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Come on Z, it's your birthday, smile!

Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/11

Come on Z, it's your birthday, smile!
Come on Z, it’s your birthday, smile!

Happy Birthday Zakiyah! How much fun would it be to have your birthday in the big brother house?!

  • 12:00am- We have fish almost immediately because everyone sings happy birthday to Z. Apparently it’s super expensive to get the rights to that song.
    • Everyone is hanging out in the kitchen celebrating and talking about actors.
    • Tiffany, Paulie, and Michelle move into the Tokyo room and are talking about Frank.
    • They are saying that he has to have something up his sleeve because he can’t really be messing up this bad.
    • They think that Bridgette is a lot smarter than she comes off.
    • Now Michelle and Paulie are telling Nicole about the food they got for their reward.
    • There is mostly just random conversation happening.
  • 1:00am- Michelle is in the bathroom getting a massage from Paul and James.
    • They are talking about how she can make herself throw up because her stomach hurts.
    • The backyard opens up and everyone basically makes a mad dash out the door.
    • Paulie decides to stay in so this is how Z says bye to him:Untitled
    • Paul comes in and confirms that Michelle finally puked.
    • Everyone goes to the hot tub so we are left with the options of watching Frank and Bridgette sleep or watching Natalie and James lay in bed flirting.
    • When the outside cam comes on we find a handful of the house in the hot tub talking about surgical steal. Apparently Paul is still having issues with his nose ring.
    • Inside Natalie says she still can’t believe she’s on a TV show James says he can’t believe he’s in bed with the hottest girl in the house. Natalie tells him to shut up and that all the girls are beautiful.
    • James is asking Natalie if she knows who nominated Bridgette week 1. Natalie says she thinks it was Frank but isn’t going to tell her that. James just keeps saying maybe and then tells her she knows too much.
  • 2:00am- Natalie is now in the bathroom with Bronte. They are talking about how they need to continue to compare notes because they each have pieces of the puzzle.
    • Natalie is putting on makeup because she has to look good in the DR.
    • Meanwhile, outside the hot tub crew (Paul, Nicole, Day, Z, Michelle, Tiff, Corey) is talking about how bad Frank’s game play is. They are comparing him to Jozea but saying Frank has more charm.
    • Paul goes inside and tells Bronte that the whole house is against Frank and that he is the target next week. He tells her to keep laying low and keep her mouth shut and she’ll make it to jury.
    • Back in the hot tub Tiffany asks if anyone has heard what Bridgette is going to do with the veto.
    • Day says the last she heard she was going to keep the noms the same.
    • Everyone goes inside but Nicole stays out and lays on the hammock.
    • She is talking to herself saying it might be in her best interest to keep Frank in the house because he doesn’t want her out yet he is everyone else’s target.
    • Feeds switch to inside where everyone is just hanging out chatting.
  • 2:30am– Corey joins Nicole outside for some alone time.
    • They are talking about how someone said they should throw the HOH to Day and they think that’s a bad idea because she is really bad at comps.
    • They are saying double eviction is in two weeks and they have to plan out their HOH’s to make sure they don’t get screwed that night not being able to play.
    • Nicole is now explaining to Corey how double eviction night works.Untitled
    • Nicole is really going to mess her game up if she gets too wrapped up in this showmance. Don’t do it Nicole!
    • Nicole is talking about how she wants the showmance alliance to be the final four.
    • She is saying they need to get rid of Day soon but is really upset to think about it.
    • Corey doesn’t think Paulie would take Z that far.
  • 3:00am- Nicole starts talking about the different reasons CBS casts certain people and the feeds cut to fish.
    • When they return Michelle has interrupted private time.
    • They start some more Frank talk that is pretty much more of the same that’s been going on.
    • Z joins them and they say they’re going to have GT (girl talk) and Michelle starts mocking the spy girls.
    • Michelle really rubs me the wrong way. She seems really insecure and everything she says is just to make people like her. She doesn’t seem very genuine to me.
    • Feeds switch to Tiffany and Day over on the patio. I bet you can guess who they’re talking about. (Yes, Frank.)
    • Day is telling Tiffany that she’s trying to make Frank realize that Bronte is a better option for eviction this week.
    • She said she told Frank that he needs to put aside his thing with Tiffany because Bronte is coming after three of their “alliance” (Day, Nicole, Michelle).
  • 4:00am- Paul is outside with Corey, Nicole, and Michelle saying he doesn’t mind be the pawn again next week as long as he is up with someone who will definitely go home. (Frank)
    • They are telling Paul he can’t tell Natalie anything about the Frank plan.
    • Paul says he would never tell those girls anything (even though he already told Bronte)
    • Paul is now complaining about everything Jozea used to say and they begin reminiscing.
    • Meanwhile in the London room Day and James are whispering Bronte and how people are scared of her and want her out.
    • They are talking about how she is a physical threat and when it comes to the wall comp she will be up there for a long time.
    • James said he’s waiting for the wall comp to pull out a win and Day says that’s his time to shine.
    • Feeds cut to the HOH room with the spy girls in bed and this is basically what is said:
      • “You’re doing so great.” “No you’re doing great” “We’re awesome” “We’re so great guys”
    • Now they’re talking about how they are so sure that Jozea is a YouTube star.
    • They have also decided that Michelle was on BBUK.
    • Natalie is telling the girls that she has figured out that Zakiyah is an MBA dancer.
    • They think they figured out this year’s big twist: There are two of every thing
      • Two nurses: Nicole and Bridgette
      • Two tutors: Tiffany and Bronte
      • Two dancers: Natalie and Zakiyah
    • Here they are celebrating their discovery:Untitled
    • I think my ears are bleeding from the screaming that just occurred.
    • They are trying to figure out who the second YouTube star is now. Lol…they are so wrong but I have to admit it’s an interesting idea.
  • 4:30am- Paul comes up and says he’s planned his eviction speech. He’s going to play off of Tiff’s “hot commodity” speech and say he’s a hot commodity that he and the friendship are a package deal and if he leaves the friendship is going with him.
    • Fish for a while.
    • Feeds return and Corey and Nicole are alone on the hammock playing the question game.
    • They stay up talking about random stuff for hours and finally go to bed around 7am.
    • Here’s Nicole’s goofy grin as she climbs into Corey’s bumper car with him:Untitled
    • I really don’t see how two people can fit in that thing. Especially with one of them being Corey.

Nicole is really getting herself into trouble. There goes her game. I was so hopeful!!

Stay tuned for updates later today!


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  1. Elaine

    Thanks for the great recap Amy! I will go back and watch some of those time stamps. Boy, could Z be more happy for her birthday celebration….not! To be honest, I am over most of these women. I have changed my mind about eviction. Since Bronte has been trying to be everything to everyone, I have heard more of her voice on feeds than I want to. Plus I am ready to bankrupt those Spy Girls!!

  2. Alda

    I really thought Nicole was smarter than that! I guess she really doesn’t care about the money.She said that Corey was the best looking guy she has ever seen! His shifty eyes would be enough to drive me insane! Nicole’s game is over.She is also talking against Day.Day has been 100% loyal to Nicole.Sad.

    • Elaine

      Nic seems to be all over the place. She did this last time. Played over too many scenarios in her head, got paranoid for no reason and then out comes that high(er) squeaky nervous voice. She said she learned a lesson from last time (Hayden), about a showmance. I do think Nic is one of those women that feels better having a man by her side, so whether or not she is stringing him along, it still might ruin her game.

  3. AIO_7

    Please forgive me if I don’t celebrate Z’s birthday; couldn’t care less about her or her fake eyelashes that she is always tugging on.

    • Avatar

      I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again. Z is a total waste of space in the BB House. They could’ve put someone who really wanted to play the game in her spot. Most of the newbies are a waste, they just want to get to jury.

      • AIO_7

        It pisses me off that Paulie will keep her around longer than she should be in there.

      • Elaine

        It is so disappointing, but I think you are right in that so many of the newbies just talk of getting to jury. Hey BB production, don’t waste time on a competition to send any of the first few jury members back in.

      • Jannie

        Yup, just like his brother’s buddy Derrick kept Victoria around…

  4. Avatar

    Funny, that only the return players really seem to be playing hard. Sure, Paullie, Corey and Paul are playing. But those girls are just there to get media attention. (my opinion). I just love the returning players…except James. He is just interested in getting the girl this year. At least this year, she seems to be interested back. Maybe just for the game, but she has good things to say about James.
    I definitely want Tiffany to go this week, though! Her paranoia is so frustrating! She is too much like her sister. She will cry and manipulate everyone just like Van.
    Frank…oh Frank! I really wanted him to pull out a win this year, but I don’t think that will happen. Especially if oh Bridgie finds out he was the Roadkill winner that put her and Bronte up. I can’t believe no one has told her yet! He is playing too many sides and will have to win comp after comp to be safe! Did he learn nothing! lol
    Day…now she learned from her first season. I did not like her then, but really like her game now. I don’t like how she carries Zaki around. I hope she drops that dead weight soon and realizes she will drag her down eventually!
    Well, that’s it for my thoughts at this point! Hope you all have a great day! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Bridgidiot does know that Frank put her & Bronte up, he told her last night that he did it & that fool thanked him. That girl does not have the sense that God gave a roach.

    • Jannie

      How is Gorey playing?? Sheesh, Nicole had to explain to him how a double eviction works, and he still didn’t get it. He thought there was only one HOH during a DE. He’s got [email protected] for brains. Another floater, just like Zaki, Michelle, and Nat. Seems like everyone has their own personal Victoria this year.
      I am so disappointed that Van2.0 has no interest in playing the game…so unlike her sister, who was playing 24/7. There has been a lot of talk about keeping her, but she puts out no effort to taking advantage of the situations. I would rather see Bronchitis go this week. One, because she is annoying, and two, because it would shake the crap out of Nat and Brigidiot.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Last night on BBAD, Frank the Snake told Gidget that not only did he put Bronchitis up but he put her up also. She was ecstatic over the news and told him she knew it was him and that he was so clever and she “just loved him”. She also told him not to worry because he has The Bobbleheads protecting him…all while cuddled up as snug in a bug in a rug next to him. Talk about being love starved!

  5. Avatar

    Am I the only one who wants to keep Bronte in the house? She doesn’t bother me at all and is the only possible foil the 8 pack +Paulie.

  6. JD

    I got to thinking earlier. Maybe the best chance for Franks game is if Bronte goes this week (what kind of people talk about just being in jury?) Then Van2 gets HOH. Puts Frank up. He gets voted out. Now of the five that will compete Frank has a better chance of getting back in the game. Then he wins, comes back goes after Van 2.0 and he will see where his aliances really lie. Imagine the look on Das face when he comes back after seeing her exit goodbye?
    My other thought was about DA she’s saying she wants her daughter to learn about touching. In my opinion wouldn’t it had been a better lesson from the beginning to tell Frank his touching is inappropriate and not wanted instead of worrying about him liking her until she can get him out? To me she just showed her daughter let men touch you even though you don’t like it to get something you want. I would have rather lost the game teaching and showing my daughter no means no. A stronger woman says no from the start and not afraid or intimidated by unwanted horseplay. Same for all the other girls. Frank has a sarcastic sense of humor. Most people don’t like it. If someone says mean things to you stand up and say something. As for Franks butt spanking my family does it once in awhile. It’s not sexual and once in awhile it’s like saying good job. We don’t do it to friends an obviously not to strangers. Sports players do it to each other in the field or in the court. So people should have spoken up. A giggle tells the offender you’re ok with it. At least tell production that its uncomfortable and is feeling like sexual harrassement. The’ye talk to previous cast members about certain verbal and physical behavoirs why not Frank. js imho

  7. Avatar

    Actually, it was just determined earlier this year that no one actually owns the Happy Birthday song, meaning that they should be able to sing it

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