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Big Brother 17 – Is The Week Over Yet? Live Blogging



Well, I suppose we should talk about the big elephant in the Big Brother house, which is Audrey. This will be the last few days we talk about her before she is evicted on Thursday night, but let’s hope she makes it that far without self-evicting.

Audrey spent roughly 7 or so hours in the DR yesterday in two different sessions. While I am more than sympathetic to those who have panic attacks, as I get them myself, one really has to wonder if this is indeed her strategy. Every contestant says they undergo a pretty extensive psych eval before heading into the house, but Austin did suggest they possibly overlooked some parts of hers because of the story she brought. He could be right, or it could simply be no different than Vanessa breaking down the first night of the feeds. Sometimes things really get to you no matter how strong you are mentally.

Really, the only thing making me think this could be a strategy is because it’s essentially how she handled it a few weeks ago. After being caught up in a web of lies, so hibernated in bed for a few days until things blew over. She even admitted to the DR that was her laying low. The only difference is, she wasn’t on the block then. Laying low this week will not earn her sympathy votes, and they certainly won’t evict John because they feel bad.  If anything, they’re more likely to vote out Audrey because they’ll feel she should be going home instead of spending the next few weeks in a jury house. That is why it’s unlikely this is strategy, and instead we’re just watching someone who is defeated, which is uncomfortable to watch.


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  • 9:15am – The house is still sleeping, and probably won’t get a wakeup call until 10am today.
  • 11:10am – A few people are up. Becky, Jason, Clay and John are outside. Becky is joking about her resting bitch face being real bad today lol
  • Meanwhile, James and Steve are in the bedroom speculating on Audrey’s behavior.  I have a feeling that’s going to be the talking point of the week. Is she faking, or is she breaking down?
  • James – “I’m not a puppet master, I’m a puppet”. At least he admits it.. and that will get him a nice few week vacation in the jury house soon
  • 11:40am – Steve is explaining ‘fishtanking’ in the house. Which means when people are singing, etc, the feeds cut to fish.  James wonders if they got ‘fishtanked’ a few minutes ago (when he sang the theme to Simpsons), and the answer is.. yes James. You did
  • 12:20pm – HoH camera time.
  • Meg tells Clay if she wins HoH she will put up Steve and Austin w/o a backdoor option
  • It’s funny listening to Meg talk to Clay about breaking up the Liz/Austin type of group.  Hey Meg, Clay is with them
  • 1:07pm – Shelli is called to the DR. She ignores them for about 30 seconds and they get snippy with another one.  Austin replies ‘ohhhhh’ … the little things
  • 1:20pm – Most people are up. Austin working out, Clay outside. A few people in the kitchen making lunch. Audrey is still nowhere to be seen. I don’t know if we’ll even see her until Thursday, if we see her at all.
  • 2:00pm – Steve and Liz speculate if they’ll allow Audrey to remain in the HN room Thursday afternoon when they’re locked in the HoH room
  • 2:30pm – Austin and Liz chatting in the pool (shocker), and Jason at his spot on the smoking couch.  Basically, a typical afternoon in the Big Brother house
  • 3:oopm – Everyone is still chatting, some sleeping, Vanessa doing some ab work in the living room.  They did show the havenot room briefly, and we had an Audrey sighting…
  • I wish I could go in the house and just talk to her. I absolutely hate seeing people like this, and want to help. Yes, it sucks she’s going home on Thursday, but she is a fantastic person and should try to spend the last few days showing how good of a person she can be.
  • 5:00pm – Back from dinner and a walk. Jason is STILL in his spot outside. Austin is STILL next to Liz, and Shelli and Clay are back up in the HoH room talking. This is going to be a long few days.
  • 6:10pm – Vanessa is talking to Shelli about Jackie and how she offered her (Jackie) a deal who just turned around and said ‘I’m good’. She thought it was weird. Guess who will probably go home next week.
  • Vanessa wants to start targeting the ‘floaters’ who have had no blood on their heads (like John, Jackie, Becky, Steve)
  • Vanessa floats the idea of making a deal with Audrey, but Shelli and Clay shoot it down because she’s not even talking to them. See, Audrey. That is why you should have left the HN room.
  • 7:00pm – Shelli is having some ‘girl talk’ with Vanessa about Clay. She is excited how Clay keeps mentioning things like them hanging out after the house. She’d love to do it, but she is scared that the age difference will become a harsh reality when they leave the house.
  • I guess Audrey was allowed regular food for 24 hours or so because of some meds she took.
  • Meanwhile, James is downstairs making plans to meet Becky and Jackie’s hot friends.
  • The girls say guys need to have a nice bed if they want to get action. Take notes, guys
  • 7:24pm – Meg joins the conversation from her nap and is explaining her dream. They love sharing dreams.
  • 8:00pm – Steve is giving Vanessa a Big Brother history lesson
  • And, Jason is giving the people outside Big Brother information.  Do they only bring like 3 people in who have actually watched the show?
  • Jason is saying the twins will come in the house before double eviction, so this week or next.  I hope they do a double eviction next week, but bringing Liz in will take up some time so that won’t happen.
  • Meg says she heard Austin talking to “Liz” about what happened in the house (that involved Liz). Yet, Jackie is still trying to be skeptical.  They also agree that Austin likely has a strong three person alliance going with them.
  • The house is outside talking about how they’ll need to split the three up, yet Clay and Shelli are outside with the group. People are going to be so shocked when they find out Chlelli are in on it
  • 9:40pm – Very slow night in the house, so I’m back watching another lifetime movie. Yes, I am a guy lol.  These movies are so bad, but you can’t stop.

Check back for updates!


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  1. Renee

    According to another blogger, BB is allowing Audrey to eat regular food now even though she is a HN. Other houseguests are cooking for her and waiting on her hand and foot. Ugghh!! Rules do not apply!!!

    • Jannie

      She either needs to suck it up and play or they should just get her out of there now. Forget the eviction Thursday night and start over with the HOH comp. Maybe plan for an endurance??
      Seriously, NO HG should get special treatment. Yes, she is eating normal food as a have not. This season has been bending the rules all over the place. Have you seen all of the ways that the HG’s get to fix up their slop? Why even have it anymore? I get that she is mentally fragile, but she did the same thing in the first few weeks – hid out until the heat was off of her and on to someone else.
      Not going to work this time.

    • Avatar

      Just playing devils advocate here, but could they be bending the have not food rule because they have her on medication that requires something slop doesn’t?

      It is also possible (although highly unlikely) that she has opted for a penalty nom/vote (like the whole “I will now perform eating” thing with Jen in BB8). That isn’t something they would announce over the speakers to the house (and feedsters) and Audrey wouldn’t have to notify the house. But it something we would see in the episode Wed or Thurs.

      Now with that said, I think the whole food for medication thing is a real possibility, but it is also very likely they have bent the rules for her just because. If that is the case, at the very least, they should do the same with all of the HNs. But it’s BB and nothing is “fair”.

  2. Jannie

    Also on BBAD last night I lost a lot of respect for James and Clay after James admitted that he is an “aggressive drunk” who his friends have to throw into the car after bar closing. And Clay laughed and said that they have a friend who they tell to “kick that person’s ass” when they are out drinking.
    Yuck, people I would NOT like to know…
    Can’t CBS get some people who are little more mature?

    Guess as of right now I am rooting for Jason, JMac, Becki, Meg and Steve.

  3. Avatar

    Wondering what Julie will be able to talk about with Audrey on eviction night. If she is so bad she needs special treatment, then get her out now and forget the eviction.

  4. danmtruth

    Steve you luck out to be in the audience for this eviction! I’m sure there will be a no booing rule . The production did not help the transgender community by having Audrey. She has done nothing but feed into the stereotype of a mentally week unstable person . This has gone beyond game play . If Audrey is going to be in the DR for hours on end . Or in a darken room

    • Jannie

      Good point – I forgot that stevebeans will get a front row(well maybe not front) seat to all of the action on Thursday. Can’t wait to get the details!
      Yes, no favors done for the LGBT community by showcasing Audrey. And it’s a shame that she kept “crying wolf” all week, and now the HG’s won’t believe her when she tells them the truth about the sixth sense alliance. Her whole “mental breakdown” seemed to come at a pretty convenient time – I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even make it on stage to talk to Julie.
      Why can’t they put it all together?? Let’s see, who has NOT been nominated this season – Vanessa, Liz, Clay, Austin, and Shelli – get a clue people!!!

    • stevebeans

      I am going next week 🙁 I bet someone like Becky will be evicted. I like her, but BORING.

    • Rita

      Hopefully you’ll be there for Austin’s eviction next week.

  5. Avatar

    Audrey has been lying since she enter the doors of BB; eventually it catches up with you. Frankly, Audrey life is a big lie, thinking he is a she, when his DNA confirms that he is a he.

    I feel sorry for him and all those who are being conditioned into thinking that transgendering, actually changes your chromosomes, and some how that person is now different than God created.

    • Avatar
      I'm not an expert on the subject but

      Sometimes I feel sorry for those that are brainwashed into believing that there is a god.

    • Avatar

      It is obvious that you are not an expert on the subject and it is why you don’t believe in God, so my sympathies are extended to you.

      Looks like this board is indoctrinated in P.C. delusion living outside reality, who respond by feelings and emotions rather the facts and truth. Appears that ‘Six Step Attitude Change’ has set in like concrete just like the HG’s

    • Avatar

      You seem to be a very ignorant person. I hope you are able to educate yourself throughout the rest of your life and let go of your prejudice.

    • danmtruth

      Never understood why other people worry so much what other people do in there house. Just the simple love one another Why is that so hard

    • Jannie

      As long as it isn’t hurting anyone else, just let people live their lives.
      No one shpuld judge…isn’t that what God is for??
      God creates people with all kinds of issues, right?
      Being born the wrong gender is no different than any other birth defect in my book.
      You wouldn’t judge any other kind of birth defect being corrected, would you?

      Audrey has bigger issues than being transgender.
      Maybe she has a family of people who don’t accept her.
      Could be a narrow minded, judgmental family situation.
      Just sayin’.

    • Avatar
      I'm not an expert on the subject but

      @ Raysay. the only delusion is the fairy tale you believe in.

    • Avatar


      The ignorance is yours, maybe one day you will Learn how foolish your comment is; good luck in your lemming life

    • Avatar

      @ I’m not an expert on the subject but:

      To believe that a Man is a Woman is delusional, I sympathize with Audrey I am not judging her heart, but her mistaken belief on who He is, that’s all, and that is the beginning of His psych problems, He is very confused what is your excuse. I hate to break it to you, but the Easter Bunny isn’t real either

    • Avatar
      I'm not an expert on the subject but

      Neither was the guy that you think walked on water.

  6. danmtruth

    Can’t they see the people who spend so much time in the HOO room together ALL THE TIME !!

    • Jannie

      I just read on the Network that James, Steve and Meg have been confiding in Clay – WRONG MOVE…
      Geez, as stated before, he is in the HOH all the time and is also Shelli’s boy toy.
      What is the matter with these people???

  7. Avatar

    I would have like to see how Audrey would of handled being HOH, could have been interesting. She is not gone yet and anything can happen so we shall see.

  8. Avatar

    It seems like a brand new start to the game with Audrey out of the way. I agree they aren’t paying much attention to the HOH group. In the past couples were targeted first and the twin thing—wow! Don’t they realize one more person will be coming in? This just seems to be a group of juveniles congregating for a party.

  9. Avatar

    i have a feeling that Thurs Eviction show will be “TAPED” early Thurs or even Taped on Wed… just so CBS wont mess anything up, lol…

  10. Avatar

    I agree you are not an expert. Believing in GOD is not being brainwashed, it is called faith which is believing in a superior being.

  11. danmtruth

    Clay !! Really they confide in Clay ! Is no one looking to see what is happening . Vanessa is STILL advocating for Audrey ?!? Why is Vanessa already throwing John out there to be a target That promise of 2 week into jury seems to have gone out the window Again Vanessa , Clay , Shelli all talk like next HOH is a given
    Sorry Steve my mistake I thought you were going this week . Here I complain the guest don’t pay attention to details . I can’t keep which week you’re going

    • Jannie

      Shelli and Vanessa are talking about the possibility of Shay(Shelli/Clay) having a real relationship outside of the house. And how mature Clay is and it doesn’t really seem like there is a 10 year age difference. Because Shelli is IMMATURE for a 33 yr old!
      Let the poor boy grow up, finish school and experience life, Mrs. Robinson! Leave the poor boy alone.
      We all saw how long Amanda and McCrae lasted…

    • danmtruth

      Shelli desperately trying to hang on to her youth. She is a atractive women who must not think she has anything else to offer but her looks. I feel sad for her she seems inteligent but her self worth is tied into her looks Clay is just her trophy boy toy. A look at me I still got it . I can still get the hot young jock.

  12. Avatar

    I keep hearing about penalties for not following the rules. What exactly are the penalties? The only thing I remember is one HG being evicted for throwing her mike in the hot tub and two for physical aggression. Other than that I’ve never seen anything resembling a penalty of any kind.
    Remember Don’t feed the trolls! Some people get on here to get attention. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into it. We don’t have to agree to get along. If they get too bad, notify Steve Beans and he will take care of it.

  13. Avatar

    Wow – the religious banter is off-putting. This is a discussion forum about Big Brother right? For lovers of the game?? Just a comment – I have been watching BB7 Allstars on Youtube for fun – and seeing how they played the game was amazing!! Nothing like what we are watching now. These players claim to be SuperFans…I am constantly screaming at the TV and wondering how can they be so dumb sometimes??? Jeez.

  14. danmtruth

    Just saw a picture of Shelli’s younger brother. Sort of creepy how he is an exact body double of Clay What is she thinking

  15. ShoeLover

    WOW! Slow slow slow week!!! C’mon HG, do something! Oh and Johnny Mack has some moves!!! Hope everyone is doing great!

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