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Big Brother 17 – A Week Of Vanessa, But We’ll Miss It



If you enjoy watching Vanessa run around like a chicken with her head cut off during her time in power, I have bad news for you. You’re going to miss it this week. Despite giving us a refreshing taste of the craziness we were set to endure, a message scrolled over the live feeds last night stating that the feeds are going to be down from 9:45am-11:30pm today (12:45p-2:30a est). This is because of the ‘surprise’ eviction on Tuesday, they’re going to just speed the week up into one day.  I will say, it’s nice of them to actually tell this to us rather than have feeders sit around with their thumbs up their bums for 14 hours.

What does this mean?  No feed updates today. I’ll also likely be sleeping when the feeds return, so I’ll post something tomorrow on who was nominated, won POV, etc. That should all be revealed before the feeds are (possibly) cut again for the show.

Back to last night. Once Vanessa won the HoH (Liz won the luxury comp), she was immediately scrambling to see who she can target. Right now she has two sides of the house who both think Vanessa is with them. While she may end up nominating one person from each side to keep the peace as long as possible, the reality is there is no avoiding it this week.  There are only 2 votes, and Vanessa is the tiebreaker. She either splits the house and forces each side to cast a vote for their partner, but then she is the deciding vote.  Her other option is to put one side up and hope for no veto win. This means the other side will be forced to do the dirty work, but she’ll still be responsible for the nominations.


While Vanessa will eventually spin whatever she does as ‘out of her hands’, anyone with half a brain knows she has all the power this week. The person leaving the house will be fully because of Vanessa’s bloody hands, so her best strategy at this point would probably be to accept that reality and try to eliminate someone who will respect the game move (Austin, Steve, maybe John) rather than be bitter and cry (Liz). Does this mean Liz should make it to the end?  No, it just means if Vanessa wants jury votes, she has to have someone else get rid of her.  Liz and Julia are going to vote with emotion, so she’s probably the only one who should be safe this week.

Am I making sense? Probably not.

It’s going to be a long 24 hours, so talk among yourself and try to guess what will happen. As I said, no feed updates today, so enjoy your Friday and check in tomorrow to see what happened in the house!

edit – I forgot to add. Vanessa gave Austin and Liz another hilarious proposal. If she keep them, and they make the final 3, both of them will throw the first round of the final HoH to her. hahahhahaha… Vanessa is smart enough to know that will never happen. Right?  Well, she did keep Liz because of their fake promises…. only time will tell


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  1. Jannie

    What the heck??
    So, in other words, the first 90 minutes of BBAD will be fish, and we will be treated to the live feeds for about 25 minutes, minus 10 minutes of commercials…

    I read that Julie Chen said in an interview that the reason that they quit doing the BB takeovers was because “there was enough going on in the house that they didn’t need them.” Riiiiight….

    And last night Joker’s caught Production kissing ass to Vanessa in the DR. She was called back at around 4:30 AM and DR said “You’re an angel, I really appreciate it.”(about her coming back to DR).
    Seriously, BB has gotten so lax – they need to be all business, it’s sounds like the reason some of the DR sessions last so long is because they are in there just shooting the breeze with the HG’s.

    • Avatar

      If it was anything like that snoozefest we saw last night, we won’t be missing much. Once Vanessa got called to the DR (a few minutes into the show) there was absolutely nothing to see. Austin was trying to sequester Liz from Steve so Vanessa would see them talking and freak out…..Steve and JMack didn’t want to be seen together, and there was virtually no conversations or game talk. Thank goodness for fast forward on my PVR!

    • Jannie

      I Know.
      You would think CBS production would consider the fan (and POP TV) and let Vanessa run amok during BBAD.

    • Avatar

      And whats wrong with shooting the breeze with the house guests? They are being filmed 24/7. Not much going on. People get to know people after that much time together. Has anyone here actually been on a production set? I can tell you from experience that it would be odd not to shoot the breeze. My gosh Jannie. We realize that most of you here like to complain about the game play. But shooting the breeze with the hg’so is a problem? And if you didn’t know, production said, to Jonny last week, hey buddy come to DR. Production does this with everyone. For a bunch of people that complain about the HG’S being peddy in this game, and bullies. So on and so fouth. It’s apparent that the fruit doesn’t fall far. Had to post after this commet. I’m sure your a wonderful person. I mean that. But come on.

  2. Avatar

    Perhaps they’re going to replace everyone with carefully made up actors who can at least pretend to have a few more brain cells than a Amoeba.

  3. Avatar

    I’ve basically been off the comments this year because to me this has been the worst season of BB ever. I was rooting for anyone besides Vanessa and the Austwins. The twins and Austin have said some mean malicious things about everyone. So has Vanessa for that matter. There’s no reason to attack someone personally. Every night on BBAD as soon as it comes on I have to listen to those twins and Austin chomp their way through a meal which they inhale in about three minutes. And I’m really not a prude when it comes to language but the F bomb that comes out of their mouths this year is horrendous. Yes I know I could not watch but I keep hoping that they’ll lose in the end. Especially Vanessa, Austin and Liz. Out of who’s left I’m praying Johnny Mac makes it somehow. James , Jason, Meg, Becky and Jackie were my favorites. BB let’s put people back in the game who played it hard like James did when he had the chance. Not these people smiling at each other every week like they all love each other but talk about each other like they’re dogs behind their backs. Plus it seems so overly produced this year. Telling everyone what to say and do in comps and the DR is boring. Don’t try to make us love these twins and Austin. Don’t make Vanessa out to be god like and nice. Let them be who they really are like they are on BBAD. The difference is like daylight and dark. I’m so disappointed in this year. I loved my summer last year on this sight with a lot of other great people on it. I wasn’t boycotting them or Steve B just the show. I really hope there’s a next year after this horrible season and that they make some massive improvements. By the way what happened to a different twist every week? So boring and predictable.

  4. danmtruth

    Does it matter one thing this group has shown over the season is they will flip flop all the way till they just say Vanessa tell me who to vote for. It can not be more simple. You have 2 groups with 2 people each. And both sides thinking the are in a 3 person alliance with Vanessa. All must swear a blood oath to Vanessa . She girls them till they have no idea what reality is. She goes after these people like Tomás de Torquemada of the Spanish inquastion Tell me the truth or suffer

    • Avatar

      Although I think Vanessa is playing the game with a bully complex toward the other house guests, she does seem to be the only one who is actually playing the game. At one point or another nearly every single house guest has realized what Vanessa is doing and they still do whatever she wants. That’s probably because she bullies them into doing whatever she says. Not very admirable game play from her but it clearly is getting her to the finals and the possible win. Shame on all the other house guests to allow the bullying and not take a stand and play the game.

  5. Elaine

    Well there is no way that Austin and Liz won’t take each other to f2. So if Vanessa is happy with 3rd place, stick with them. John and Steve are singletons, like Vanessa. Even though each may discuss different scenarios, there isn’t a definite duo, like Liz and Austin, that I have seen. I still think taking out either Austin or Liz would be best for all of them….but eeeeesh I have been a broken record on that for weeks now. At least Juuuuuuuulia is gone.

  6. Elaine

    I think production just got lazy this year. Bailed out by saying there is enough going on in the house…if so, it sure wasn’t because the houseguests were interesting. Last year’s group was far more entertaining, and yet there were still more moves by production.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree! The producers need to be changed. Bring in some new people with some new ideas. Change up the competitions; change the format; add some incentives as the show goes on. Have casting calls across the country (like BBCanada) for people who actively want to play the game…get rid of the recruiting. This show is so boringly predictable now. What ever happened to ‘Expect the Unexpected’? A couple years of season’s like this and the viewership will drop off and then let’s see if they can get it back.

    • Avatar

      Personally, I would prefer to watch the show without the “celebrity” type people they keep putting in the game such as a million dollar poker player and the brother of a grammy winner who himself is also well known in a lot of circles. The show was way more entertaining when they filled the house with the average person who really needed the money and actually wanted to play the game. I totally agree that production might need some new blood with new ideas. Especially the people who choose who goes into the house.

  7. Avatar

    Does Vanessa really think that Austin and Liz will seriously throw the F3 HOH to her?? She is an idiot if she does. I haven’t been a huge fan of many of her tactics throughout the game, but she hasn’t shown signs of being dumb up to the point. But if she keeps Liztin under the assumption that they will throw that to her, she is crazy!!

    • Elaine

      Since many of the houseguests have fallen for ideas that Vanessa puts out there (i.e. most recently Julia choosing Austin to go against in POV), I think she just keeps pitching them out there. I think she must be surprised some of the times that she has been successful. Course with so few numbers, odds of that working for her anymore are dwindling fast.

  8. Avatar

    i’m soooooo glad this season is almost over!! Other than Vanessa, the only gameplay attempts were made by James and Becky. These houseguests were so blind that they couldn’t see they were only supporting Vanessa’s gameplay! Their immaturity allowed them to be comfortable (safe) while riding on Vanessa’s gameplay!! No minds of their own. Do you think Vanessa’s gameplay would have worked with previous BB winners (Dan)?

    • Avatar

      I think they saw it, bur remember, they always said we can go after Vanessa “Next Week” well they are running out of weeks…the twins waited to long and they had a golden opportunity a few weeks ago…everyone went against Becky and they have all paid the price, Eviction. They get what they deserve, the crying, whining, nashing of teeth…they did it to themselves……

    • ChiKelz

      Aunt Millie, I don’t think that Vanessa could have pulled her manipulation game on a lot of the others. I think this group lacked maturity as you stated which led them to believe “next week” …”we’ll get her out next week” as Monica stated. I also feel that their lack of “life exposure” plays a part also. Some of them don’t care to win the $500K. The are happy with what they get from being in jury. They want to buy a car, change apartments. etc. They don’t have the “real “bills that older people tend to have and could really use $260K-280K (After taxes). Yes school loans, and insurance and your cell phone are bills. Think about it…what would you have done with $260K in your 20’s? In my 20’s $10 -$12K would have been a lot of money. I know today in my 40’s it would be a different story and I would be fighting to the end and jury would not be satisfactory. I would not be happy unless I gave my all for the Grand Prize. Go Big or go home!

    • Avatar

      I also agree that the house guests show a lack of maturity. Even Austin stated that he was playing the game to become famous without any regard to the money. Jason was one of the few people playing that really wanted to play for the money but his immaturity of gossiping about everyone caused his early exit.

  9. Avatar

    I’ll be so happy when this season is over. I’ve never seen an odder bunch on BB. This group takes the cake. As weird as Steve and Johnny Mac are I’d love to see either one win. Austin, Liz and Venessa are all very mean and cut throat. They could have left awhile ago but everyone was scared of the evil Austin and Vanessa. Very disappointing. But I see CBS is looking more suckers next year. Who in their right mind go through this torture?

  10. danmtruth

    Rob and Elaine you are both so cores the in your observation. U.S. Production could do with some help from Canada and Europe . Both do not let the house guest lay around as much. I like the idea of having to win food for the week. Makes the house guest have to all work together. One version had them play games to win money . Than the HOH goes shopping . The problem is they only have a limited amount of time and all the items have diferant prices Adds another comp to keep them busy . Just something to add some thinking In the other versions they also have the house guest chose between taking money and giving the other house guest a punishment The idea of open casting calls is another good idea. There should be no reason to cast people into the show . Pluss try to get a wider age range look at the early shows not everyone needs to be a model The biggest thing is no no more battle of the block

    • Elaine

      From what I have heard other versions of BB have been very successful. I like a lot of what you list above. I haven’t watched BB regularly up until the last few seasons. I remember earlier on there were more competitions for food, luxury, etc. I think what contributes to the laziness is that no one performs like an individual. From the very beginning they have those stupid house votes, or they do what the HOH wants. No one campaigns, strategizes, etc….they all lay around or play pot ball! Eeeesh!

    • Avatar

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOn0vKw7esk&spfreload=1 …I started watching BBAU 2013 i bit ago …they have intruders …this is seven weeks in… just after a fake eviction..the US version sucks compared to AU. they shake it up…I is SO different…. the houseguests nominate but the public evicts…I like it

  11. danmtruth

    Does anyone think James is not having the time of his life in the jury house with all the ladies. Could be a little awarkward for Julia

  12. Avatar

    So no feeds, wow, is this because of the big reveal of Vanessa’s private interrogation room which includes water boarding.

    • Avatar

      Oh my God, I just laughed so hard at your comment that I just spit drink all over the screen! It is SO funny! So sad, yet so very true! At this point, that may very well be what would salvage the rest of this season!

  13. Jannie

    Well, since the powers that be at CBS have decided to cut the feeds for 12 hours, just wondering if anyone was interested in playing a little game…

    WHO WOULD YOU RATHER? (Have win BB in a F2 situation)

    A). Liz VS Austin
    (my worst nightmare scenario but I think I would have to give it to Austin. Liz just came off as such an entitled, narcissistic, mean little brat).

    B). Liz VS Vanessa
    (Vanessa – can’t stand either, but Liz would spend the money foolishly and Vanessa played a better game).

    C). Vanessa VS Austin
    (Vanessa because Liz would just spend Austin’s money).

    D). Vanessa VS Steve
    (Steve just because I like him better and he was “sneaky”. Knows the game and spent a lot of time strategizing. Needs the money more and loves his mother).

    E). Vanessa VS Johnny Mac
    (Vanessa – you would think I would say Johnny Mac, but this would be a tough one because, although I like his personality, his game play was horrendous. I don’t like players whose strategy is to throw comps).

    F). Steve VS Johnny Mac
    ( I would give it to Steve because he played a better game and I just think he made more moves that Johnny Mac, who made none).

    G). Austin VS Steve
    (Steve all the way – same with Liz VS Steve).

    H). Steve VS Liz
    (Steve…for obvious reasons).

    I). Austin VS Johnny Mac
    (it’s a tough one, but if I were truly talking game I would give it to Austin…but then I would have to go and throw up).

    J). Johnny Mac VS Liz
    (This is the one situation where my personal feelings would rule and Johnny Mac would win. Liz is the ONE player in the game that I do not want to see win the money. See just rubbed me the wrong way all season).

    Last question – who do you want to win the $500K??
    I would choose Steve. Liztin was gross and disgusting, Vanessa played hard but it was too dirty, and JMac just didn’t play at all. Good old super fan Steve would just appreciate it the most, and his Mommy would be thrilled 🙂

    If anyone else wants to answer the questions while we wait for the feeds to return, would be fun to see what everyone else thinks!

    • Avatar

      Hey Jannie !

      What a great post. I’ll step up to the plate. I would love to see John win, but based on gameplay…

      A) Tough one, but I’ll say Austin, because I think he played a better game. Tried to socialize with John and Steve more.

      B) C) D) E) Vanessa hands down, for playing an absolutely brilliant game.

      F) Steve. Played his way into the alliance. Even if he was the 5th wheel, he took control of his destiny as much as he could.

      G) Tough one. Whichever one evicted Vanessa.

      H) See G.

      I) I think I could give this one to John. We know he threw a lot of comps. Worked solo most of the game, while Austin needed the Alliance to stay safe.

      J) I have to take Liz. I have to assume that Liz won the last hoh, tossing out Vanessa or Austin, to sit besise a weak player in the final two.

      I would want John to win the $500k.

      But if there was a choice of any hg, I would pick James, because he sounds like an amazing dad.

      Lastly, my question to everyone would be: What would you do if you won $500k ? I would pay off the house, I desperately need a new car, would travel, and put a chunk asside for when I retire.

    • Avatar

      Sure I’ll play along… My picks are based on how I think they played the game. I’ll try to leave personal bias out of it….hopefully! 🙂

      A). Liz VS Austin
      (my worst nightmare scenario but I think I would have to give it to Austin. Liz just came off as such an entitled, narcissistic, mean little brat).
      – I would give it to Liz. This scenario would have 6 females and 3 men voting from the jury. I think the women would favor Liz over Austin. Austin has no real connection with any jury members except Julia and she would vote for her sister.

      B). Liz VS Vanessa
      (Vanessa – can’t stand either, but Liz would spend the money foolishly and Vanessa played a better game).
      – again, I would say Liz because I feel it’s going to be a bitter jury against Vanessa

      C). Vanessa VS Austin
      (Vanessa because Liz would just spend Austin’s money).
      – tough call….kind of like trying to decide between Andy and Gina Marie, but I’d say Vanessa.

      D). Vanessa VS Steve
      (Steve just because I like him better and he was “sneaky”. Knows the game and spent a lot of time strategizing. Needs the money more and loves his mother).
      – Steve. Even Vanessa doesn’t think she can beat Steve in a final two. Steve is really good at delivering a speech and so long as he doesn’t portray himself as a gangly, awkward teenager, I feel it could sway people in his favor. I’d like to see him shave his face, get his hair cut, lose the glasses and just stand up and be mature and confident in his delivery.

      E). Vanessa VS Johnny Mac
      (Vanessa – you would think I would say Johnny Mac, but this would be a tough one because, although I like his personality, his game play was horrendous. I don’t like players whose strategy is to throw comps).
      – I’d pick Vanessa too. Johnny Mac’s speech will probably be goofy, unprepared, and all over the place with his thoughts. People won’t reward that.

      F). Steve VS Johnny Mac
      ( I would give it to Steve because he played a better game and I just think he made more moves that Johnny Mac, who made none).
      – Steve for the same reasons as Steve Vs. Vanessa above

      G). Austin VS Steve
      (Steve all the way – same with Liz VS Steve).
      – Steve I think the people in the jury will like him better than Austin (except for Liz and Julia, but it would take any little thing to piss them off about Austin and have them vote for Steve too)

      H). Steve VS Liz
      (Steve…for obvious reasons).
      – Steve

      I). Austin VS Johnny Mac
      (it’s a tough one, but if I were truly talking game I would give it to Austin…but then I would have to go and throw up).
      – Austin, just because I think his speech will be better than JMac’s will be.

      J). Johnny Mac VS Liz
      (This is the one situation where my personal feelings would rule and Johnny Mac would win. Liz is the ONE player in the game that I do not want to see win the money. See just rubbed me the wrong way all season).
      – hmmmm, I’d give it to Johnny Mac. I don’t think Liz will have enough friends in the jury to win.

      Last question – who do you want to win the $500K??
      I would choose Steve. Liztin was gross and disgusting, Vanessa played hard but it was too dirty, and JMac just didn’t play at all. Good old super fan Steve would just appreciate it the most, and his Mommy would be thrilled 🙂
      – I hope Steve wins the $500,000. He has played the game very similar to Ian and (personal bias here) I’d like to see someone win who could use the money.

    • Avatar

      If Steve wins I wonder if he’ll buy a creepy old hotel for him and Mommy to run…change his name to Norman.

    • Jannie

      dmc –
      If I won the 500K I would pay off the house, take my dream trip to England/Scotland/Ireland, and start a couple of trust funds for our two boys. Whatever is left would go towards retirement.

    • Avatar

      Fun! I’ll play! 🙂

      A. Austin v. Liz (also my worst nightmare) – Such a hars choice but I think I would go with Liz (BARF!) I just can’t stand the thought of what a win would do to Austin’s already absurd arrogance.

      B. Liz v. Vanessa – Vanessa. Although I don’t always like her approch, she has played her butt off in this game and she isn’t as vile and nasty as Liz.

      C. Austin v. Vanessa – Vanessa. See reasons in A and B.

      D. Vanessa v. Steve – Steve. I hate that he has allowed himself to be manipulated by Vanessa but how can you not love the kid?!? He loves this game and I would love to see him win.

      E. Vanessa v. JMac – This is a tough one for me. Vanessa has played harder but his strategy of throwing comps when asked and winning them when he needs to has worked for him. I think I would go with JMac just because I like him more

      F. Steve v. JMac – This is who I hope is in the final 2 and I hope Steve gets the win.

      G. Steve v. Austin – Steve. I absolutely do not want Austin to win. I don’t even want him to get second.

      H. Steve v. Liz – Steve. Yes Liz has won more comps but she has left Austin and Vanessa control all of her HOHs, so in my opinion she hasn’t done much at all, other than sit around and trash people.

      I. Austin v. JMac – JMac. Again, I don’t want Austin winning under any circumstances!

      J. JMac v. Liz – JMac. See explanation on H.

      Last question – Steve!! I wanna see someone win who will truly appreciate the win and the experience, and who has a good heart. And someone who won’t let the win go to their head!! Team Steve all the way (with JMac in second)!!!

    • Avatar

      That truly is a dream vacation, Jannie.

      I was in England and Scotland about 10 years ago, and it was magical!

      I hope to get back one day !

  14. Elaine

    I don’t want any of them to win. My suggestion is that the winner get the 50K and the 500K gets rolled back into production to make future seasons better.

  15. jimbo

    Best bet for Vanessa was for her to have LOST the HOH this week. Too late. I think Austin and Liz would have sought revenge if they had won — on Liz’s prompting — because Liz would have wanted revenge on Steve for her sister, and John and Steve would also most likely would have tried to kill off the Liz/Austin connection so that they can make final three with Vanessa. NOW, one side of the house will know that Vanessa is NOT with them, truly bloodying her hands, as they like to say in this game.

  16. Avatar

    This BB season has been soooo boring and predictable that it forced me to do something I never did before….go elsewhere for my BB fix. First I went to Canada and watched all of their seasons and really enjoyed them. Then I went to Australia and watched season 2012, 2013 + 2014 and REALLY enjoyed them. If anyone’s interested I recommend Australia season 2013, it was so much fun….a lot better than ours have been. Then I started wondering….I remember our BB as being much better. Better competitors and much more drama and excitement. I also remember anxiously waiting for eviction day to see who was going to vote for who and counting the votes on my fingers. Because there wasn’t this house voting all the same mentality. So I have gone back and started re-watching our BB season 12, the one that first introduced us to Rachel, Brendan, Ragan, Hayden, Enzo aka: MeowMeow, Britney etc. and I’m loving it! Ahhhh the good old days 🙂

    • Colby

      BB Bopper, where are you watching Australia,, Canada, and previous seasons?

    • Avatar

      I totally agree with you…I have watch all of the episodes of Big Brother Canada on YouTube, and just thoroughly LOVED them! Now I will have to check out the BB Australia on You Tube also. But you are right Canada’s version of BB is fresh, entertaining, the HG are not so typecast, and most of all it not so doggone NOT PREDICABLE…

      I will go further though…for the past 3 seasons of Big Brother USA, we have an endless cast of the same characters, with no big surprises, and always ONE PUPPET MASTER/MANIPULATOR per Season.

      Season #15 the Manipulator was Amanda, although she did it from her bed, and the whole house voted the same on every eviction.

      Season #16 the Puppet Master was Derrick, and the whole house vote the same on each eviction…Even though Donny told all the other HG that Derrick was the Puppet Master?! But do you see the pattern???

      Season #17 the Puppet Master is Vanessa – Idk if the House all votes the same, because I stopped watching after week two.

      I have also observed something else that occurs every season of BBUSA. CBS says that it is the fans doing the shouting over the fence of the BB Compound, but I believe its CBS doing this. Season after season this happens, with someone shouting out something to a House Guess over the fence. And every time the shouts happen, the HG must go back into the BB House, and paranoia sets in about the HG whose name was shouted out…Now I “could” see it happening once or twice during prior seasons…But now it happens every Season, and CBS Security does nothing to stop it, knowing its an every season occurrence?! Idk, it just seems odd to me, and something that Allison Grodner would do.

  17. Avatar

    Ratings say different. Ratings are better this year than last 2 years. And its because its in summer thing makes is invalid. This show is always been during the summer. CBS knows people love to whine and comlpain. They are winning. They did this on purpose and its working.CBS doesn’t even to supply new twists and spend money because they know people love to hate. This is exacly what is happing here this season. Ask Howard Stern about being the bad guy in the 90’s early 2000’s.He’s doing quite well. Babbabooie

  18. Avatar

    Boy if you wanted “F Bombs” one of the late night shows when Vanessa was rooming with Austin. She was so OUT OF HER MIND angry with him every other word was F-you, F-ing etc. It was absolutely nurtz. I would hate to be in the room with this gal playing poker and she lost her winnings. Saying that, will the cast ever be told she is a millionaire?

    • Avatar

      Ya she will tell all of em when she invites the entire house to Vegas for a good time. And guess what. They will all go and have a amazing time. And why would she tell them now. That would be the worst decision ever. This is a game. After it’s done. All is open
      Bet on that. Aces full Tony G

    • Avatar

      P.s. momma. Every poker player loses. Every one of em. At one point or another. Van always say congrats after a loss. You have no idea what your taliking about. Just being honest here.

  19. Avatar

    if someone other than Vanessa wins HOH which obviously will happen, and she does NOT win POV can someone please put her butt on the block…PLEASE!!!!!!!! We beg of you house guests think for YOURSELF

  20. ChiKelz

    I have a really STUPID question… People are always talking about BB Canada, BB Europe, BBstars??? Where and or what channel does it come on? We have satellite and I have never seen any of the others except American CBS.

    • Avatar

      ChiKelz: The Canada, Australia, UK BB’s and probably a lot of other countries are all on utube. At least that’s how I watch them.

    • Avatar

      Here in Canada, both BB Canada and BB US are broadcast on Global TV. You can go to their website and watch past seasons. Also try You Tube.

    • Avatar

      Hey Kelz! I just read a comment where they said they viewed Australia and Canada BB on UTube. I also read your previous comment earlier, stating these houseguests were focussed on just getting to the jury–not winning the top prize! You clearly explained why they chose to play Vanessa’s game instead of developing their OWN gameplay! Well stated!!!

  21. Alda

    I think Vanessa will talk to both sides and tell them she has to pick one from each side to go up on the block.She’ll tell them,as she is crying,how she has played with integrity and fairness this whole game and loves all four of them from the bottom of her heart.If they want to decide which one from each side,she’ll honor their wishes,still crying,and that’s all she can do to be fair to all of them

  22. ChiKelz

    Thank you for the information BB Bopper and Rob! I will try to find some episodes this weekend!

    • Avatar

      Hey Kelz, when you get a chance please let me know how I can also view Canada BB on UTube. Since I’m in retirement you’ve surpassed me in being savvy with this kind of stuff. Your mom and I rely on you keeping us in the “know”!! (I wanted to post a emoticon here but don’t know how. Loved yours.)

  23. Avatar

    Lets put this BB season out of its misery. I’m more interested in what happens once it ends. What will the house guests think of Vanessa being loaded? I’d love to be there when they find out what the audience actually thinks of them. That we’d rather watch JMac give Julia a root canal over watching Austin and Liz kanoodle. That we think Steve has floated more than a balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. That we, the audience, are so over this show.

  24. opium4damasses

    Completely by chance, I found a letter to Austin from his ex-girlfriend, Jen today. It contains many personal references from their former life together and is scrappy and very funny. It appeared on social media, so even the blogger who published it can’t be sure that it is really from Jen. Among other things, the letter informs him that he can Google the word “finger****” to see what people think of Austin’s interpretation of playing the game with class and honor, the way that apparently he told Jen that he planned to play . It also tells him that she has maxed out the credit card that he left for her on a compensatory three week trip to Cancun to recover from his grotesqueness. Furthermore, she tells him that he has had offers come in the mail, as he had hoped, for new show biz work. One such offer came from Red Lobster, Jen writes. It’s to attend the upcoming Red Lobster Crabfest. Yet another offer arrived from KFC for him to endorse their new finger-lickin’ good garlic cheese sauce.

  25. Clangley

    Steve and Johnny Mac on the block.

  26. Avatar

    What is the “FSU” hat that Steve always wears? It’s not Florida State’s logo, and certainly isn’t Cornell!

  27. opium4damasses

    Frankie Grande took poor Liz and Vanessa to one of his sista’s concerts? Keeping a puke bucket close at hand for this delight.

  28. Avatar

    Getting all my info since James was voted out from here and jokers as I can’t stand to watch or listen to the HG. LOL Thank you live feeders for enduring this grotesque, gaggy, snooze fest to report to us.

  29. opium4damasses

    Wonder if Frankie took them on a doughnut licking spree as a pre-concert appetizer?

  30. opium4damasses

    Vanessa said that she got drunk on the luxury trip. In this case, who could blame her. She also said that she was recognized outside of the BB house.This freaked Steve out, since he has all kinds of anxiousness about his post BB life of being well-known. Don’t worry, Steve. If it gets too much, invest in contact lenses and get your hair colored. Try some shiatsu to lower your shoulders. Drive women mad with desire.

  31. opium4damasses

    Shiatzu, available with Walter Raleigh coupons, if Steve decides to start smoking.

  32. Avatar

    After reading your comment Steven about the luxury comp. (Cough. Barf.) I couldn’t help myself to say,I thought Mango (aka) Frankie was out of my mental thoughts for life. Mango, mango, mango. NO NO NO
    I have commented here in the past about people not liking players personally. And how is that possible if you don’t know them outside the BB house.That this is on t.v. Its a game. And it’s not real! That being said.I can tell you all 100 percent, from what I know personally, Mango is exactly who he was in the BB house. NO NO NO TELL ME IT ISINT SO. NOT MANGO AGIAN. OHHHH. LoL
    Weeeeeeeeeee (:

  33. Avatar

    I can’t believe that that was the event away from the house. I sarcastically said that they would do something like that at the beginning of the season, just so they can keep the Frankie & Ariana name alive in the BB world.

    I am with you Steve, I would have faked sick. But having that forced on me, I don’t think I would be faking, it would be the real maccoy !

    • Avatar

      I would have probably done what Vanessa did and get nice and drunk if I had to go to a luxury comp like that. What happened to the new clothes comps and wasn’t there a few where they had the chance to win a car. There is nothing good about a comp where you have to listen to Frankie and his awful sister Ariana. Blah!

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