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She's played a hell of a game

Big Brother 18 – Chat With Rachel, Brendon, Derrick, and More!


Did you ever have a question to ask Rachel?  Like, what she spent her winnings on?  Or what she enjoyed about the bushes so much…


Well, now is your chance! Leading up to Big Brother 18, the live feed crew are putting together a bunch of cool things to get you pumped for the season.  Now through the season premiere, they will be having a marathon of all 17 seasons for you to re-watch!  In addition, there will be days when you can chat with some Big Brother VIPs, including the red-headed wonder herself: Rachel!


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Here is the schedule for the VIP chats

(all times pst)
6/1 – 1PM– Jessie Godderz
6/3 – 11AMRachel Reilly
6/3 – 12PMBrendon Villegas
6/7 – 9AMDerrick Levasseur
6/8 – 9AM Jason Roy (no word yet on whether or not he’ll complain about Jokers Updates the entire time. Check his twitter for more on that silly drama)

Also, I know there have been rumors of returning houseguests. All I can say right now is don’t believe anything you hear. Every year I hear about returning houseguests, and sometimes they’re true, but mostly they’re not. I’m not saying it’s out of the question, but at best we’ll probably see relatives of either famous people or famous houseguests. I doubt it will be an All-Star season, and I also doubt we’ll have as many returning players as BB13. I say it every year, as much as I’d like an All-Star season, I prefer new people. I’d rather have an All-Star season in the fall or winter, especially so the cold weather can help fuel gameplay rather than people sitting outside getting a tan every day.

Wrapping this post up is a shameless plea. Remember last year when I won a trip to Los Angeles and was able to attend a live taping?  Well, you have the chance to try to send me again!  All  you need to do is what you’re already going to be doing, which is buying the live feeds.  The only thing is you need to do it through me by clicking here to join.

It’s still a super low monthly price ($6 or so?), and you get a week free. Considering the hours of entertainment you’ll get throughout the summer, CBS All Access quite possibly may be one of the bigger deals on the Internet today. Enough with my sales pitch, go sign up!


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  1. NKogNeeTow

    Steve, I am READY! Can’t WAIT for the new season to start! Guess I’d better start practicing sleeping during the day…lol. And I hope everyone shows up again from last year 🙂

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