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Big Brother 17 – What A Weird Week; Feed Updates



What do you get when those nominated basically roll over and accept it for two straight weeks?

Apparently you get what we have now, which is one alliance pretty much second guessing themselves and starting to overthink everything.

It’s hard to blame them, especially Vanessa. There is an image that I saw which read “In video games, you know you’re going the right way when you see bad guys”. That holds true here because Vanessa has had very little opposition this season. She was nominated a few weeks ago, remained in her bed for half the week and was still able to talk her way out of eviction with time to spare. It’s no wonder she is running around trying to decide who she should evict this week because she’s probably becoming paranoid the game has been too easy for her. I know I’d be the same way. I’d be wondering if the whole house was setting me up just to be evicted and laugh at my obvious mistake (whatever that was).


Well, Vanessa is going to be surprised in a month at either just how easy this season was, or how badly she overplayed her game thinking people were better than they were. This of course depends on the result of her season, but I still think it will be the former. The people remaining are just not that good. I think Steve is one of the few people she’d have to worry about this week, and I think she realizes it as well. That is why Vanessa has been flip flopping on who to keep, but spent the better part of last night having John work the twins for their vote.

We should have a more clear idea who will be going home tomorrow by the end of the day today. Vanessa has to decide between the stronger, yet more alone player, or the guy who is decent in comps and could potentially land a strong ally tomorrow night (Becky).

With that said, here are the updates:

  • 9:30am – John is sitting by the pool with Vanessa hovering nearby.
  • Looks like Vanessa is taking the morning off. The feeds are now on people sleeping
  • 10:45am – Everyone still sleeping
  • 12:00pm – Austin has been talking gambling with Vanessa in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure everyone knows she’s a poker player, but I don’t think anyone knows how successful she is
    • The two go into the bathroom to talk.  Meg joins.  They joke how they should do rock paper scissors on who to evict tomorrow
  • 1:30pm – Austin is waking up sleeping beauty and telling her about the plan for John/Steve to play a competition for votes. I assume it’s that game they made up.
    • I don’t even know what to think about that. On one hand, it’s cheesy. On the other hand, that’s what the game is about. These past 3 weeks have dramatically altered the house simply because Steve, Liz and Austin won competitions.  Having them play yet another 1v1 competition to remain in the house is actually kind of cool.
    • As a fan, I think I like it.  If I was a player, I may think differently.
  • 2:30pm – Slow afternoon, really, really slow afternoon. I think it will be hopping tonight with their little competition for votes.
  • 7:00pm – Back from errands and watched the BB episode on CBS. Not bad. My favorite zing was obviously the Liz one… mostly because I loved Meg’s reaction in the back knowing what was coming. Meg may be a terrible player, and a major floater, but she is easily one of the most likable late season floaters in recent memory (think Victoria, Porsche, etc).
  • 8:20pm – If you want an amazing conversation about music between Steve and Vanessa, tune in. (sarcasm)

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I think this season will go down as the season of bullying. Vanessa will probably win the game but she did it by being a big bully. Nothing to be proud of there!

  2. Avatar

    Did Austin forget to pack shirts for his stay in the house?! He’s really so gross.

    • Avatar

      Everything about him makes my skin crawl. It appears the only things he did pack are hair ties (for those braids – WTF) and that stupid hat. I really hope someone outside of the Awful Angels comes into power tomorrow and puts Van or 1 of the twins on the block. If they don’t, the game is pretty much over.

    • Avatar

      Oh the stupid hat! I’m so over his hat on=Judas personality as well as his plain needy personality. He’s probably the only person who thinks switching to his alter ego is cool and unique. He always looks dirty and smelly.

    • Avatar

      I totally AGREE.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Rachel, your second sentence made me spit iced tea all over my keyboard….LOLOLOLOL.

    • Avatar

      Austin thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He is beyond gross & that bimbo Liz is as dumb as a box of rocks. It’s obvious what’s going on under those sheets in that HOH bed between her & the jolly smelly giant. I wonder how her parents & grandparents feel watching her goosing that man on national tv.

    • Avatar

      Cece. Spot on. Nice to see someone with a rational point of view. Not just going with the pack. I feel like the house guests are looking at a chess board and thinking it’s checkers.The board looks the same, butit has different pieces and its a completly different game. Kinda like most of the posts here. It’s amazing most of the posts here are filled with venom. Insulting peoples looks, medical conditions and the list goes in and on.While claiming that Vanessa is a bully. The pot calling the kettle black. Hmm.

  3. Avatar

    He forgot shirts AND shoes. I know all the folks go barefoot a LOT but I think it was disgusting to see him on the LIVE Thursday eviction show sitting there with all the others looking all nice for live tv and he’s sitting there with his bare feet. He’s just a disgusting looking guy!!! He is even worse when you hear him talk and he may be very intellectual but I think he just tries too hard to impress people with himself. HE IS THE MOST GROSS PERSON I’ve ever seen on BB.

    • Avatar

      I don’t see a lot of brain power in Austin. Average intelligence at best.

    • Avatar

      Also, I totally agree he needs to put on a damn shirt and shoes… but can’t quite agree he’s the MOST gross ever. Frankie was pretty bad last year! I remember him walking around in a towel he had deliberately wrapped as low as possible around himself, where his junk was barely covered. Ew. He was disgusting! He tried to be as naked as he could be the whole time. But yeah, Austin is too full of himself and needs more clothes.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jenny, I don’t even give Asstin average intelligence.

      Frankie is no RuPaul. At least she’s pretty.

    • Avatar

      I noticed that fool sitting there barefoot too. I wonder what must be going on in that tiny little brain. I guess all he can think about is when he & Liz will have their next makeout session. Eeewww!!!

  4. Avatar

    Does anyone know what kind of comp the returning player will have to win? Endurance? Physical? Luck? Mental?

    Each of the women are pretty good at comps. I would favor Shelli in an endurance comp, Becky in a general athletic comp – but Jacki has a shot at that as well. I think they could all actually beat Steve – but John is pretty good in physical comps – should be a battle! But if they are hanging onto something all night it’s Shelli’s to lose.

  5. Jannie

    These players are so juvenile – even Austin and Vanessa who are close to or over 30 yrs old. I just want to reach through my TV and scream some sense into those nasty, foul mouthed twins.
    Last night they seriously discussed making JMac and Steve do “rock, paper, scissors” om live TV tomorrow night to see who goes home. And even worse, Austin suggested that they hold each one’s (Steve and JMac) head in a bucket of water and whoever can hold their breath the longest gets to stay.
    I am really starting to intensely dislike THEM ALL!!
    Today Meg said that whoever comes back “can’t play pot ball with us” Gee…what a punishment.
    Last night Austin left the HOH room and said “well, that’s enough TV time for now.”
    And I agree, he needs to put a shirt on. He is not God’s gift – far from it.

    They have gone back and forth so much over this eviction that it’s laughable. At this point, they should just kick them all out, lock the doors, call it a season and start over again next summer with some real, sensible, mature fans of the show who want to play. These people are just there for their 15 minutes and I think it should be up….NOW!! 🙂
    BBAD is nothing now but two hours of pot ball silliness. Julie Chen used to say “my, my, how the plot thickens.” at the end of every show – they have even cut that line because there is no plot.

    • AIO_7

      And I thought beer pong was horrible to watch; this pot ball is even worse . . . they don’t even seem to keep score.

    • danmtruth

      This is like a classic psychology expairiment . Give one group unlimited power and watch them treat people under them as sub human. They talk down to them and dare them to say anything back . The make them do humiliating task. They congratulate each other on how smart and good looking they are. It is so frustrating watching these 4 go at it I agree you would think with Vanessa and Austin being the oldest they might have more restraint. Yet they are the worse Vanessa badgers people into coming to her way of thinking. Austins motives are paper thin. Everyone wants a chance of fame but you need talent Something Austin is lacking Go back and look at the reality whores of the past. People .How many can you name today Where is Snooki now? At home trying to raise a kid. Where is her whore mate The Situation back under a tanning bed trying to get a aperaince fee to show up any where. It’s a long list Austin that a little talent like you will be far back on the pecking order As for the twins just what do they hope to get out of this. To win the whole game ? Stranger things have happen

    • Avatar

      It might not be so bad if their actual game play strategy was to bully, whine, cry and lie.

      Problem is, half of them believe themselves to be brilliant strategists (completely counter to how they’re actually behaving) and the other half have no clue why they’re there.

    • Avatar

      Austin is 30 years old and Vanessa is 32 years old. The two of them are absolutely ruining this entire season along with t of the whining foul mouthed sisters. this group has been a waste of a summer.

    • Avatar

      Then I’m glad Im not missing much.
      Hope everyone’s been good.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I hope ASStin does make them hold their heads under water. Then I hope Productions kicks him off the show for it and the police arrest him for attempted murder.

      I’m already ahead of you. I already dislike them all.

      Since Meg loves Pot Ball so much, I wish someone would put a pot over her head and bang it with a wooden spoon so she’ll hear bells for the rest of her life.

      Now Julie starts BBAD saying “Don’t Sleep”. That’s probably because after watching 2 hours of eating, throwing trash at each other and running from room to room like scampering mice, their lack of conscience should keep them awake and we can’t sleep because we have nightmares about what we just wasted 2 hours on.

    • Jannie

      NKogNeeTow –
      Too funny!!
      Here’s a good one –
      Liz – “I wanna be just like Janelleuhhhhhhhhhh!”
      ASStin – “You are even better that Janelle!”
      Then he tries to make out with her and she pushes him away.

      Where do they find these people??

  6. Alda

    Don’t forget their new game sling ball or whatever it’s called.They all live in lala land and skip along like they are on summer vacation.When anyone talks game to another HG it’s oh yeah,ok,right.No game plan past 5 minutes.What’s for dinner?Dinner,they ate a sandwich,bag of chips,popcorn and 2 drinks and they are waiting on dinner!Calgon take me away from this bunch!!

  7. Avatar

    I’m glad to see other people recognize and detest Van’s bullying. John made the mistake of telling her the truth (that he felt bullied by her) and she cried/bullied him all the way to the eviction chair. She has been bullying Steve mercilessly, calling him vulgar names, etc. She asked him if he has Aspberger’s, then refused to hear him when he said he was not mentally able to listen to her “as she deserved.” Talk about selfish. I hope her friends make her sit and watch everything she has done to the others in the house so she can change. Then she has a lot of apologies to make.

    Then again, so do the twins and Austin. There is game play, backstabbing, talking smack about others’ games, etc. Then there is the personal attacks which have no basis in fact and should not be done, especially on national TV. And please, stop having sexual contact on cameras. I paid for the feeds, but I did not expect to see smut. Daddy must be so proud Liiiiiizzzzzzzaaaaahhhh!!!

    • danmtruth

      Good point about Vanessa and her bulling of people. Than she falls back to the crying poor me I’m being pick on , I have no body to help me. Well if you didn’t backstabb so many people. Add to that the people left are the ones you used to help in the backstabbing. They know your tricks Vanessa

    • NKogNeeTow

      Puggles, Steve should have asked her if she has ADHD or some kind of twitchy eye disease. Bet that would have made her eyes roll around in her head like one of those stuffed animals at a carnival.

    • Avatar

      Steve should ask her (vanessa) if she has toretts syndrome because of her constant use of the “F” word, her eyes bobbing & weaving & darting up & down in her head & the constant crying saying “I just don’t understand.” Vanessa is a BULLY & she threatens people. That is not gameplay.

  8. Avatar

    What happened to slop?? They ALL seem to be eating anything & everything! And to top it off, I can’t stand to watch all the chewing! I wish the returning player would automatically be HOH. Why can’t that be a “twist”?

  9. Avatar

    What happened to the twists at every turn? All this ridiculous group does is eat, eat, eat during BBAD which is so annoying. Worst group of people ever chosen for this show. Complete failure on the producers. It’s becoming pretty clear the producers want Vanessa to win this thing so why torture the audience and continue this show. Just hand her the money already. That did the same thing last year with that idiot Frankie until the audience had such a backlash about him they started to steer the game toward another winner. Would love to hear all the steering questions being asked in the diary room. I’m betting that will really tell what happens behind the scenes.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    I forgot and posted Tues. BBAD under “Tues. Feed Highlights”, but I didn’t do it until Wed. afternoon. I’ll try to post Wed. BBAD under Steve’s Thurs. Blog…unless they play Sling Band all night. Then I’ll just pretend that it never existed.

  11. Avatar

    I keep seeing comments around the blogs about how Vanessa is such a great poker player…and I just can’t see it.

    How many cards you want Vanessa?

    Two. No, wait three! Hold on….hmmmm, two. Why the F are you looking at me like that? Give me….four and I’m all in.

  12. Avatar

    Rock, paper, scissors? Really? Does anyone else find this completely degrading or is it just me?

    • Avatar

      No my dear I promise you it’s not just you. This group of people are a bunch of jr high school, childish, grade A idiots. Why don’t production just go on & end the game & give Vanessa the check? She’s bullied everybody into being scared of her & non of them will put her up & stick to the plan & send her ass packing. She’s talking about being a pissed off jury member. Well what in the hell does she think the others are that are already at the jury house? I’m sure they weren’t planning on playing hopscotch, chewing bubblegum & playing footsey. Well unless you’re Austin & Liz.

    • Avatar

      How is that proof Berlin. Seems to me that the guy tony G was an ass and Vanessa played him like a fiddle.(in your 1st utube post) You kinda disproved your proof. And btw why is it a bad thing that she has a mansion? Like really. Wow. It’s called winning friend. Just like your proof in your 1st utube post. She had the best hand and let tony G hang himself. Everyone at the table laughed at tony G after that. Vanessa didn’t gloat. While she had every reason too. Checkmate

  13. Avatar


    Where’s your Weekly Power Ranking?

  14. Alda

    Steve got so nervous when Vanessa came after him I thought he was going to pass out!If you can’t take the heat get out of the pool already! I feel bad for Johnny Mac.But his fate is set.If only one of these jury members returning can shake things up and get Austin or the twins on the block that would be awesome.Forget Vanessa,she’s not going anywhere.I hate how they feel so relaxed and in complete control.They are disgusting.

  15. Avatar

    Steven Beens,
    Normally I agree with your assessments of the game. Even thought you aren’t a fan of Vanessa(but you smart female friend is) you rate her high or on top of the pack on power rankings. For some reason this last assassment of Vanessa having an “easy” game is mind boggling. She literally has had the target on her back for around 6 weeks straight. Even her own so called alliances have targeted her. The only one who went for it (Becky)went packing. And Becky even gave Vanessa props for being really good. So has Steve, Austin and the whole house. So they know she is good. And so far none of em can do anything about it. I’ll give ya a pass. Maybe you were just tired. Or talking about Derrick in BB 16. (Where almost everyone said he was masterful. Lol) He had the easiest season I’ve ever seen. All the house guest reported to him and he decided who went home. Wow. That’s easy. Cutoos to Derrick btw. I’m glad he won. P.s. Steven. I’m definitely not attacking you. Like I said. Usually I feel your preety fair. But this last assessment is way off. P.s.s. look for others to start going after the Austintwins now. Ya I know Austin thinks Vanessa is a shield for his 3. And so far she has been. But people will have to go after the 3 if they wanna stand a chance. Take care

    • Avatar

      Food for thought. I give James SOME credit for playing for AFP. He knows he is very unlikely to win the game so why not get yourself 25k. The reason I say “some” credit is because I’m not sure he really is playing for AFP. He may just be board and having fun. That being said. He is by far the most fun to watch(not game play) in his attitude. The t.v. audience loves him. At 1st Jonny mac was the favorite to win AFP. But the guy’s horrible attitude and no game play has cost him that 25k. Write the check now25k for James AFP. Now on to strategy. If James was smart. Coughhhhh. I know that’s a stretch. But let’s just play along. He would semi team up with Van. (The best player) If he doesn’t he will be picked off like the rest. And Vanessa knows she is the fourth wheel on the 4 person alliance. So she will be willing to do it.It’s just math. The thing is, she can’t be the1st one to put up any of the Austintwins. Then she is really alone. So someone else has to do it. If ya pick off 2 of the Austintwins and it’s a final 3. James,Van and whomever. Then it comes down to who wins the final comp. That’s James best strategy to get into the final 3. As well as Vanessa. If that doesn’t happen James will be gone soon. Vanessa still stands a chance without him. Because she is that good. The whole house knows it too. Steve (superfan) Austin, Becky and most of the house say it and know she is good. James put on your thinking cap and semi team up with Van. Will he do it? Unlikely. But it is the best move at this point. The numbers are dwindling. And Meg isint gonna get him anywhere. All she is is a number for him. And if anything he will go b4 Meg. She is as much as a threat as my neighbors bird he has in a cage.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Wow: In your first post, you said “So they know she is good. And so far none of em can do anything about it.” ….But that’s just it, they can ALL do something about it. They’re just to chicken to try. Sad but true.

      On your second post, I totally agree. And I’ve said it before, Meg is as useless as a Eunch in a whorehouse.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Wed. BBAD:

    Sling Band…..FAST FORWARD…….Game Over!

    HOH Room: Asstin/Luzzzaaahhh are in the bed (as usual). Steve is there and they ask him to stay. Steve says he’s not worried and he spoke to Meg/James last night. Asstin tell him that he has to talk to them as well, to make sure they know the group wants JM to go. They just have to come up with a reason why they are keeping him. Steve gives them a story to tell. Liz tells Steve that Meg/James is scared of him. Asstin tells him that he told Van that he blames himself for half the stuff that went on between him (Steve) and her, so don’t blame Steve. Steve is called to DR.

    Meg/James are now there. Asstin is telling them why he wants to send JM packing over Steve. Meg tells them that JM just told her that they are sealing his fate right now because Steve is in the HOH with them. She said he also said that if Meg/James has a 5 person deal with them, it would be smart to keep Steve because he wins comps. This puzzles the 4 of them. Asstin says JM has gone nuts and will be wearing a mohawk tomorrow (Taxi Driver reference). They are trying hard to figure out John’s cryptic statement. Asstin keeps rationalizing, but says he’s so confused by him.

    Liz thinks Meg/James should talk to Steve. Meg says they talked to him last night but he only talked general conversation. James says maybe he should just sit down with both of them and ask which one wants to go (jokingly). Asstin says maybe they should dump them both underwater until someone taps out. Liz hope JM will make another horrible speech. Asstin adds “And he won’t play our games. How do you know who you go after in Sling Ball”. They all seem annoyed that JM doesn’t know what order he’s suppose to go in Sling Whatever and said he just stares off into space when it’s his turn. Asstin says it’s because he(JM) is thinking about stabbing someone over and over again.

    Bedroom: Van/Steve/JM all sit in silence at first. She ask them if she should go to the HOH. Steve says she should. She tells them she hates this going around in circles conversation.

    HOH: Stupid Pot Ball talk. Van enters and ask has an answer been settled on. Asstin tells her that tomorrow, Meg will tell JM that he’s going. They joked about making JM/Steve do Rock, Paper, Scissors. They have the 1000th conversation about who is going and why. They make fun of JM because they say he wanted to be a part of a team instead of an alliance. Meg says she’s so excited to see what happens tomorrow…(I would be more excited if whoever wins HOH puts her lame azz up). They speculate on what they think the Comp will be.

    They are talking about Asstin’s lack of wearing shoes…(I didn’t know Sasquatch wore shoes). Back to the same old question “So as of now, JM is going home”….YES MEG YES, AS OF NOW AND AS OF THE LAST HOUR….(or at least until Thurs. night). Meg/James leaves and Van tells Asstin and the Twits that JM just said that everyone is up there so she should get up there (Which is an outright lie, she asked JM/Steve if she should go up and only Steve answered…..That’s why this woman is going to hell).

    Steve comes back. They tell him that he’s going home, then say they are kidding (at the rate they flip flop, I’d still pack if I were him). Liz ask Steve what was JM saying. He says JM ask him if the HOH Hoodrats (my term, not his) told him he was safe. Van acts like she has a sudden attack of conscience and ask what’s the problem of telling him tonight that he’s going and don’t they think it’s kind of douchy not to. Asstin seems more anti-JM than anyone there….(he is REALLY scared of John…I LOVE IT!).

    Kitchen: JM/James talking. JM tell him he doesn’t see any reason they would keep him because Steve is closer to them. James just sits there with this stupid look on his face…(kinda like a “Judas” look). He can’t think of anything to say…what can he say really.

    HOH: They are STILL, STILL, STILL discussing not telling JM. They are STILL, STILL, STILL discussing why they are sending him home. Now they are telling Steve AGAIN, what they’re going to tell Meg/James, to make sure they still vote the same. Vanessa thinks tomorrow will be a fun day (especially for her since she squiggled her way out of another block). Steve ask AGAIN what to tell JM. Steve keeps making jokes about putting up Asstin and the Twits…(Dumbass needs to keep his mouth shut in case they start rethinking things again…).

    Kitchen: Liz/Asstin raid the fridge. He pulls food out of containers and places them on a plate..and puts what he doesn’t want, back in the container….all without washing his hands after playing with his beard and playing with Liz’s whatever….(violently shaking over the thought).

    Show over.

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