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Big Brother 18 – Monday Night Feeds 6/27

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Good evening, Junkies. The slow week continues as everyone seems to be waiting for Thursday night, and I am joining them. While some of these conversations are interesting, there is little to no game talk going on. This is typically where I’d post some analysis on the house, but the fact there is little to talk about speaks volumes.  Let’s get the drama going, Big Brother!


Here are some updates:

  • 8:18pm – Paulie is outside talking to Frank, Nicole and Michelle. He is going on again about last night where the newbie crew kind of piled on him about being sent home this week. He is saying they’re all mean people and if they weren’t in the house, he’d punch them all.
    • Meanwhile, Nicole has mentioned how she’s been called the ‘b-word’ over and over. It is kind of driving me crazy how she won’t say bitch. The little things, I guess
  • 8:35pm – Joz and sitting by the pool with Vanessa2.0. He is rambling about how he’ll know who is real friends are this week, and how it will be crazy if he stays.  I wonder if it’s starting to hit him that he could actually be going home
    • Outside, Paulie, Corey and Bridgette are chatting. Bridgette is telling a story about how she got trapped in a Walgreens because there was a crazy guy outside yelling. He was banging on the windows and freaking out
    • The feeds go back to Joz who is still planning on how he’ll know everyone so well by day 80. Yes, we usually get to know them pretty damn well watching the feeds.
    • Van2.0 asks Joz what chess piece he would be if Big Brother was a chess match. He says he’s a leader, so he thinks he’d be a queen.  Damn, this guy is delusional. Not  many queens get wiped out 2nd
  • 8:58pm – Paulie, Bridgette, and Natalie are all talking about their perfect natural teeth.  At least something from Natalie is natural (sorry, had to)
    • The perfect teeth crew go inside and the feeds go back to Joz and Van2.0 in the hot tub. I’ll switch to the inside camera.
    • And here is Bronte doing what she does best.. checking out Paulie
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-28 00-12-08
  • 9:22pm – James is clearing it up with Nicole that he is deep undercover and still on their side. He does have the newbies pretty well convinced he’s with them
    • Michelle is chatting with Corey and all you hear in the background is Paul and Victor talking. I don’t think they need mics
    • Day and Zaky are chatting about how Bronte loudly said “if you’re an actress, model, dancer, or singer. I don’t care who you are, you’re going to be the first one out of here”. Those things fit Zakiyah pretty well, and Zaky is also been cuddly with Bronte’s crush, Paulie.  Drama unfolding?  I hope so
    • The girls are talking about Bronte, and Zaky’s impression of Bronte is hilarious. I love this hatred between the two
  • 10:20pm – Michelle has joined the two in the HoH room, and Day is waiting for James because she wants to talk to him about how close he’s been.
    • Michelle isn’t sure if she wants to warn the other girls before the eviction because she wants to shake them up for the HoH comp. It’s not a bad idea, but I’ve often seen people perform better when they are angry over a blindside
    • Nicole joins, and the girls are worried because James has been following around Natalie and Bronte all day.
    • The conversation shifts, and Nicole talks about how she was in love with Hayden and they dated for about 1.5 years. They didn’t ‘do anything’ in the jury house, however
  • 10:45pm – Paulie joined Bronte and Natalie and Bronte is laying it on thick. She is saying they should extend the pixel thing by a few days.
    • screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-28 01-54-11
    • Paulie leaves, Paul and Joz join. James asks who they should vote for, and Joz again shows confidence in the week. He said he thinks Bridgette was just planted there so people will choose between two guys.

I’m closing this. I’ll have an overnight recap in the morning (or Amy will)


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  1. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, so i just finished watching BBAD. Just a few observations:

    Tiffany (who reminds me of Natasha, from Boris and Natasha, with that damn hat and glasses), just told the girls in the HOH room that “You don’t want to be emotional in this game.”….WHAT?!?!…This coming from another possible paranoid schizo from the same family tree!

    And is it just me or is James spending waaay to much time with the opposite side…I love him to death, but sometimes he gets caught up in the moment and talks to much (“Or I can just vote random and throw crazy votes somewhere else and hopefully that f*cks something up because the votes are going to be tight.”). And don’t think Pawwl didn’t catch that, which not only did he, but brought it up later at the pool with Bridgette and The Mess-iah….as they planned James’ uNntimely demise (they secretly don’t like him and want him to go next…BEFORE Nicole!).

    What’s with Natalie the Nutcracker and Bronchitis, flanking The Mess-iah in bed like they’re part of an Egyptian Harem or Concubines? I fully expect to hear an Urban Legend one day about Bronchitis The Stalker, slithering around corners wearing a turned up collar trench coat and a pulled down fedora, while keeping Paulie chained up in her basement. I can see his face on the side of a milk carton now…..

    Brittany (Sweet Polly Purebred….NOT!), System of A Down (Pawwl), and The Mes-siah, have decided they hate Michelle. Why? More than likely because she has more sense than the 3 of them put together.

    The Mess-iah told Polly Purebred and Pawwl, that he”s GOT to get Da to Jury (thinks that will be a vote for him). Poor thing. The only thing he’s go to get is his azz out of that house! Like SHE needs HIS protection.

    Speaking of Da, does her azz EVER stop eating? Every time I see her, she’s stuffing her face. Tonight she pulled a 2 fister….Had food in each hand and took turns shoveling it in…THEN topped it off with a hotdog. At the rate she’s going, the poor girl will weigh over 350 by the time she leaves the house. Let’s just pray she can play as well as she eats.

    Somebody mentioned Zingbot and The Mess-iah said “Who’s Zingbot?”. Next he’ll be asking “What game am I playing?”. BB Casting, next time pick people who have at least HEARD of the game…smh.

    • danmtruth

      Just perfect as usual! Seeing that crazy eye lite answer to any thing is to start crying

      James has not changed He still thinks just because he is the prank master that he is playing a great game . His deep cover with the other side of the house Seems more like him trying to get his own fraction from both sides. Top banana of the low hanging fruit from both teams

      Was yelled at by my 25 year old daughter the first night when they were showing the players profile intros. When Nats came on .It show her as a NFL cheerleader next her dancing my next comment was Nice breast job she felt this was inappropriate with her in the room What??? It’s the truth Now she claims she is all natural What??!!?? she is not going to last long if she cant lie better than that

      Don’t take Bridget to lightly. I think she is just trying to law low for the first few weeks Let the dust settle to see who is with who

      Bonte only addition to the game till now has been her SCREETCHY voice and being smarter than NaturalNat in knowing how mayo feels on the skin

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dan, if NaturalNat the Nutcracker is natural, then I’m the Queen of America…But alas, over half of them probably don’t even realize that America HAS NO QUEEN :-/

      Do you really think Polly Purebred is that smart? Last night at the pool, she told The Mess-iah and Pawwl that no matter what, she will not vote Frank out because she promised him she wouldn’t and would stay true to her word. The Mess-iah told her he fully respected her decision…all while looking at her like she just grew a 3rd eyeball in the middle of her forehead.

  2. Avatar

    NKogNeeTow, good to see your back. I wasnt sure I would make it. Loved your post, it was dead on. Can you belive the Messiah? This idiot really does think the sun dont shine until he rise. Where does production find these people? Joziah thinks he’s going to be famous after BB & that he’s going to walk the red carpet. I wonder ifJulie Chen has a red rug they can throw down Thursday night for the great Messiah to walk his ass out of the BB house on.
    Paul with the big nasty beard is complaining about the ants in the kitchen because they can easily hide in that wool on his face.
    I hope they have the cameras zoomed in on the Messiah’s face when Julie announces his ass is evicted Thursday night & I pray o I pray a newbie does not win the next HOH or roadkill.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hey Little Annie Fannie, great to see you back too! This is the place to be for the summer!..lol. Nothing I look more forward to than 3 months of no sleep…rofl.

      The only red carpets The Mess-iah will be walking are the ones he’s strategically placed around his house!

      Oh I can imagine Pawwl having nasty things hiding in that beard…like ants, roaches, snakes, alligators, cooties, and God knows what else. Hope he has a blanket in there too, so he can have something to throw over his head to hide his despair when his over confident azz gets sent packing.

      Now….Let’s ALL get together and pray to the Sweet Baby Jesus that no one back slides and helps The Mess-iah twirl out the door this week 🙂

  3. Avatar

    I don’t trust James and I don’t like him. I didn’t even like him in his season. He’s a dud. I guess the pranks are cool, but other wise I don’t like his style of game play. I don’t see him lasting long with the 8-Pack. He didn’t seem excited to be a part of it, didn’t seem excited when Frank won the extra nom power, and is now sniffing around Natalie and Bronte.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I must confess that I love James, but I am also not a fan of practical jokes and pranks. A lot of times they can end badly with someone either getting hurt or mad. It’s just to juvenile. As much as I like James, he needs to stop with all the pranks and start playing the game. Being the cute fan favorite will only get you so far. And we see how far it got him last year…NOT far enough to win.

    • Elaine

      If James isn’t careful with his sophomoric pranks and chasing girls around the house to get close to them, he will end up in the same position as last season.

    • Jenny M

      I really don’t like the pranks, either. Although the fact that someone could cover herself in mayonnaise and not realize it wasn’t lotion is pretty funny.

    • Avatar

      I love James but he really needs to be careful with jokes & kind of scale back a little. I can understand him stayin close to the enemy trying to get all of the info he can but he has got to understand that his core alliance might become a little suspicious & might turn on him.

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