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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/17



Good morning! Corey is hours away from being off the block to be replaced by Day (most likely). I’m surprised that everyone keeps saying that Tiffany is definitely going home. I would think they would want to take the opportunity to get Day out while they can. Also, Corey is a moron for considering not using the veto (among many other reasons). I’m sorry…if you have the veto and you’re on the block and you don’t use it, you deserve to be evicted.

Here’s a pointless poll:

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  • 12:00am- Natalie and James are cuddling in a bumper car and Natalie is talking about how she feels alone in the house and James is trying to convince her that she’s not.
    • She is talking about missing Bronte and said that she’s sure that Bronte threw the math road kill.
    • James said he told everyone else that he will never vote against Natalie because they’re on the same team.
    • They get up to go get water and the cam follows them to the kitchen where a group is hanging out and eating.
    • In the bathroom Nicole is trying to convince Z of how beautiful she is because Z is complaining about everything that’s wrong with her.
    • In the kitchen they are talking about celebrities and Natalie is wondering if they watch Big Brother.
    • Switched back to the bathroom cam, Z is telling the story of how she got her key and gets yelled at for talking about production.
    • Michelle thinks it crazy that one of them is going to get 500k and Day said once the numbers get down she’s happy with anyone winning it but doesn’t feel like that right now.
  • 12:30am- James and Natalie go out to the hot tub and Natalie is talking about the weight she’s gained since she came to the house.
    • She’s asking James if she has thunder thighs and he says that they are proportionate and they’re nice and that she’s good to go.
    • She says “so I have thick thighs?” and he starts laughing and asks if this is a test.Untitled
    • She is talking about the drama that happened between her and Victor and said that James was her night in shining armor.
    • In the London room Z and Nicole are saying that they think there’s a good chance that someone will come back but they hope everyone would just instantly target them to get them right back out.
    • They’re talking about how they’re not really serious about their respective showmances (Corey/Paulie). They said they’re just having fun.
    • Paul comes in and says he’s over talking to Bridgette and Frank and can only take so much of them.
    • Paul has planned a nomination speech for Bridgette (I guess for if he gets HOH?). This is what he wants to say to her: “Bridgette, your personality, temperament, and attitude has changed more often in this household than the amount of times I like to say friendship and we all know how much I like to say friendship. Ya know the grass isn’t green on the other side but if you keep jumping back and forth on the fence you might hurt your ankle. Unfortunately, we’ve come to terms that you are not as sweet as the cookies that you bake”.
    • Z tells him that Bridgette said she’s going to make a rule that Paul can’t bake in the kitchen anymore.
    • Day joins James and Natalie outside and they’re joking that they are plagued because they’re have nots.
    • Day tells them that she’s going up 100% but that everyone is telling her that she’s safe and Tiffany is going home.
    • James momentarily forgets that Natalie is on the block and she playfully hits him and says “I’m sorry I keep hitting you I need to get my frustration out”. He pretends to not forgive her and she goes “Jaaaames I love yooouu”
    • James says Woah! and Day’s like ahhh I heard it!! Now Natalie is all embarrassed and saying she didn’t mean it like that.
    • I just got really distracted watching the automatic pool vacuum in the background..that thing is cool haha
    • Day says that Frank is planting all kinds of seeds trying to get everyone to go against Day.
    • She’s worried that if people aren’t strong enough to see through the BS that she’s going to be gone.
  • 1:00am- Day tells Natalie that she wishes she would have talked to her sooner but she knew she was attached to Bridgette and she didn’t trust her.
    • Natalie said she really liked her at first but realized on her own that she wasn’t a good person.
    • Day tells her that Bridgette was saying a couple weeks ago that Natalie and Bronte are a wreck and she always has to calm them down.
    • Natalie’s feelings are hurt but says she won’t say anything to her.
    • James is explaining that when the game is over all of those bad feelings about each other really do go away and he’s telling the story of how he and Clay butted heads in the house but afterward they were fine.
    • They are talking about HOH next week and hoping that Paul gets it because he wants to put up Frank and Bridgette.
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette and Frank are in the kitchen. Z walks by and goes outside and Frank says she makes him sick sometimes.
    • He said all that beef was because he popped them on the butt a couple times. Bridgette says why are you popping people on the butt Frank? and he says I’m not anymore with a big smile.
    • Bridgette said she was told twice that he called Day a slut and he says he never said that and looks really confused.Untitled
    • He says to the camera that she’s a piece of fuckin shit.
    • Tiffany comes in the the conversation is pretty much over.
    • There is bread and basil on the table for the have nots and Bridgette discovers that the basil is an actual little plant and gets really excited and starts giggling and she is now planting it in a cup so that they have a house plant.Untitled
    • She is squealing and saying Isn’t it cute?! Omg..okay I’m done with this.
  • 1:30am- Z and Paulie are in the HOH room.
    • Z says she was concerned about Michelle for a little bit earlier because she got quiet on her.
    • Apparently she was just upset again about everyone having someone and she doesn’t.
    • They’re just talking about random stuff from home and flirting.
    • Paulie starts yelling at the fish because one was trying to eat the other.
    • He notices that a fish is stuck in the reef and asks production how he can save it.
    • He starts banging on the top of the tank and yelling “Dory!”….Yeah that’ll help.
    • He’s about to stick his nerds rope in the tank to try and get the fish unstuck and gets yelled at.
    • He does it any way and the announcer goes “Hey! I said stop it!” and Paulie yells back at him.
    • This is almost as ridiculous as the basil planting…
  • 2:00am- Natalie and James are in the have not room talking about how they are such a good team.
    • They are talking about the past eviction vote and how obvious it is who voted which way.
    • Natalie says when they get out of the house she’s going to face time him everytime she has a meltdown. Lucky him.
    • She is telling him how much her family is going to love him.
    • Everyone is going to sleep: on one feed we have Natalie and James holding hands across bumper cars, on the other we have Z and Paulie spooning in the HOH bed.
    • Natalie and James keep talking for a little while. James is saying they’ll date for a few months and see how things stand. They are joking about getting married and James said he wants to get married in Venezuela so her family can be there.
    • Natalie gets called to the DR and their conversation ends.

Looks like an unusually early night for the big brother house! Veto meeting will be today so stay tuned for updates!


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  1. Avatar
    MB2 (59 comments)

    James, Nat, day, Michelle and Paul have a great chance to back door one of the power couples, too bad it would never happen. Everyone is too concerned on getting to jury.

  2. Elaine
    Elaine (2449 comments)

    I listened to the convo in which Corey was talking about not using the veto. Now I know those convos have happened before, but the funny thing with Corey is you can believe he could be so gullible. Day is a good choice for a re-nom.

  3. Amberchelly

    Does anyone this Natalie is for real? I think she’s very good at the pretty girl mind games and James is 100% wrapped up in it. I think of all of them that seem to be coupled up James is the most blinded. The for Nicole, Corey, and Paulie I think their own game comes first.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      James is a bore to me this season because he is doing what he did last year. There is even a scene where Nat turns to the cam and says James tried to kiss me. Last season, James and Meg were in front of a cam and he said jokingly that he and Meg were engaged. Different scripts, but similar scenarios. He can go at anytime.

      • Avatar
        Rob (768 comments)

        Totally agree with you Elaine. His game play didn’t work for him last year, so why wouldn’t he think to change it up a bit and do something different? He should focus on using his big head for a change.

  4. Avatar
    Kelly (4 comments)

    I swear Day makes crap up about Frank and Bridgette just to make people hate them. If the house is smart and she goes up they vote her out.

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Day is not making anything up about Frank it is all true. Frank is the one that is a piece of stuff. He called her and Zay a name and has been being very disrepectful to her the girls in the house. He tells them to shut thier mouths all the time. He has said that to Nicole a few times and she doesn’t say anything. If that was Corey that told her that she would be off crying some where. If that was Day or one of the other girls that said that to her she would be huffing and puffing. I can’t stand Nicole. Now she is the one spreading rumors about Michelle that aren’t true.

  5. Avatar
    J h (6 comments)

    So how do thee couples do it without cameras seeing. Come on not like!keep u haven’t wondered

  6. Avatar
    J h (6 comments)

    Wasn’t James a correction officer last year, wonder if he had to leave to be on show lastyr

  7. Avatar
    BrettW (267 comments)

    Vote out Day!

  8. Avatar
    BrettW (267 comments)

    Bring back Clay and Shelli just go give Day an extra special goodbye message when she gets voted out.

  9. Mello_One

    Day knew that Tiffany was a Loose Cannon, she should have KNOWN to keep her mouth zipped closed! And hold her cards close to her Vest. Tiffany has had Blown up Day’s Game to Frank, Bridgette, and Paulie, who then filled Corey in…As far as Tiffany & Nicole are concerned Da’Vonne is the Evil Master Mind of the Big Brother House! What a Joke…smh.

    Paulie should ask Day what is her side of the story, instead of talking with Nicole, & Corey who have wanted Day out since week 2.

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Exactly. Nicole wants Day out because she will blow up Nicole’s game. Nicole has been working with Frank. Frank wants Corey and Nicole gone. Frank is the one that told Tiffany to put up Corey and Day told them that. Paulie is stupid for believing anything that Frank and Tiffany say. Frank just wants to run the house. Corey is next on Franks list and so is Paulie. I hope they vote out Tiffany and then Paul can win HOH and put up Frank and Bridgette. Nicole was trying to find out who Day would put up from Zay. I am glad that no one is telling Nicole who Day would put up.

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  11. Avatar
    Louise (1 comments)

    I hope Frank wakes up this week and blows this whole game up, even these bloody showmances are boring and sappy. COME ON FRANK, WAKE UP !!!!

  12. Avatar
    Jennifer (1 comments)

    Just curious, I heard that after Bridgette made such a big deal over her pet basil plant…’Mr. Jenkins’ she left him in the kitchen and while cleaning up Zakiyah threw it away. I never saw that myself but some folks are having a field day over it and couldn’t find a time stamp on the feeds or any info. Did it actually happen or did she just think about trashing the plant?
    Thank you. 🙂

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