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Big Brother 18 – Overnight & Afternoon Feeds 6/27

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If you missed the little blurb last night, James is up to his old tricks inside the Big Brother house.  During the afternoon, I watched him in the bathroom doing something to the lotion, but then he walked away and nothing came of it. I assumed he was actually doing something normal, but then I forgot that this is James, and his pranks are in it for the long game. He doesn’t need instant gratification when he’s at work. He’ll set up a bunch of traps and just wait for people to fall in them.  Last night around 10:48pm (flashback here), they did. Natalie used the lotion and put it pretty much all over her body, but then Bronte took the same lotion into the shower and within seconds realized it wasn’t normal. It felt weird and oily to her, and she instantly realized there was mayonnaise inside the bottle. Did did a crazy banshee call to yell at James, and in the process, the camera for some reason showed the shower from the top down, and it showed Bronte’s chest. Talk about adding insult to injury.


On a side note – I don’t know what to think about Natalie putting an oily, slippery product like mayo all over her body without realizing something was up.

Here are some overnight notes by Amy (who will hopefully soon be making her own morning  posts)

  • 11:06pm – Paul and Tiffany are planning an act to entertain live feeders where Paul will go into his Patty character and Tiffany will pretend to be a doll controlled by “Patty” and her name will be Piper. Apparently when Tiffany was younger she was really good at ventriloquism.
    • Natalie is going around telling everyone that there is mayo all over her body because she used the lotion that James tampered with.
    • James, Nicole, Paulie, and Corey in the backyard. A helicopter with a spotlight has been flying around over the backyard and James is making up helicopter related songs and jokes.
    • Joz thought the helicopter was going to drop people into the backyard as a new twist.
    • Bronte is telling Joz, Paul, and Vic about the lotion situation and they have decided because of this James needs to go home next because hes a smooth talker.
  • 12:00am– Paul is saying that Michelle looks like buzz light year without his helmet.
    • Joz has named his alliance The Revolution but they are waiting for production to approve it.
    • Paul is starting to put the pieces together and suspect that some people might flip (they already have) causing Jozea to possibly be evicted (he will be). Jozea keeps denying it and insisting that he is safe.
    • Natalie is saying there is a rumor that Julie will not reveal numbers of votes during evictions anymore but nobody knows. (I have heard this too but there has been no confirmation).
  • 12:30am– Corey is cracking backs in the living room. Im so jealous..i really need to get my back cracked.
    • Zak is in HOH telling Day, Nicole, and Michelle about all the nasty stuff Bridgette and Bronte are saying about people on the other side of the house (Michelle, Paulie, Nicole, Tiffany). Sounds like the worst of it was Bridgette saying she would kill Michelle and then resuscitate her and shave her eyebrows off.
    • They’re discussing how the guys (Frank) don’t see that side of Bridgette and they think she is sweet and innocent but she’s not. Nicole wants to confront Bridgette and tell her she knows she’s not innocent.
  • 1:15am– Feeds are super slow right now. Michelle, Day, Nicole, and Zak are in HOH continuing to talk about how they don’t trust Bridgette and Bronte. Paul, Joz, Paulie, Corey, and Vic are in the kitchen talking about how many followers they have on social media.
  • 2:06am– Paulie is in HOH with the girls saying there will be drama after eviction on Thursday. He says he might bait Victor into swinging at him. Paulie needs to stop getting so worked up about stuff before his game goes under.
  • 2:45am– Most of the house is starting to go to sleep. Crew in the HOH room is still up but winding down.
  • 3:20am– What an adorable close up of Paulie and Zakiyah in bed together cuddling.

Now to some of the likely slow afternoon updates:

  • 9:45am – Many people in the house are up and walking around. This is certainly a much earlier cast than the last few seasons.
    • Feeds cut to Jozea talking to Day and Jak. Joz is re-telling a story about last night where Bronte made a crack about Paulie not being in the house next week to see something. Paulie looked shocked, but then said something along the lines of ‘don’t underestimate people’, which had Jozea thinking. So, now he is asking Day if she knows anything about an alternate plan, and she’s denying knowing anything
    • Joz on Bronte “She gets the award of the year”. I can’t wait until Thursday night
  • 10:10am – Paul, Paulie and Bridgette are outside talking about Star Wars(!!). Bridgette said her sister is going to have a stormtrooper themed wedding. I think I need to re-new my vows asap.
    • Now they’re talking about what Harry Potter house they would be in. Paulie says Paul would be Slytherin. For the record, the sorting hat at WB studios officially put me in hufflepuff 🙁
  • 12:00pm – Victor motivated me to go to the gym, but unfortunately I am not built like the houseguests, so I am dead now.  However, I am back, so let’s check on the house
    • Victor and Joz are hanging out by the pool, while Bridgette, Paulie and Paul are in the kitchen.
    • The three in the kitchen are planning on future pranks. James is rubbing off
    • And now they’re talking about shoving catheters up penises
  • 12:13pm – Voice – “Houseguests, please clean the bathroom today, including the mirror over the sink”.  Dirty house
    • Meanwhile, Jozea is thinking about his future in the house. His very short future
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-27 15-16-33
    • Paul asks Frank how much taxes were taken out for his America’s Favorite check. Frank starts explaining before cut to fish. The funny thing is Paul likely thinks there is a cahnce he’ll be in the running for that award
  • 12:35pm – Bronte and Paul are having a one on one. I’ll take note of anything interesting from this conversation:
    • They spoke briefly about Bronte calling out Paulie last night (mentioned above).
    • Paul says the obvious that the best case is they win HoH and roadkill next week.
    • Paul was doing math. He trusts Frank, and feels Day wouldn’t betray Zakiyah.  Paul’s math is off, as he must have misplaced a decimal point. Day won’t betray Zak, but Zak isn’t on his side. Sorry, bro.
    • He thinks they have: Jozea, Zakiyah, Paul, Bronte, Natalie, Victor, Bridgette, Frank and Day. So next week if one of them win HoH, they’ll still have 8 votes. Paul’s alliance is super strong, and he’ll find out Thursday night!
    • A lightbulb goes off in Bronte’s head “Why aren’t they talking game? Why aren’t they even trying?”… Paul “Maybe they’re just oblivious”.  Yes, Paul. The veterans are clueless what is going on in the house. They clearly just re-joined the game so they can get a few more shoutouts in on camera and are waiting to be picked off one by one.
    • Here is Paul trying to understand Bronte’s (valid) logic:
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-27 16-00-18
    • Paul – “No matter what happens this week, we’re fine”  haha
    • Paul really, really wants to know who the roadkill is. Try looking inside your own alliance, buddy
  • 1:00pm – This conversation is hilarious. Paul and Joz (not in the room) are completely in the dark. The vets keep mentioning a big blindside, and I keep telling myself “They can’t be that stupid, can they? The newbies have to know”.. nope. They are. Well, except Bronte. She appears to be catching on. Now that Game of Thrones is over, Thursday night is my new night of anticipation.

I am going to be closing this thread so I can take a dinner break, etc. I will start a new thread in an hour or so.  Thanks for reading today!


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  1. AIO_7

    Thanks for the updates, Amy.

  2. Avatar

    Zakiyah reminds me of Angela Bassett

    • Avatar

      You’re right, I think so too.
      I hope that these people dont start thinking that if they kept Joziah, he would remain a bigger target in the house than anyone else so that would give them a better chance of staying safe longer. Joziah wouldnt be able to contain himself if he stayed & Paulie got evicted. His big friikin head would really explode & he would really run his big mouth further pissing everybody off. Big Brother Gods if you’re in that house, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont let Paulie get evicted leaving Joziah in the BB House…

    • Jenny M

      Definitely looks a lot like her. She’s a beautiful woman.

  3. Avatar
    Freakazoid Cavalry

    It took me way too long to figure out who “Zak” was. I was thinking Amy or Steve was going nuts or thinking of a different show. Then I was thinking *am I totally forgetting someone?* It’s hard to remember all these people. Who is this Zak guy?? Then I glanced further down and saw Zakiyah mentioned and it clicked. OH!! Okay, nicknames. Got it.

    • Jenny M

      maybe you could call her Kiyah instead? Because yeah, “Zak” makes no sense as a shortened version of her name. it confused me too!
      However, I loved your nickname for Paul “Crazybeard Bigasstattoo” I believe it was?

  4. danmtruth

    I might have miss it but did crazy eyes jr. tell the 8 pact about the spy girl alliance ? Not sure what my feelings are about not telling the vote total. It does help to add to the paranoia
    Thank you AmyElizabeth for taking some of the load off stevebeans

  5. ShoeLover

    nice reading today, loved it!!! playing catch up and this helped!! would have loved seeing the lotion/mayo prank!!!

  6. Avatar

    Amy did the overnights, Steve has been doing the afternoon stuff, and I’ll probably start blogging too (the evening stuff mostly, since I’m at work all day). Just an FYI lol. I told Steve it was confusing putting it all in one post, so I think we’ll split them from here on out. 🙂

    Btw, thanks, Amy, for all your help! <3


  7. Avatar

    Can someone who watches the feeds tell me why Paulie isn’t included in the 8 pack alliance? In all the meetings that aired it was the 4 vets, Michelle, Corey, Tiffany, and Zakiya. Did I miss something?

    • danmtruth

      JM I thought Paulie was in the room when the name was given
      between Steve Amy, and now Melinda we seem to be in good hands with the updates

    • Jenny M

      well heck, now I’m confused! If that list above is right we have 9 members of the 8 pack including Paulie??

    • Jenny Mmy

      okay I googled it – Paulie was not in the room when they made that alliance so he is not a part of it even though he’s aligned with some of them. I wonder if there’s a separate alliance with the vets + Paulie and Zakiyah?
      That all girl Spy alliance thing was pretty funny to watch since Tiffany was right there to see them giggling and whether she heard them or not she knew what they were doing. I think Bridget is adorable and hope she is smarter than that!
      Vic’s laugh is super annoying. Some of them were talking on BBAD about how much they hated his laugh.

    • Avatar

      Frank said they didnt intentionally leave Paulie out of the 8-pack, he just wasnt present when they made the alliance. So my question is did they tell him about it & include him in the 8-pack? If Zak really likes him like it appears she does, will she or when will she tell Paulie about the 8-pack if he doesnt already know? Just think of how betrayed he’s going to feel. He took one for his team by agreeing to go on the block beside Joziah because he trusted them.

  8. Jenny M

    no idea how I managed to post that as Jenny Mmy… it’s just me!

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