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Big Brother 18 – Monday Evening Feeds 6/27

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Alright, I’ll admit it, this cast has been a major dud so far. The key word is “so far” because there really is a lot of potential for some blowups, but they’re removing some of that potential this Thursday night when Jozea leaves the house.  There are a few hotheads ready to pop, and he is one of them. Unfortunately his family will be watching his drama this summer rather than us enjoying it. Paul is another one who could blow at any moment, and that may happen this week when the realizes he doesn’t have control of the house.

He was chatting with Bronte earlier, and he strongly believes Zakiyah and Da’Vonne are on their side. Everything is fine and dandy in the world of Paul, but that will all come crashing down around him – and I can’t wait! If he doesn’t stir up the house after the eviction, I’m going to be disappointed in our tattoo’d wonder.

On a site note, I’ve been tinkering between trimming my current mobile theme versus adding an entirely new theme. I removed the profile photos from mobile because they took up way too much room, but for some reason I still see them on my phone. Can anyone else still see the profile photos at the top of the page on their mobile device (tablet’s not included).


Time for some evening feeds. I will be splitting duties with Mrs. Beans, and this will be her first time blogging Big Brother, so be nice!  I’ll let you know when she takes over.

For now, updates:

  • 2:45pm – Most of the house is around the kitchen cooking, while Corey is having some private time with Nicole outside.  They’re having a typical Nicole style conversation, which means nap time.  I love her, but she is not the most exciting person in the house.
  • 3:51pm – I didn’t realize I had the feeds on pause for so long. It’s now an hour later and James is in the pool talking to Natalie and Bronte. He thinks it’s going to be between Paulie and Jozea this week, and Bridgette is completely safe. He’s obviously just humoring her
    • Bronte says they need to end this pixel thing because she can’t stop staring at Paulie.
    • James is still chatting with Bronte and Natalie, while looking pretty
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  • 4:26pm – Pool time over, now the girls are going to work out. Pretty slow day in the house.


Melindabeans here taking over for Steve for the moment:

  • 4:50pm – This is seriously all that’s going on right now:runningNatalie: “My sports bras are too tight, so I have to lose weight.”
  • 5:03pm – Bronte and Natalie are outside talking about how screwed they are if Jozea goes home. Natalie thinks Victor is smart and one of the biggest threats and that he’s going to be put up soon.
  • 5:16pm – Victor is teaching Bronte and Natalie how to “duckwalk,” which is an exercise that looks awful and makes me want to cry, but the best part is the look on Da’Vonne’s face. She’s all, “WTF?” and cracking up at them.duckwalk

(I feel like I should go to the gym now)

  • 5:25pm – In case you didn’t know (and because nothing exciting is going on), some Corey wisdom: you aren’t supposed to work out your chest or shoulders that much if you’re a baseball player, because it affects your ability to throw a baseball. This could be useful in trivia or if you want to bore someone.
  • 5:31pm – Corey is still talking about baseball.
  • 6:27pm – I guess there were helicopters flying around last night. Brunette Nicole, Blonde Nicole, and Victor are discussing it. Brunette Nicole: “I didn’t realize crime got that bad that they had to chase people with helicopters. I thought that was just movie stuff.” It’s like she lived under a rock all her life…or maybe I’m just jaded from living near a big city.
  • 6:31pm – Jozea is talking to Bronte and Paul about who they should put up, as if he’s still going to be in the house on Thursday.
  • 6:33pm – Side note: I wish this would stop happening, because…gross:
  • stopthis
  • 6:35pm – Jozea: “I’m confident enough that I feel like I’m staying,” after Paul told him he needs to pack ‘just in case.’ Paul also mentions how much he hates Tiffany.

Check back for updates



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  1. Avatar

    Funny I went on Mobil n pics didn’t show so jumped on my tablet I did like that it loaded faster w/o on Mobil

  2. Bbbonbon62

    Pics are gone on my phone.

  3. Avatar

    pics show up on my phone.

  4. Avatar

    I knew Natalie couldnt be trusted. Natalie & squeaky (Bronte) are talking about not trusting James. I hope they dont go trying to rally up votes for Joziah. Natalie says their alliance wont be the same if he’s evicted. Little does she know that that’s exactly what we’re all banking on. The almighty Joziah needs to go.
    The plan they have for Victor is a doozy because he’s not used to not having female attention.

  5. Avatar

    Thank you Melinda, you’re doing great!!!

  6. Avatar

    I lost my sh*t over your “Blond Nicole, Brunette Nicole” comment….LOLOLOLOL

  7. Avatar

    Why does Crazybeard bigasstatoo hate Crazy-eyes jr so much?

    • Jenny M

      why does JozeaMessiah keep calling Nicole a bitch? Really? What did she do to him? He was out to get her before she nominated him. WTF?
      Jozea is a delusional tool
      Paul is a walking cliche.
      Tiffany is beautiful but if she’s going to hide out crying every time her feelings get hurt, she can go home any time, thanks.

  8. Avatar

    Joziah doesnt like Nicole because he said she didnt hug him like she did everybody else when she came in the BB House on day one. Really he’s just pissed because she’s not running up behind him kissing his ass like he thinks she should & he’s jealous because she’s beautiful.
    Paul is gross, obnoxious & acts like he has no home training with his filthy mouth. I would be mortified if one of my kids went on national tv acting & talking like that.
    Crazy-eyes jr (Vanessa) is her sister’s clone, she’s a cry-baby. I dont think she’s BB material.

  9. Avatar

    Joziah said he’s not going to pack because he’s confident that he’s not leaving. Ooo no no no Oh mighty great one Messiah Jozea, dont pack your bags, just leave them cause all of your minions will pack for u AFTER YOU WALK OUT THAT DOOR… HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  10. Elaine

    The 8-pack needs to be careful with Tiffany. Though I think she would be wise to ride coat-tails on someone strong in the group, she comes across as the potential to unravel. They need to protect info they give her. I don’t think she has moved from Vanessa’s shadow in her own head.

  11. Avatar

    Pics gone from my phone too. I will check my computer later.

  12. Avatar

    If Jozea watched big brother before coming in the house he would know that he needs to pack no matter what!

    • Jenny M

      but you don’t understand! Jozea is SPECIAL! He’s this rare type of human and everyone worships him and nobody would dare to vote him out because he’s the glue that holds this house together.

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