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Big Brother 18 Afternoon Updates 8/11

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So much for face mask power!

So much for face mask power…

Good afternoon! After last night’s blowup, I look forward to seeing how it plays out in the next few weeks, and especially with the double eviction tonight! The feeds have been down most of the day, but they just came up for a short time, so let’s flashback and jump right in to see if they’re still talking about last night..


Here are the updates:

  • 1:02pm – Natalie and James laying in bed (appears they’re sleeping), Z doing her hair in the bathroom while Michelle is showering, and Paulie is in the kitchen.
    • Z wanders to the kitchen and tells Paulie she doesn’t have a good feeling about tonight.
    • “Natalie’s really mad at me.” (Z) “Of course she’s mad at you, she didn’t get what she wants.” (Paulie) Ok then
    • Paulie is ranting about how Bridgette only supports Natalie because she’s a feminist
    • “Natalie thrives on having James wrapped around her finger.” (P)
    • Natalie's not God, I'm God

      Natalie’s not God, I’m God

  • 1:10pm – Z goes into the London room where Nat (sleeping) and James are and grabs something of Nat’s and asks James if Nat is using it and James says no. Must not want to wake her up to ask
    • Side note: Paulie CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED
    • In the Tokyo room, Victor and Corey are laying in bed talking about how they might as well be have-nots the rest of the season because they’ve forgotten what food tastes like
    • Nicole has joined and says V and C are “cute together” and Vic tells her to come join them for a trio talk.
    • Paulie gets into the bed next to them and tells them to stop because they’re making him “uncomfortable” (clearly mocking Nat)
    • “I think it’s really disrespectful that Nicole sleeps in a bed with you and Victor.” Ok Paulie, let it go
    • Paulie was apparently antagonizing Michelle about how she’s leaving tonight and Ian will never date her
    • James now enters and says he’s tired. Corey- “Aww, long night James?”
  • 1:18 pm – Paulie called to the DR, Vic and Corey now talking about farting on beds, Natalie still asleep

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  • 1:27 pm – Nicole is cooking in the kitchen, while Z is still doing her hair
    • Skipping ahead a bit as nothing is really happening..
  • 1:41 pm – Nicole and Z in the bathroom talking about how Nat is something else
    • Z- “I’m pretty sure Bridgette is voting to keep her (Michelle)”    N- “I don’t get it”    Z- “Me either”       It is pretty interesting that Bridgette and Michelle are working together now. Personally, I would’ve taken this chance to get her out after all the hateful things she’s said about B, but I guess the house has a way of creating alliances you would never even think would work
  • 1:58 pm – Paulie and Nicole talking in the bathroom, Victor cooking bacon in the kitchen
    • “My biggest thing is that she (N) assumed that Z and I never talked about anything..” That doesn’t explain why you still treat her so poorly, P
    • Paulie is still making the comments about she’s “as fake as everything on her body” and Nicole mocks “Are you kidding meeeee? My feelings are hurt”
  • 2:03 pm – Talk has stopped in the bathroom for now, as Natalie has come in to get ready
    • Corey, Paulie and Victor cooking and whispering in the kitchen, Z and Nicole talking while getting ready, Nat not saying much
  • 2:17 pm – Apparently Nicole though Corey was a dad when she first met him
    • Paulie and Nicole talking about comps they haven’t seen yet, along with what comps they think they’ll see for the double eviction
    • Paulie left to go sleep for a while
    • Z, Nat, and Nicole are doing their makeup, while Corey and Vic eat in the kitchen.
  • 2:30 pm – Nicole comes into the kitchen and says her feelings are hurt because Natalie apparently told Z that Nicole and Corey talk bad about her.
    • Corey- “I’m gonna say something” please do haha
    • "I only ever say strategic things about people.."

      “I only ever say strategic things about people because I’m not a mean person”

    • N- “Is Michelle going home?” Vic- “I don’t know”
  • 2:44 pm – Nat and James talking in the London room
    • Natalie is ranting about how they were talking in the bathroom and kitchen
    • James- “They won’t see this one coming.”   What do you think James will do with the 2 votes if this is what he’s talking about?
    • High school drama talk about how Nat and Z have each taken their clothes back from each other
    • James- “I’m not going to let you feel uncomfortable in the house.”
    • They’re talking about how they’re going to try and get Victor on their side and Natalie is going to tell him everything she knows
    • Natalie talks about how she’s not going to be all over James on the feeds and under the covers because she has family all around the country watching
  • 3:00pm – There’s just whispering going on, while half of the house is still asleep. I’m going to wrap this thread up here. Make sure you watch the double eviction tonight on CBS, and if football interferes, or you’re in a different time zone, you can always check here for updates on the live show!

Check back for eviction predictions in a little bit!


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