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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/2



Good morning! Feeds returned around 12:30 last night and Tiffany was nominated by Victor. Lets jump into the feeds and she how she is taking it! (I’ll give you a hint, she’s crying.)

  • 12:30am- Tiffany is in the london room with Michelle. She’s crying and begging Michelle to let her know if she’s the target. Michelle somehow calms her down.
    • Bronte comes in and offers her a shoulder to cry on.
    • Feeds switch to people brushing their teeth. I guess that’s more interesting than Tiffany’s tears.
    • There is absolutely nothing interesting happening right now.
  • 1:00am- Natalie and Bronte are in bed planning their season.
    • Bronte is saying they need to set goals. First they need to be really loyal to all the girls and not throw anyone under the bus until they get to jury. Once they’re at jury they need to have a new plan because that’s when the big guns come out.
    • Natalie said once they’re at jury they need to play really dirty.
    • The two are talking about how Paul, Vic, and Jossiah are really bad at this game.
    • Bronte says they need to find a balance between being really nice to Victor and separating themselves from him. She thinks he’s a machine and that he might be their saving grace.
    • James comes in and is wondering what made Victor change his mind since the original plan was to put him up. He thinks Vic decided to play game-wise instead of emotional-wise.
      It appears that James has some interesting shaped zits.
    • Meanwhile, Vanessa is in HOH crying again. Shit..I mean Tiffany.
    • Paulie is pointing out that he was in the same position last week with the difference that Tiffany is actually safer than he was.
    • Frank is telling Tiff that at most she will get one vote against her.
    • Paul is in HOH really struggling to figure out how to use the shower.
    • Frank, Paulie, and Paul are talking about how girls are too rough when giving hand jobs and most girls are just really bad at it. Take notes girls!
  • 1:30am- Downstairs, James is still talking to the spy girls and Tiffany. Someone got called to DR and they are asking James if people really get called late at night like that. James is explaining that they’ll call you at any time day or night and the feeds cut.
    • There’s not a whole lot going on right now. Mostly just people laying around in bed and talking about random things.
    • Bridgette and James are across the room from each other playing rock, paper, scissors.
    • By 2:00, pretty much everyone has gone to bed. This is a super early night for them. They must be exhausted from everything that went down today.
  • 2:30am- Natalie and Michelle are in the bathroom doing hair and makeup. Maybe getting ready to go to DR?
    • Yup..at 3:06 Natalie comes out of DR and then we have sleep cams for the rest of the night.

Hopefully things will spice up after veto when things are a little more set in stone. Check back later for daytime updates!


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  1. Painter1

    Boy Tiff is a loose cannon all the crying is gonna send her home. Don’t understand why she is ALWAYS thinking her alliance is out to get her. She stated she wanted them to trust her but she is the one with trust issues.

  2. Kneeless

    Watching last night’s episode of BBAD, Tiff says she doesn’t want to freak out & she’s paranoid she’s getting back doored. She keeps it up she’ll send herself out the door because no one can take her.

    On another note, Vic needs to go. I can’t stand listening to his laugh all summer!

  3. Shivani33

    Bronte will be easy to vote out anytime soon, while Paul has shown more strength as a player. Tiffany isn’t winning friends, so even though there’s been a plan to backdoor Victor and vote him out, there are probably many houseguests thinking that Tiffany is ripe to go, since she is active so far in only one way: with displays of emotional instability.

  4. Jenny M

    It isn’t just Paul who swears way too much. Jozea alternated f-bombs with “bitch!”. I’ve heard Bridgette, Paulie, Corey and Bronte also overusing the f word. I think Nicole is the only one who can have a conversation without swearing.

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