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Big Brother 18 – Live Feed Updates 6/24



Farewell, Glenn. We hardly knew ya

Welcome everyone to the first live feed update of the Big Brother 18 season. It was a pretty fast beginning with someone already being evicted, another being selected as HoH and two people already nominated. As far as spoilers go, we will need to find out who won the PoV, and who is the replacement nom, although I am not 100% certain the PoV has been played yet.

(note: It is currently 10:45pm est, so as you can tell the post is up a little early. Feeds do not go live until 1am. Check back for updates)

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  1. NKogNeeTow

    I was going to post the exact same farewell to Glen, but Steve beat me to it…lol.

    • danmtruth

      NKogNeeTow always fun to read your post In for another season Had a hard time blind choosing my team against my daughter
      Can Tiffeney be any more of a clone of her sister Down to the bandanna. Orphan Black beter check to see if the came from the company Dyad

  2. Avatar

    Poor Glen! It’s so unfair to put an old, overweight man in competition with a bunch or 20 somethings! Why do they do that! At least they could put 2 or 3 in there. I miss the old BB’s when it was housewives, moms and regular people!

    • Avatar

      Omg, I was gonna say the same thing. It looks more like the real world than big brother

    • Avatar

      I miss the regular type players also I gotta say the models are getting boring season after season

    • Jenny M

      I was SO rooting for him! sucks that he came so close in that last comp…. also that whole island thing was unfair because it favored the smallest people…. Glenn really did great despite being at such a disadvantage. I would love to see them bring him back with people like Donnie and others over 30 who actually love the game and want to really play it!

  3. Avatar

    Ok so I just put on After Dark and Day was saying, “I’m glad the feeds aren’t on yet…I’m glad I told y’all before the feeds came on”, what weremtheyntalking about?!?!!

  4. Elaine

    Glen and Corey took it to a photo finish though. Corey could have easily been the one walking out the door. I think if you are going to put in older contestants, make it a range and balance it out more. He was totally the misfit toy.

  5. Clangley

    Has James figured out yet Tiffany is Vanessa sister? I’m mean crap he was always around Vanessa so how does he not know??

  6. Avatar

    Zakiyah and Paulie were real touchy feely on the AfterDark show.
    What’s going on there?
    Are they crushing on each other?

  7. Renee

    I like some of the ideas for twists that they have discussed and I hope they follow through with them. I agree with everyone that the cast should include several of each age group so that there is at least someone they have something in common with. Like the season when Donnie was there and would be ignored and ended up getting very lonely and depressed at times. I cannot believe that James doesn’t recognize Tiffany either. Surely since he was so close with Vanessa he has met her friends and family on the outside. It would be my guess that he had prior knowledge she would be there and is playing it off to not give up her cover. I think it is a crucial mistake for not to come clean about it, especially after Paulie admitted being Cody’s brother.

  8. Avatar

    These time stamps are confusing…

  9. Avatar

    Thank you so much for posting these!!

  10. danmtruth

    why did Jozea feel like he had to open up to Lady Day? ? !! ? Why would he feel so secure in thinking he is safe enough to talk crap. Add to that calling Nichole a snake for nominating him? Get A Clue

  11. Renee

    Jozea is losing fans quickly. He was talking about the 4th of July should not be a holiday. James is a veteran and everyone was offended by his comments. Also, James does, in fact, know that Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister. He is using a code word of Sarah when he is talking about Vanessa. Tiffany said on the feeds that James almost slipped. She said the people that know she is Vanessa’s sister are the 4 vets.

  12. Avatar

    This year did get off to a good start. I like it so far. Interesting people! Good twist (so far) and new ideas.
    Let’s hope it stays this way and doesn’t go back to the same old thing. I like Corey, Paulie and all the return house guest! The others I am undecided on.

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