn’t realize the house was just in a studio parking lot. I don’t know if that is true, but have just heard them make comments as such.

    • Avatar
      Darla (9 comments)

      Unless it moved this year (I don’t think it did) It’s on a CBS lot in Study City (Radford Studio Center) which backs up to the LA River and is near Ventura Blvd. Incidentally, there’s a good Sunday farmer’s market nearby and a friend and I joke about launching messages into the yard. If only we could have success in using a drone. It’s not going to happen though, BB is on watch.

    • Avatar

      That should read *Studio* City. 🙂

    • Painter,1
      Painter,1 (508 comments)

      You can Google Big Brother House and an Ariel view can be seen of the lot it is on

  5. Elaine
    Elaine (2001 comments)

    On some level Austin has to know that taking out Julia is in his best interest. Course since it might reduce cuddle time with Liz he won’t do it. When I listen to him talk, I am never really sure what he wants out of this experience. He talks about living his days out with Liz (spending her money if she wins), a career as a commentator?/actor?, protector of “his girls” for as long as he can, and maybe the grand prize(?). Last night he was saying how they all have to be individuals and the girls need to start winning. What a lazy…you know what.

  6. Avatar

    Austin is conning Liz in the worst sense. If he wins, he’ll be history. Probably as a circus entertainer or a tattooed caveman on the the Hisrtory channel. The guys have to get rid of Vannesa. She’s poison. Steve is a spineless wimp. James and John are more likely to make a move. Meg is in a bad position. James will be lost without her. He needs an audience for his ego. The season is turning out more entertaining than I thought. It must take a certain type of person to sleep 16 hours a day. No wonder no older people are there!

  7. Avatar

    Steve actually believes he is going to be voted America’s Favorite Player!

    • danmtruth

      Steve might as well add to the delusions thinking by all these players. It would serve them right to say we’re down to eight from the original 16 . So tonight we give out cash prizes voted on by America. All season people have been ranking you so tonight First prize 25K , second 20 K 3 15K 4 10 K , 5 5K 6 3K 7 2K 8 1K Anyone not finishing in the top 8 get nothing Show them where the fans rate them and watch Bitch face Liz and her sister be shocked to see just what America thinks of them . Perhaps Austin we realize he just can’t count on a commentator job after this Lets add some reality in to this reality game show

    • g8trgirl
      g8trgirl (929 comments)

      Delusional monkey.

  8. Jannie

    Looks like Meg is leaving. JMac just told Vanessa that he will vote however she tells him to…
    Van’s plan is to then pull James in so she, James, JMac and Steve can go after the Austwits.
    Actually not a bad plan, might be fun to see how it plays out

    • Avatar
      TitaniumTotem (61 comments)

      BeastMo Meg, the terror of the competitions and master manipulator will be gone? Well now maybe we’ll finally see some high level play once that threat is gone.

    • Avatar
      Miss Guided (8 comments)

      Why is this good game play when you could vote out Julia and bring the Austwits down to two people instead of 3? I would’ve put up Liz and watched Austin and Julia flail. She seems to be able to convince the house of anything, so why not? I think Vanessa is too caught up into not getting “blood” on her hands and needing a reason to vote someone out for the sake of jury votes. No one can argue that Meg has been a poor player so no one will fault her. But this means she has to hope for Steve or JMac to win HOH over the Austwits. And then to beat the Austwits at every turn at the end. I will never understand why the house felt it was smart to bring an automatic alliance in the house in the first place.

    • Jannie

      Because, for Vanessa’s game(and she is the HOH this week) the Austwits are more loyal to her than James/Meg.
      Now, after Meg leaves, if Vanessa is able to align with Steve/JMac/James that will be the time to deal with the Austwits.
      I dislike Julia just as much as the everyone else, and would love to see her go, but if Vanessa gets her out she will have Austin and Liz coming after her.

  9. Avatar
    kristine (207 comments)

    If Meg gets evicted Vanessa can pretty much kiss the 500k goodbye because she is royally screwed because no one will take her to final 2 guaranteed even JMac or Steve who call her an ally aren’t guaranteed to take her and if anything they will probably take each other easily. Even if they do take her she still won’t win no matter who she is next to unless it’s Julia then maybe she has a sliver of a chance however she may not have the jury votes in that scenario.

    • Avatar
      kristine (207 comments)

      at least tomorrow is double eviction night so at least they can target Austwits if that alliance doesn’t win HoH. Hopefully JMac, Steve, James wins HoH and target Austin or Liz.

    • Avatar
      Mikey (107 comments)

      Titanium. Meg is a number for James. The only one gunning for Van now. The Austintwins are gunning for Steve and Jonny. As Steve and Jonny are gunning for Austwins. Basically leaving James to have to play with someone else. He can’t attack Van on his own. Van has been apart of just about every eviction this season. And everyone(well mostly) have complained about it. So to say to get Meg out is the sarcastically big move makes no sense. Just another # gone. And let the Austintwins and Jonny and Steve beat eachother up. Steve and Jonny have a great shot at HOH. So if they get it. Boom. One of the Austintwins is out. It’s actually the best move Van could make. And there is still a chance Julia goes home. If that happens, it’s simply a bonus. Either way. Win win.
      p.s. hey Dan. Been reading your posts. Always interesting. (:

    • Avatar
      TitaniumTotem (61 comments)

      It all depends on who wins the first HoH. On one side you’ll have Steve, JMac and James playing, on the other Austin, Liz and Julia (3-3).

      Then there will be the second HoH and who wins that.

      Had the poker player nominated Austin and Liz, there’s a very good chance both of them could have been gone tomorrow night. As it stands, it’s still either sides game.

  10. Avatar
    Cindy (2 comments)

    It sounded like “American wants Julia out” and the second part was, “Vanessa and Austin have deals with everyone”

  11. Avatar
    Cindy (2 comments)

    America** not American

  12. Avatar
    TitaniumTotem (61 comments)


    Austin and Liz are numbers for each other with the bonus that they can actually win competitions.

    I know that some of you folks are diehard VanFans but seriously, the explanations and defenses for her game play are far more entertaining than her game play.

    • Avatar
      Mikey (107 comments)

      We know that you are a Van hater. And thats ok.We just see what’s going on. And the power rankings reflect that we are correct..As well as betting sites agree. For Van to Put up Austin and liz would have been certain death. Your thinking short term. Agian, Steve, Jonny are gunning for Liz and Austin. Austin and Liz are gunning for Steve and Jonny. Meanwhile the numbers dwindle. And likely the even out now you have 5 players. 1 or 2 of the trio. And 1 or 2 of Jonny and Steve with Van in the middle. It’s just the number game. And as you say “the poker player” lol. Has won the most comps and been in every evection. No defense needed. Facts. Keep up the hate. We enjoy it. It’s almost too easy. (:

    • Avatar
      TitaniumTotem (61 comments)

      I do so love when people assign the “hater” label…over compensating?

      You do realize that the power rankings that you are talking about are simply opinion by the hosting blogger and not definitive logic?

  13. Avatar
    Mikey (107 comments)

    You realize that it’s literally the same on every site? And the online wagering is not opinion
    It’s real odds. To clarify NOONE including Van has this game locked up at this point. All we know is that it will be 1 of 4 people. Liz, Austin, Steve or Vanessa.

  14. Avatar

    Had to chime in here. Just “1 time”. Some of ya get it…
    For a season that seems to have been labeled as boring. There seems to be alote of passion here. As well as a ratings gem for CBS. Just saying.

    • Jannie

      It’s not so much boring as predictable.

      But the biggest problem, at least for me, is that there is no one who is really likable. If they are, they are not playing the game very well.

      And the people who are unlikable are really horrid.

  15. Jannie

    An interesting turn of events…

    Apparently the house has found out that tomorrow night’s HOH comp is a crap shoot (like rolling a ball into a number or something like that).
    JMac and Steve are actually whispering about flipping the vote to keep Meg. It’s a comp that she could actually win.
    They think that Meg/James will go after Van or the Austwits if they win HOH.

    Let’s do it, boys!!

    I want to see the twins cry!

    • Avatar

      YES please …Julia out next ..Meg wins a crapshoot and gets V out …or asshat. the DE this week is crucial.

      Let’s do it, boys!!

    • Avatar
      racecar (65 comments)

      A crap shoot huh. Interesting. I heard different. But then I heard the same thing you just said Janie. Seems like Jonny is a kitty with 9 lives. So in a crap shoot, for no logical reason exept that he is a cat he wins. And I also heard that too that Jonny and Steve may just vote out Julia. So the formula is completly different if that happens. I’ve been saying all week. I’m not convinced Julia goes to Jury until I see it. This will make the final 3 weeks interesting indeed if that does happen. And remember the all important POV. To me at this point POV is just as valuable as HOH. With the numbers left.

  16. Avatar
    Danielle (2 comments)

    Stupid football is on again so I can’t watch until 11:38pm EST

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