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Big Brother 18 Afternoon Updates 8/11

So much for face mask power!
So much for face mask power…

Good afternoon! After last night’s blowup, I look forward to seeing how it plays out in the next few weeks, and especially with the double eviction tonight! The feeds have been down most of the day, but they just came up for a short time, so let’s flashback and jump right in to see if they’re still talking about last night..


Here are the updates:

  • 1:02pm – Natalie and James laying in bed (appears they’re sleeping), Z doing her hair in the bathroom while Michelle is showering, and Paulie is in the kitchen.
    • Z wanders to the kitchen and tells Paulie she doesn’t have a good feeling about tonight.
    • “Natalie’s really mad at me.” (Z) “Of course she’s mad at you, she didn’t get what she wants.” (Paulie) Ok then
    • Paulie is ranting about how Bridgette only supports Natalie because she’s a feminist
    • “Natalie thrives on having James wrapped around her finger.” (P)
    • Natalie's not God, I'm God
      Natalie’s not God, I’m God
  • 1:10pm – Z goes into the London room where Nat (sleeping) and James are and grabs something of Nat’s and asks James if Nat is using it and James says no. Must not want to wake her up to ask
    • Side note: Paulie CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED
    • In the Tokyo room, Victor and Corey are laying in bed talking about how they might as well be have-nots the rest of the season because they’ve forgotten what food tastes like
    • Nicole has joined and says V and C are “cute together” and Vic tells her to come join them for a trio talk.
    • Paulie gets into the bed next to them and tells them to stop because they’re making him “uncomfortable” (clearly mocking Nat)
    • “I think it’s really disrespectful that Nicole sleeps in a bed with you and Victor.” Ok Paulie, let it go
    • Paulie was apparently antagonizing Michelle about how she’s leaving tonight and Ian will never date her
    • James now enters and says he’s tired. Corey- “Aww, long night James?”
  • 1:18 pm – Paulie called to the DR, Vic and Corey now talking about farting on beds, Natalie still asleep
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  • 1:27 pm – Nicole is cooking in the kitchen, while Z is still doing her hair
    • Skipping ahead a bit as nothing is really happening..
  • 1:41 pm – Nicole and Z in the bathroom talking about how Nat is something else
    • Z- “I’m pretty sure Bridgette is voting to keep her (Michelle)”    N- “I don’t get it”    Z- “Me either”       It is pretty interesting that Bridgette and Michelle are working together now. Personally, I would’ve taken this chance to get her out after all the hateful things she’s said about B, but I guess the house has a way of creating alliances you would never even think would work
  • 1:58 pm – Paulie and Nicole talking in the bathroom, Victor cooking bacon in the kitchen
    • “My biggest thing is that she (N) assumed that Z and I never talked about anything..” That doesn’t explain why you still treat her so poorly, P
    • Paulie is still making the comments about she’s “as fake as everything on her body” and Nicole mocks “Are you kidding meeeee? My feelings are hurt”
  • 2:03 pm – Talk has stopped in the bathroom for now, as Natalie has come in to get ready
    • Corey, Paulie and Victor cooking and whispering in the kitchen, Z and Nicole talking while getting ready, Nat not saying much
  • 2:17 pm – Apparently Nicole though Corey was a dad when she first met him
    • Paulie and Nicole talking about comps they haven’t seen yet, along with what comps they think they’ll see for the double eviction
    • Paulie left to go sleep for a while
    • Z, Nat, and Nicole are doing their makeup, while Corey and Vic eat in the kitchen.
  • 2:30 pm – Nicole comes into the kitchen and says her feelings are hurt because Natalie apparently told Z that Nicole and Corey talk bad about her.
    • Corey- “I’m gonna say something” please do haha
    • "I only ever say strategic things about people.."
      “I only ever say strategic things about people because I’m not a mean person”
    • N- “Is Michelle going home?” Vic- “I don’t know”
  • 2:44 pm – Nat and James talking in the London room
    • Natalie is ranting about how they were talking in the bathroom and kitchen
    • James- “They won’t see this one coming.”   What do you think James will do with the 2 votes if this is what he’s talking about?
    • High school drama talk about how Nat and Z have each taken their clothes back from each other
    • James- “I’m not going to let you feel uncomfortable in the house.”
    • They’re talking about how they’re going to try and get Victor on their side and Natalie is going to tell him everything she knows
    • Natalie talks about how she’s not going to be all over James on the feeds and under the covers because she has family all around the country watching
  • 3:00pm – There’s just whispering going on, while half of the house is still asleep. I’m going to wrap this thread up here. Make sure you watch the double eviction tonight on CBS, and if football interferes, or you’re in a different time zone, you can always check here for updates on the live show!

Check back for eviction predictions in a little bit!


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  1. Jannie

    From Jokers…
    Paulie gets called to the DR and answers…”Sorry, competition day, talk to me later.” Short fish, and then Paulie’s out of bed and off camera. Looks like they had to cut the feeds to yell at him to get to the DR.
    This guy is a real douchebag. So now he thinks he’s running production, too?
    He and Zzzz were apparently doing something nasty under the covers again after his big blow up last night.
    I feel sorry for Zzzz- that girl needs some serious relationship counseling.

  2. JD

    It ain’t over til it’s over. We well most of us want Paulie gone. Would be nice to see everyone else play the game without Paulie telling them what he wants them to do. However we have all seen how the person we want out most somehow gets back in. Paulie is CBS’s boy. He does get the good edits. People who don’t see the feeds or BBAD don’t see the unedited version of Paulie. That’s where the game is really played. Anyway don’t put the cart before the horse. When Paulie is out and if he doesn’t have the round trip and gets sent to jury THEN we can all celebrate. He can friendship and be “Pissed” in jury. We can celebrate a mini reset because the rest will be playing their own game. I am West Coast so I will be watching here to see if I am going to watch tonight. You guys are so awesome here I haven’t watched for weeks. After I read here what happens it might be worth watching tonight.

    • Jannie

      And…it’s 1:30 pm in the BB house and Paulie is back at with bashing Gidget And Nat.
      He is a horrible player. Instead of cleaning up his mess he is making it worse.
      What a doofus.
      If he goes out and has that damn round trip ticket…don’t get me started.
      And please don’t let Zzzz have it either. She needs to get to the jury so Day can start the intervention- stat.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        It’s his ego Jannie. It’s so ENORMOUS that he can’t even think straight right now.

      • Colby

        He is obviously a spoiled, entitled, brat who can’t handle not getting his way. And his MO seems to be control by verbal abuse, browbeating, and intimidation. Makes you wonder if one of his parents taught him that by example.

      • Colby

        He is literally having a temper tantrum!

      • caRyn

        Colby – Paulie may get in fist fights outside the BB house with that temper. Idk. I wouldn’t doubt it.

      • Avatar
        Amelia (7 comments)

        Colby you are right. I think his family has a complex. He said his dad goes thru Cody’s fan mail to take out any negative ones but mainly for threats. My thoughts are the threats aren’t the reason it’s the negative stuff. I was hoping when they were monkeying around he would give her some of his self confidence because he has way too much and she has none. He is the best the best the best at EVERYTHING

  3. Avatar
    Kristine (207 comments)

    You should be aware that some people might not get to watch the big brother episode until later. In Virginia we won’t see it until 2:37am

  4. Avatar

    I am west coast and it will come on at 9pm, not sure i will be able to keep myself from coming here and checking whats going on before the live show here.

  5. Shivani33

    Paulie is being coddled until the first eviction and does think that his decisions have prevailed. Paul, James and Victor agreed to pretend that they’re doing things his way. But Paulie was both man overboard and one flew out of the cuckoo’s nest all night long. His invincible leader’s costume blew off his back and burned. Today he has continued anti-Latino and anti-woman dialogues with Zakiyah since they got out of bed. He isn’t clever enough to hide his damn hypocrisy, either. The only way Paulie can “fix this” is to keep winning comps and force the other players to have to keep contending with him. One thing for sure, he won’t be paid to appear on any boxes of Wheaties now.

  6. Avatar

    I am wondering if Z get evicted tonight, will Paulie be so anger it will effect how he does in the HOH competition.

    • Avatar

      I was thinking that too. Maybe he’ll be so pissed at his soldiers for going against him if Z goes tonight that he might screw up in the comp tonight. Then again, “what if” it does the opposite? Dammit, not a moments peace. I cant wait for it to be over.

    • caRyn

      If Zakiyah is evicted I don’t think it will interfere in how Paulie plays in the comp(s). It may just add to his motivation to win.

      • Avatar
        Kristine (207 comments)

        And with the troubles in paradise(he didn’t use the veto on her) I think he’s over z. So if anything he will play hard question is who will he target?

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        I don’t think Z leaving is what will affect him, but it’s the fact that the house went against his commands that might make him flustered for tonight’s comps.

  7. Avatar
    Barbara (16 comments)

    Glad to read I’m not only anti Pauli. What a foul mouth “man”he is..
    If CBS is backing him they are losers

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      ugh, I had to fast forward through BBAD because I couldn’t take hearing him throw the f-bomb every 3 or 4 words!!! I wish they would put a shock collar on him to zap him every time he says it. Would be funny as heck to watch!

      • Avatar
        Karen (198 comments)

        America wouldn’t like him so much f the heard the language that came out f his mouth. I would have fast forwarded BBAD but I had to see how fast he was back pedaling. How I loath him. Grow a pair James and make a big move, we’ll love you for it!

  8. Avatar

    So guys, do yall think it’s ok if I don’t go looking for a big enough box to squeeze my fat ass into for the care-package on friday? Maybe I won’t need to grab Lames by his throat & punch him in the nuts….

    • Shivani33

      This is one time that James isn’t going to fold. He hated the crap Paulie was screeching at Natalie, dude went too far and made a raging fool out of himself. From what I see, Paulie will have to get back in power to get anyone but Corey and maybe Nicole to keep kissing his butt. We all know it might change, but I think most people sincerely want Paulie gone right now, asap.

  9. Avatar

    If Lames mess up i will help find a box for you to go knock some sense into him. Sure glad i have save my votes this week. Second HOH results will effected who i vote for.

  10. Quwana

    Well all I can say is AT LEAST THEY ARE TALKING BIG BROTHER TALK for so long it has been BIG PAULIE TALK….last night made my day it felt great to read these post hopefully Lames will do what is necessary to at least get Zzzzz out and Paulie next the jury house should be interesting for Day when Paulie comes in the house….do they still give the jury house a tape of what happened after they got evicted???? If so hmmmm Zzzzz should be ashamed of how she threw herself all on Paulie ughhhhh I am praying to the Big brother Angels that James use his advantage to get Z out and Paulie goes next…first time all season I can’t wait for tonight’s show even though its not coming on til 1:37 am gonna get me a nap in so I can be up to watch the destruction (I hope) of Paulie’s reign on top….@ann lol let’s just see what Lames does and if he doesn’t I would gladly help you get in the box to drop down on him and throat punch his dumb non playing a**…. lol

    • Avatar

      Im so scared that Paulie & his minions are going to corner Lames & scare his little chicken shit ass right back to deciding to use his vote cancelation in Z’s favor. Nat & the others had better keep a tight reign on
      his little ass til after eviction.

      • Colby

        Production makes them tell them what they are going to do ahead of time, so I’m sure he is locked into whatever he told them either last night or this morning, no last minute changes.

    • caRyn

      Caveman Paulie – I talk, you listen. Paulie beats his chest with his fist. Zakiyah would love to have Paulie in the jury house for private one on one time. Zakiyah isn’t going to believe anyone until she hears it or sees it for herself from family, friends from home (not BB “friends”) or watching it herself. If by chance Paulie does leave and comes back into the game his days will be numbered again and he will have no choice but to win at every comp. Nicole & Corey won’t be enough for him to stay in the game.

      • Avatar

        At this point, i think even if Z did see how he is for herself and had family and friends telling her, she would still want to be with him. Weak girls like that will put up with whatever for a long time. She will think she can change him and blah blah blah….it would take a long time in an abusive relationship for her to see, if she ever did see. She probably won’t have to worry about it tho because I seriously doubt Paulie would try to be with her outside of the house. It’s like a pattern with girls like her tho, her next man will probably be just like him.

      • caRyn

        True. She may think Paulie is the best she can do and if Pauile decides not to be with her after jury he probably won’t invest (travel to visit) in what she believes is a relationship.

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  12. Avatar
    Katie (332 comments)

    Paulie has too big an ego to play the way Derrick told him and feels foolish that he made too many alliances. I think he knows Michele is right about him blowing up his game but is hoping this mess will go away if he can get rid of Meech and Nat. His eyes were red rimmed last night when James confimed both Paul and Bridgette let people in on his multiple alliances. And I love that girls are embarrassing him by arguing back. He is the one who can’t handle it.

  13. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Wow! It’s amazing how someone who basically had everything so in control and was on his way to winning $500k has essentially tossed that all away. Even if he gets to the end, he’s not going to win the jury vote at this point. That’s the reason he might stick around, people might see him as the person the need in the final because he won’t win.

    I’m sure if he and Derrick ever talk again the first thing Derrick asks will be WTF?

    Does Michelle get credit for doing this?

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

      I think meech should get a little credit. Between all the tears she stood up to him and called him out first. She’s the one who got the apple cart rolling.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        I can’t stand Michelle but personally I feel she deserves A LOT of credit for what’s happening right now. She (and Bridgette) set this ball in motion. None of what’s happened in the past two days would have happened if it weren’t for those two.

  14. Avatar
    Lina N (43 comments)

    God I am so over Natalie. She just figured out how do you remotely play the game and put everybody on blast. Just vote her dumb ass out

  15. Avatar
    Lina N (43 comments)

    The only one I want to see go far victor. We came to play the game and win 500,000. The rest are fat slobs just laying around suck it up free air conditioning food and television time

  16. Avatar
    meathead (3 comments)

    Paulie loves to intimidate women, he wouldn’t me though,wish I could have at him, oh and bridgette, for God sakes change pants !!

  17. Avatar

    I hate to say this as much as people blame Paulie for all of this and I am not saying he ins’t complicit but the girls Meech, Natalie and Bridgite are just as bad. They perpetuate the very stereotypes that the are claiming Paulie does. Meech and her fake tears to get symphony. Exaggerating and lying to cover up the fact that she isn’t the player a super fan she wanted to be and was possibly going home. Natalie manipulating James and flirting with all of the guys in the house to get her way. Its fine for her to do it but when she needs an ace in the hole she cry’s that she is uncomfortable with Paulie for the same thing. Bull if she was she would of stopped it when she claims it first happened not when it helps her game I might believe her. Announcing that she is going to the DR to make sure she is safe. Just another game move. Bridgette a sore loser because she hitched her game to someone who couldn’t play the game with this group. Her and the other girls deciding to be deceitful and go after Z and try and manipulate her so they can get back at Paulie. Paulie has created a lot of this mess and definitely is arrogant but the girls have taken to a lying, backstabbing and manipulating to a whole new level because they know it will work on weak James, attention seeking Paul and no backbone Victor.

  18. Apopkedave
    Apopkedave (57 comments)

    No Big Brother because of preseason football. Has it all been moved back a week?

  19. Avatar

    @NKogNeeTow, are you ready for tonight? Did you get your list of things done today? I’m watching the clock & checking Junkies & Jokers constantly for updates to make sure Lames doesn’t go flake out on us. Can’t wait to see what tonight brings after eviction. The Godfather might have those that didn’t follow his orders stand before a firing squad.

    Well, 40 minutes & counting down…

    • NKogNeeTow

      Annie! I’m late but I’m here. I’m watching BBAD now while catching up on all the comments from today. I did get most of my things done today. I made it to the gym and was so tired I almost fell asleep on the machines…lol. I DID see the show and it was GREAAAAAAT!

      I’m going to finish going through the rest of the threads and comments from today and I’ll meet up with you, Gerardo and everyone else, on the last thread.

      See you in a bit 🙂

  20. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    Paulie had so much potential. He played it cool with the 8 pack and then became the leader.
    Pride cometh before the fall

  21. Jannie

    First time this season I have actually been really excited to watch the live show tonight.
    Hoping Zzz gets the boot. And REALLY hoping that jackass Paulie doesn’t win HOH or Veto tonight.
    Would kinda like to see Lames win it to finally force him to grow a pair and make a big move.
    Don’t let us down Lamey!

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    Yaaaaaaay, Paulie’s bed warmer is out!!!!

  24. Avatar

    Yall, I am sitting here sweating like a hooker in church. I cant wait to see what happens next.

  25. Avatar

    Dammit we’re in trouble. Bambi is HOH…..

  26. Avatar

    Bambi put Meech & Bridgette on the block.

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  28. Avatar

    Corey won POV & of course he does what The Godfather told him to do & leaves noms the same.
    Bridgette is evicted…

  29. Avatar

    Here we go, Meech is crying like a damn fool & Paul told her to suck it up.
    Bridgette did not have the round trip ticket.

  30. Avatar
    meathead (3 comments)

    YUCK, what kind of “nurse” is Nicole?!?! Did you all catch that, she popped the huge zits AGAIN, YUCK on Corey’s back, and went to the bathroom to mess with her hair, without washing her hands, THEN, to the kitchen and fishing her bloody nasty hands in the pickle jar and proceeds to cut some up to eat !! YUCK UCK .Thank God she will never be my nurse. Pickles now going in the fridge ….ewwwww

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